Introduce Yourself to Listeners with Our Refreshed Show Pages

We’ve improved podcast show pages on Spotify with a fresh design and a new section to feature the trailer for your show.

We’re focused on providing new ways to build your global fanbase and understand your audience on Spotify. In the past few months, we debuted new features like host-created podcast playlists and our first personalized podcast playlist, and gave creators unique insights with the first ever Wrapped for Podcasters year-end campaign.

Today, we’re helping creators show off their work on Spotify by refreshing show pages to help new listeners see what their podcast is all about in a glance. The new show pages include a new design (with more visible show description), podcast category tags to showcase what topics you tend to cover, and a featured section that puts your trailer front and center for listeners.

Your show, at a glance

With the new layout, your podcast's description will be just below your podcast's title, art, network name, and follow button. This more prominent positioning will help potential new listeners learn what your podcast is about before diving in. In your show description, you can share who you are, what your show focuses on, and why listeners should try an episode.

Just below your podcast's description, you'll now see your podcast's categories listed. When you submit your show to Spotify through Spotify for Podcasters, you can choose up to three categories for your podcast, or you can let Spotify pull them right from your hosting service. If listeners are on a kick for one specific category, they'll now be able to search by categories specifically.

Entice listeners with a trailer

Just like movie trailers, podcast trailers are a great way to quickly hook an audience. If your show has a trailer, there’s now a dedicated section at the top of your show page to feature it. If you’ve tagged an episode as a trailer through your hosting service, we’ll automatically display it as a trailer.

Today, we’ve added a new feature to Spotify for Podcasters, so you can easily select or modify which trailer displays on your show page at any time. That means if you haven’t labeled your trailer in your RSS feed, if you’ve categorized multiple episodes as a trailer, or if you need to update the trailer for your new season — you can modify your selection through Spotify for Podcasters in just a few clicks.

Now available on Spotify for Podcasters: you’ll be able to modify which episode is featured as your trailer at any time.
Now available on Spotify for Podcasters: you’ll be able to modify which episode is featured as your trailer at any time.

Some trailers we love

If you haven't made a trailer for your podcast yet, now is a great time to start. Not sure how? Our friends at Anchor have some great pointers. The key is to keep it quick and compelling, make sure you introduce yourself and your show, and make sure your trailer sounds like what your podcast sounds like. You want to give your listeners a bite-sized preview of what it's like to listen to a full episode of your podcast.

Want some inspiration to create a trailer of your own? Check out a few examples below, as well as a playlist of Anchor's top picks here.

Giving examples

Every Little Thing breaks down what the podcast is about through direct examples pulled from episodes. We are guided through a sonic montage of listener questions and expert responses interwoven with host voice over, all culminating in the emotional response of listeners learning the answers to their original queries. The show tackles all sorts of seemingly small but difficult to answer questions — Why do auctioneers talk the way they do? Who invented pants? — and the trailer uses multiple episodes to give a taste of the series’ wide breadth and tone.

Short and sweet

The HYPE Report's trailer clocks in at just 25 seconds, but it still manages to get in all of the details about the podcast. Introduction to the host? Check. Introduction to the topics of discussion? Check. Introduction to the podcast's vibe with a chill piece of bed music? Check. Not every trailer needs to go on for a full minute — some can hit all the right notes fast in 30 seconds or less.

Setting the scene

The trailer for Passenger List, a mystery thriller podcast, operates like in a good movie trailer: They set the tone and establish the stakes without giving away the whole plot, using narration, music, and clips to draw listeners into the show’s eerie world. If your show is heavy on atmosphere — eerie or otherwise — lean on that tone in your trailer, using the same sonic elements and editing style to give audiences a sense of what kind of world they’ll be stepping into when they listen to your show.

—Spotify for Podcasters