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By Co-Creators ResetMD

ResetMD showcases physicians discussing their well-being stories and pearls of wisdom for well-being.
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Dr. Rachel Miller - "A Light Switch Moment"

ResetMDMay 18, 2023

Dr. Rachel Miller - "A Light Switch Moment"

Dr. Rachel Miller - "A Light Switch Moment"

Join us today as we meet Dr. Rachel Miller, a board-certified OB/GYN and Certified Executive Coach who is dedicated to empowering healthcare leaders to drive meaningful change within their organizations.  Her company, Pocket Bridges, offers transformative guidance to physician executives and front-line leaders nationwide.  Her personalized coaching and engaging leadership cohort sessions focus on fostering confidence, reducing physician burnout, enhancing provider engagement, and refining leadership skills.  Today’s episode highlights ways physicians can empower themselves.

In this Episode, we discuss Dr Miller's path to where she is today and what has worked for her.

Pearls of Wellness Wisdom:

·       Remember to breath, step into nature, and remember the facts of what is true when facing a moment of burnout.

·       Examining your passion, where it comes from and what your values are will help put things into perspective when looking at life, career, leadership or organizational changes

·       Self-awareness to know how you communicate and how others communicate will help conversations and negotiation more effective.

·       When enduring tough situations- put them in your back pocket—they will stay with you, but you won’t be leading with it and you can work through and grow from it.


Find Dr. Miller’s book, “How to Succeed as a Healthcare Leader” here, and listen to the podcast to learn how it came about!


Find the link to Dr. Miller’s podcast “Life, Love, and Leadership for Physicians” here:

May 18, 202338:47
Dr. Tonya Caylor - "Point Your Brain in the Direction You Want to Go"

Dr. Tonya Caylor - "Point Your Brain in the Direction You Want to Go"

Tonya L Caylor, MD, FAAFP is a family physician and an academic physician coach in Anchorage, Alaska with 23 years of clinical and academic practice. She owns and runs Joy in Family Medicine Coaching Services ® which partners with family medicine residency programs to help residents, faculty, and recent graduates enjoy all of life and thrive in their chosen careers.

In this episode she describes the 3 stages of her RESET: burnout, recovery, and coach training and practice. She outlines the fullness of her recovery phase, details what in the practice she joined made it work, and reveals what helped her re-learn to enjoy the practice of medicine. She talks about her experience with coaching family medicine residents and faculty and the lightbulb moments she sees. Lastly, we dive into what it takes to change the culture of medicine.

Pearls of Wellness Wisdom:

1. Point your brain in the direction you want to go.

2. Figure out what self-care looks like for you and don't let yourself down.

3. Take time to reflect.

More ways to find Dr Caylor:

Apr 12, 202338:54
Dr. Laurie Boge - "More than Medicine"

Dr. Laurie Boge - "More than Medicine"

Dr. Laurie Boge is a wife, runner, feminist, dog mom, combat veteran and dessert lover who in her spare time works part-time as an Emergency Medicine physician and recently founded GreenCloud Apparel, an elevated scrub company on a mission to make women in medicine feel and look as amazing as the work they are doing.

In this episode (#98!) Dr Boge talks about her transitions from a military medical career where she served in wartime in Iraq to community and academic medicine. She shares her experience as a combat physician and how she honors veterans now.

She has a passion for mentoring and sponsoring women physicians, re-inventing her career despite a system that is not always supportive, and pursuing her entrepreneurial venture.

GreenCloud Apparel grew out of a "crazy idea" to improve what is already out there and honor and support women physicians along the way. Listen in to hear what is next!

Pearls of Wellness Wisdom that work for her:

     Set Boundaries- say yes to what aligns with where you want to go.

Stay Healthy- get sleep and exercise.

Surround Yourself with People who get you and your vision and believe in it!

Boost your Confidence by putting on scrubs you love! Shift the attitude for the day.


Remember you are courageous and confident. You just need to be yourself and go after those crazy dreams.    It is ok to change in life and it is ok to be more than medicine. Don’t put things off that you really want.      Make medicine work for you.  A different recipe works for different people.

Apr 05, 202337:12
Dr. Miriam Zylberglait Lisigurski - "The 3G Cycle of Life: The Secrets of Achieving Joy, Meaning and Well-Being"

Dr. Miriam Zylberglait Lisigurski - "The 3G Cycle of Life: The Secrets of Achieving Joy, Meaning and Well-Being"

Dr. Miriam Zulberglait Lisigurski joins us today to discuss her new book, "The 3G Cycle of Life: The Secrets of Achieving Joy, Meaning and Well-Being", but also to share her story of finding healing for herself, being vulnerable, and in working through burnout how she created something to help others-- in medicine and outside of medicine to grow through challenges and avoid burnout.

Listen in to hear her story of how writing about her challenges and frustration helped to create a path forward on her journey.  Her book also highlights stories from 30 individuals along with her own personal story and shows how she recovered hope with this collaboration.  She is not healed but is much better and describes life as being linear, with a series of interconnected cycles.  Each "3G Cycle" is comprised of Goals, Grit & Growth.  She shares pearls in this episode that can be applied personally and professionally.  

In this Episode, she discusses:


-Your life being a continuous journey we are on with others; you are not travelling alone!

-Keys to success in these cycles include setting realistic goals, using internal energy to bolster the cycle you are in in your life and not being afraid to accept help from others when you need some of their energy to continue to propel you forward.  Recognize growth even when goals aren't always met.

-Achieving a better version of yourself occurs every time you try, even if your goal wasn't necessarily met.

- Finding who you really are and aligning your values.  This will help you set those goals.

Dr. Zulberglait's book can be found on Amazon:

Mar 22, 202341:39
Dr. Debbie Bradley - "Life After Clinical Medicine"
Mar 15, 202334:17
THERE IS NO END TO GRATITUDE (Setting the Stage ... the Medical Student Memoirs)

THERE IS NO END TO GRATITUDE (Setting the Stage ... the Medical Student Memoirs)

Meet Momin Taherkheli - An upbeat, full of life and brilliant student whose life was turned upside down by transverse myelitis. Momin was born in Pakistan and came to Kansas City with his parents when in elementary school and since then, this community has been his home. A straight A student, an athlete and a wonderful brother and son, he vividly remembers the day that completely changed his life. He went from playing basketball to not being able to move his limbs in the span of a few hours. He always wanted to be a physician because his father was one and growing up he thought physicians were well respected, took care of people and were humanitarians and that was embedded in his psyche. But having to experience every facet of healthcare while being on the p[patient side of things really solidified his resolve. Momin had thought doctors knew EVERYTHING and realized that it was not the case but, it was OK not to know everything and yet be passionate about one's career.

Momin strongly credits his positive attitude and composure for his recovery and being able to fulfill his dream. The times when he was in the hospital but still working on his test scores, medical school applications etc., happened because he knew where he wanted to be. He believes that if you can envision where you need to be, your body and mind leads you to that. They almost conspire to make it happen. He credits his tenacity to the people around him, his family, friends and community. He states his strength that he exhibited was a reflection of their love and support.

Momin blew me away in this interview with how much good he sees in people and how much gratitude he felt even when the odds were all against him. His spirituality and faith have been instrumental in having him succeed in his journey.


KNOW your PURPOSE before you enter medical school. Your "why" is important all throughout your journey.

To be happy in life, look at those who are less fortunate than you, to better yourself and to improve, look at those who are better than you. This leads you to a state of gratitude and hunger at the same time.

One can find happiness in the smallest things in life. A touch, a smell and every breath are all joy.

Momin says NEVER to be afraid of asking for help. 

Knowing your limitations is an IMPORTANT skill 

There is no end to gratitude.

Find mentors early on and be honest with them!

Life is a Gift, cherish it.

Feb 22, 202342:51
MEDICAL SCHOOL BROKE MY TRUST (Setting the Stage ... the Medical Student Memoirs)

MEDICAL SCHOOL BROKE MY TRUST (Setting the Stage ... the Medical Student Memoirs)

Meet Tara, a student at one of the highly competitive, full tuition provided, medical schools. She shares her experience of navigating the realities of "all expenses covered medical education." 

Tara might have chosen differently had she understood what being a part of a very small group and an even smaller minority student group, meant. Tara shares her struggles with home sickness, acclimatizing to a culture that was vastly different than what she grew up with and trying to find community and build trust while feeling scrutinized through a biased lens. She uses powerful language like " Burnout of the soul" which really got me thinking deeper and left me wanting to do a lot more to support my students.

She goes on to tell us how medical school is hard enough and trying to navigate and figure out who really cares about you and is in your corner can be really hard on students. the institutions should be in our corner and support us whether we are the top 1 percent or not. That is really their responsibility and duty. She talks about her frustration with DEI measures in medicine being "surface level” and that intentionality and true change can only occur when people can have real conversations without fear of reprimand and when those in power are held accountable for their actions. 

Tara believes that Introspection is important for well being. Enjoy the good and see what you need to do about the bad. Make those changes intentionally and early on so you are not wasting precious time and resources. Medical education of the future needs to extend the same benefit of doubt as is given to the faculty/ higher ups. Right now, the hierarchal system is causing the most damage imaginable.


Chasing perfection sets you up to fail. 

Not every classmate can create a safe space for you.

Its OK to look through your worst case scenario and If you are OK with it, you should be at peace. 

Find happiness outside of accolades and remember what all there is to love and be grateful for outside of medicine

Remember that you are a good person and don’t deserve bad things to happen to you


Nurture mistakes so students can learn from them. 

Be honest with your students, it helps build trust.

Let students have realistic expectations, but support them regardless.

Feb 08, 202353:43
DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF (Setting the Stage ... the Medical Student Memoirs)

DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF (Setting the Stage ... the Medical Student Memoirs)

Meet Sahana Shiggaon, a medical student graduating from the University of Missouri Kansas City- School of Medicine's 6 YR combined BA/MD program. She talks about the unique challenges of being in an accelerated program and how she found her "groove". Sahana talks about suffering from imposter syndrome and overcoming it. She talks about feeling alone and isolated as one of the few students who was out fo state and learning to start from scratch as far as building her social circle. Medical schools need to provide opportunities to socialize and speak to other students so one can open up, not feel isolated and learn to work together in a collaborative environment. She believes that being at a school where her concerns were addressed and "listened to" really helped in feeling welcome and helped her succeed. 

Her pearls for us:

Being vulnerable is normal

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Celebrate yourself and your accomplishments even if they feel small. Validate yourself!

Build your confidence and believe in yourselves. We are all capable since we have landed in these places.

Invest in yourself and try to find other things that give you joy. Take up a hobby early on.

Jan 25, 202340:02
REMEMBER YOUR WHY (Setting the Stage ... the Medical Student Memoirs)

REMEMBER YOUR WHY (Setting the Stage ... the Medical Student Memoirs)

Meet Daniya Mozaffar, a highly energetic, motivated medical student who never gave up on her dreams. After going through two cycles of a medical school match, she decided to fulfill her goals by attending a Caribbean medical school. She shares her journey with her and how she has grown over these years and the person she is becoming. She has learnt what it takes to succeed as a medical student and to never forget that yes, we might be physicians, but we are human and people first. 

Some pearls of wisdom from Daniya:


Choose yourself above all, that will always help you stay true to yourself and your vision

Surround yourself with people who will support you and left you up, build your community

Define what that support looks like for you and build it intentionally

Being proactive about your mental wellbeing is essential. Invest your time and energy in a good therapist.

 Empower yourself with the knowledge of what all is available to you on your campuses and beyond.

Learn to be as efficient, work smarter not necessarily harder.

