2020 Wrapped for Podcasters: Your Year on Spotify

Celebrate your podcast’s growth in 2020 and share the results with your fans. Plus, we take a look back at Spotify for Podcasters’ milestones and innovations this year.

To say that 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us is an understatement. This has been a year of unprecedented upheaval and reckonings that have forced us all to adapt and adjust the ways we live, work, and create. But create you did – despite everything that’s happened, you managed to adapt and even find ways for your podcast to thrive.

Now that the year is coming to a close, it’s time to look back and celebrate your podcast’s strides with your listeners — it’s time for your 2020 Wrapped.

A personalized look at your podcast’s year on Spotify, Wrapped celebrates the gains you made compared to last year, where in the world your fanbase grew the most, top-performing episodes, and much more. Go to your Spotify for Podcasters dashboard to access your Wrapped and then share the results with your fans. Even if you haven't signed up for Spotify for Podcasters yet, as long as you have at least three listeners this year through October 31, a Wrapped experience is waiting for you.

And we’ve been busy this year building new ways for your show to reach listeners around the world, so, we wanted to share our own list of highlights with you too – think of it as our own little Wrapped:

New and Improved Podcast Charts

We wanted to give your podcast more opportunities for recognition and discovery so we revamped our podcast charts so that listeners can see the top 200 shows overall, the top 50 in over a dozen categories, and the top 50 trending podcasts daily. Plus, you get daily notifications and share cards in Spotify for Podcasters when your show charts.

A New Kind of Show

In October, we introduced a new show format that allows creators to combine spoken-word talk segments with music from Spotify’s catalog of 65 million licensed songs for a whole new audio experience that’s ripe for experimentation. And Spotify rolled out new personalized mixed-media playlists, too: Daily Wellness and Daily Sports mix topical talk segments with personalized music for listeners, and The Get Up brings personalized music into your morning show ritual.

Podcast Playlists

Just like in the world of music, playlists are a powerful tool for discovery for podcasts. In August, to further aid listeners in podcast discovery, we launched dozens of playlists in the U.S., Germany, Sweden, the U.K., Mexico, and Brazil. Among them were three flagship playlists that are localized for each market — Best Podcasts of the Week, Crime Scene, and Brain Snacks. Notifications in Spotify for Podcasters let you know when you’ve been playlisted by our editors.

Promo Cards

Spreading the word about your podcast just got a lot easier with the introduction of Promo Cards in October. Now you can create custom assets to promote your podcast and its episodes on social media. All you have to do is go to podcasters.spotify.com/promocards to get started.

The Input

Educating and supporting creators is what Spotify for Podcasters is here for. In August, we launched The Input, a new video series for creators in which experts answer your frequently asked questions about everything podcast-related from distribution to analytics.

Gimlet Academy

And when you’re ready to take your podcast to the next level, we published Gimlet Academy, a five-part podcast from Gimlet founder Alex Blumberg. Each episode covers a key skill in the podcasting craft — from booking talent to recording “good tape.”

Experience Improvements

We’re trying to build the best product experience for podcast creators and listeners, so we make updates to our apps every week. For example, we translated Spotify for Podcasters for creators who speak Spanish or Portuguese, rolled out improved show pages (with HTML formatting enabled), debuted a new podcast API for developers, and gave listeners a way to opt-in for push notifications for new episodes of your show.

Global Impact

In 2020, Spotify sought to enable creators and entertain listeners and to make space for the diverse podcasters of the future worldwide.

  • Internationally, we launched 58 new podcasts including, Chile’s Caso 63, Spain’s XRey, and Indonesia’s LENYAP.
  • Speaking of Indonesia, eight of the top streaming podcasts in the country are exclusively available on Spotify and powered by Anchor.
  • The Sound Up program, developed to uplift and amplify the voices of aspiring podcasters from underrepresented backgrounds, added Brazil and Sweden to its list of participating countries

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