How to Understand Your Show and Episode Data

In this episode of The Input, we bring you an expert perspective on how to get the most out of your show and episode stats on Spotify.

Welcome to The Input, a new video series for creators from Spotify for Podcasters that breaks down our tips and tools from the inside out. In today’s episode, we'll be breaking down the key data points in Spotify for Podcasters about your show and episode performance with Samwoo Ee, Head of Design for Podcaster Tools. We’ll show you how to find stats on episode retention, which can give you a sense of how listeners are engaging with your content. We’ll explain the difference between followers and listeners and why that matters. And we’ll get into how starts are different from streams. Along the way, of course, we’ll put it all together to show you how these stats can be used to take your show to the next level.

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