How to Understand Your Show's Audience and Demographic Data

In our latest episode of The Input, we bring you expert insight into understanding your audience and demographic data on Spotify and what you can do with those stats.

Welcome to The Input, a new video series for creators from Spotify for Podcasters that breaks down our tips and tools from the inside out. In our next episode, Sari Nahmad, Senior Data Analyst for Podcaster Tools, talks all about audience insights, getting into the aggregated demographic and geographic data (including gender and age breakdowns) available on Spotify for Podcasters. We’ll explain how this aggregated data can give you better insight into who your listeners are and where they’re located, as well as what music they’re listening to on Spotify. Then, we’ll get into how these stats can help give you insights to help you grow your show, connect with your fans and keep creating.

And to see additional episodes of The Input and learn more about the video series, check out our launch post here. Every episode of The Input is available with Portuguese, German, and Spanish subtitles; just hit CC to switch them on.