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Maia Movement

Maia Movement

By Julie Silich

Dynamic Integration of your Physical-Emotional-Psychological-Spiritual aspects with Earth Force & Gravity.
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Good Posture; Healthy Posture

Maia MovementNov 27, 2022

Good Posture; Healthy Posture

Good Posture; Healthy Posture

When you have learnt to move within your range of motion, you know what quantum physics is, you have felt your zero point & your toroidal field is stable... 

you get through your days without exhaustion, and without draining your energy.   

No one can make you feel better or worse... they can help you learn more about yourself!  

I write in more detail in my blog...  

 And you can learn to feel the detail in 'Feeling the Space of Emptiness', my online course...

Nov 27, 202224:12
Maia Movement, Basic 7 week starter course - WEEK 1

Maia Movement, Basic 7 week starter course - WEEK 1

Welcome to week 1 of your 7 week Maia Movement course

Maia Movement is the physicality of being human, it is the discovery of what you can stop doing? All doings require energy, and when you release the muscular habits of a lifetime, or an ancestral line, you free your energy, and open up your innate intelligence, all while becoming your authentic & unique expression of universal energy.

My focus is on your physical self, the home of your emotional, psychological & spiritual selves, and the realization that each of these labels is the one and the same You! 

As your experiences in life can shape your physical, as seen in posture & looks, the physical posturing held in place by habitual muscle tension energises your emotions, thoughts and spirit. Simply, while your body is locked in muscular tension, your energy will follow... so we are going to be observing our being, feeling our doing's (habitual muscular tension)... and getting very logical with out skeleton & muscular system. 

We will stay grounded in the present by observation of our breath. Observation is free from judgement (of what you have, created in the past) and free of expectations (what you should be doing, or based in the future).

In this audio I keep it really simple, as I guide you through finding habitual muscular tension. You will be in a position of safety, and you will stay grounded, in the present, meaning the energies attached to muscular tensions will release in a safe way, as you are ready. 

Embodying presence is physical alignment, without the drama of highs & lows in energy, without the tight muscles attached to past experiences, the memories will soften.

You being your complete & natural breath, effortless strength and balanced energy; your mind will be free for creative adventures.

This audio is accompanied by the week one tutorial videos on teachable

I have a group for students on facebook 

If you prefer UNIFYD 

Or Telegram

Apr 03, 202239:10
Basic Routine to Rest & Reset
Jun 28, 202146:48
01. Dynamically Integrated, I welcome you

01. Dynamically Integrated, I welcome you

Maia Movement is the exploration of yourself as a being of your creation, the result of choices made whilst here, and whilst in spirit.

The physical being, 12 organ systems, needs to be dynamically integrated to function well...

There needs to be dynamic integration of the physical-emotional-psychological-spiritual aspects... our physical is created by our energetic aspects, and our physical empowers our energetic aspects.

The Earth force & gravity is where we live, and we need to be dynamically integrated with these.

We become our own expert, when we know ourselves we know the universe.

When we know the universe, we know the truth when we hear it. is a video of me talking... is my online course 'Feeling the Space of Emptiness' for writing...

Jun 23, 202105:23