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2-Bit Idiots

2-Bit Idiots

By StackingHats & BitcoinBrendo

The journey from Normie to Bitcoiner.

Normal people tell the story of how they found the greatest money ever invented. Contact if you'd like to come on as a guest.

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EP100 Not Out

2-Bit IdiotsAug 27, 2023

EP100 Not Out

EP100 Not Out

Thanks Idiots

It's been...emotional. Onwards.


Aug 27, 202302:37
EP99: For The Kids - Bitcoin Art Competition Winners
Aug 25, 202328:21
EP98: Weekend at Bernie's

EP98: Weekend at Bernie's

We’ve always wanted to do an “Orange Pill Live” episode, to test our abilities in answering the questions of a precoiner and to see if (during the course of a podcast) we could convince someone to buy themselves their first Bitcoin. 

That was the intention of this episode, but in the time it’s taken us to schedule the pod with Bernie, he’d already got himself off zero! 

However, Bernie is Brendo’s mate, so we thought we’d go ahead with the call and press record anyway, and only publish it if we thought it might help someone out there. 

It turns out, Bernie has gone from zero to well down the road of hero in 2 short months, but he gave us a great perspective on the issues and questions a new Bitcoiner has right now. 


We discuss: 

  • Bulked-up Brendo 

  • “Crypto” misconceptions 

  • What made Bernie take the first step into Bitcoin 

  • The challenge of buying a home and deposit requirements 

  • University (HECS) debt indexation 

  • Lack of government support, lies about inflation, stimulus cheques, UBI and something having changed 

  • Trying to outrun inflation 

  • Savings accounts, stocks, risk taking and having a go 

  • What Bernie did practically when he decided to buy some Bitcoin 

  • Hot and Cold wallets 

  • Understanding a non-physical asset 

  • Personal responsibility, 2FA and key storage 

  • Steel Seedplates 

  • Speaking in Bitcoin or Sats 

  • The gradually then suddenly event horizon 

  • Volatility, risk taking and bag pumping 

  • Rewards programmes 

  • Why does Bitcoin crash and is it a buying opportunity 

  • Murrurundi golf 


Pod Shout-outs 



The Bitcoin Adviser (Peter Dunworth) 

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Bitcoin Bush Bash  



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Aug 22, 202353:49
EP97: Dunworth Squared

EP97: Dunworth Squared

*** Get your first 3 months free with The Bitcoin Adviser when you use referral code "SECURE" at 


If you’ve not heard Peter Dunworth’s valuation model for Bitcoin (frankly, what are you doing with your life), go back and listen to episodes 70 and 77, but although he’s been spruiking it all over town and asking someone to challenge it, no one has...until now. 

We, completely unfairly invited Pete back on under false pretences and then hit him with “his nemesis waiting in the green room”.  We wanted to see if we could shake his conviction or rattle his composure.  Listen to find out if we could. 

Settle in with a coffee. This is long one.  We discuss: 


  • Exponential rise of Bitcoin and fall of Fiat 

  • Positioning and wealth preservation 

  • The distinction between risk and volatility 

  • Resistance to change 

  • The opportunity of buying in a SMSF 

  • The importance of mobile 

  • Kids with Bitcoin wallets 

  • Never needing a bank account 

  • Blackrock, ETF’s and what does Larry Fink 

  • Liquidity drain 

  • Client’s will demand Bitcoin exposure from their financial adviser 

  • Banking restrictions 

  • Why does the bull run ever stop and the point of no return 

  • Taking profit, a risk on behaviour 

  • What happens when AI and the machines start draining liquidity 

  • Why ransomware only ever wants Bitcoin 

  • Uber 

  • ELI5 and ELI2 

  • The Bitcoin Adviser 

  • Starved of original thought 

  • Unit bias 

  • Moving towards self-actualisation 

  • Lambos and Yachts 

  • Holy Moly and It’s a Knockout 

  • An App Store for Keys 


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Aug 06, 202301:42:17
EP96: The Purest Truth We’ve Come Across with Jesse

EP96: The Purest Truth We’ve Come Across with Jesse

Jesse (@Jessenostr) is a cafe owner (Rise Mofo in Toukley) and former pastor based on the Central Coast in NSW, Australia. This one was an absolute pleasure to do. I hope you get as much from it as we did. We hope we offend you all at least once. Deal with it, it’s fine. 


