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Your New Favourite Gaming Podcast, back by lack of popular demand. We tend to love on all things Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox and Steam Deck, yeah we're fan boys of anything console gaming!! So tune in for all the latest news and opinions on the latest games, gaming news and video game opinions.
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THE BEST Refresh Ever? - Steam Deck OLED

128KB PodcastNov 15, 2023

Steam Deck OLED Shocked Us...

Steam Deck OLED Shocked Us...

Valve's Steam Deck OLED is here and we've been playing with it for several days now... Here's our thoughts so far! Valve changed the handheld PC scene back when they announced the original Steam Deck and whilst I loved the original Steam Deck, there were some flaws, mainly the terrible LCD screen, huge bezels and awful backlight bleed. The Steam Deck OLED fixes that and so many other issues the community had with the original Steam Deck. The Steam Deck OLED is more than just a drop-in OLED replacement screen, it's now 90Hz, HDR capable, up to 1000nits brightness, faster RAM, better triggers, buttons, joysticks, haptics, speakers, up to 50% more battery life, the list just goes on and on. This is a true revision.

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The Ultimate GameCube Joy-Con Is... NYXI VS RetroFlag

The Ultimate GameCube Joy-Con Is... NYXI VS RetroFlag

NYXI Wizard VS RetroFlag Handheld Controller  

We've seen two GameCube styled Nintendo Switch Joy-Con alternatives release very recently and both use hall effect joystick sensors that can't ever drift, the RetroFlag Handheld Controller and the NYXI Wizard. Whilst these are both very different Joy-Con alternatives we wanted to pit them head to head to see which one might be right for you.   

The RetroFlag Handheld Controller is a Joy-Con alternative for handheld gaming only, this connects to the Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED via a USB-C port that effectively means zero latency as it requires the "wired pro controller" setting enabled in the Switch settings menu. It has rumble, gyro, turbo, a very good large D-pad, authentic GameCube styled joystick/C-stick, hall effect sensors with zero drift, on the fly button swap and excellent build quality.   

The NYXI Wizard is a Joy-Con alternative for both handheld and docked play, these can be used wirelessly, individually as independent Joy-Con or connected to your Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED for handheld play. It has rumble, gyro, turbo, macro, assignable back paddles, wireless connectivity, a D-pad, authentic WaveBird GameCube controller stylings, wake from sleep function, mechanical trigger/bumper switches (not analogue triggers like the original) and hall effect sensors with zero drift. On top of that the joystick gates are hexagonal like the original GameCube controller but these can be swapped out easily for the circular spares included in the box.  

So, putting them head to head, who gets the crown? The ultimate GameCube Joy-Con is...  

Watch our NYXI Wizard video here: 

Watch our RetroFlag video here:  

Purchase the RetroFlag Handheld Controller here: 

Get 10% off on NYXI's website using our discount link here:

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Jan 13, 202312:42
NYXI Wizard - GameCube IS BACK! GameCube Joy-Cons For Switch

NYXI Wizard - GameCube IS BACK! GameCube Joy-Cons For Switch

Jan 11, 202313:57