Learn to develop a growth mindset and thinking through a “worst case scenario” might be a great exercise. Failure is good.

Jan 11, 202340:31
What's Happening in 2023 here at RESETMD
Jan 04, 202303:45
Dr. Nan Nuessle - "A Code to Address the Bullying in Medicine "

Dr. Nan Nuessle - "A Code to Address the Bullying in Medicine "

Nanette Nuessle, MD, or Dr. Nan as she is affectionately known to patients and colleagues, has led an exciting life as a frontline Pediatrician providing excellent care to patients for over 30 years. She has spent the last half of her career giving back to rural areas that are short staffed. More recently, as a Pediatric Hospitalist she has concentrated on her strengths: stabilization of critically ill infants and children, acute airway management, and attendance at high-risk deliveries.

Dr. Nan also runs a coaching company, Beat Down Burnout, which has a unique process of communication skills and relationship building, allowing healthcare organizations to improve staff retention, increase patient safety, and reduce risk management. This helps both the organization, and their staff find opportunities and learn new ways to build trust and fight to prevent burnout.

In this episode, we explore her experience with bullying as a student and where she sees it happening today, how she turned around a toxic situation by learning the values of her colleague and used that information to change the conversation, and her recommendations for those interested in doing locums medical work.  We discuss what has worked for her to help with both the intuitional causes and the personal causes of burnout. 

Take home points/Pearls:

1. Know other people's values. 

2. Anyone can be a leader- lead from where you are.

3. You can’t pour from an empty pot.

Dr Nan invites you to learn your own code:

Dec 28, 202231:33
 Drs. Danielle Shelton and Michelle Seguin - "How to Re:Think Health"

Drs. Danielle Shelton and Michelle Seguin - "How to Re:Think Health"

Drs. Danielle Shelton and Michelle Seguin are family physicians and co-founders of Re:Think Health, a co-learning educational platform for healthcare professionals. In addition to co-teaching medical student electives on lifestyle medicine and innovation + entrepreneurship they are working on their interdisciplinary community offerings. They are passionate about reducing healthcare professional burnout and increasing cross-collaboration.

In this episode: We hear how Danielle and Michelle came to family medicine and their reasons for looking for more education to help their patients with lifestyle changes. We discuss their separate starting places in the Clean Your Plate nonprofit in GA and the interest in a Produce Prescription program and how a shared purpose and technology brought them together.  

Learn about ways to overcome barriers to entry into a new space to create transformational change with the taglines of Dream Big, Be Brave, and Look for Allies. 

How could you regain your curiosity and creativity in medicine?  Healthcare in Medicine is beyond the 4 walls of the clinic!  What would medicine look like if we talked to one another?

Pearls of Wellness Wisdom (these are just the last three - there are many more hidden in the episode!): 

1. Do one thing just for you every day. Time for yourself is not selfish.

2. Create a daily gratitude practice a few minutes before bed. This is a seed of abundance in our life.

3. Creating something out of nothing can be hard.  We hope this isn’t as hard for the people who come after us. 

Dec 21, 202242:19
Dr. Diana Mercado Marmarosh - "The Thing I Saw as My Greatest Flaw is My Greatest Gift"

Dr. Diana Mercado Marmarosh - "The Thing I Saw as My Greatest Flaw is My Greatest Gift"

Dr. Diana Mercado Marmarosh is a family medicine physician, clinic medical director, chief medical officer and ADHD life coach for Physicians. She used to have 200 open charts and a graveyard of unfinished projects, but all has changed. In the last year she has made it her mission help more than 50 physicians enhance their zone of genius by creating systems that allow them to leave work at work and obtain freedom of time.  

In this episode: Diana shares the story of her diagnosis of ADHD and now it has led her to where she is today.  She shares an honest, heartfelt journey through seeing it initially as something that was a flaw and should be hidden to learning to see it as just a circumstance that she could control.

We discuss her transition from leaving the medical community where she trained to ultimately become a medical director and medical society leader elsewhere in the state of Texas. We talk through how the things that led to burnout in her career were simply the price a doctor had to pay in order to do the things she loved and live the lifestyle she wanted.  Her mindset changed after being coached in a community of women physicians and this led to her most recent reset!

ADHD Hacks for Physicians: 

1. Planning (listen in for the specific planning tools)

2.  List daily what you are for!

3.  Write down 3 things you want like they have already happened.

4. Decide everything has a home.

5. Charting: Begin with the end in mind and control the environment during your workday in a way that supports getting your chart done right after the visit (it is possible!)

6. Diana shares an amazing list of EMR charting hacks in the last third of the podcast. Get your pen and be ready to write them down! She teaches us how to work smarter not harder!

Diana's website and resources:

Beyond ADHD: A Physician’s Perspective Facebook Page:

Dec 14, 202250:20
 Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber - "Women in Medicine- Setting the Agenda for Change"

Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber - "Women in Medicine- Setting the Agenda for Change"

In today's episode we have the exciting opportunity to welcome Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber back on to the podcast as our first return guest! Today she is here to talk with us about a foundational position paper that AMWA and Korn Ferry Health published at the end of September 2022, “Women in Medicine- Setting the Agenda for Change” by Dr. Eliza Lo Chin and Liz Bickley of Korn Ferry Health.  The report "explores the challenges that confront women in medicine and the work that is still needed to close the gender gap in healthcare leadership".  It explores areas such as burnout, mental health crises, caregiving conflicts, fertility concerns and underrepresentation of women in leadership roles.  We hope you enjoy the conversation and the many areas she discusses including:

-Empowering women, creating opportunity

-Creating clear goals in your job role, and regularly debrief and make sure the boundaries and goals you are in line with your expectations in order to support your career but also provide support to prevent burnout.

-Institutions should see wellbeing as more than a "checkbox".  Consider having coaching more available for physicians without the burden of having to seek it out.  Examine onboarding practices of physicians and increasing time with other colleagues in order to help them more familiar with processes, expectations, and feel more comfortable in the environment.

-Re-evaluation of recruiting mechanisms in order to increase the diversity in leadership positions.

-Time and talent reviews.

-Thinking outside the box, opening our eyes to other possibilities.

-Making childcare -- both sick and well-- more accessible to alleviate a burden that is often cited as a reason for women leaving the workplace.

We strongly encourage our listeners to read the entire paper and find ways that you can affect change in these areas, you can find the entire paper here:

Dec 07, 202246:06
Dr Eliza Lo Chin - "Women in Medicine- Setting the Agenda for Change"

Dr Eliza Lo Chin - "Women in Medicine- Setting the Agenda for Change"

Join us as we hear from Dr. Eliza Lo Chin, Executive Director of the American Medical Women’s Association and author of the recent paper Women In Medicine- Setting the Agenda for Change".  Dr. Chin is an assistant clinical professor of Medicine at the University of California in San Francisco. She has been actively involved in American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) for over a decade.  Working with and collaborating with women physician leaders is her passion and she is honored to be AMWA's executive director and to serve the organization that has provided her with so much support.  Dr. Chin is a graduate of the University of California in Berkeley, Harvard Medical School and Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. She completed her training in primary care at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. She was Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia for many years before relocating to California where she continues to teach medical students and practice medicine part-time with a focus in geriatrics. Dr. Chin currently resides in California with her husband and their three children.

Dr. Chin is here today to discuss her foundational position paper that AMWA and Korn Ferry Health published at the end of September, “Women in Medicine- Setting the Agenda for Change”.  Listen in to hear about:

- AMWA's work in increasing fertility awareness, advocacy and resources for physicians working through these challenges.

- Being a leader at whatever stage you are at will help to increase females in leadership roles and help close the gender gap in leadership.

- Finding your passion and plug in there.

- The importance of building a better pipeline for women in medicine.

- Remembering we are humans before heroes, mental healthcare is so important for physicians and often is overlooked.

- These challenges identified in this report are something that we need everyone to help tackle, not just women.  Small actions can lead to big change.

We strongly encourage our listeners to read the paper and find ways that you can affect change in these areas.  The entire paper can be found here:

Dec 06, 202233:42
Dr. Mary Leung - "How You Can Reclaim 2 Hours Each Day"

Dr. Mary Leung - "How You Can Reclaim 2 Hours Each Day"

Dr. Mary Leung is a physician who is board-certified in internal medicine, medical oncology and hematology. She is also a certified life coach who is passionate about serving physicians who are stressed, overwhelmed and burned-out. From the depths her own experience, Mary started Shining With Gratitude MD, whose ardent purpose is to guide other physicians through their unique situations—so they can feel better, regain control and live holistically in the present. Mary believes that if physicians can enjoy practicing medicine again, they can take better care of their patients. Through renewal, they can shine brighter for their families and all the lives they touch.

In this episode we talked about how things did not get better once she moved from fellowship to being an attending and what it was costing her.  She made a huge reset in her mindset and strategies and was able to shave off 2 hours of charting each day. Listen in to see what worked for her.  She reiterates that you can do it too! 

There are so many pearls of wisdom in her very authentic and relatable story.

She is on Facebook at

Nov 30, 202237:19
Dr. Hajira Yasmin - "Be Truthful to your Mission and Find Joy in Practicing Medicine"

Dr. Hajira Yasmin - "Be Truthful to your Mission and Find Joy in Practicing Medicine"

Hajira Yasmin, M.D. FACOG, IF, NCMP, AASECT(CSC), is a Board-Certified OB-GYN with expertise in sexual medicine being an AASECT certified Sexuality Counselor and NAMS (North American Menopause Society) certified Menopause Practitioner. She has obtained sexual medicine fellowship in women’s health with ISSWSH (International Society for Study of Women’s Sexual Health) and postgraduate training as a Sexuality Counselor from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She specializes in treating perimenopause, menopause hormonal balance, sexual dysfunction in women, vulvovaginal disorders including vulvovaginal pain, skin disorders of the vulva, pelvic pain, and restoring physical intimacy during survivorship care after cancer and conditions like fibromyalgia, diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune disorders, and any other chronic illness.

In this episode, Dr Yasmin talks about her many resets: Coming to the US after being an attending in India and England and completing another residency, starting a program in the Midwest, and recently moving to North Carolina to set up a unique practice that serves women.  We discussed what fueled her to make these changes, how she developed confidence to do these things, and her recommendations for women who are experiencing pain, significant symptoms of menopause, and sexual dysfunction. 

Pearls of Wellness Wisdom:

1. Be authentic in what you are doing. Be passionate in what you are doing. Be truthful to your mission.

2. Address your inner critic and change to a positive mindset.

 3. Enjoy the JOURNEY not just the end point. is her practice in Raleigh, NC.

Nov 23, 202241:19
Dr. David John - "You Cannot Be True to Yourself If You are Not Honest with Yourself"

Dr. David John - "You Cannot Be True to Yourself If You are Not Honest with Yourself"

Dr. David John is Associate Professor of Medicine and the Associate Dean for Alumni and Community Initiatives at the University of Missouri Kansas City, School of Medicine. He has also served as a "Docent" mentor within the SOM. He served as the Chair of the state of Hawaii Physicians' Health Committee while also serving on the board for over two decades. He is heavily involved in the recovery community in Hawaii and Kansas City. He is a father to two wonderful daughter and has served as a confidante and mentor for many students, residents and colleague over the years.

In this episode, Dr. John shares how important honesty with oneself is to be able to live a truthful and honest life. He shares his story of addiction to alcohol and the moment of clarity when he realized he had a real problem. This led to him packing his bags immediately and checking himself into a rehabilitation center. He talks about the power alcohol had over him and how he has kept his disease in front of him as a reminder of where he does not ever want to go back. 