We discuss: 

  • Emerging from the Bitcoin wilderness 

  • Was COVID the orange pill tipping point for learning 

  • Starting a Central Coast Bitcoin meetup after attending the Newcastle meetup 

  • I, Pencil 

  • How to orange pill a lady who just popped in for a coffee 

  • The power of asking a question 

  • A growth and fixed mindset 

  • Encouraging effort over success 

  • Being drawn into Christianity, becoming a pastor and then ultimately disillusioned 

  • Having everything invested in your religion and losing it all 

  • The similarities and differences between finding religion and finding Bitcoin 

  • Don’t Trust, Verify 

  • Community building in Bitcoin 

  • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts 

  • Faith 

  • Evolutionary science 

  • The HeartMath Institute 

  • Energy shift in a room 

  • Brain wallet bitcoiners 

  • Pure truth 

  • Accepting Bitcoin in your business and helping others to do the same 

  • Long-term thinking for the Central Coast 

  • Paying your staff to learn about Bitcoin 

  • Bitcoin discounts 

  • VoltPay 

  • Freedom 


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Book Recommendations 

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, by Carol Dweck  


*** Get your first 3 months free with The Bitcoin Adviser when you use referral code "SECURE" at  


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Aug 01, 202301:18:37
EP95: ABIB, Banking, Scams and Conspiracy with Jeremy Majid

EP95: ABIB, Banking, Scams and Conspiracy with Jeremy Majid

Jeremy Majid is the CEO of the Australian Bitcoin Industry Body whose mission statement is: 

“To serve as a voice for the Australian Bitcoin Industry. We welcome open and constructive dialogue with Government and Media and are available to assist with any and all Bitcoin related matters.” 

There will be sceptics amongst you (I’m one of them), but not about the intentions of ABIB, more the willingness of government to engage in an honest and sincere dialogue. In this one we discuss the problem and how ABIB can be part of the solution. As always...make your own mind up. 

  • “Knowing” bitcoiners you’ve never met 

  • Anger at fiat jobs 

  • Forex trading, gold, silver and why we're not going back to a gold standard 

  • Taking control of your finances 

  • Finding like-minded friends at a Bitcoin meetup 

  • Product Manager at HardBlock 

  • Self-taught learning 

  • Blockchain Australia 

  • Long-term thinking makes volatility easier to manage 

  • You don’t need a lot 

  • Use Bitcoin and testnet 

  • Price inflation examples 

  • Changing beliefs 

  • Survivors guilt 

  • Feature development at HardBlock 

  • Who is ABIB 

  • Interacting with AUSTRAC 

  • Holding 2% of foreign exchange reserves in Bitcoin 

  • The Moon Landings and conspiracy 

  • Scams in Bitcoin 

  • Bitcoin business networking 


Pod Shout-outs 



Book Recommendations 

The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous  


Enter or Support the Kids Art Competition  

At least 1,432,047 sats to be won! 


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Jul 27, 202301:20:07
EP94: Reverse Kanga’s and Upper Deckers with Daz Bea

EP94: Reverse Kanga’s and Upper Deckers with Daz Bea

If you don’t know what they are, whatever you do, don’t look it up or listen to this podcast. 

There is no one that can segue from high voltage power transmission to upper decker’s and back quite like Daz Bea.  Yes, what’s happening in our world right now is damn serious, but we all need to find the fun in it too and that’s why we keep asking Daz onto the pod. 

He brings a wealth of knowledge around electricity, net zero targets, issues and opportunities in Australia and beyond, is a founding member of Looking Glass Education, is a proud family man and Queenslander, sings at the weekend and writes books in his ‘spare’ time.  I’m tired just reading that! 


