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Entry To Comics

Entry To Comics

By Will and Sam

Hey everyone! Welcome to Entry to Comics where the talk is all comics all the time!! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been reading comics since the Golden Age or if you’ve just recently been introduced to these awesome heroes and/or villains by the movies or latest series and want to know more about them and the universes that created them! This podcast, hosted by your fellow comic nerds Sam and Willie, will cover comics from Marvel to DC to Image to independents and all things in between!! We’ll cover storylines, illustrations, creators, and timelines! Join us as we go over a different comic every episode and take you through our roller coaster of emotions! Whether you’re reading these comics for the first time or have read them so much you memorized the words, this podcast is for you!!
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Falcon Vs Captain Werewolf Falcon

Entry To ComicsAug 04, 2021

Falcon Vs Captain Werewolf Falcon

Falcon Vs Captain Werewolf Falcon

Welcome back to another episode. On this episode Sam and Will go back to the marvel comic universe with "Captain America: Sam Wilson." They go over the first 3 issues and discuss similarities between the comics and the series "Falcon and the Winter Soldier." You can let us know how you are enjoying the podcast by reaching out to us at @entrytocomicspodcast on Instagram. Also follow @allenaustinsports on Instagram, and listen to his podcast Chart Choppers. Thanks again for listen see you next time.

Aug 04, 202101:10:05
The New 52 Justice league Origins

The New 52 Justice league Origins

Join Sam and Will as they take a deep dive into the first volume New 52 Justice League. Listen in as they go issue by issue and discuss events, as well as discuss the differences between DC's and Marvel's comic universe. Please rate, like, and subscribe to all our podcast platforms. Also, follow our Instagram page @entrytocomicspodcast.

Justice League Vol. 1: Origin

May 11, 202101:12:29
WandaVision - 2 Ships, 1 Vision

WandaVision - 2 Ships, 1 Vision

In this episode Sam and Willie discuss the hit Disney+ series "Wandavision." We discuss connections that the series has with the comics we read "House of M" and "The Vision". Also, talk about what we liked and did not like, and things that left us scratching our head. If you enjoyed or even hated "Wandavision" sit back and listen to these two cousins give their opinion. Please follow our podcast on Instagram @Entrytocomicspodcast. And follow @sierra_graphics, where Sam designed custom shirts and hoodies for the podcast. Thank you for your support please follow and leave a review.
Mar 16, 202101:16:51
The Vision Vs Wandavision
Mar 01, 202102:46:37
House of M Vs WandaVision

House of M Vs WandaVision

In this episode Sam and Will discuss the main story line of "House of M." They will also talk about how it it connects to the Disney+ series "WandaVision," and the rest of the Marvel cinematic universe. Sit back as we take you through Marvel's "House of M," no matter if its your first read or hundredth, you are bound to have a great time! 

Thank you to @krafty_krys on Instagram for making custom made shirts for our first episode. You can direct message her for all your custom print needs. 

House of M reading order

House of M 1+2

Civil war: House of M 1-5

H.O.M.: Masters of evil 1-4

H.O.M.: Avengers 1-5

Fantastic 4: H.O.M. 1-3

Spider-Man: H.O.M. 1-5

Iron Man: H.O.M. 1-3

Mutopia X 1-3

House of M 3-7

Mutopia X 4

House of M 8


Feb 21, 202102:05:37