He believes physicians struggling with these issues need to be reminded that taking the first step and acknowledging the problem is the hardest but things do work out. Going through hardships  is something that pushes us to change. Having a support group where one can be vulnerable and not feel judged is important. Having role models who have made it and been successful and who can guide others through this tumultuous journey is important. One has to remember that the risk of losing everything is inevitable if help and treatment is not sought. But if we take the time to be honest and really focus on recovery long term, there is much to be mended and gained. 

He states that GRATITUDE is important. According to Alcoholics Anonymous, you can be sober and not grateful BUT you can't stay sober! David's enriched life started with his sobriety birthday. He strongly believes that the only way for an addict to live is to get clean, work towards recovery and rebuild their life. He is grateful for his second life and feels blessed to have a chance to love others wholeheartedly.

David's Happy PLace: Island in Oahu-That's where he is surrounded by those who love him, especially his daughters.

On his Nightstand: Fiction (Still likes to get lost in books)- Teen Wolf is what he's watching

One pearl of Wisdom: Be Honest with yourself, only then you can be true to yourself and to those around you.

Recommended Reading: The Ship of Death by DH Lawrence

Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

Nov 16, 202250:18
Dr. Malissa Barbosa - "How Failure got me to the Place I am Today"

Dr. Malissa Barbosa - "How Failure got me to the Place I am Today"

Malissa M Barbosa, DO, MS, is a triple board-certified Family Physician and Addiction Medicine Specialist. As an osteopathic physician, Dr. Malissa’s training at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine instilled the principles that the body is a unit comprised of mind, body, and spirit. With this knowledge, Dr. Malissa’s approach to medicine addresses “Whole Person Care” to facilitate the process of true healing. Dr. Malissa’s method of care involves her patients finding a common ground upon which treatment can commence by working with patients through their fears and insecurities. As an empathic and conscientious physician, Dr. Malissa is an advocate for both colleagues and patients.
In this Episode: Dr Barbosa discusses that her early resets in college and in her plans for medicine. Her philosophy is that failure is necessary- If we don’t fail how do we ever learn? She gives us a chance to not be so perfect. We talk about how medicine can be a mistress and how it can overshadow the importance of family connection. What did she learn from women older than herself that was so helpful? She shares what she thinks help humanize us in our physician role. Lastly, we discuss how she has pivoted in her roles and what is next.
Pearls of Wellness Wisdom:
1- Don't fear Failure- it is here to help you learn.
2- Treat patients as Family.
3- Make yourself a Priority.
4- Protect your Peace- say No!
5- Be Clear and Ask for what you Need!
Nov 09, 202240:47
Dr. Saimun Singla - "What I have Learned from My Own Diagnosis"
Nov 02, 202238:25
Dr. Shelley Meyer - "Go Your Own Way"
Oct 26, 202226:07
Dr. Holly Neville - "Choose to be Happy but Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater"

Dr. Holly Neville - "Choose to be Happy but Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater"

Holly Neville, MD, FAAP, FACS is the division chief of Pediatric Surgery at Joe Di Maggio Children’s Hospital and also serves as associate program director for the general surgery residency at Memorial Regional. Previously, she served as Professor of Clinical Surgery at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine from 2006-2019. Holly attended Emory University (92) where she received a BS in Biology and served as Co-Captain of the varsity swim team, followed by the University of Florida College of Medicine (96). She completed her surgical residency at the University of Texas at Houston and Pediatric Surgery at the UT Southwestern. Holly has and continues to serve nationally on various committees, including the Educational Committee for International Pediatric Endosurgery Group, she chairs website development for American Pediatric Surgery Association and serves on the obesity surgery committee. She also serves on the Association of Women Surgeons and AAP. Recently, in collaboration with Kerri Palamara, MD (MGH) and Eunice Huang, MD (Vanderbilt), she developed a national coaching program for pediatric surgery trainees. This year they began their 3rd year of coaching. Holly has also brought the coaching program to the residents at Memorial Regional Hospital. Inspired by this program, Holly completed her coaching certification through Wellcoaches in 2021. Outside of work, Holly is the mom to 3 children: Zack (21), Camille (17) and Chloe (13). She is an avid sport enthusiast, enjoying paddle boarding, yoga, jogging, swimming, and Otillo racing. She also is a home chef, and due to Celiac disease, specializes in gluten free and vegetarian cooking, occasionally publishing her recipes and ideas in her blogs and

In this episode Dr. Neville talks about her goal as a woman in medicine: to be happy!  What most of us want is just to fit in, be professionally satisfied and find joy in what we do. Our purpose gets lost in what everyone else wants us to do.  The reality is that medicine is based on an apprenticeship model and a “one size fits all” approach. In reality it needs to be more of a , “What do YOU want and how can we get YOU THERE” approach. Otherwise we risk losing the passion and the purpose that brings us to our jobs. We cannot all be expected to fit a cube, irrespective of which shapes we come in. People come into medicine with a lot of purpose, intent on changing lives, and somewhere along the way we get lost. Acknowledging that moment can be a “game changer”.

Dr. Neville believes that one can find joy in work and life but we might have to find ways to get re-inspired to do that and rekindle the joy. "Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater". Finding what works and what doesn't and taking a pause is imperative. Finding and reminding ourselves of our why .... Holly encourages getting coached and not just mentored. Coaching helps us leverage our strengths to get to where we want to be. Specifically, physicians need the guidance to give themselves permission to meet their own chosen outcomes. Holly urges us to get organized, have clear cut goals, written down, lay out a plan and have a timeline on a daily basis for personal and professional life. Intentionally choosing to be happy and occasionally refueling one's ego is a good thing. We need to get rid of our self-incriminating mentality.

Holly’s Happy Place: Her backyard, playing with her kids, Paddle boarding in nature.

What’s on her nightstand?

Define your Why: Own Your Story so you can live and learn on purpose by Barbara Bray.  One pearl to share: BE AUTHENTIC! If you forget your why, you forget your what and your how too.

Listen to: Pretty Hurts

Oct 19, 202236:26
 Jennifer Sweeney of 3rd Conversation - "Connection through Dialogue to Cultivate Humanism and Change"

Jennifer Sweeney of 3rd Conversation - "Connection through Dialogue to Cultivate Humanism and Change"

Join us as we talk to Jennifer Sweeney and learn about 3rd Conversation. Jen is a Co-Founder of X4 Health, a purpose-driven organization on a mission to solve problems that matter for our society, and she also is the Co-Creator of 3rd Conversation, a program focused on revitalizing relationships in health care. An author, entrepreneur, and relational subject matter expert, Jen is committed to supporting the health care industry to evolve into a field in which relationships and human flourishing are central priorities.

3rd Conversation is an experiential program for providers, patients, and C-suite leaders that provides a framework for bidirectional conversation to highlight the importance of relationships in healthcare, not just the technical and structural functions.  The goals are to improve professional well-being, enhance the patient experience, and improve relationships within healthcare.

To learn more, you can visit, or email Jen at

Pearls of Well-being Wisdom: 

1. Having authentic conversations help people be seen, heard, and understood.  Listen in to see how this can work on both sides for patients and physicians (SPARK) and physicians and C-suite leaders (IGNITE). 

2. The problem is the system and not the people in the system, but we can reach out to each other. The system is about the people. 

3. Coming into a conversation just being your full authentic self is a relief to not have to problem solve. 

4. Learn how to come to a conversation with both requests and offers. 

5. We have so much in common and have shared humanity - realizing this can lead to increased trust and hope. 

Oct 12, 202230:43
I WONDER: "Building in Margin to Create Meaning"

I WONDER: "Building in Margin to Create Meaning"

This is the third installation of three highlighting survival of the frenetic pace of end of school, summer, and back to school with school age children-- juggling life at home and work, and staying sane.  As we begin the school year and enter the fall, carving out time to build in margin to be able to breath and be present while our children work through these transition, can be extraordinarily helpful.  Sometimes 5 minutes can make the difference in setting a positive tone for the day and make the time together really have substantial meaning.

Oct 07, 202205:42
Dr. Rashmi Schramm - "How Dare You Hide This!"

Dr. Rashmi Schramm - "How Dare You Hide This!"

Dr Rashmi Schramm is a board-certified family physician and certified meditation teacher and coach.

She is the founder of Optimal Wellness, a teaching and coaching platform. She helps busy women navigate transitions with ease - by tapping into their inner power so they can confidently enjoy living more aligned, purposeful and energetic lives. 

In this episode:  Dr Schramm tells us about how she moved from being a "closet meditator" to being a meditation teacher and how it helped her sense of discontent and physical sickness.  A friend called her out with "how dare you hide this" after hearing all the benefits of decreasing a chronic sympathetic overdrive.  

We discuss how meditation has gotten a "bad rep" as a tool to help physicians with the shift of emphasis to organizational and systemic change.  In actuality, it is an amazing gift "to not be a slave to drives" as we wait on longer term solutions.  BOTH are important!

Pearls of Wellness Wisdom: 

1. Spending only a short time daily in meditation has amazing results outside of the actual act of meditation.  Listen in for all the benefits on neurotransmitters from

2. Let your intuition guide you, listen to people, and stay curious.

3. Finding "Whole Health" for both the mind and body creates a synergistic effect that can be a dream come true.

Her 8-week live group program The Power Within empowers women to effortlessly access their inner peace and power so they can enjoy moving through life with more energy and fulfillment. You can find out more here:

Oct 05, 202228:37
Dr. Heather Nicole Signorelli - "Avoid Overwhelm in the Business Side of Medicine"

Dr. Heather Nicole Signorelli - "Avoid Overwhelm in the Business Side of Medicine"

Dr. Heather Nicole Signorelli is a board-certified Pathologist and physician executive overseeing laboratories in a large healthcare system. Dr. Signorelli is also an entrepreneur who enjoys building businesses and owns a laboratory consulting company as well as a full-service medical billing and coding company with her husband. She is committed to helping physicians learn the business side of medicine through her podcast, RevMD and Facebook group of the same name.

In this episode, Heather tells us about how she always loved the business side of medicine and how that shaped where she is today. As an administrative leader she has developed rituals to allow her to turn off from work even though work never ends. Listen in to see if these strategies can help you too. 

We discuss both the challenges and the joys as a leader in medicine and how having a mission keeps her on track. She has set out to help at least 10,000 physicians with their billing and coding business needs by making sure they have the right tools and know the right questions to ask. 

Her personal wellness ritual/pearls: 

1. Start off the day with Expressing Gratitude.

2. Prioritize and have Intentional Goals so you can turn off the work at a certain time. (Listen for what helps her do this despite the fact that the "work never ends."

3. Write things down so you don't need to worry if you will remember them. 

4. As a leader, you can't stay in the weeds.

5. Find opportunities regularly to spend time doing what you enjoy so you will have the energy to help others. 

Sep 28, 202224:08
Dr. Leslie-Ann Williams - "Marrying Art and Medicine with Creativity and Flow"

Dr. Leslie-Ann Williams - "Marrying Art and Medicine with Creativity and Flow"

Dr. Leslie-Ann Williams is a board-certified physician, philanthropist and multi-talented artist, who wields her talent as a painter, actress and writer. She has forged a path for herself in the worlds of both medicine, business and art. A best-selling author, award winning actor, and ministry worship leader, 2020 was a year where she became more intentional in her art expression. Born of Grenadian and Trinidadian heritage and growing up in the culture-rich streets of Pashley Street, Laventille, her passion for the arts and science is embedded deep in her soul and informs her approach to life.