This time we discuss: 

  • State of Origin 

  • LIV Golf  

  • Family priorities 

  • Twitter v Nostr (particularly Primal) 

  • Protocols v Platforms 

  • Nostr documentary 

  • Puppies 

  • Net zero future and 100% renewables 

  • Energy mix, grid stability and Bitcoin mining in Australia and beyond 

  • Understanding at a regulatory and political level 

  • Who pays for the grid 

  • National Electricity Market Data 

  • Pumped hydro, solar and hydrogen production efficiency 

  • Being able to argue the counter argument 

  • Electricity transmission and cost 

  • Paid Zoom and AirBNB shitcoiners 

  • Snakes, frogs and spiders 

  • Rural power demands 

  • National grid v Local generation 

  • SWER network and outback Australia 

  • Getting vocal with your MP 

  • Bitcoin Bush Bash, 29-30 July, Palm Cove Surf Club, QLD 

  • Seizing the right opportunity 



Pod Shout-outs 

@MirbooHodl (Nostr) 



Book Recommendations 

B is for Bitcoin, by Daz Bea and Seb Bunney  


Enter or Support the Kids Art Competition  

At least 1,432,047 sats to be won! 


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Jul 24, 202301:37:24
EP93: Life’s a Breez with Ivan Makedonski

EP93: Life’s a Breez with Ivan Makedonski has been around for a while, and to be honest I didn’t know much about it, so when Ivan reached out to have a chat it seemed like as good a time as any to start learning. 

Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, Ivan (@Nackoo2000) is the Chief of Staff (Chief of Stuff) and first non-developer to work for Breez. He’s my favourite type of bitcoiner...the ones that are here for the mission first, knowing the money will take care of itself. 


We discuss: 

  • Primal on Nostr (desktop). 100x improvement 

  • Being orange-pilled by your lady 

  • Devoting a holiday to prove her wrong 

  • We’re all on the same team. Love not money 

  • Bitcoiners with conviction are those who first tried to prove it a scam 

  • Bitcoin striking an intense emotional button 

  • The ultimate measuring stick is unit of energy 

  • The challenge of explaining Bitcoin to loved ones 

  • Not asking for permission. Just starting and trying to make an impression 

  • The practicalities of remote working 

  • Being aligned on the mission and genuine care for your colleagues 

  • Bitcoiners coming out of the shadows in Bulgaria 

  • The functionality of Breez and the importance of Lightning as the medium of exchange  

  • Lightning Service Providers 

  • Business and Personal Goals 

  • Custodial versus Non-Custodial and improving reliability 

  • Saving versus Using Bitcoin 

  • Spending Sats creates another node in the network 

  • Instant settlement 

  • Aligning incentives and split payments 

  • Consequences for cheating 


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At least 1,222,047 sats to be won! 

Plus, prizes from  



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Jul 17, 202301:11:41
EP92: Bitcoin Karma with Scott, Mallory and Charlotte Sibley

EP92: Bitcoin Karma with Scott, Mallory and Charlotte Sibley

Some would call it Karma.  The more you try to do good, the more good seeks you out. 


We started the Kids Art Competition with a modest 200,000 Satoshi’s to give away and our fingers crossed, but at time of writing, that prize is now 1,222,047 sats. Cool, right (thanks to all the supporters). 


We also got an e-mail from Scott and Mallory Sibley, whose daughter Charlotte wanted to enter the competition, and they wanted to add a few prizes as well (if that didn’t disqualify Charlotte!) 


They have kindly offered to donate a copy of their books “Goodnight Bitcoin” and “If You Give a Monster a Bitcoin” to the winner of the 0–4-year-old competition, and a copy of their game “SHAmory” to the winners of the other 3 age groups.  Plus, there will be a 50% discount at to all those who enter the competition. 


We are very grateful for this kind gesture.  So, get creative kids! 


We asked them to come on the podcast to tell their story.  We discuss: 


  • Pacific Time minimalism 

  • Recognising that Bitcoin families working and learning together is important 

  • Teaching in a fun way 

  • Bringing the skills you have into Bitcoin 

  • Realising that you’re part of something special 

  • Simplifying complex concepts 

  • Satoshi and Hal 

  • Manufacturing a product with no experience 

  • SHAmmy for Africa 

  • Built with Bitcoin 

  • Raising money to build a water well 

  • Finding a Bitcoin designer 

  • Selling bracelets for Satoshis 



Pod Shout-outs  



Book Recommendations 

Goodnight Bitcoin,  

If You Give a Monster a Bitcoin 

Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money,  



Enter or Support the Kids Art Competition  

At least 1,222,047 sats to be won! 


