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The 0 To 5 Million Podcast

The 0 To 5 Million Podcast

By Ollie Whitfield

Trying to grow your business from the ground up? Shawn Finder and Ollie Whitfield interview Founders, CEOs and revenue leaders from businesses between 0 and 5 Million in ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) to find out how they did it. Subscribe and listen if you want to learn how the best in the business did it, so you can too.
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How To Raise Capital For Your Business

The 0 To 5 Million PodcastSep 26, 2023

How To Raise Capital For Your Business
Sep 26, 202316:00
Following Up on Event Leads: DreamForce, INBOUND & More
Sep 19, 202320:18
The Anatomy of a Perfect Sales Team
Sep 12, 202316:49
Which Is Harder: Inbound Versus Outbound
Sep 05, 202317:30
How To Coach Cold Callers
Aug 29, 202318:38
Tom Slocum - Consulting, Scaling Services & Referrals
Aug 21, 202321:51
How To Be A Cold Email Coach
Aug 15, 202319:08
The State of Cold Email, Cold Calling & SMS Marketing
Aug 08, 202325:20
Cold Email Stats
Aug 01, 202315:09
Michael Lin - MRR, Growth & Exit
Jul 25, 202322:14
Best Trigger Events To Use When Selling
Jul 18, 202318:20
What Do Good & Bad Sales Managers Say, Do?!
Jul 11, 202316:56
Cold Email Battle - 2021 Ollie Versus 2023 Ollie
Jul 04, 202312:39
Cold Calling Phrases To Avoid & To Try Out
Jun 27, 202316:34
Cold Email Phrases To Use & Avoid
Jun 20, 202314:10
What Is The Future of Email?
Jun 13, 202316:22
Derrick Williams - Consulting, Podcasting & Flexible Working
Jun 06, 202324:02
Callum Beecroft - The Phonejacker, Prospecting As A Service & Branding
May 30, 202321:01
How To Increase Your Email Reply Rates
May 23, 202318:49
Top 5 Business Leaders To Learn From
May 16, 202316:43
How To Use Video In Your Emails
May 09, 202314:31
Stress, Sleep & Coffee
May 02, 202314:42
LEADSCON - Event Wrap-Up
Apr 25, 202313:51
Emailing With The Stars: Email Critique
Apr 17, 202322:18
Tips For Public Speaking - Getting Started, Quick Wins & Practice
Apr 11, 202322:26
LinkedIn Outreach, API's & New Services
Apr 04, 202316:52
Getting Acquired, Changing Responsibility & Network
Mar 28, 202322:08
Should you have a mentor?
Mar 21, 202320:28
Staying Solo, Following Your Gut & Income Streams
Mar 14, 202326:10
From Soccer to Selling & Starting a Software
Mar 07, 202317:02
Where Sales Emails Go Wrong: 5 Fatal Conversion Killers You Didn't Know
Feb 28, 202319:26
Using ChatGPT in Your Cold Emails?
Feb 21, 202317:05
LinkedIn Content, Engagement Strategy & Content Formats
Feb 14, 202328:40
Spending a $1M Marketing Budget
Feb 07, 202315:40
Spending a $1M Sales Budget
Feb 01, 202317:41
Social Selling, Effective Emails, & Growth
Jan 24, 202321:44
Adam Patarino - First Clients, Customer Feedback & Pivots

Adam Patarino - First Clients, Customer Feedback & Pivots

In this episode of The 0 to 5 Million Podcast, Ollie sits down with Adam Patarino, co-founder of Casted — the B2B video and podcasting platform that's taking the marketing world by storm. Casted has helped brands like IBM, Salesforce, Gong, HubSpot, and Drift elevate their marketing game, and Adam shares how they did it.

From the humble beginnings, to the first customers and the feedback that shaped the company, to the creation of an entirely new category, this episode has it all. But it's not all smooth sailing, Adam also shares the founders' mistakes that you can learn from, to avoid on your own entrepreneurial journey.  Don't miss out!

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How To Close Business Before End Of The Year
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Consulting, Turning Friends Into Clients & Dealing With Taxes
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