Shows With Music: A New Way To Create Audio Experiences

Now you can combine tracks from Spotify’s extensive library with your own commentary to create a new type of show.

You want to create without limitations. Specifically, you want an easier, more seamless way to incorporate music tracks and talk segments. Today, we’re beginning to test an audio experience that is neither playlist nor podcast, but something new and full of creative possibilities.

Now, via Anchor, creators can bring together spoken-word commentary with tracks from Spotify’s library of over 65 million licensed songs. Explore possible formats like never before. You can do a deep dive into the music of a specific era, artist or genre; interview artists and tell their stories through songs; or do your own version of a radio mix show that alternates between talk and music that matches your mood. However you mix and match music tracks and commentary, the listener will hear it as one cohesive, immersive audio experience. This new format is an evolution in audio creation and an opportunity for creators to unleash their creativity like never before.

To get started making your own shows with music head to Anchor, Spotify’s audio creation platform, or learn more on For the Record.