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Jul 08, 202344:31
EP91: Can 88 Bitcoin Maxis Buy a Golf Course with MirbooHodl

EP91: Can 88 Bitcoin Maxis Buy a Golf Course with MirbooHodl

We start with a quick shill for the Australian Bitcoin Industry Body’s petition for the RBA to hold 2% of assets in Bitcoin. More details at: 



For more details, listen to this discussion with Dale and Jeremy on The Why Bitcoin Show:  


Brendo and I are golfers...not great golfers, but we try. So, when MirbooHodl / GreatGrandMan (Dom. A Nostr maxi. Npub below) reached out a couple of weeks ago about a Golf meets Bitcoin project – 88 Sats – we wanted to talk about it. 

I’ll be honest and say there were a couple of red flags, but after some back and forth over Nostr DM’s we realised that Dom was an open book and was happy for us to question the maxi credentials of the project. 

More than anything, this a pod about community building in a Bitcoin world. We discuss: 


  • Can 88 bitcoiners buy a golf course 

  • How long will it take and how to store the Bitcoin until then 

  • Why 1 Aussie “oddball” from Victoria wants to own a golf course in Canada 

  • Running golf tournaments with Satoshi prizes 

  • Creating a Bitcoin only community and a circular economy 


  • 88 Sats: Npub1ke3gzakud8hvdpmxxkhzymf87tkznnhmlj78gdqj4t9rqqmkhlws52gfzw 

  • Jor: Npub103m96sra82w4agghew9cdxtzs4s8sl7qsjsvw6h653yml0gjrkzqefd3h5 


  • Finding Bitcoin without social media 

  • Primed for Bitcoin after going down the carnivore and regenerative agriculture rabbit holes 

  • Wearing the Bitcoin merch in your fiat world 

  • Low time preference 

  • Building a node within 3 weeks of buying his first Bitcoin 

  • Leaving the nihilism behind 

  • Allergy to bureaucracy  


Pod Shout-outs 




Hats: npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdruxp 

Brendo: npub1jsauhxc6hjyk5th86qc5z02c9f0cfc7dwszzlj7e9s8wt54w490q4kglr9 

MirbooHodl: npub1jeyv5qwg4286fm68vwj93yr53xv9g799w9vcz8al8mkkz36wkt4qektpt7 


Book Recommendations 

The Bitcoin Standard,  

The Fiat Standard,  

Golf in the Kingdom Michael Murphy,  


Support the Kids Art Competition 

More than a million sats to be won! 

Jul 03, 202359:08
EP90: The Million Dollar Giveaway - Hats and Brendo

EP90: The Million Dollar Giveaway - Hats and Brendo

We've had a lot of smart guests recently, which is great, but sometimes your brain needs a break and just needs to listen to Brendo (yeah too). 


In this pod we address all the low-brow issues of the day like: 


  • Brendo not washing for 5 years and wasting so many sats on fixing a shitcoin tiler’s mistake. 

  • How should we vett guests 

  • Family feuds 

  • The art competition prize up to 837,000 sats! 

  • Giving away a million dollars to children 

  • Imposter syndrome 

  • Apple versus Nostr 

  • Epic Games and Fortnite 

  • Efficient Market Hypothesis 

  • A ticking timebomb in Car Finance? 

  • US public debt increase in 11 days 

  • Bitcoin Ratchet Theory 

  • A turd on your sandwich 


Pod Shout-outs 



Tweet of the Week 


Dick of the Day 



Ways to Earn Bitcoin 



Hats: npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdruxp 

Brendo: npub1jsauhxc6hjyk5th86qc5z02c9f0cfc7dwszzlj7e9s8wt54w490q4kglr9 


Support the Kids Art Competition 

Nearly a million sats to be won! 

Jun 23, 202332:03
EP89: Who Has the Best Hair with @btcessex

EP89: Who Has the Best Hair with @btcessex

Anyone we’ve met in person will verify that my hair isn’t one of my strengths. Brendo would claim it’s one of his, but that’s a matter of opinion. So, you’d be forgiven for wondering what the hell we’re doing talking to a hairdresser on the podcast. 


Frankly, if you’d asked us a month ago if that would ever happen, I imagine a hearty laugh would have been the response. But...a month is a long time in Bitcoin! 


