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Muslim Manga Meta

Muslim Manga Meta

By Hamed & Aureolin

In this series, we talk about all things Muslim Manga, from Muslim Manga updates to in-depth discussions on the modern Muslim world.
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What is Nur City?

Muslim Manga MetaMar 08, 2021

What is Nur City?

What is Nur City?

So if you have been following
Muslim Manga from time to time, you may have come across the words "Nur.City". So what is this Nur City exactly?

This is the name of Muslim Manga's community. It seemed vital to have a platform where our fans and community members could interact with one another, allowing us to grow together, personally, and creatively. Nur.City is the evolution of that community vision that has come about through the years.

What to do in Nur City?

Similar to physical cities, as well as certain games, Nur City also has a lot of places you can go to.

Once you get through immigration in the city hall, after applying to be a Nurizen (Nur City citizen), you will first see the intro garden, where you can introduce yourself to the community, and then you will also see the beautiful plaza. The plaza is the most bustling place in Nur City. Nurizens from around the globe gather there, and different hours of the day and just have fun hanging out together.

There is also Nur City Media (NCM) the Culture Center, and the Omotenashi Mansion that are accessible to you once you become a citizen.

Nur City Media (NCM) is a place to get the latest updates from Muslim Manga and other noteworthy pieces of information. The Culture center is for getting updates from the latest Muslim Manga series, such as Muslim Manga Club, WaSalam, and Journey of a Muslim. Ometenashi Masnion is a place where Nurizens gather and play games, such as role playing, drawing shiritori, and complete the manga, to name a few.

You get access to these, just starting out. Of course if you want to explore and get access to more parts of the city, you can do that too. Depending on what you do, you can get access to the Poji Tower, Majime Tower, and the University of Nur City (UNC).

Poji Tower is a special tower for our patrons to chill at. It is filled with cool rewards channels and other secret patreon only areas. To get access, you will need to become a patron of Muslim Manga Majime Tower is a an area for productivity. The productivity part of Muslim Manga evolved into the Majime tower of Nur City. Majime means serious in Japanese, and this is the area for people who are serious about their community contributions. To get access to this part, you will need to apply on And then we have the University of Nur City (UNC). To get access to UNC, you will need to submit your college application essay. After you have been accepted into the university, you will gain access to different departments of UNC, particularly, the Japanese department, and the many many clubs we have at the university.

Among the clubs available at the University of Nur City, a few of the popular ones include MIC (Manga Illustration Club), Memers, a club for sharing memes, and NurLingGo, a club for discussing linguistic things, including the building of the Nur City Dictionary. The dictionary contains words created and used in the city, as well as examples sentences to help new citizens acclimate into the city as soon as possible.

How to become a Nurizen
I am sure you have already realized, but Nur City is a really fun and happening place. To get started, head over to and click on join us

Mar 08, 202121:35