How to Make a Great Podcast Trailer

Our latest episode of The Input gives you an expert perspective on what makes a great podcast trailer and how it can help you attract an audience on Spotify.

Welcome to The Input, a new video series for creators from Spotify for Podcasters that breaks down our tips and tools from the inside out. In our second episode, we’re talking to Maya Prohovnik, Director of Product for Podcaster Tools, to cover one of the most important tools you have for promoting your podcast: Trailers. We’ll discuss what a podcast trailer is and how it can be used to highlight your show to potential listeners. Then, we’ll show you how to set your show’s trailer via your Spotify for Podcasters account or change it if you have a new season. Finally we’ll tackle the creative questions about trailers that you want answered — What makes a great trailer? How long should my trailer be? What should it include? How can a trailer encourage listeners to tune in to my podcast? — before cutting your own.

And to see additional episodes of The Input and learn more about the video series, check out our launch post here. Every episode of The Input is available with Portuguese, German, and Spanish subtitles; just hit CC to switch them on.