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5-STAR BOOKS - The New Book Release Podcast!

5-STAR BOOKS - The New Book Release Podcast!

By Kelly Hughes

Featuring lively author interviews with host Kelly Hughes.
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Aura - The Swashbuckling Mermaid

5-STAR BOOKS - The New Book Release Podcast!Mar 13, 2021

Aura - The Swashbuckling Mermaid

Aura - The Swashbuckling Mermaid 

Aura, The Swashbuckling Mermaid, talks about her new coffee table book and her special book signing at the International Mermaid Museum at Westport Winery in Washington State on April 3.

Mar 13, 202122:31
Lyn Lesch - author of Intelligence in the Digital Age

Lyn Lesch - author of Intelligence in the Digital Age 

Lyn Lesch's latest book Intelligence in the Digital Age: How the Search for Something Larger May Be Imperiled examines how our current Internet age and people’s use of digital technologies may be affecting their mental capacities and emotive lives in ways in which it will become increasingly difficult for those people to explore a larger, more expansive consciousness.

After beginning with an examination of how people’s attention spans, working memories, and capacity for deep thought and reading are being imperiled by their addictive use of smart phones and PCs, the discussion continues with how this may be occurring at a deep level at which the brain creates short and long-term memories, pays attention, and thinks creatively.

The book then explores how these negative effects may impede the search to explore the limits of one’s thinking mind and memories in pursuit of a larger intelligence. People may have fewer opportunities to be successful in this pursuit simply because they will have lost access to important personal dynamics due to the effects of the digital world on their minds, brains, and inner lives.

May 13, 202032:45
Brian Lima, M.D. - author of Heart To Beat

Brian Lima, M.D. - author of Heart To Beat (order Heart To Beat on

Success is not reserved for the smartest or most talented―it’s earned by those who want it the most. Heart conquers all and the triumphant always go all in, never settling for anything less than their best effort.

As a leading heart transplant surgeon, Dr. Brian Lima’s life story is a testament to that mantra. He’s living proof that slow and steady still wins the race, and that the American Dream is alive and well. He persevered through countless challenges growing up in a Cuban immigrant family and defied the odds every step of the way. To fulfill his impossible dream, Dr. Lima opted for the road less traveled, enduring nearly twenty years of rigorous education and surgical training at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. In Heart to Beat, Dr. Lima shares the lessons learned throughout his improbable rise to the pinnacle of success in the medical field. He breaks down the keys to advancing well beyond your comfort zone and perceived limitations, regardless of your field of interest. No dream is too far-fetched and his Heart Way approach to life will help unleash your full potential and surpass your wildest expectations!

Dec 13, 201929:08