As a physician, Dr. Williams is founder and CEO of Healing Wings International, a primary care practice that addresses health disparities in the US Virgin Islands and surrounding territories. She is a fellow in the American College of Physicians and a catalyst for the formation of the Caribbean Chapter of the ACP.  Dr. Williams is featured in several publications, and notably "Against All Odds: Celebrating Black Women In Medicine”. She is an Amazon Best Selling author of On Becoming: Pearls of Wisdom from My Journey into Womanhood. Her devotional On the Wall: A Devotional for Medical Professionals was released in November 2020. 

In this episode, Dr. Williams takes us on a tour of her resets, from being an athlete, a performance artist, a doctor in traditional practice to opening her own practice in St. Thomas. We discuss how her plans were delayed due to her mission to help the people of the US Virgin Islands after the hurricanes in 2017. She tells us that she "goes all in." We then explore her reset into being a new form of a physician artist.  We do lot of laughing along the way.

Pearls of Wisdom for Wellness:

1- Give yourself permission to create and not put a label (or judgment) on it. 

2- Reassess and reset on a daily basis. 

3- Turn off your inner critic and be your authentic self.

4- Don't get so caught up in life that you forget to live.

5- Remember to do the things that feed your soul.

You can learn more about Dr. Williams and her art at:

Sep 14, 202236:30
Dr Sasha Shillcutt - "Permission to Set Boundaries"

Dr Sasha Shillcutt - "Permission to Set Boundaries"

Sasha K. Shillcutt, MD, MS, FASE is a tenured and endowed Professor and the Vice Chair of Strategy in the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). She is also the CEO & Founder of Brave Enough, a well-published researcher in cardiac anesthesiology and gender equity, author, and international speaker. Sasha’s greatest passion is empowering and encouraging others to achieve wellbeing in their professional and personal lives. 

Her writing has been published in both the New England Journal of Medicine and JAMA. Her first book, Between Grit and Grace: How to be Feminine and Formidable, has sold thousands of copies and her second book, Brave Boundaries: Strategies to Say No, Stand Strong and Take Control of Your Time - The Key to Living Empowered is available for purchase Sept 6, 2022. You can follow Sasha at

In this episode, Dr Shillcutt talks about her resets in 2013 and then in late 2019 where she changed her path and rebuilt what she needed for herself.  We discussed how her "Why" did not change, but how she did her "Why" changed and that made all the difference.  Setting boundaries has been the key for showing up for herself.  We talk about consequences of not setting boundaries and how boundaries at work may differ from boundaries at home.  She shows how we all can be empowered to create boundaries for ourselves!

Boundaries Wellness Pearls: 

1. You can set boundaries!  Anyone can.

2. The areas where you don't set boundaries match up to your biggest pain points.

3. A boundary in your head is not a boundary until you speak it!

4. The more successful you are, the more boundaries you need to set.

Aug 31, 202237:25
Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber - "Why Not! - Advocacy, Options, and Community "

Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber - "Why Not! - Advocacy, Options, and Community "

Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, a California native, is an internist and professor of medicine at the AU/UGA Medical Partnership in Athens, GA. As the president of the American Medical Women's Association, her passion is equity in medicine and healthcare, both for physicians and the community.
In this episode, Theresa talks about her unique path to medicine and the resets she has made as a clinician-educator. Who knew that baton twirling would have the outcome it did! She shares her strategy to determine the timing for those resets noting it is ok to sometimes need a change of scenery. Her outlook on options as a physician, particularly as a generalist, is a refreshing take.
We recorded this interview in mid-June 2022 prior to the Supreme Court decision but she was already highlighting the powerful need for advocacy in all aspects but particularly equity and women's reproductive health. She appeals "Let's not go backwards."
Listen in to learn more about AMWA, the Power of Women book she just read, and the power of a community of physicians.
Pearls of Wisdom:
1. Finding a supportive community can lead to opportunities of "Why Not!"
2. Being a part of larger organization can help sort out the rough edges, give perspective, and be a source of support and strength in numbers. It can give you visibility on a larger scale and help you find your place in the world.
3. Consider a five-year check in to determine if you are getting the same amount of joy out of a role that you were before.
4. Doctors have options and remember there are so few of us around!
5. Know the importance of advocacy- even on the 1:1 level. Advocacy work helps you get a better understanding of how your community works.
6. Be Proactive.
Aug 24, 202246:29
Dr. Ashwini Bapat - "Breaking Outside the Box"

Dr. Ashwini Bapat - "Breaking Outside the Box"

Dr. Ashwini Bapat is a palliative care doctor, writer, and co-Founder of Hippocratic Adventures, a community of US-trained physicians practicing and dreaming of practicing medicine outside the US. She is also the founder of EpioneMD which provides virtual serious illness coaching and advance care planning to individuals and telepalliative care consultations to healthcare organizations.

She completed her training in Internal Medicine and fellowship in Hospice and Palliative Care at Yale University. She then worked as an attending physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and was an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School. In August 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, she and her family moved from the US to Portugal to live out their dream of living abroad. 

In this amazing episode, Dr. Bapat weaves the story of her transition off the groomed academic track to getting creative about her career. She found herself putting off establishing roots and dreaming of what it would be like to create a different path for herself, her career, and for her family. Listen in to how she moved from feeling shackled to free to explore. She found working from an internal motivation to contribute to something bigger than herself, that creating a community supplemented her long-term love of connection and culture.  Listen in for the details and what supported her personal well-being.

Pearls of Wellness Wisdom: 

1. Create a space to dream: Think about the life you want to live!

2. You won't find the life you want if you follow another person's path.  

3. This new path can be lonely, but it is unique to you.

4. Find like-minded people to share the journey with you.

You can join the private Hippocratic Adventures Facebook page (>6K strong) at

Aug 17, 202241:57
Dr. Kara Pepper - "There is No Right Way!"

Dr. Kara Pepper - "There is No Right Way!"

Dr. Kara Pepper is a practicing primary care Internist and Certified Life Coach in Atlanta, GA, who rebuilt her life and career after burnout. 

In this episode, Dr. Pepper discusses her resets from being a professional ballet dancer to a high-achieving internist checking off the boxes of accomplishments to a physician finding clarity and moving away from a conformist attitude.  Listen in for how she faced and reframed perfectionism, found out that rest is productive and necessary, and reclaimed a sense of self-worth.  We discuss ways to move away from perfectionism and buffering with being busy. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg. She shares what works for her and for other doctors she has coached. 

Wellness Pearls: 

1. There is no right way. Learn what is right for you.

2. Rest is productive and key.

3. When you combine insight with compassion- you have the fuel for change. 

4. It is ok to want more! You deserve it. 

5. Other's advice may not work for you. Listen to yourself- the answer is inside you. 

You can find her on social media @KaraPepperMD or her website

Aug 10, 202233:38
PSA:988 - The National Suicide Prevention Hotline

PSA:988 - The National Suicide Prevention Hotline

The rate of suicide among physicians is two times that of the general population and tragically, 400 physicians die by suicide each year.  The 988 National Suicide Prevention Hotline is a nationwide network of crisis centers linked through this toll free number that is active 24 hours/day, seven days/week that connects callers in crisis to immediate intervention services and care with trained counselors.

Aug 08, 202203:15


This is the second installation of three highlighting survival of the frenetic pace of end of school, summer, and back to school with school age children-- juggling life at home and work, and staying sane.  Setting realistic expectations, taking time to enjoy the simplicity, and experience some of the sheer joy of childhood your younger humans are experiencing may help you as they have me navigating the summer.  It's also an unintentional documentary of summer agriculture in Kansas!

Aug 05, 202205:57
Dr. Marion McCrary - "Ready to Make a Change?"
Aug 03, 202221:21
Dr. Sarah Richards - "Trust and Listening are Foundational to Relationship Building and Preventing Burnout"

Dr. Sarah Richards - "Trust and Listening are Foundational to Relationship Building and Preventing Burnout"

This episode highlights Dr. Sarah Richards, a hospitalist at the University of Nebraska, and her work with well-being in her personal and professional career. She is an Associate Professor in the Division of Hospital Medicine at UNMC and the Senior Medical Director of Clinician Experience at Nebraska Medicine. She has been a hospitalist at UNMC since 2011 after completing medical school, residency, and a chief resident year at there. She was named the Medical Director of Patient Experience for Nebraska Medicine in 2015. Her role then expanded to include physician and advanced practice provider (APP) experience in 2018. Given the evolving landscape in healthcare and high rates of professional burnout, Dr. Richards transitioned from her patient experience role to focus all her efforts on physician and APP wellbeing in 2021. In this system- wide leadership role, she has responsibility for developing, coordinating, and implementing strategies to improve clinician wellbeing and enhance professional satisfaction.  Dr. Richards is also the current nominated chair of the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) Wellbeing Taskforce in which she leads a team of national experts to reduce hospitalist burnout. She completed a Chief Wellness Officer course through Stanford University in 2021.

Well-being Pearls:

Organizational Opportunities for Well Being

Organizational Wide listening campaign:  Talk about positives, write about opportunities for improvement.  Consider the "one wish list".  Circle back with feedback to participants about changes being made, or opportunities being considered for further change. Anti-stigma campaign Fostering organizational leaders to build trust-- this is paramount to matters with burnout.


Breathe. Give yourself grace.   Give others grace. Create boundaries: Take time with new opportunities before committing to make sure bring you joy, meaning, purpose and align with your career Assume positive intent in others. Be present. When listening, focusing on coaching rather than mentoring.  Ask curious questions to get to their why. Be vulnerable.
Jul 27, 202238:48
Dr. Geetha Kamath - "Reflect and Reinvent Yourself"

Dr. Geetha Kamath - "Reflect and Reinvent Yourself"

Dr. Geetha Kamath is an assistant professor of weight management in the department of internal medicine at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She is an ACP Well-being Champion and practices and promotes wellbeing and wellness in the workplace and in her personal life. 

In this conversation, we discuss the professional and personal life experiences that shaped her story.  She shares the power of positive psychology, the "RAIN of compassion" mindfulness practice, and how to impact change in small steps.  Listen for more detail on how you can use these tools for yourself

Bite Sized Pearls for Wellness in Life:

Prioritize Set Boundaries Talk to others Ask for Help Use Positive Self-talk Analyze your Emotions Avoid Burning Bridges Know your Supports Share with others

Jul 20, 202229:39
Dr. Alexis Hugelmeyer - "Don't Delay Living Your Authentic Life"

Dr. Alexis Hugelmeyer - "Don't Delay Living Your Authentic Life"

Jul 13, 202236:48
Dr. Jattu Senesie - "Setting Successful Personal Policies"

Dr. Jattu Senesie - "Setting Successful Personal Policies"

Dr. Jattu Senesie is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist, physician satisfaction specialist, self-described recovering pathological altruist and native of the Washington DC metropolitan area. She retired from clinical practice at age 35 in an attempt to find a balance between maintaining her own sense of well-being and living a life of service. Since leaving clinical medicine, she has become a certified success coach and founded her business Essence of Strength. She teaches physicians how to be as intentional about their sense of satisfaction and well-being as they have been about their success. 

In this episode, she tells her reset story of how she pivoted in her career and what supported her in doing that. We dive into specific assessments one can do to develop self-awareness and determine what they really need in their life and career.  Listen in to learn how to not run from the bad, but rather focus on the good we want. We discuss strategies for self-care, building energy, honoring priorities, and aligning a desire for achievement with our needs for our mind/body/spirit.  Jattu tells us the secret to shifting your mindset, so you move away from constantly overextending yourself!

We also explore the unique challenges of non-physician parents that arise in the search for personal well-being. 

