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2 Non Doctors

2 Non Doctors

By Liz Miele, Maria Shehata

Comedians Liz Miele and Maria Shehata talk about health, their bodies and life with little to no accuracy. It is personal and funny, but if it is informative - that’s just an unfortunate side effect.
Privacy is not on the table, and they take real issues and silly phobias and have fun with all of it. They discuss the little-known neurological disorder Misophonia, that causes sufferers (Maria) to hate something as seemingly inoffensive as gum chewing, Liz opens up about her depression, a disease that runs in Liz’s family that she currently fears will come back the longer she shares a small studio with her boyfriend. As well as psoriasis, weight gain, whether or not vitamins are real, and can we please continue not hugging people after the outbreak is over?
What Maria and Liz lack in real information they make up for in jokes, silly discussions and no copay!
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West Coast Tour Bonus 2023

2 Non DoctorsSep 07, 2023

West Coast Tour Bonus 2023

West Coast Tour Bonus 2023

Hey all! We were on the road the last two weeks and did a quick bonus for you. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows! Hope you enjoy!

Sep 07, 202336:04
When Will We See You Again?
Sep 13, 202250:06
Make the Call
Aug 30, 202252:35
Chance Encounters
Aug 16, 202255:46
Who We Admire
Aug 02, 202201:15:47
Things To Do Before We Die
Jul 19, 202201:00:56
Why We Suck To Live With
Jul 05, 202257:12
Turning Points
Jun 28, 202247:11
Trading Traits
Jun 21, 202247:10
Why We're Immature
Jun 14, 202246:37
Things We'll Never Do Again
Jun 07, 202252:44
What We Take For Granted
May 31, 202259:17
Talent Show
May 24, 202248:17
Choose Any Adventure
May 17, 202253:47
Our Favorite Days
May 10, 202249:50
Live Forever Foods

Live Forever Foods

This week we talk about the 11 most nutritionally dense foods. Get healthy with us and learn what foods you should be eating every week! Fan Mail: Duncan writes in about his laser eye surgery experience. 

Googles: (Maria) Tired after an intense workout (Liz) Is my eye mask giving me a rash? 

Let’s Get Personal: What would you rate 10/10? 

Topic: 11 Most Nutritional Dense Foods 

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May 03, 202258:25
Going Into Emotional Labor
Apr 26, 202201:00:01
It's A Gas (Google Guest: Chad Daniels)
Apr 19, 202201:00:31
No Kids Club
Apr 12, 202201:07:55
How To Have A Panic Attack
Apr 05, 202256:52
Going to Collagen
Mar 29, 202201:06:10
Shake the Flake
Mar 22, 202259:45
Mar 15, 202256:08
Let's Get Lasered
Mar 08, 202201:00:07
Cricket Flour Power
Mar 01, 202201:00:30
Achy Breaky Heart Health
Feb 22, 202255:40
Fear of Fun
Feb 15, 202201:00:40
The Turnout of Burnout
Feb 08, 202201:00:44
Shaving the Way
Feb 01, 202258:16
Hoard Fest
Jan 25, 202201:01:58
Everybody Feng Shui Tonight
Jan 18, 202256:43
Over 100 Club
Jan 11, 202201:03:08
Anti Anti Aging
Dec 21, 202101:06:14
Prosthetics Prospects
Dec 14, 202101:02:30
Marathon Thon Thon Thon Thon
Dec 07, 202101:06:01
Baking Takes the Cake
Nov 30, 202159:57
Your Hair Loss Is Our Ro-gain
Nov 23, 202101:00:30
Hip to Hypnosis
Nov 16, 202156:59
Tuning In To Music Therapy
Nov 09, 202156:06
United States of Phthalates (Google Guest: Evelyn Mok)
Nov 02, 202159:01
Piercings A Plenty
Oct 26, 202159:19
Managing Manipulation
Oct 19, 202158:04
Umami Be Kidding Me
Oct 12, 202157:20
Sizing Up Circumcision
Oct 05, 202159:42
Don't Ignore Neglect
Sep 28, 202158:18
Do We Gotta Have Faith?
Sep 21, 202101:01:16
Nuts About Mylk
Sep 14, 202156:50
Meet the Meat Diet
Sep 07, 202155:41
The Shame Game
Aug 31, 202101:06:16
Chakra's Con
Aug 24, 202101:00:41