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The 4-H Saskatchewan Podcast

The 4-H Saskatchewan Podcast

By Jodi Schellenberg

Are you a leader (or member) in 4-H? Learn about the organization through interviews with 4-H leaders, members, staff, alumni, donors and sponsors. Each month, we will bring you an interview with an interesting 4-H'er!
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Episode 6 - Niki Panter

The 4-H Saskatchewan PodcastMar 04, 2020

Episode 8 - Brett Rumpel
May 04, 202027:34
Episode 7 - Brooklyn Trask
Apr 03, 202029:59
Episode 6 - Niki Panter
Mar 04, 202021:55
Episode 5 - Mary Buhr
Feb 04, 202029:53
Episode 4 - Rhea Wheeler
Jan 06, 202028:55
Episode 3 - Kati Culbertson
Dec 04, 201923:29
Episode 2 - Tara Malinowski and Becca Fitzsimmons
Nov 04, 201936:24
Episode 1 - Joanne Richmond

Episode 1 - Joanne Richmond

Learn about upcoming events, opportunities and deadlines before listening to an interview with Joanne Richmond, the general leader of the Vanscoy Multiple 4-H Club. She will share why she became a leader, what she loves about 4-H and a little bit about her club. 

Events and Opportunities: 

Science Day -  Show Your 4-H Colours Day - November 4-10 - Club Registration - Volunteer Screening - Leadership Conference - Communications Competition - CitCon and US Conference - 

If you have any suggestions for anyone you'd like to see interviewed on the podcast, please send an email to Jodi at 

Oct 08, 201933:56
Episode 0 - A Little Bit About Your Podcast Hosts!

Episode 0 - A Little Bit About Your Podcast Hosts!

Find out why this podcast was started and a little bit about your podcast hosts! 

Oct 08, 201905:28