Aaron reached out to have a chat and told us that we needed to hear about the confluence of Bitcoin and Hairdressing. So, who the hell are we to dismiss something we had zero knowledge of. And, you know what, he was totally right! 


We discuss: 

  • Irresponsible parenting and nasty DM’s 

  • Eurovision 

  • Bitcoin meetups in Essex 

  • Mainstream clickbait and weather warnings 

  • Extreme career change and the importance of enjoying what you do even if it means starting from the bottom 

  • Supermodels and A-listers 

  • Fiat sucking the life out of the UK hairdressing industry 

  • Shrinkflation 

  • Fear of speaking up 

  • The problem with minimum wages 

  • Unintended consequences when you remove the free market and skew incentives 


  • Our poor shampoo choices 

  • Rip-off culture 

  • The power of the QR code. Connecting the physical with the digital. 

  • Win/Win relationships 

  • 95% rejection to begin with, but those early adopters are winning 

  • Bizarro Superman 

  • Discounts for Bitcoin gives you a double dip 

  • “Bitcoin Accepted” on invoices 

  • Looking for the pain points in your industry 

  • Static URL’s for curry 

  • Bcash trolling 

  • Small businesses getting rekt by lockdowns 

  • Bitcoin being easier to navigate in real life 

  • Hanging on to a maximalist 

  • Buying the Bitcoin domain for your town 



Pod Shout-outs 



Hats: npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdruxp 

Brendo: npub1jsauhxc6hjyk5th86qc5z02c9f0cfc7dwszzlj7e9s8wt54w490q4kglr9 


Support the Kids Art Competition 

Nearly a million sats to be won! 

Jun 15, 202301:00:05
EP88: Kids Art Competition (SPECIAL)

EP88: Kids Art Competition (SPECIAL)

Do you have a creative kid? Are you always talking about Bitcoin? Could they create a piece of art that is their interpretation of what it is you go on about all the time? 

To celebrate reaching 100 shows on the 2-Bit Idiots podcast, we’ve decided to run a Kids Art Competition and give away 50,000 sats to the winners in each age group


The Rules 

  1. There are 4 ages categories (4 and under, 5-8, 9-12, and 13-16). Age on 31/7/23
  2. We will accept a maximum of 21 entries in each category 
  3. Any type of art is accepted (painting, drawing, digital, sculpture, photograph etc) 
  4. Winners will be judged by our kids. Their decision is final. 
  5. You keep the original art. All entries to be submitted to by 31st July 2023 or when the group has received the maximum number of entries (whichever comes sooner). 
  6. Please include their name (pseudonyms are fine), age groupcountry and a contact e-mail address for their parent/guardian if they win. 
  7. Winners will be invited on to our 100th podcast with their parent to tell us about their art and be awarded their prize. 
  8. All entries will be displayed by age group at:  
  9. Good luck. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. 


To hear the background and inspiration for this project please listen to:

If you’d like to donate some sats to the project, please do so via our GeyserFund page.  

All sats donated here will be given to the kids. Let’s see if we can do something special and mint some new maxis! 

Thank you to Pixel, Paul, Haggis, Salmon and our kids for your generosity and inspiration. 


Jun 13, 202309:56
EP87: Orange-Pilling Countries with Samson Mow

EP87: Orange-Pilling Countries with Samson Mow

While most of us spend years trying to convince our cousin/sibling/mum that we’re not crazy and that “it might make sense just to get some in case it catches on”, there are others among us that are operating at an altogether higher level. Samson Mow is one of those people. 


As the CEO of JAN3, he’s working on nation-state adoption and accelerating hyperbitcoinization, but he didn’t set out to do that, it just happened one day. 


He kindly took some time out of his hectic schedule to hang out with a couple of Idiots.  Here’s what we discussed: 


  • Will we ever operate on block time so that time difference is no longer a thing (we sound rough in the morning!) 

  • The state of DMs when you have a large following 

  • How to prioritise your workload 

  • The mission of JAN3 (top-down and bottom-up) 

  • How opportunities present themselves 

  • Varying levels of knowledge, understanding and receptivity 

  • Explaining that Bitcoin is just Money 

  • Awareness of money being devalued versus the high time preference nature of politics 

  • The next El Salvador. Mexico?

