Share Your Favorite Podcast Moments with Timestamps

Creators and listeners can now link directly to any part of a podcast—instead of asking others to look for an exact time in an episode.

Part of what makes podcasts such a powerful medium is that different moments resonate to different people. As listeners, everyone comes across must-share segments and standout bits, whether they’re insightful, hilarious, touching, or even too shocking to keep to ourselves. And for creators, it’s oftentimes beneficial to get more granular with your show and direct listeners to certain moments that draw them in or provide a contextual snapshot. Until now, sharing something from a podcast meant sharing the entire podcast, then telling someone where to catch a certain moment. But with podcast timestamps, available now on Spotify, anyone can just link directly to a moment.

Creating a timestamp link is easy and quick
Creating a timestamp link is easy and quick

The recipient's link will take them right to the designated timestamp
The recipient's link will take them right to the designated timestamp

Timestamp sharing helps creators promote their episodes more effectively and fans share their favorite moments more easily. Read on to see how.

Audience growth for creators: Promote noteworthy moments to your listeners

The ability to send your listeners to a particular point within an episode means you can build your social promotion around quotable moments—so you can get more people to hit ‘play’ on your latest and greatest, whether they’re current fans or new listeners. Furthermore, bringing listeners to memorable segments or micro-segments within your episode can help with retention, allowing fans to quickly jump right in. This can also make for more shareworthy social promotion that your fans are compelled to amplify if they’re able to point others directly to a timestamp instead of an entire episode.

Some specific use cases include:

  • Pairing a timestamp with a quote card to draw listeners to an episode by teasing a specific discussion or piece of dialogue

  • Drawing attention to a timely topic sure to pique listeners’ interest as a way to promote an episode in its entirety

  • Promoting guest appearances to draw in their fans, and simplifying cross-promotion—but sharing the exact moment with guests’ fans

Overall, timestamps remove the friction of sharing your content, paving the way for new listeners and a much better podcast-consumption experience for everyone.

Fan amplification: Listeners can easily share what they love—when it clicks with them

For all the times listeners have wanted to share a particular segment from a show in real time, it’s now a few taps away. The previous scenario? They had to send the entire episode to someone, and instruct them to start playing at a certain time—or, even worse, different times, plural, if they wanted to highlight more than one moment.

But now, it’s literally as easy as flipping a switch for both creators and listeners.

Put your own stamp on it

For an easy way to effectively promote new episodes in minutes, creators can also generate a customized promo card through Spotify for Podcasters at; there’s now even a ‘new episode’ label that gets affixed to cards for your most recently published content. Generate a listening link from a timestamp you think your fans will love and tease it in your social media copy.

And to call out timestamps in your show, don’t be afraid to have some fun with it! Tell listeners that if they come across a particular segment or bit of dialogue they want to send to friends, they can now “Share from a specific timestamp in Spotify”—no need to ‘scrub’ through an entire episode anymore. Totally optional for all you Music + Talk creators out there: punctuating the message with “No Scrubs” by TLC.