Pearls of Well-being Wisdom:

Do an honest Assessment that leads to Self-Awareness Explore and determine what works for you for self-care: your Personal Policies Reset daily to be the best version of yourself

If you would like to know more about the AMWA ELEVATE leadership program for early career women physicians (next round starts September 2022), visit 

Jul 06, 202241:38
Dr. Leslie Stricker - "What's Best for Mommy is Best for Baby"

Dr. Leslie Stricker - "What's Best for Mommy is Best for Baby"

Leslie Strickler DO, FAAP is a professor of pediatrics at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine where she works as a child abuse pediatrician. 

In this episode, (originally recorded in late 2021) Dr. Strickler and Dr. Lida Fatemi engage in a richest conversation about tapping into the fluidity of relationships. The most important relationship being the one with self. Cultivating a loving, gentle and friendly relationship with oneself, translates into the same for our children and families. 

Pearls for Wellbeing:

Appreciate the importance of having an immediate support system with our significant other.  Nurture your relationship with your partner to support living a life that's less stressful and more fulfilling.  Understand the significance of having a tighter relationship with our immediate community. Our neighborhood can be a safe haven, if we build it as such.   Adult self-care is woven into the well-being of the next generation of humans. If as parents we're not centered, our parenting won't be coming from a balanced space.  Being vulnerable with our children and asking for help are essential in our happiness and those of our families. 

Jun 29, 202244:20
I WONDER ... "The ripple effect of Roe vs. Wade"

I WONDER ... "The ripple effect of Roe vs. Wade"

Co-Creator Dr Segen Chase shares her thoughts on processing the monumental Supreme Court Decision overturning Roe vs. Wade and how it affects us and our patients.

Jun 27, 202205:52
Dr. Elisabeth Poorman - "Make it Easier to Support Your Mental Health"

Dr. Elisabeth Poorman - "Make it Easier to Support Your Mental Health"

Dr. Elisabeth Poorman is an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Illinois-Chicago in Internal Medicine and Addictions. She has published articles about addiction treatment in academic journals and for National Public Radio. She also has done extensive work and publications regarding physician mental health, systemic solutions in the crisis of burnout and suicide in medicine. She is active in the Help Healthcare Heal Coalition.  She is a brilliant writer about these topics and more on her website 

In this episode: Join us as she shares pearls about the danger of empathy being a risk factor for burnout, focusing on compassion, the importance of nurturing your mental health, as well as ways to be proactive in mental health.  Strategies include opt out therapy, addressing stigma associated with licensing questions and separating mental health services from the locations where we work.

Additional Well-being Pearls: 

1. Recognize we can't fix it all for our patients

2. Learn Motivational Interviewing

Jun 22, 202234:33
"Running Helped Me Through the Hard Times" with Dr. Michelle Quirk

"Running Helped Me Through the Hard Times" with Dr. Michelle Quirk

Dr. Michelle Quirk is a board-certified pediatrician and a certified run coach with the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA). She founded Mindful Marathon to help make running easy and fun for busy professionals. 

In this conversation, we talk about how running was a support during times of burnout and stress. Then it was the spark for reflection and reset in her career. You will get something out of this episode no matter if you are running curious or a seasoned marathoner! 

Michelle's Pearls of Wellness with Running:

1. Find Your Why. Dive deeper than the first superficial reason. 

2. Start Low. Start with small steps and be consistent.  This works for running and other aspects of goal setting.

3. Go Slow. 

Jun 08, 202224:52


Taking time for reasonable expectations and self care in the hectic spaces of life with the hustle and bustle of the end of the school year can help you to survive the demands on your life and family.

May 27, 202205:09
"The World Didn't End" with Dr. Robyn Alley-Hay

"The World Didn't End" with Dr. Robyn Alley-Hay

Dr. Robyn Alley-Hay is an OB-GYN and a mother of four who knows firsthand the challenges of pregnancy, giving birth, and being a parent. Her heart and soul are nurtured by the ob-gyn work she does with women and girls in the Tibetan Buddhist Himalayas through an NGO blessed by His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama.  She is also an international women’s empowerment coach, physician coach, speaker, and author. She is the author of "Meditations for Women Physicians Who Do Too Much."

In this episode: Robyn discusses her experience with coming out on the other side of clinical depression and suicidal thoughts. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we have real talk about this. She reports that after her hospitalization, despite her worry about how stigma might affect her career, "the world didn't end" and her "career didn't end."  She talks about her amazing experiencing meeting the Dalai Lama in her humanitarian work and the advice he gave her. Listen in to see how you might get involved. We also talk about her take on Power, Purpose, and Clarity. Lastly, we discuss how her role as a coach is her way to give back to others, so they don't have to be alone. 

Pearls of Wellness Wisdom:  

1. She finds that nature helps her see the divine.

2. She finds that reading and listening helps her. 

3. She recommends writing about your experience. 


May 25, 202224:35


Listen in for a way we used narrative medicine in a recent presentation.

Mentioned here: "Invitation" by Mary Oliver

"Essentialism" and "Effortless" by Greg McKeown

May 21, 202205:31


I am wondering how stories show up in your life and impact you. 

May 13, 202205:59
"Learn to Create the Medical Career you want with a $16 MBA" with Dr. Nneka Unachukwu (Dr. Una)

"Learn to Create the Medical Career you want with a $16 MBA" with Dr. Nneka Unachukwu (Dr. Una)

Dr. Nneka Unachukwu (well known as Dr. Una) is a board-certified pediatrician and the founder and CEO of Ivy League Pediatrics outside of Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from the University of Nigeria College of Medicine and completed her residency in New Jersey before opening her own practice. After honing her entrepreneurial skills, Dr. Una created the EntreMD business school, podcast, and community to help physicians build personal brands around their expertise, open practices, and develop product lines. Featured in Forbes and a member of the Forbes Business Council, she has helped doctors all over the world leverage entrepreneurship to build lives they love.  She explains the framework in her recent book The EntreMD Method: A Proven Roadmap for Doctors Who Want to Live Life and Practice Medicine on Their Terms. She lovingly refers to this as a $16 MBA.

In this conversation, she explains her pivots from being a new doctor, a private practice owner, and her mission to bring mass business education to physicians.  We discuss working through fear to create a practice that serves you, what helps her be able to do all she does, and what she has learned over the last 13 years.  Listen to the very end for some insight into how to create a career that you want and help others do the same. She advocates that every physician runs a business even if we don't realize it. 

Pearls of Wellness Wisdom: 

1: Know your Life Vision.

2. Know what renews your energy.

3. Surround yourself with possibility thinkers.

4. Delegate.

May 11, 202244:46


Last week was a week of reconnecting with some normalcy and friends.  Where are you reconnecting in your life?

May 06, 202203:28
BONUS EPISODE: "Work and Life is Just Life" with Dr. Tiffany Leung

BONUS EPISODE: "Work and Life is Just Life" with Dr. Tiffany Leung

Tiffany I Leung, MD, MPH, FACP, FAMIA, FEFIM is Scientific Editor for JMIR Publications, an open access publisher of research in the field of digital health, including innovations in health care technologies, patient and caregiver education, participatory medicine, biomedical engineering, and medical informatics. Dr. Leung is a practicing telemedicine physician with U.S. board certifications in Internal Medicine and Clinical Informatics. She is also a registered physician in The Netherlands. During her career, she has held academic positions at Stanford University School of Medicine, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Maastricht University, and Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

Dr. Leung is Editor-in-Chief of the Society of General Internal Medicine's monthly newsletter, SGIM Forum. Also, she is co-chair of the Women in American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Steering Committee and immediate past chair of the American College of Physicians' Council of Early Career Physicians. She is the 2022 recipient of the American College of Physicians' Walter J. McDonald Award for Early Career Physicians.

In this Episode, we discuss the resets in her self-described non-linear career.  She believes that her professional career is not separate from, but rather a part of her life.  She gives us insight into her transition into practicing medicine in a country while also trying to learn the language.  She discusses her strategy for personal reflection that has helped her marry several core interests, which include communication and diversity/equity/inclusion principles.

Take Home Pearls for Well-being:

1. Listen to your Internal Voice.

2. Maintain Networks of People.

Apr 30, 202250:04


1- Explore the Positivity Toolkit from Positivity: Groundbreaking Research Reveals How to Embrace the Hidden Strength of Positive Emotions, Overcome Negativity, and Thrive

by Barbara Fredrickson, Kimberly Farr, et al.

2- VIA Character Strengths at

3. Circle of Hope Dr Ellen Cooke- Meditation at

Apr 29, 202211:25
BONUS EPISODE: "Stories lead to Belonging" with Dr. Mukta Panda

BONUS EPISODE: "Stories lead to Belonging" with Dr. Mukta Panda

Dr. Mukta Panda is Professor of Medicine and the Assistant Dean for Well-being and Medical Student Education at the University of Tennessee College Of Medicine Chattanooga. Dr. Panda has been inducted as a Master of the American College of Physicians and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, for her notable contributions to teaching, outstanding work in clinical medicine through research, practice, contributions to preventive medicine, improvements in the delivery of health care, and contributions to the medical literature. She was inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) and started a chapter for UTHSC College of Medicine students, serving as the chapter advisor. She is a former chair of the Department of Medicine in Chattanooga.

Her roles include physician, educator, scholar and administrator. She works internationally, nationally, regionally, and locally on her interests of educational methods and curricula, health and wellbeing, fatigue, stress and burnout prevention in health care professionals, spirituality, and empathy in healthcare and contributes nationally in leadership roles.

Her new book Resilient Threads: Weaving Joy and Meaning into Well-Being, launched in February 2020. This book is a narrative on her Journey to Champion Soul-Deep, System-Wide Self-Care. Dr. Panda gives voice to the exhaustion and gives courage for another way. By weaving stories of connecting to her patients, students, and colleagues with her own stories of belonging, she models how we can each thrive by creating community and self-awareness. Resilient Threads: Weaving Joy and Meaning into Well-Being received the International Silver Nautilus Book Award in 2021. Her blog Resilient Reflections initiated at the start of the lockdown in March of 2020 has served a safe space for authentic connections, conversations and cocreating a community of belonging. She is also the author of the reflective and motivational book, Rhythm of Our Hearts, coauthored with her father, a retired surgeon, Dr. Shyam Parashar.

She grew up in India and has studied and practiced in India, London, and Saudi Arabia. She is a proud mother and mother-in-law of Natasha and Rajas, and Nikhil and Anuja and grandmother to baby Amara.

In our conversation we discuss the powerful place stories hold in her life and the life of many.  We talk about 2 sets of 3Rs:  Rituals, Reflections, and Relationships in addition to Reflecting, Rejoicing, and Rejuvenating.  We move to discussing how stories can lead to a sense of belonging and how she has told the stories in her life.  We explore touchstones that set the tone for a group. 

Her personal pearls for her own wellness include: 

1. Have a ritual of solitude with self and gratitude.

2. Be self-aware.

3. Eat when hungry.

4. Find a connection with your patient.

5. Walk.

6. Practice being less cynical.

7. Say no.

8. Have friends that will be honest with you. 

Apr 28, 202239:03
"The Work Changed Me" with Dr. Eileen Barrett

"The Work Changed Me" with Dr. Eileen Barrett

Eileen Barrett, MD, MPH, SFHM, MACP, is an internal medicine hospitalist and medical educator in Albuquerque. She has held several leadership roles in physician wellness, DEI, and CME, both in employed and volunteer work. She is a former New Mexico Chapter Governor and Regent of the Amercan College of Physicians, a multistate District Chair for the Society of Hospital Medicine, and Advocacy Committee Vice Chair for the American Medical Women’s Association. She and her husband, Sam, enjoy skiing, hiking, reading, and goofing off with their kiddos, Daisy and Dahlia.

