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Marketing with Mavericks

Marketing with Mavericks

By Shantanu Chandra

I pick on the best brains in the marketing and product realm and gather their secrets to help improve your strategy for the product/services.
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Abhishek Kant - Influencer Marketing | EP #001

Marketing with MavericksJan 25, 2019

Viraj Phanse - Marketing in Product Management | EP#006

Viraj Phanse - Marketing in Product Management | EP#006

Viraj Phanse is a Product Manager at Oracle and has been playing the role of a PM for past several years. His expertise in strategy and product management roles has brought him many accolades. He got inspired to create a bigger impact which working as a software developer back in India; something which I can relate with. His skills are shining now more than ever, ever since he started interviewing other product managers on his blog "Beer with a Product Manager".

He talks about how he combined the traditional marketing with the digital world to generate optimum results for his organisation translating into the growth of top line and bottom line. You would guess a techie like him would be in favor of the latest tech shenanigans - Find out his views on chat-bots, technically known as Conversational AI !

Jul 10, 201909:21
Bob William - The Differential Advantage in Marketing | EP#005

Bob William - The Differential Advantage in Marketing | EP#005

Prof. Bob Williams - Provides seminars on leadership, business and market planning and strategy, career path consulting and executive coaching. Currently teaches Management, Strategy and Marketing at the undergraduate level and MBA level at The College of William and Mary. 

Specialties: Branding, strategic planning, managing and leading high tech companies, business development and marketing.


In the podcast, he talks about -

How customers are the source of any business and hence marketing is the source of revenue generation, every other domain such as finance, accounting, investment even portfolio management seeds from the customers itself.

Future of marketing is purely based on data. AI is dipping into marketing.

Visualize the virtuous cycle of marketing through AI, customer and data relationship.

How is the differential advantage is helping the new age business models.

Learn about the 5th P - Participation

#lifetimevalue #marketing #digitization #podcasting #designthinking #branding 

Feb 22, 201917:56
Dawn Edmiston - A Digital Marketing Professor's Perspective | EP#004

Dawn Edmiston - A Digital Marketing Professor's Perspective | EP#004

Professor Dawn Edmiston talks about her time at Discovery and how the Titanic expedition was monetized through marketing. Find out what Discovery did about starting the  an e-commerce website. Learn more about her at

"If you could digitize it, you could monetize it" a quote which professor Edmiston used very often those days. She later talks about the online and digital channel in the education sector. She also helped curate the online MBA program at William and Mary (W&M). 

Future of marketing is driven by digital and data. Data is the new currency. It will help companies look at the Customer Lifetime Value.

Marketing is the only division that is enterprise driven. Marketers are the discipline that instantly focuses on customer needs. Marketing maps the customer journey from start to finish. In this world of social clutter it is more important than ever to have a listening approach to reach the customer. Professor Edmiston likes Designing Your Life, a Stanford book, which talks about Design Thinking approach in day to day life.

Feb 15, 201917:60
Ken White - Ad Equivalencies | EP #003 Marketing with Mavericks
Feb 07, 201917:20
Matt Williams - Advertising | EP #002

Matt Williams - Advertising | EP #002

Humanity has to invent things, humanity has to be inspired by something, AI cannot replace humans. Creative aspect of marketing will become more and more informed by data and more and more enable by technology but it will always be founded by someone with a pulse - having an amazing idea.

Insight into marketing with GEICO - revolutionized insurance advertising. Richard Branson is the textbook definition of Maverick. We can now create experience with technology and virtual reality.

Fortune 500 companies have to unlearn the things in the marketing realm to stay or grow from where they are.

Theme of experimentation and beginners mindset is the most important for the upcoming marketing leaders. {Try it - learn - repeat} constant experimentation and loving that discomfort is the identity of a new marketer. When you have 65-75% belief in something, that is how you learn.

Jan 31, 201917:37
Abhishek Kant - Influencer Marketing | EP #001

Abhishek Kant - Influencer Marketing | EP #001

#ML #AI Data collection, Data Analysys, and Personalization are three in continum that marketer are called upon to do. He talks about how influencer marketing is a major part of the Integrated Marketing Communication. Marketing is as much art as much it is science.
Jan 25, 201913:20