Spotify Next Wave Top Picks + Creator Advice

We're celebrating the standout student podcasters who participated in Spotify Next Wave—and everyone who took part! The care, energy and passion that went into each submission got us hyped for the next generation of podcasters.

In 2020, Spotify launched a casting call for student podcasts across Lifestyle & Comedy, Journalism, Entertainment/Sports & Gaming and Wild Card (everything else).

Student creators across the US and UK submitted thousands of podcasts, gaining access to a Spotify digital masterclass with top professional podcasters, plus a three-month free trial of Soundtrap for Storytellers.

Check out our favorite student podcasts, also featured on the Spotify Student Hub:

US Podcast Picks


From where does it STEM?

Don't Butcher It with Upasna Barath

Kinda Sorta Brown

UK Podcast Picks

Successful Failures

Crisis Talk

Zoology Ramblings

Common Threads

Teaming up to share podcast advice

Spotify partnered with the podcast creators behind “Snacks Daily” and “JaackMaate’s Happy Hour” to produce two digital masterclasses for Spotify Next Wave participants. Each masterclass featured tips and tricks for creating quality content from Spotify, as well as personal advice and best practices from the podcast creators.

The Snacks Daily Scoop

As the hosts of a daily podcast, Jack Kramer and Nick Martell have nailed down the steps it takes to put together a podcast episode in a day. The best advice? Consistency is key. Decide on your format and stick to it. Podcast listeners are multi-taskers, which means they prefer a consistent episode format. It also helps you as a creator have a template to work off of.

To Jack and Nick, being a great podcast creator is a little like being an athlete: you warm-up beforehand, study who else is out there to pick up on skills, and listen to yourself and take notes on how to improve your own performance—just like watching game tape. Apply the same daily habits preparing for sports as a podcast.

The Power of Prep with JaackMaate

For interview-focused podcasts, JaackMaate offered up advice on how to have engaging conversations with your guests: prep enough to feel confident going into the episode; search for recent news around your guest(s); create a few base questions which provide a narrative to your episode—a beginning, middle, and end. Don't do too much of a deep dive, you'll have a more dynamic conversation if you leave room for discovery and in-the-moment questions. Jaack says it’s hard to fake the excitement if you already know every detail!

Another important tip? Book your interviewee for 20-30 minutes longer than you need. Schedule 10 minutes before recording starts so you can build up a connection beforehand. It may not always be possible, but has consistently led to better episodes for the Happy Hour podcast.

Stay tuned for future updates and additional opportunities from Spotify! And keep creating.