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400 Reasons

400 Reasons

By Joshua DubJay Stanley

Keeping you up to date on new music from DubJayMusic, while promoting unsigned independent artists at the same time! Submit 2 songs and a small bio to
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400 reasons to love me

400 ReasonsApr 29, 2020

400 reasons to love me

400 reasons to love me

In this episode DubJay will be sharing his recent work. Albulm release announcement. Corona talk and much more tune in to the infected hour
Apr 29, 202053:56


Like the title, this episode will focus on my misic. Get ready im playing the best tracks from my catalog for yall! 400 Reasons!
Aug 20, 201901:37:08
Jul 26, 201919:37
Lets Talk! Keepin It 💯
Jul 19, 201932:48
MUSIC REVIEWS! Yall are the focus for this episode!!
Jul 15, 201930:54
400 Reasons Test Run

400 Reasons Test Run

Come join my podcast! This is the introduction to my new podcast! Here we will be discussing my new project 400 Reasons! Follow me on my journey as i keep you updated on whats new. I will also be doing music reviews and interviews with unsigned artists like myself for promotion and i will play their song on the podcast. SUBMIT 2 SONGS AND A SMALL BIO TO THEREALDUBJAY@GMAIL.COM
Jul 12, 201905:07