In this Episode: Dr Barrett talks about her mindset that "I get to be a physician", her experience with key advice and key times from mentors, and her drive for advocacy and sense of purpose. She discusses her pivots from rural practice in the Indian Health Service, her choice to go to academia and her choice to leave academia more recently.  She reflects on her time as an Ebola Aid Worker and how it contributed to her sense of purpose and humanity.

Listen in to see how she finds wellness, places to visit in her home state of New Mexico, and the books we are reading right now! There is a challenge for you at the end!

Wellness Pearls:

1. Surround yourself with people you love to be around AND that love to be around you.

2. Look for meaningful work that makes you feel great.

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Apr 22, 202207:60
BONUS EPISODE: "Compassion as an Educator and Early Career Physician" with Dr. Sonja Raaum

BONUS EPISODE: "Compassion as an Educator and Early Career Physician" with Dr. Sonja Raaum

Sonja Raaum, MD FACP is an Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine and academic hospitalist at the University of Utah. She is also a Well-being Champion for the Utah Chapter of ACP. As an educator, she is committed to training competent and compassionate physicians.

In this Episode:  Dr Raaum discusses how she has addressed some of the challenges of an early career physician with a reset in her personal philosophy, her time-hacks, and in redefining success. She is learning more about compassion and working to instill that into the physicians she trains in a meaningful way as well as practice it personally. 

Take Home Pearls for Compassion:

1- Look for Connection:  We all have experienced suffering in some way. You are not alone.

2- Recognize Suffering in Others:  Be aware and empathic.

3- Authentically Approach Compassion: "You try" is a start. 

Explore the ACP IM Emotional Support Video series "Internists: Take Care of Yourself Too" at the following link. This includes Dr Raaum's videos on Maintaining Compassion and Applying Compassion.

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In the last of this Spring-Cleaning series in the Weekend I Wonder episodes, I discuss setting boundaries, creating margin, and lessening distractions.

This is based on the article at

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"Creating Opportunities for Well-being without Creating Burden" with Dr. Micah Beachy

"Creating Opportunities for Well-being without Creating Burden" with Dr. Micah Beachy

Dr. Micah Beachy is an associate professor in the Department of Internal Medicine, Section of Hospital Medicine for the University of Nebraska where he works a hospitalist and also serves as the vice president and chief quality officer for Nebraska Medicine. In his role, he has accountability over quality, patient safety, clinical effectiveness, population health, medical informatics, and experience for patients and providers. He also serves as the Governor of the American College of Physicians Nebraska Chapter and has been extensively involved with ACP at the national level serving as Chair of the Council of Early Career Physicians, on the Health and Public Policy Committee, the Well-being Task Force and the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.

In this Episode:

Dr Beachy talks about what led to his interest in incorporating Well-being work into his personal and professional life and how you might create opportunities for yourself. In his system role he has worked to encourage this in a way that doesn't create more burden on the physician. His strategy is to identify things that cause dissatisfaction, to measure what matters, and address these issues.  He discusses four ways the University of Nebraska Medicine is addressing Well-being in the COVID era that can be continued after the pandemic. Listen in to see if you can apply this in your professional home.

Take Home Pearls of Well-being Wisdom:

1. Leverage Technology for your benefit.

2. Shift your mindset to Work-Life Integration rather than Work-Life Balance

3. Set Priorities and Create space for what matters most and what you are passionate about.

Apr 13, 202228:35


Keep up the spring cleaning by using the 4 D strategy to trim the to-do-list.

This was based on the article:

Apr 08, 202209:55
"If the Shoe Doesn't Fit, Make One that Does!" with Dr Taryn Rose

"If the Shoe Doesn't Fit, Make One that Does!" with Dr Taryn Rose

Dr. Taryn Rose is an orthopedic surgeon turned shoe designer, who married fashion and function in 1999 and changed the footwear industry forever.  Her idea of being dressed with a sense of well-being touched a nerve with women from coast-to-coast, creating a dedicated following for her numerous collections.  A formally trained surgeon,  Dr. Rose witnessed the serious foot problems caused by fashionable footwear and saw a need to combine her knowledge of foot biomechanics with her passion for fashion to spread ease to women everywhere.   After a decade of building Taryn Rose International to become a $40 million dollar company, she sold it, and a couple years later returned energized and inspired and began creating partnerships and collections with both the Home Shopping Network (HSN)and high-end retailer Neiman Marcus.  Now, two decades later, Dr. Rose is disrupting the footwear space again with architect/engineer Enrico Cuini, using a new insole technology that creates the “perfect heel” for the Enrico Cuini luxury shoe collection. In addition to earning her medical degree from University of California School of Medicine in Los Angeles, Dr. Rose has been recognized with numerous honors in the business and entrepreneurship arena.  Her shoes were featured in the Smithsonian museum in 2007 and she was invited to meet First Lady Laura Bush at the White House.  Dr. Rose has been covered on a variety of television programs, newspapers, and magazines including Oprah, CNN, Today Show, New York Times, People magazine, Entrepreneur, In Style, Elle, and countless more.

Dr. Rose believes that there are many ways in which we can empower women. Her business strategy was just that-make women comfortable while they are multitasking in the many important roles that they play. She talks about how this needs to be extrapolated to the health care industry which is not really designed for that.

Supporting each other, especially women supporting each other is important. In a polarized environment, her philosophy is "scroll on by". If you don't agree or like something, it is OK to move on from that after making your voice heard. Women need their tribes for growth and development and most importantly, support! Nurturing and supporting each other in those tribes and lifting each other up is important.

Taryn Rose hopes that the sacred doctor physician relationships will some day return to their previous state. She hopes that the mass resignation stops and that physicians continue to stay in medicine as we are essential to society. Society also needs to be informed and needs to understand the workings of this industry. Making platforms for physicians that makes it easier to stay is essential. 

Taryn's pearls of wisdom:

1) Give yourself grace

2) Put your mask on first

3) Fear regret more than failure!

Taryn's book that she is presently reading: History of the World

Apr 06, 202243:21


Listen in for some strategies to spring clean your priorities to sweep up overwhelm.

Here is the link to the original article:

Apr 02, 202209:24
BONUS EPISODE: "Tools for Self-Care Doctoring" with Dr. Robyn Tiger

BONUS EPISODE: "Tools for Self-Care Doctoring" with Dr. Robyn Tiger

Mar 30, 202227:59


In this week's Weekend I Wonder series: How can you apply the idea of spring cleaning to you to-do-list, to clear the clutter, and find clarity.

We would love to hear from you Our email is

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"Opening your Eyes to Opportunities & Advocacy" with Dr. Sima Pendharkar

"Opening your Eyes to Opportunities & Advocacy" with Dr. Sima Pendharkar

Dr. Sima Pendharkar is trained as a medicine and pediatrics physician.  She is Director of Hospital Medicine at Jersey City Medical Center.  She is also CEO and Founder of Moon Telehealth, a virtual healthcare platform that allows for a patient centered and tech forward approach to healthcare.

In this Episode: Dr Pendharkar discusses her personal experience in losing colleagues and a family member to suicide and how it has shaped her mission. We talk about her strategies for personal wellness and for addressing chaos in the professional environment. Listen in to see who these can work for you too.

Take Home Wellness Pearls: 

1- Set a Daily Routine and Way of Life that supports you. What we model to learners is important.

2- Be an Advocate- connect and communicate to influence policies that affect us and patients. 

3- Ask "What can I do for myself and for the healthcare system?"

Dr Pendharkar mentions ACP Leadership Day, an opportunity for ACP members to go to Washington DC every May to learn more about how we can get our voices heard. If you would like to know more, visit

Mar 23, 202224:30


This is the third of a 3-part series to support folks who want and need to provide peer support.  I encourage you to practice these skills to help you feel more comfortable in the peer support environment.

Mar 18, 202206:08


This is the second of a 3-part series to support folks who want and need to provide peer support.  I encourage you to practice these skills to help you feel more comfortable in the peer support environment.

Mar 11, 202205:37
"How to Define Your Legacy in a Mid-Career Crisis" with Dr. Hala Sabry

"How to Define Your Legacy in a Mid-Career Crisis" with Dr. Hala Sabry

Dr. Hala Sabry is a Board-Certified Emergency Medicine physician, a feminist leadership coach, the founder of Physician Moms Group (PMG), and a super mom of five- with two sets of twins!

Balancing her career in medicine with her roles as a mother and entrepreneur was initially challenging. She frequently fought through fear, negative self-talk, and a recurring desire to quit, and she knew other busy professional working mothers must have experienced the same struggles.

She created PMG seven years ago to offer emotional availability and support to women like her which now supported over 100,000 members. Hala expanded her outreach to coaching individuals and consulting businesses.  She offers high performance coaching to professional women in male dominated professions who feel unseen and unheard in quest to develop their personal brand and become a confident thought leader.

Hala is a tenacious advocate for ending sexism and promoting gender and racial equality in the medical field. She believes that as a community leader, she has a responsibility to forge a path for other women and to elevate her fellow physician mothers. She’s collaborated with leading Fortune 500 companies and international organizations to further her work advocating for women physicians, patients, and children.

In this Episode:

Dr. Sabry tells us about the many resets in her career and how she has learned to go from survival mode to being intentional about getting to know herself and what she wants to be her legacy.  How would you answer the question: "How do you want to live your life?  Then what would you do with that information?   Listen in for several specific strategies that have helped Dr Sabry and other women physicians she works with. 

We discuss the concept of a "Mid-Career Crisis" and how that differs for men compared to women.  She gives us her take on putting in your 1% each day. Listen to the very end! 

Pearls of Wisdom:

1. Get out of Survival Mode

2. Get to Know Yourself

3. Live your Life on Purpose: Value-based and in a way to Create Your Legacy

Book mentioned: You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Mar 09, 202257:06


This is the first of a 3-part series to support folks who want and need to provide peer support.  I encourage you to practice these skills to help you feel more comfortable in the peer support environment.

Mar 04, 202206:47


In this episode, we discuss how you can use what you know about your strengths and values to help you RESET.

VIA Strengths assessment can be found at

Feb 25, 202205:46
"The Spark and Momentum of Physician Well-being" with Dr. Colin West

"The Spark and Momentum of Physician Well-being" with Dr. Colin West

Dr Colin West, originally from Seattle, received his M.D. and Ph.D. in Biostatistics from the University of Iowa in 1999. He completed residency and chief residency in internal medicine at Mayo Clinic, and then joined the faculty in General Internal Medicine in 2004. He is currently Professor of Medicine, Medical Education, and Biostatistics at Mayo. He directs the evidence-based medicine curriculum for the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine and is Assistant Dean for GME Scholarship at Mayo. Dr. West's research has focused on medical education and physician well-being, and he is Co-Director of the Mayo Clinic Program on Physician Well-Being. His research has been widely published in prominent journals including Lancet, JAMA, Annals of Internal Medicine, and JAMA Internal Medicine.

In this episode:  Dr West tells his story of how he came to Mayo after being open to a different path where his skills and interests met. There he found the confluency of luck at the "intersection of opportunity and skill" that sparked the formation of a dream team that has changed what we know about physician well-being. This story is inspirational and full of reflection, awareness, and intention.  This conversation will appeal to medical students, residents, and attendings in all stages of their careers.  Listen in to see what one of the experts on the study of physician well-being has learned along the way and also what works for him personally.  We finish up with ways to continue the momentum of well-being effort despite the challenges of our industry and our frequent push to do more and more. 

