2019 Wrapped for Podcasters: Your Year on Spotify

For the first time, podcasters can get a personalized summary of their year of growth on Spotify. Plus, we share the top moments from our past 12 months.

Even the best episodes have to end sometime, and this year has been huge for podcasters on Spotify. But just because 2019 is winding down doesn’t mean we can’t stay present in this decade for just a little bit longer. So, today, we’re helping you hit replay on your greatest hits of 2019 with our first-ever Wrapped for Podcasters.

This year we've been laser-focused on growth and to that end there are now over 500,000 podcasts on Spotify, available in over 75 countries and territories, on iOS and Android, web browsers, smart speakers, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and just about everywhere else. It’s never been easier for your listeners and potential fans to tune in. Plus, since the start of the year, podcast consumption time on Spotify has more than doubled.

But what does all this mean for you? Primarily lots and lots of new listeners for your show. To help you celebrate this growth and for the first time ever, we’ve built a Wrapped experience for podcasters.

2019 Wrapped for Podcasters
2019 Wrapped for Podcasters

Just like Wrapped for listeners and for music artists, Wrapped for Podcasters gives you a personalized view into your year on Spotify. You can see all the ways your podcast got people talking in 2019, find out where in the world people are listening, your most streamed episodes, and a whole lot more.

We don’t want to spoil all the surprises, so head to your Spotify for Podcasters dashboard to unwrap your 2019 and celebrate the results with your fans. (If you don’t have access — or the email address associated with your show’s RSS feed—reach out to your producer or hosting platform. Even if you haven't signed up for Spotify for Podcasters yet, as long as you have at least 3 listeners this year through October 31, a Wrapped experience is waiting for you.)

And finally, we also wanted to share a little Wrapped of our own. Here are the biggest highlights of podcasts on Spotify in 2019:

Spotify for Podcasters in 2019
Spotify for Podcasters in 2019

  • Welcome, Gimlet and Anchor: In February, we announced two acquisitions to help fuel our audio-first strategy. Gimlet is one of the best content creators in the world, and Anchor is a platform that completely reimagines the path to audio creation. Both teams have made a huge impact since joining Spotify — from Gimlet's The Clearing and Motherhacker, to dozens of new features from Anchor.

  • Parcast, Too: In March we announced that Parcast—a leading podcast studio—was also joining the family. Spotify listeners have loved streaming their scripted crime and mystery shows like Unsolved Murders, Cults, Serial Killers, and Conspiracy Theories. Since joining Spotify they’ve also launched two first-of-their-kind daily podcasts: Today in True Crime (a daily dose of true crime intrigue) and Horoscope Today (twelve daily podcasts that give listeners a personal forecast for their everyday lives).

  • Calling All Storytellers: Soundtrap by Spotify released their first tool for podcasters in May. Soundtrap for Storytellers is a cloud-based one-stop shop for podcast creation that offers recording, remote multi-track interviewing with video chat, smart editing of audio as a text document, full audio production, direct-to-Spotify publishing of the podcast, and transcript publishing to optimize SEO—all in one service.

  • Ready for Higher Ground: In June, we announced a partnership with President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s production company, Higher Ground, to produce Spotify-exclusive podcasts. We have big things in store for next year, so stay tuned.

  • A Library Refresh: We revamped the Library section of our apps this summer, improving the browsing experience for music and adding a brand new section just for podcasts. In your podcast library, listeners can easily toggle between a list of new episodes from shows they follow, browse all their followed shows, plus the episodes downloaded for offline listening.

  • The New AM/FM for Your Commute: We created a new personalized experience for commuters in June. Your Daily Drive is a personalized audio feed that blends music and news in one place for the perfect commute experience. It updates morning and evening to give you a mix of talk and music content that makes your drive fly by.

  • Spotify for Podcasters Goes Live: After getting great feedback from the creators in our beta, we launched Spotify for Podcasters to the world in August. Spotify for Podcasters is the quickest way to submit your show on Spotify—and to access streaming insights about your listeners. You can learn about your audience (demographics, size, and even what music they listen to), your show’s performance (with episode retention charts), and much more.

  • Streaming Joe: In August, the Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal released their most streamed episode of the year (#269), where the crew discusses some of the 50 best rappers lists. No surprise: For the second year in a row, the show was the most streamed podcast on Spotify.

  • Playing with Playlists: In September, we released one of our most requested features from podcast creators—the ability to add podcast episodes to any playlist on Spotify. Podcasters have used podcast playlists in creative ways to connect with fans, like curating playlists of their best episodes, compiling all their episodes on a certain topic, or "mixed-media" playlists combining episodes with music tracks they discussed in-show.

  • Allow Me to Introduce Myself: With Anchor Trailers—a new feature Anchor launched last month—creators can quickly and powerfully create short, shareable trailers to entice listeners to try out their show. It’s an impressive promotional tool to get the word out about your podcast.

  • Ready to Go Daily: Just a few weeks ago we launched our first personalized podcast playlist in nine countries. Your Daily Podcasts serves up the next best episode of your favorite shows as well as new ones we think you’ll love. The playlist is already a favorite of podcast obsessives: It appears in the "Your top podcasts" shelf on Home or in the "Made for You" hub on browse.

We’re so excited about what's in store for podcasters on Spotify in 2020. See you next decade!

—Spotify for Podcasters