8 Ways Podcasters Can Use Our New Podcast Playlists

Some creative suggestions to help you curate your perfect playlist—now with podcasts.

For years, artists have been creating and sharing Spotify music playlists as a way to connect more deeply with fans. Today, we’re announcing one of the most requested features from the podcast community: the ability to add podcast episodes to your playlists. That means you can compile playlists of episodes — or a mix of podcasts and music — that can be updated at any time, followed by listeners, and shared anywhere.

By either adding podcasts to existing playlists or using them as building blocks for new ones, a whole slew of options open up for creators. We’re so excited to see how podcasters creatively use the feature — so here are just a few suggestions to get started.

Compile your greatest hits

Which episodes of your podcast were really the shining moments? Pick them out and put them together in a playlist so newcomers can meet you with your best foot forward — like host PJ Vogt’s playlist for Reply All.

Highlight a recurring theme

If there's a topic you keep coming back to — either because it's evolving in real time or because you're forever thinking of new ways to explore it — help your fans follow the thread by collecting those episodes on one playlist. Every time you add to the story with a new episode, onto the playlist it goes. Vox Media curated a playlist of interviews with 2020 presidential candidates from across their network.

Give props to your peers

Every podcaster has peers they admire or podcasts that have inspired them. Make a playlist of your favorites that you can share with others so listeners know what makes you tick.

Take a deep dive

Pick a topic you've delved into and build a playlist of additional listening on the subject. Start with your own episode—or episodes—and then add more sources where people can learn more. For example, host and producer Hannah Hethmon curated her favorite podcast episodes about museums — some from her show, some from others she admires.

Make your own soundtrack

Talking about music on your podcast? Give your listeners an immersive experience by playlisting your episode with the songs you're discussing. Or include tracks that inspired the episode.

Tell the story of your music

For podcast creators who also release music — you can record episodes telling the stories behind your songs, then create a playlist that mixes up your tracks distributed on Spotify with your podcast commentary for fans.

Showcase your guest spots

If you've guested on other podcasts, create a playlist compiling the times you stepped into somebody else's world for a while. Or categorize the guests who have joined your show, like this Vergecast playlist of interviews with CEOs.

Spotlight something special

Everybody who follows a podcast has their favorite episodes that really ring their chimes. Build your own hall of fame with a playlist featuring the best episodes of the podcasts you love the most.

-- Spotify for Podcasters