Video Podcasts expanding to more creators around the world

Creators in select markets across Europe and Latin America can now post video content on Spotify and discover millions of new fans

We’ve been amazed by your creativity with Video Podcasts on Spotify since its initial launch last year—and we’ve been equally encouraged that so many of you continue to ask when you’ll be able to try the feature for yourself. Today marks another milestone, because we’re expanding Video Podcasts to six new countries: Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Mexico, and Brazil. That means if you’re a creator in one of those markets, the time has come for you to post your video content on Spotify!

Video Podcasts are open to everyone in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Mexico, and Brazil

Whether you’re already using Anchor, Spotify’s free podcasting platform, to produce content or you haven’t started your podcast yet, there’s never been a better time for everyone to reach listeners and viewers on Spotify. Join PODDELAS in Brazil, Rayos X in Mexico, Dick & Doof in Germany, La Ruina in Spain, Jean Quête d’Actu in France, and Caffè Design in Italy—who have already published Video Podcasts to Spotify. Now it’s your turn to potentially reach millions of people and leverage exclusive monetization offerings in select markets—including Spotify’s Podcast Subscriptions—to turn Video Podcasts into a new source of income.

Uploading your Video Podcast couldn’t be easier—and it all starts with Anchor

If you’ve already been creating video content, you’ve done the hard part. Now it’s time to simply post it to Spotify using Anchor’s new bulk-replace migration tool, which allows you to replace past audio episodes with video versions. New to Anchor? Once you create your Anchor account, you can get get started with video in a few clicks:

Give your fans the flexibility to watch or listen on Spotify

For your audience, what makes Video Podcasts so great is the flexibility—to consume your content as video or audio. On Spotify, they can alternate between active watching (with video in the foreground) and background listening, to seamlessly take your show on the go. This means everyone can now enjoy their favorite episodes wherever they are, in any scenario: on the subway, in the kitchen, during a walk, or every time in between. And it’s available on users’ favorite Spotify players, including the Spotify mobile app, desktop app, web player, smart speakers, and most smart TVs and video-game consoles.

We can’t wait to see how Video Podcasts change the way you connect with your audience—not to mention the way you create. We also can’t wait to continue expanding to even more countries, so as always, stay tuned!

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