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Video podcasts on Spotify

Grow your podcast and deepen the way that millions of people on Spotify can enjoy your content. Video podcasts are the most engaging way to share your story.

Drew Afualo's video podcast "The Comment Section"

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Top creators publish video podcasts on Spotify

"Video podcasts have given Call Her Daddy an entirely new dimension and elevation that me and my fans love."

Alex Cooper | Host of Call Her Daddy

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What is a video podcast?

A video podcast is so much more than the obvious (a podcast that you can watch). It's a chance to visually engage your audience with your content. Video podcasts go beyond sharing your thoughts and ideas with words, as you can with audio-only podcasts. You're also using visual elements to make a stronger connection and create an immersive experience for your podcast listeners.

Whether you’re demonstrating something, sharing location visuals, or revealing guest expressions, the video component can elevate your show to new heights.

Why video podcasts on Spotify?

Creator podcasting in the kitchen

Give podcast audiences the full picture

Nothing gets lost in translation. With video podcasts, your audience sees your facial expressions, body language, and surroundings. They can be completely immersed in the experience and access the full context of your episodes.

Get promotional content from every episode

Video podcasts also provide a wealth of material to use as promotional assets. Repurpose the full episode into shorter clips and share them on social media platforms that thrive on visual content so you can reach a wider audience.   

Grow your show

With over 500 million users and over 100,000 video podcasts already, Spotify is your destination for video podcasts. Video podcasts see higher episode listenership and retention on Spotify. 

Give fans control of their experience

Fans can seamlessly switch between listening and watching your video podcast—meaning they can enjoy your episodes however they want, wherever they go.

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Discover new ways to monetize

Video podcasts can help boost your show’s earning potential. Create exclusive, paid content with Podcast Subscriptions or place targeted ads in your episodes. Our suite of podcast monetization options is designed to help you profit from your passion.

It’s easy and free

Unlock all the benefits of video podcasting without spending a penny. With Spotify, hosting and distributing your show is free—and you can get started in just a few easy steps. When you host your video podcast with Spotify for Podcasters, we will also distribute the audio of your episodes through your RSS feed.

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Check out these video podcast examples and ideas to inspire your show

Take a look at popular video podcasts from Spotify’s studios to find inspiration for your show.

Get creative with video

Whether you are just getting your show off the ground or are a seasoned podcast vet, take advantage of our educational resources to get to the next level with your own podcast.