  • Bitcoin becoming a key part of political discourse. RFK

  • The importance of face-to-face, particularly in removing the fear of asking questions 

  • How many of us must understand Bitcoin 

  • Taking a break after hyperbitcoinization and the timescale for that 

  • The most powerful force is necessity (Argentina, Lebanon) 

  • Adopting Bitcoin before your value is destroyed 

  • The problem with centralised power 

  • The pros and cons of living on a Bitcoin standard 

  • The decline in developed countries 

  • Brendo’s unsuccessful application 

  • Infinite Fleet and gaming 

  • Fads 

  • Australia and Canada 

Pod Shout-outs 



Book Recommendations 

Check Your Financial Privilege by @gladstein  



Hats: npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdruxp 

Brendo: npub1jsauhxc6hjyk5th86qc5z02c9f0cfc7dwszzlj7e9s8wt54w490q4kglr9 


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Jun 08, 202344:30
EP86: Another Bloody Dunworth with @MichaelDunwort1

EP86: Another Bloody Dunworth with @MichaelDunwort1

It's like buses. You don't see one for ages and then 2 come along at once! But seriously, Christmas dinner at the Dunworth’s must be an interesting experience. 


Michael is the time travelling bitcoiner, that has locked Bitcoin in 2140 to ensure miners still have an incentive to mine even once the final block reward is issued. That’s a great story – it's a wonderful story – but you may have heard it at Bitcoin Alive, a bush bash or on another podcast that Michael has done (we’d recommend EP96 of Meyrick’s Dabbling Path, EP5 with Discovering Bitcoin and the recent release from The Why Bitcoin Show). 


We’ve delayed doing this one, because frankly we didn’t know what we could add, but once we realised the answer to that was Nothing, we decided to just get together and shoot the shit because he’s a fun bloke to share a beer with. We discuss: 


  • The return of the alpha 

  • Sats or Bits 

  • Halving, Halvening or Hal Finney-ing 

  • Iron Man and Proof or Work 

  • Having someone on your journey 

  • Consistently showing up 

  • Fixed interest rates in Australia 

  • Dropping/Opting out of university 

  • Startup culture, strategies, risk and Wyre 

  • Egotistical restaurant owners 

  • When you should change your beliefs and opinions 

  • Seeing life through the Bitcoin filter 

  • Bitcoin miners are just monkeys 

  • Seeing the tech before the money 

  • Satoshi 

  • AI as the biggest inflection point of Bitcoin adoption 

  • SegWit2x and the power of the node 

  • Ordinals 

  • Backing yourself, but having support in your corner 

  • The warped VC industry 


Pod Shout-outs 



Hats: npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdruxp 

Brendo: npub1jsauhxc6hjyk5th86qc5z02c9f0cfc7dwszzlj7e9s8wt54w490q4kglr9 


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Jun 05, 202301:09:52
EP85: The Wellington Elbow with @Bitkiwi1 and @satstothemoon

EP85: The Wellington Elbow with @Bitkiwi1 and @satstothemoon

Lurk on Twitter – Tick
Attend a BushBash – Tick
Wearing the Bitcoin Alive T-Shirt – Tick
What next - Maybe it’s time for you to cross the ditch?

We sit down Paul and Dan (2/3 of the Bit Kiwi movement) to find out exactly how things are in New Zealand (Paraparaumu) at grass roots level, the projects they are involved in and hear just how loose meetups are in Auckland. We also discuss:

Getting children to buy beer to gain KYC free sats ;-)

Remembering Anon's names in real life

Getting into Bitcoin with your childhood friends and becoming a maximalist within a few months

Showing up at a CRYpTocurrEnCy shit show, showed them the need to create a Bitcoin only alternative

The secrets to being a “professional” podcaster

Attending their first meetup in Auckland inspiring the creation of Bit Kiwi, which started in Wellington, then Christchurch but is now going national and becoming an event

Using lightning to engage new bitcoiners

A meetup library and a lightning ATM

Orange-pilling your family

Running an S19 in your house and heating your swimming pool with immersion mining, and using 0% government loans to pay for it

Being accused of being in a cult in work meetings

The Wellington Elbow and the Sleeve of Shame

Cost of living in NZ