Take Home Wellness Pearls: 

1- The MVPs (Meaning, Values, and Purpose) of Well-being are crucial foundations.  Intentionally look to increase things that give you meaning align with your values and also pursue activities that are purposeful!

2- Take Stock and Be Intentional.  Know Yourself and what is right for you. 

** There are many other hidden pearls throughout our conversation- dig in!

You can follow us on Twitter @ResetMDPodcast.

I would encourage you to also follow Dr West as well @ColinWestMDPhD

Feb 23, 202251:21


In this episode, we discuss how to consider making small PIVOTS to start a RESET.

Feb 18, 202205:05


In this episode I discuss the G.R.O.W. model (Goals, Reality, Options, and Way Forward) and some ways you may use it to RESET how you make decisions and have conversations with others.

Feb 11, 202207:39
"Hang up the SuperHero Cape" with Dr. Archana Shrestha
Feb 09, 202232:52


In this episode I discuss the concept of a sabbatical and how it can be used to reset your spark and when you should consider taking one. 

Feb 04, 202206:38


What gets in the way of getting to living our life the way we want?  I discuss moving past "limiting beliefs" and "rules" that hold us back and suggest several ways to do that. 

Jan 28, 202208:08
"One Door Closes, Another Door Opens" with Dr. Louis Snitkoff

"One Door Closes, Another Door Opens" with Dr. Louis Snitkoff

Dr. Louis Snitkoff, a lifelong New York resident was a founding member and CMO of CapitalCare Medical Group, which later merged with Community Care Physicians. Before his retirement in 2020, Dr. Snitkoff was Vice President for the Ellis (Hospital) Medical Group in Schenectady. He has served the American College of Physicians nationally as a Well-being Champion and member of the Board of Governors and is a past president of its New York Chapter. He was elected to Fellowship in 1993 and Mastership in 2020. Dr. Snitkoff received the Samuel Eichold II Award for Excellence in Diabetes and the New York Chapter Laureate Award in 2013.

In this episode: Dr Snitkoff talks about his resets from clinical medicine to administration and then to retirement. When trying to do it all he recalls 'no matter where I was, I was supposed to be somewhere else" so moving into one space he supported his personal wellness and supported the physicians he worked with.   Don't miss the end where he describes how his experience and his connections led him to his current retirement projects.

Take Home Pearls:

1- Focus on relationships.

2-Find a creative passsion.

3- Find what aspects of your job "fires you up!"

4- Take time to pause and reflect/recharge.

5- Seek Mentors and Seek opportunities to mentor others. 

Jan 26, 202234:27


Listen to my 2020 STORY SLAM entitled "I Don't Like Change" to see how I reset my mindset about change. 

Jan 21, 202206:28


How can you Reset by going on a Retreat?  Let's Retreat from the enemy of Overwhelm and Overworking to come back with reinforcements! Listen in for some ideas on how to get this started.

Jan 14, 202204:57
"Being Honest is the First Step" with Dr. Erica Howe

"Being Honest is the First Step" with Dr. Erica Howe

Dr. Erica Howe is a board-certified Hospitalist and a nationally known educator, wife, and mother to three kids. As a lifelong advocate for improved wellness in medicine, she founded the Women Physicians Wellness Conference in Grand Cayman in 2018 as a way of bringing women physicians together to share their struggles and their strategies for success. She believes that women are stronger together and wants to inspire them to find the courage, clarity, and community to succeed on their own terms, instead of someone else’s.

Her endeavors in teaching and mentoring have been recognized with a number of honors and awards including receipt of the Kathleen McCluskey-Fawcett Woman Mentoring Women Award, the medical student-elected Rainbow Award Finalist for “teaching the art of medicine by example”, and the Distinguished Chancellor’s Teaching Award, one of the highest honors given to educators at the University of Kansas.

In this Episode: You will feel like you are in a conversation with your best friend!! Dr Howe discusses her resets which started with answering the question "How are you doing?" with an honest answer, being transparent, and vulnerable with other physicians. She discusses what led to her mission with helping other women physicians and how she is doing that in a big way.  She also reveals her secrets for time management. 

Take Home Wellness Pearls: 

1- Tools to Find Clarity: Take time to determine where you want your career to go, make space to do it, and put out your "asks."

2- Start with being honest with the other doctors around you and continue to have those conversations.

3- Say No to what doesn't meet your needs anymore and protect that space you create by doing so.

You can learn more about the Women Physician Wellness Conference at

Jan 12, 202242:53
"I WONDER" ... 2022 RESET

"I WONDER" ... 2022 RESET

I wonder... what are your answers to these questions?

1- What do you want more of in 2022? 

2- What do you want to get out of this year? 

Jan 07, 202203:57
BONUS EPISODE: "Parenting and Priorities in Private Practice" with Dr. Segen Chase

BONUS EPISODE: "Parenting and Priorities in Private Practice" with Dr. Segen Chase

Segen Chase, MD, FACP is a Co-Creator for the RESETMD Podcast! 

She practices general internal medicine in Manhattan, KS and is co-owner of her private practice, CenterPointe Physicians, PA. Dr. Chase is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita and regularly mentors students from KUMC-Wichita, Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, as well as pre-medical students at Kansas State University.  She has been active for over a decade in the Kansas chapter of the American College of Physicians and serves as their Well-Being Champion. She is a wife and mom.

In this episode, we discuss her experience with being a mom in private practice, the way she approaches balance and priorities to determine how she spends her time.  Reflection is essential.  We discuss ways she has addressed guilt, her experience with suicide in colleagues, and how her time with her family brings her joy.

Pearls of Wellness Wisdom:

(There are so many so we picked just a few!  Listen in for more!)

1- Blaze Your Own Trail: Tailor what you need at different stages in your life and career.

2- Remember, You are where you need to be.

3- Get better at saying the word NO.

She mentions the book "The Rabbit Effect: Live Longer, Happier, and Healthier with the Groundbreaking Science of Kindness" by Dr Kelli Harding

Jan 05, 202226:03


As we move soon into 2022, what would it look like to have a fresh start?  Listen in to learn two strategies to initiate that fresh start.

Dec 31, 202105:36


We explore mindfulness and the practice of resetting distractions with meditation. 

Dec 24, 202105:47
"Finding and Using Your Voice" with Dr. Vidhya Prakash

"Finding and Using Your Voice" with Dr. Vidhya Prakash

Dr Vidhya Prakash is a Professor of Clinical Internal Medicine in the Department of Medicine at Southern Illinois University (SIU) School of Medicine, a member of the Infectious Diseases Faculty, and the Vice Chair of Clinical Operations in her department. She is the Founder and Director of the SIU Alliance for Women in Medicine and Science (AWIMS).  She has many roles on the local, state, and national levels which includes serving as the Director of the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) Membership Committee. She is a wife, mother, author, and advocate.

In this episode we discuss her reset from military medicine in the Air Force, her recent commitment to prioritizing her passions, and her mission to use her voice for gender equity.  We also discuss her approach to helping trainees with the imposter phenomenon.

Pearls of Wellness Wisdom:

1- "Recognize your value."

2- "You don't have to apologize for prioritizing your wellness."  It is ok to self-advocate. 

3- Prioritize things that you are passionate about, inline with your values, and inline with your career goals.  (Listen in to see how she does that!)

She recommends: "Letter to a young female physician" by Dr Suzanne Koven, "The Conversation" by Dr. Robert Livingston, and "The Beauty in Breaking" by Dr. Michele Harper.

Although not mentioned in this episode, she is the author of "Learning to Listen: A Memoir," published in November 2021 and we can't wait to read it!

Dec 22, 202121:24


Listen in and think about how you can use the transitions in your day from work to home to help you show up the way you want in each area of your life.

Dec 17, 202105:25


The Weekend "I Wonder" series explores different ways to think about a RESET.

Links I mentioned:

Dec 10, 202107:25
"Pioneering Medical Well-Being" with Dr. Elizabeth Lawrence

"Pioneering Medical Well-Being" with Dr. Elizabeth Lawrence

Dr. Liz Lawrence currently practices at UNM, where she also serves as the Chief Wellness Officer, the Assistant Dean for Professional Wellbeing, and a Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.

In this episode, we get into navigating relationships. We highlight transitions that Dr. Lawrence went through in her career and what she learned during that time. We talk about self reflection and recognition of our inner state. We talk about the importance of self care and boundary setting in our profession.  There are so many pearls in this episode, listen in to hear them all.  

Dr Lawrence gives her 3 Principles of Well-Being:

1- Spend time with the People you Love

2- Exercise

3- Sleep 

We discussed "Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams" by Matthew Walker Ph.D.

Dec 08, 202139:58


The Weekend "I Wonder" series explores different ways to think about a RESET.

Things I mentioned:

Greg McKeown's book EFFORTLESS

Dec 03, 202109:32
BONUS EPISODE "Self-Care is the Biggest Act of Service" with Dr. Lida Fatemi

BONUS EPISODE "Self-Care is the Biggest Act of Service" with Dr. Lida Fatemi

Dr. Lida Fatemi, DO, MPH is a Internal Medicine Hospitalist at the University of New Mexico and one of the Co-Creators of the ResetMD Podcast. She discusses her journey out of burnout and she practices what she preaches in her own life and in coaching other physicians.

In this episode we discuss her role in creating "Ease of Practice" in her health system to support autonomy and humanity. She emphasizes how important self-care is to all the aspects of our lives and suggests ways you can do that for yourself including meditation resources, grounding, and many others.  You will be pulled in by her demeanor and excitement about what she is doing now!

Pearls for Wellness: 

1. Take Time for Yourself - Take Care of You.

2. Take Time for Yourself - Take Care of You.

3. Take Time for Yourself - Take Care of You. 

Dec 01, 202130:53


The Weekend "I Wonder" series explores different ways to think about a RESET.

I mentioned a story from Greg McKeown's book EFFORTLESS

Thanks to Kristin Yates DO for asking me these questions at my recent conference:

1- What gets in the way of fun?

2- What do you do for fun and what are the results you want?

Nov 26, 202106:42
"Self-Reflection, Self-Talk, and Stretching Yourself" with Dr. Daisy Smith

"Self-Reflection, Self-Talk, and Stretching Yourself" with Dr. Daisy Smith

Cynthia (Daisy) Smith, MD, FACP, is Vice President of Clinical Education at the American College of Physicians (ACP) and an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine. She received a medical degree from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and completed her internal medicine training at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

She is an experienced medical educator and a former internal medicine residency program director. In her current role at the ACP, she oversees the Instructional Design and Events Department (curriculum development and live meetings) and the Center for Quality (QI support, Well-being and Professional Fulfillment and Patient and Inter-professional Partnership Initiatives). She continues to see patients and teach medical residents at the University of Pennsylvania. She is married to an infectious diseases physician whom she met during residency and is the mother of three teen sons.

In this episode Dr Smith describes resets at several stages in her life, how she has married being a doctor and a teacher.  We discuss how self-reflection has helped her make pivots in positive directions in her life. 

Take Home Pearls for Well-Being:

1. Give Positive Feedback - it builds confidence of the receiver and feels good for the giver.

2. Practice Positive Self-Talk - it fights that inner critic

3. Stretch Yourself- take that next step and try something new even if you don't think you are ready

4. Self-Reflect Often- this helps you know your identity, where your energy is, and when it is time to move to your next chapter. 

If you would like to reach out, email us at

Nov 24, 202128:24


The Weekend "I Wonder" series explores different ways to think about a RESET.

Have you ever heard of a Mulligan?

