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All the tools you need to host, create, edit, and distribute your podcast like a professional—all for free. Whether you’re starting your first podcast or your fifth season, you can find what you need to make your best episode here.

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Switch your host to Spotify for Podcasters to get all your creation and publishing tools in one place.

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Professional recording tools anywhere, anytime

You’ll have an audio recording studio in your pocket. Our creation tools capture audio straight from your phone, tablet, or computer, and sync across all devices.

All your tools, all in one place

Creation couldn’t be easier. Just record and edit your audio, arrange your segments, add transitions and background music, and you're set.

If you make episodes somewhere else, simply upload your file and publish.

Get creative with exclusive formats

Branch out into new podcast formats. With Video Podcasts on Spotify you can show your story and engage more deeply with your fans.

Music and Talk shows on Spotify allow an entirely new type of show by combining your talk content with the Spotify music catalog.

Featured creation tools

Podcast Creation Resources

Whether you are just getting your show off the ground or are a seasoned podcast vet, take advantage of our resources, videos, and masterclasses to get to the next level.