Hrishikesh Hirway, Photo by Jake Michaels

Hrishikesh Hirway Discusses the Magic of Collaboration

The host of Song Exploder and Partners shares his best interviewing tips.

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Amy Westervelt, Photo by Isabella Reyes-Klein

Finding Success in Podcasting When Coming from Other Professions

Think podcasters must leave all learned skills behind once they switch careers? Think again.

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Brian Stever, Taylor MacGillivary and Jeremie Saunders, Photo by Monica Phung

How the Sickboy Hosts Weave Vulnerability and Humor Into Conversations About Health

Co-host Jeremie Saunders says dealing with health issues using openness and irreverence helps heal himself, his guests, and his audience.

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Roger Bennett with Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Photo Courtesy of Men in Blazers

How Sports Podcasts Have Adapted

With actual athletic events at a standstill, these creators have found new ways to connect with their audiences.

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Rowdie Walden, Photo Courtesy of Spotify

Amplifying New Voices

How Spotify’s Sound Up initiative is elevating underrepresented voices in podcasting.

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Spotify Stands with the Black Community in the Fight Against Racism and Injustice

Today we are using the power of our platform to amplify Black voices so that they can be heard around the world.

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Pixies with producer Tom Dalgety at Dreamland Recordings, Photo by Simon Foster
L-R: Paz Lenchantin, Tom Dalgerty, Black Francis, David Lovering, Joey Santiago

Gigantic: Unpacking the Process Behind a Pixies Podcast

The band's manager and podcast producer share tips and takeaways for making a behind-the-scenes show that stays true to its subject.

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Your Podcast Needs Show Notes

Use them as a resource where you share credit and information your listeners want.

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Hrishikesh Hirway and Samin Nosrat, Photo Courtesy of PRX

How Podcasters Are Adapting to New Circumstances

The medium and its creators are finding ways to shift focus in ways that keep shows relevant, useful, and entertaining.

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Manoush Zomorodi, Photo by Wanyu Zhang/NPR

A New TED Radio Hour in a Time of Reinvention

How host Manoush Zomorodi is putting her own spin on the podcast stalwart.

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