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61 Points

61 Points

By Carin Lockhart

Welcome to 61 points, your Mindful Podcast! Join me as we explore how to live authentic lives, staying aligned with our true North. We'll explore topics like mindfulness, change, meditation, intuition, and more. My name is Carin Lockhart, and I will be your host. I am a business leader, life coach, yoga nidra meditation guide, yoga instructor, and techie.
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Yoga Nidra Interview with Jeremy Wolf (March 2018)

61 PointsMar 02, 2023

Yoga Nidra Interview with Jeremy Wolf (March 2018)

Yoga Nidra Interview with Jeremy Wolf (March 2018)

Enjoy this interview with Jeremy Wolf in which he talks about yoga nidra - his deep experience, learning journey, practice, teaching experience, and various styles. Learn why yoga nidra is the heart of yoga.

Mar 02, 202341:08
Children's Nighty Nite Yoga Nidra Meditation

Children's Nighty Nite Yoga Nidra Meditation

This 11-minute children's meditation will enable your child to relax before falling asleep.

May 23, 202210:58
Kid's Meditation: Cultivate a Quiet Place

Kid's Meditation: Cultivate a Quiet Place

This 16.5-minute Amrit-style kids meditation helps your child find and cultivate that quiet place within.

Nov 24, 202116:25
Kosha Walking Meditation

Kosha Walking Meditation

This meditation enables you to integrate meditation with movement.  Find a place to walk that is free of traffic or other possible dangers - preferably a trail in nature - and play the meditation with a single earbud.  We'll travel through the layers of body, breath, and mind, finding peace and a new awareness of ourselves and our surroundings.

Jan 16, 202015:36
Vishuddha Chakra Meditation

Vishuddha Chakra Meditation

Enjoy a fresh 33 minute Amrit-style yoga nidra meditation.   This meditation plants the intention “I choose my words wisely. I speak truthfully and lovingly.”  You will be cued to hold your breath during this meditation.  If, for any reason, you should not hold your breath, breathe normally during these sections.  Get comfy and enjoy!! 

May 07, 201933:02
Nighty Night Yoga Nidra Meditation with Music

Nighty Night Yoga Nidra Meditation with Music

Some of my most popular meditations are the Nighty Nite yoga nidra recordings.  These meditations are intended to relax you and help you drift off to sleep.  There is no end section to bring you out of your meditative state: I take you to the deepest level of yoga nidra and let you stay there.  Enjoy!

Want to enjoy a library of over 50 meditations?  Try the Yoga Nidra Club at

Feb 02, 201919:09
Kids Yoga Nidra

Kids Yoga Nidra

Starting kids out early with a meditation practice fosters mindfulness, confidence and strong self-worth.  This Amrit-style meditation is designed for kids from 4 - 8.  Enjoy it yourself, meditating along with your child and making meditation a family practice.

Would you like access to my extensive library of yoga nidra meditations?  Subscribe to my Yoga Nidra Club:  

Jan 17, 201918:50
Amrit Kosha Meditation
Dec 06, 201835:03
It's all in Your Head Meditation
Oct 07, 201820:16
Walking Meditation - 19 minutes
Jun 10, 201819:01
The Beauty of the Bowl yoga nidra meditation - 19 minutes
May 24, 201819:05