Get Discovered on Spotify’s New Podcast Charts

Check out your Spotify for Podcasters dashboard for new daily chart notifications and share cards.

With all the tireless work you put into recording, editing, and promoting your podcast, we know how important it is to celebrate your success with your collaborators and listeners. That's why today we're excited to roll out an expanded and improved set of podcast charts on Spotify — giving you more opportunities to be recognized for your work, get discovered by new listeners, and celebrate with your fans.

Now, listeners on Spotify will be able to see the top 200 shows overall, the top 50 in over a dozen categories, and the top 50 trending podcasts each day. Our charts are driven purely by Spotify listener data — a complement to our editorial and algorithmic playlists.

Determined by a podcast’s audience size, Spotify’s podcast charts are designed to help fans discover new shows, and creators connect with new listeners. The new podcast charts’ updated look will include new cover art and visual indicators of shows’ movement, letting you know if a show has moved up, down, or is new to the chart. And on top of it all, we’re debuting expanded types of charts, like Trending Podcasts, that surface an even greater breadth of shows.

Now, before you check the charts, here is what else you need to know:

Sharing the News

If your show does end up on a chart, congratulations! The best way to find out where you’re charting will be by checking your dashboard on Spotify for Podcasters. There, you’ll find notifications alerting you to your current position on any chart, in any region — which you can click to download a personalized image, including your chart position and your show art.

Charts update daily, so check back often to see if your listeners have propelled you onto the charts or into a new position. Once you chart, take that custom artwork and share it with your fans to share the news and encourage them to help you to keep climbing.

Top Podcasts

Our Top Podcasts chart is the authoritative ranking of the most popular podcasts on Spotify in each country — and as such, landing anywhere on the list is a meaningful accomplishment.

For creators, the Top Podcasts chart is also a place to look for inspiration and to see what kind of shows listeners are gravitating towards. With 200 shows to check out, there’s no telling what you’ll uncover, whether it’s changing up your production techniques, exploring new topics, or revamping your episode structure.

The podcasts featured on the Trending chart will be true culture drivers — this is the place to look for shows that are quickly gaining popularity with Spotify listeners. For listeners, Trending Podcasts is the easiest way to discover the shows that are generating significant buzz on Spotify. For new and emerging creators, the Trending chart presents an opportunity to get recognized on Spotify alongside bigger, more well-known names in podcasting and to bring new work to new listeners.

Category Charts

Spotify’s top podcasts by category charts will include the top 50 shows in popular categories including true crime, fiction, news, and sports. These charts will be available in seven markets — the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. (If you’re outside these regions, you won’t see category charts but you will see the trending and top 200 for your country.) These category charts can help creators see what’s popular in their specific genres and boost their discoverability with listeners looking for new shows to follow in a particular category. If you ever need to make changes to your podcast’s category, visit your hosting platform to update it. Those changes will then be reflected on Spotify.

To give your podcast the best shot at climbing charts, here are a few tips. First off, continue promoting your show across channels, whether on social media or through appearances and promos on fellow creators’ podcasts. Next, head to your hosting platform to make sure your categories are correct, so listeners browsing charts in your genre can discover your show. Remember that the more listeners that hear your podcast on Spotify, the better chance you have of charting. So, let your audience know where to find you and how to follow your show on Spotify when you’re sharing new episodes.

Bottom line: Charts offer a whole new way for your show to stand out on Spotify and connect with audiences. To find them, head to the “search” tab in your Spotify mobile app and tap on “Podcasts” and “Podcast charts.” Make sure to sign up for a Spotify for Podcasters account or if you already have one, check the dashboard often to see if your show has landed on a chart, check out the work of other creators and, of course, share the great news with your followers.