Check out The Input, a New Video Series from Spotify for Podcasters

Watch the first four episodes to learn everything you need to know about distribution, analytics, and trailers — straight from an expert at Spotify.

A year ago this month, we launched Spotify for Podcasters — and it's been a busy first year. We've released new features and programs, like our first Wrapped for Podcasters, support for show trailers, and notifications for editorial playlists and charts. We've shared best practices, case studies, and resources through our podcast Gimlet Academy, our blog, and Twitter. And, above all, we've been talking with podcasters and networks about their shows, their goals, and how Spotify can help — which brings us today.

Welcome to The Input, a new video series for creators from Spotify for Podcasters. Over the past year, there have been some consistent themes to the questions we've gotten from creators. With each episode of The Input, we take a topic we've heard great questions about and bring it straight to the expert at Spotify to explain how you can make the most out of our platform.

Throughout the series, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get the most from our tools and grow your show, from the nuts-and-bolts of how to get your show on Spotify to the nitty-gritty of what makes a great podcast trailer. Guided by Xavier Jernigan, Head of Cultural Partnerships at Spotify and host of the Spotify original podcast The Window, every episode features real Spotify podcasting experts across the company—which means that you’ll hear from the teams with deep knowledge of our platform and a passion for podcasting to get advice on our tools from the inside.

We want to empower creators to get the most out of Spotify, no matter what stage you’re at in your podcasting career. And because our tools are always updating, The Input will, too. Today, we’re releasing the first four episodes, and have more to come in the coming months, covering new features and questions. We know the world of podcasting is fast evolving and this series will seek to guide creators through that as well, bringing podcasters the perspectives of Spotify experts for their best practices and pro tips for staying on top of a changing space.

This season, we start at the beginning with an episode on distribution, breaking down the steps to get your podcast on Spotify, how to claim your Spotify for Podcasters dashboard if your show is already on the platform, and what you need to get access to your stats and audience data in Spotify for Podcasters.

In the next episode, we talk trailers: How to manage and showcase your trailer on your Spotify show page and what tips we have for making a great podcast trailer.

We also dig deep into your Spotify for Podcasters analytics, with an episode on audience data and an episode on show and episode data. We’ll unpack not just what stats you can see but why they matter, showing you how the data you get on Spotify for Podcasters can help to grow your show, from your first episode to your series finale.

Every episode of The Input is available with Portuguese, German, and Spanish subtitles; just hit CC to switch them on.