Spotify for Podcasters Expands Internationally

On International Podcast Day, we’re expanding so creators can now see their show's data and insights in Spanish and Portuguese.

International Podcast Day is a global celebration of the power of podcasts. It’s a day for podcasters to celebrate the shows and creators that inspire them, and for lifting up new voices to share with friends and followers. It’s a day for everyone who loves podcasts, both listeners and creators.

But our commitment to that spirit goes beyond just one day or one week. This year, we’re expanding Spotify for Podcasters internationally, translating our tools for podcasters in Brazil and Mexico. Creators in those countries now have access to our distribution and analytics tools and resources in their local languages. With those tools, more podcasters can dig into their show and episode data, to see second-by-second analytics on how their podcast is performing and which segments spark the most interest. Users in Brazil and Mexico will also have logged in user data, which includes geographic breakdowns, so they can see the global scale of their audience. And this is just the beginning! In the coming months, we’ll be bringing Spotify for Podcasters to more countries and creators, continuing to support and reflect this truly global podcast community.

The team behind the podcast Entiende Tu Mente are prime examples of how the global podcaster community supports one another. Molo Cebrián, Luis Muiño and Mónica González have been putting out their show for over four years and in that time they’ve connected with creators around the world.

“We are in contact with good friends ‘podcasteros’ from all over the world. We usually attend podcasting events where we have met Mexican, Colombian, Argentinian podcasters,” they say. The truth is that we think that podcasts are global and that they do not have a flag. We share passions and language with millions of people around the world. That unites us and it’s magical.”

Throughout the week, we’ll be seeking those moments of magic and connection in celebration of International Podcast Day. Across our channels here at Spotify, we’ll be highlighting an array of creators from around the world and sharing them with even more listeners, from podcasters on the top of their local charts to others on the cusp of breaking out. If you’re looking for our editors’ picks for shows resonating with global audiences, don’t miss our Best Podcasts of 2020 (so far) playlist. And while you’re out there this week lifting up others, make sure to celebrate and show appreciation to your audience, too. When you shout out your favorite shows, encourage them to do the same. It’s a great opportunity to build momentum for your fellow creators while also creating a sense of community for your listeners.

International Podcast Day means different things to different creators. But at its heart, it’s about the generous spirit and global power of the podcasting community. Mauricio Cid of the Brazilian podcast Não Ouvo loves joining in the annual celebration.

“It is great to be part of something that has transformed my life,” he says. “The podcast is a media that gave me back the joy of producing content."

For their part, the Entiende Tu Mente team said they’ll celebrate by each sharing their own podcast recommendations. But above all, they’ll be honoring the occasion the best way they know how: Publishing a new episode.

“We do not know how to celebrate it in any other way than by doing what we love.”

—Spotify for Podcasters