Nov 21, 202106:14
BONUS EPISODE "Living the Life you Want" with Dr. Serene Shereef
Nov 17, 202136:29


The Weekend "I Wonder" series explores different ways to think about a RESET.


Nov 13, 202105:55
"Wellness as THE Goal in Healthcare" with Dr. Susan Thompson Hingle

"Wellness as THE Goal in Healthcare" with Dr. Susan Thompson Hingle

Susan Hingle is an Internal Medicine specialist and a Professor of Medicine, who serves as Associate Dean for Human and Organizational Potential, and Director of Faculty Development at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Miami University and a medical degree from Rush University Medical College. She completed an Internal Medicine residency at Georgetown University Medical Center, where she served as Chief Resident of Internal Medicine. Dr. Hingle completed the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) Program. She has received several awards including the AMWA Elizabeth Blackwell Career Award, the Golden Apple Award, the Excellence in Teaching Outstanding Teacher Award, the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award, the Most Influential Faculty Award, and the Chair’s Resilience Award. Dr. Hingle was honored with ACP’s McDonald Award for Young Physicians. She has been active nationally in numerous organizations, including the American College of Physicians, the American Medical Women's Association, the Alliance of Academic Internal Medicine, and the American Medical Association. She served as Chair of the ACP Board of Regents and Chair of Board of Governors and currently serves on the AMWA Board of Directors and the AMA Women Physicians Section Governing Council. She was senior author on the ACP policy paper on gender equity in physician compensation and career advancement. Dr. Hingle strongly believes that women in medicine have enormous potential to influence the profession and society for the better and is eager to share her experiences, expertise, and passion.

Pearls of Wisdom from the episode:

-Self care is essential and we, as leaders, should lead by example by practicing it.

-Wellness should be “THE Goal” NOT “A goal” in healthcare.

-Organizations need to define what a healthy workforce looks like and make it a priority.

-Let go of the drive for perfection! The goal should be to become the best version of ourselves. Just enough is good enough.

-Understand the power of saying no.

Recommended Reading:

Just Enough- Laura Nash

Untamed- Glennon Doyle

The Hundred Years of Lenni and Margo- Marianne Cronin

Nov 10, 202133:38
"What Do I Need Today?" with Kerri Palamara MD MACP

"What Do I Need Today?" with Kerri Palamara MD MACP

Kerri Palamara, MD is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She leads the  Center for Physician Well-being at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). She is an expert in physician coaching and well-being. Dr. Palamara leads the American College of Physicians “Physician Coach Training Program”, which trains physicians to integrate coaching into their quality improvement and well-being work. Dr. Palamara co-created and directs the MGH Physician Coaching Program. This program was designed to improve physician awareness of their growth, reduce burnout, and improve well-being. 

In this episode: Dr Palamara discussed her hard reset after facing a horrible loss and how it taught her that her well-being was pivotal to her family's well-being and to the impact she had in the world. She shares her 3 basics of self-care and how asking for help supports them.  We dive into the concepts of addressing your needs and the impact it has on how you feel.

Books she mentioned: "The Choice" by Edith Eva Eger and "It's OK that You are Not OK" by Megan Devine

Pearls of Wisdom for Well-Being: 

1- Download the Manual of Yourself. Know your Basics for Self-Care. You can't expect to take care of others if you don't take care of yourself.

2- Ask Yourself: "What Do I Need Today?" How your feel is based on what you need. So if you can get what you need, you can feel differently.

3- Reframe your Self-Talk to be more self-compassionate.

Oct 27, 202129:33
BONUS EPISODE "Using Mindset Shifts to Get Unstuck" with Dr. Fariha Shafi

BONUS EPISODE "Using Mindset Shifts to Get Unstuck" with Dr. Fariha Shafi

Dr. Fariha Shafi is is the Co-Founder of the ResetMD Podcast! She is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Missouri Kansas City-School of Medicine. She is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians (ACP) and is an ACP Well-Being Champion, Chair of both the Wellness Committee and the Women in Medicine Committee of the Missouri Chapter of the ACP. She has served as the AMWA Mentor at the SOM for many years. She has a career in academic medicine at UMKC, serving in various leadership roles including Chairing the School of Medicine’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council for eight years and being named as an inaugural “Noback” Docent. Dr. Shafi has been featured on podcasts such as KevinMD and Medicine Mentors. She is a busy mom of two, a full time physician and a heavily involved community leader.

In this episode we discuss a time where she felt stuck, both with the struggle of being a mom and a professional and with trying to find the right venue for her passions.  A conversation at her chapter ACP meeting and making peace with guilty feelings changed all that and gave her energy. Listen in to see how this worked for her an could work for you too. 

Pearls of Well-Being Wisdom: 

1. Medicine is part of your life, not your entire life. 

2. Always find something that fulfills you outside of medicine.

3. Journal your feelings- during times of success as well as the times when you are upset.  Refer back to your successes more often. 

4. Give back. 

Oct 20, 202126:55
"We Have to 'Do No Harm' to Ourselves First" with Dr. Tammie Chang

"We Have to 'Do No Harm' to Ourselves First" with Dr. Tammie Chang

Dr. Tammie Chang is a board-certified physician in pediatric hematology/oncology practicing in Tacoma, Washington. She is the medical director of Provider Wellness for MultiCare Health System. She is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Pink Coat, MD, a platform to support and empower the personal and professional success of all women physicians. She holds numerous leadership positions including Director of the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) ELEVATE Leadership Development Program for Attending Women Physicians, President of the Washington State Chapter of AMWA, Co-Founder of her local Women in Medicine (Cool Chicks In Medicine) group, and Co-Founder of the Women of Influence Network (WIN) @MultiCare for her healthcare system.

In this episode we discuss her story of being in a dark place due to a confluence of practice situations and not wanting to ask for help. She likens this to what many are experiencing during the pandemic. We talk about what worked for her then and now and the impetus it gave her to create a safe space for other physicians to be honest and vulnerable and to know they are not alone.  She comes back to the basics to support herself. Also, you don't want to miss out on her book recommendations! (I have already ordered them!)

Pearls of Wisdom for Well-Being:

1- Put Your Own Self-Care First so you can take care of others (Remember the O2 mask image)

2- Set Boundaries! Learn what is your responsibility and what is not your reponsibility.

3- Ask For Help.  We're Not Alone.

Oct 13, 202130:12
"Ways to Bring Your Best to Whatever You Do" with Dr. Darilyn Moyer

"Ways to Bring Your Best to Whatever You Do" with Dr. Darilyn Moyer

Darilyn V. Moyer, MD, FACP, FRCP, FIDSA is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American College of Physicians (ACP). She has served on ACP’s Board of Regents, which manages the business and affairs of ACP and is the main policy-making body of the College, chaired ACP’s Board of Governors, and served as Governor of ACP’s Pennsylvania Southeastern Chapter. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Council of Medical Subspecialty Societies and is the President, and also serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Primary Care Collaborative.

Prior to becoming ACP’s EVP and CEO, Dr. Moyer was a Professor of Medicine, Executive Vice Chair for Education in the Department of Medicine, Internal Medicine Residency Program Director and Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education at Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. She was previously the Co-Faculty Advisor for the Temple University School of Medicine Internal Medicine Interest Group and for the Temple University School of Medicine Student Educating About Healthcare Policy Group. Dr. Moyer currently practices part time at the Temple University Internal Medicine Associates.

Dr. Moyer received the Temple University School of Medicine Women in Medicine Mentoring Award in 2012. She is a member of Women of Impact and is the 2020 Recipient of the American Medical Women’s Association Elizabeth Blackwell Award, as well as the recipient of the 2020 Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University Alumni Achievement Award. 

We are excited to have a conversation with her during #WomenInMedicineMonth. 

In this episode we discuss her resets into medical education and then to advocacy with the ACP. She shares her thoughts on finding what you are meant to do in your career.  She discusses what supports her wellness and gives advice for women in medicine.  She ends with the mantra of "Bring your Best to Whatever You Do Everyday." 

Pearls of Wisdom:

1. Take Care of Yourself- in whatever way works for you.  Know what Recharges you. 

2. Reach Out to People to hear their story.  Be Curious and Listen.  

3. Create Community inside and outside of medicine.

4. Write Down and Examine your short and long-term goals.

Sep 25, 202129:34
"Your Career is of Your Making" with Dick Wardrop MD PHD FACP

"Your Career is of Your Making" with Dick Wardrop MD PHD FACP

Dr. Richard Wardrop is a career clinician-educator and is currently the Program Director for the Internal Medicine Residency Program at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, OH. Previously, Dr. Wardrop was Program Director for the Combined Med-Peds Residency at University of North Carolina, founding Faculty at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, and founding Associate Dean for Biomedical Affairs at Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine. He also served as Vice Chair of Education and Faculty Development at the University of Mississippi Medical Center from 2019-2020 obtaining the rank of full Professor.  Dr. Wardrop has served in national leadership positions within the ACP, the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM), and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).  He was an inaugural wellbeing champion for the American College of Physicians and was a founding member of the ACP Well-being task force that gave rise to the ACP Wellbeing and Professional Satisfaction Committee.  

Pearls of Well-Being Wisdom: 

1. Listen to Your Body 

2. Seek Spirituality 

3. Have a Philosophy of Life with a Toolbox of Resources 

4. Know Yourself and many more! 

Take Home Points:  Your career is of your making. You have a lot more control than you think. And medicine is a journey- not a destination!

Sep 22, 202126:05
"I've Chosen Things that Make Me Happy" with Diana McNeill MD MACP

"I've Chosen Things that Make Me Happy" with Diana McNeill MD MACP

Dr. Diana McNeill is Professor of Medicine at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. She was the program director of the Duke Internal Medicine Residency program from 2001-2011 and became the inaugural Director of Duke AHEAD (Academy of Health Professions Education and Academic Development) in 2014. She has won numerous teaching awards , including Master Clinician Educator at Duke in 2006. She is a Master in the American College of Physicians (ACP) and in 2020 received the Dema Daley Award from the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine , honoring a member recognized nationally as an education leader. She was recognized in 2021 with the North Carolina ACP Laureate Award.

In this episode we discuss what has worked for her to support work-life harmony, her self-entitled "End of Career Miracle" and her family successes. She has heard "You Made it Look Fun" and "You Made it Look Easy."  Listen in to see how this happened for her and to learn so much more from this educator and mentor.

Pearls of Wisdom:

1. Be Happy- this is a different definition for everyone.

2. Be Open to Opportunities.   Never say "I can't."  Say "I'll try."

3. Be Flexible and Support Flexibility for Others.

Sep 08, 202128:06
Welcome to the ResetMD Podcast!

Welcome to the ResetMD Podcast!

A group of us American College of Physician Well-being Champions from around the country began collaborating on wellness approaches at the state and national levels in 2020.  We are stepping out of our own siloes to work together to provide better resources for physicians.

Well-being in medicine has been shown to be so instrumental in the physical and mental health of physicians but unfortunately, it has not always been the priority it should be, especially during the pandemic.  We want to present wellness topics to physicians via a podcast format so that we can reach them where they are in their workday and their career.

Our goal with the ResetMD Podcast is to share a variety of perspectives and experiences from well-being experts in medicine - physicians who have had experiences that have significantly impacted their personal lives or their career.  We will showcase a diverse group of individuals and their wellness journeys.  Listeners will learn from hearing this conversation and can apply what has worked for others in their own lives.

Look for the ResetMD Podcast to go live on #WellnessWednesdays - specifically the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month plus some bonus episodes thrown in. Subscribe to get the podcast so that it is automatically downloaded each time and then share with you colleagues and friends!

Aug 28, 202102:44