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 None Of Your Business With Robert DeLude the Podcast Dude

None Of Your Business With Robert DeLude the Podcast Dude

By Robert De Lude

Revamped NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS PODCAST With Robert DeLude The Podcast dude
We are still a self-help style podcast and we are also going to not only focus on self-help, We might talk about business, or marketing or might just have a random conversation; Storytelling from the heart. Your host Robert DeLude knows what it means personally to go through hell and come back stronger than ever, Robert now has conversations with people who have overcome their own struggles and now living the life of their dreams. We all go through struggles it doesn't matter where you came from, you can overcome them
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Feeling overserved and overwhelmed? With Taylor Pizza.

None Of Your Business With Robert DeLude the Podcast Dude May 29, 2023

Feeling overserved and overwhelmed? With Taylor Pizza.

Feeling overserved and overwhelmed? With Taylor Pizza.

Happy Memorial Day, From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you to everyone who has served in any way shape, or form.

You can find Taylor on Instagram here and her podcast here on Spotify if you listen on Apple just search Overserved and overwhelmed.

If you want to learn more about the Black Diamond Club and want to grow and scale your business and be around the elite check this link here

If you need a podcast consultant, social media manager or someone to produce your podcast contact Robert @ or 406-461-2243.

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In this episode Taylor and Robert Talk about Starting over in your late twenties, Taylor drops some hot dating tips for your potential relationships, She dives deep into the dos and the dont's in your love life, This podcast is for anyone who wants to build and happy and healthy relationship after a lot of self-improvement and starting over if you are looking for Romance, Confidence and Comedy then listen to this you will get the best relationship strategies and online dating horror stories.

17:00 Like, okay. What is the fucking, I'm just curious now. Like, what is the job like Hey at, um, it's different for every level. So the entity, it depends on the entity. I mean, I was hiring across, I'm hiring across the board by the way. If anyone's interested in a job, lemme know. Um, there you go. Just like a little plug.


Hey guys, welcome to none of your business podcasts, and today is Memorial Day and I just want to take a second to honor everyone who has served. Um, law enforcement into any branch in the military, firefighters, EMTs, anyone who has died to fight in the honor of this country and their families. So I just want to thank you.


I feel you. I feel you. I think that, like for a guy I'll give, I'll give the gentleman listening with tidbit. Just be like a true gentleman. Like open the door, make the plan. There's nothing worse than going out with someone asking you out and be then being like, so what do you wanna do? I don't know. You asked me out.

Tell me, women, like as much as we like to, and this be empowered and make our own money and do all that, which everyone should, if that's there, you know, chosen prerogative. Um, I think it's nice when a guy has the courtesy to like, take the lead on a first d you know, and like pick the place and pick it out.


I'm like, I love you. And they're like, well, you're fucking weird. Fucking can't get the fuck outta here. And I'm like, what am I doing wrong? Uh, so lots of, lots and lots of working on myself and trying to find out what works and what doesn't work. And like, like I said, I'm recovering addict, an alcoholic.

And I said, people who are on apps are not always single facts. They're not always single. So you don't know what you're getting and you can get catfish and all this other stuff. But I think it's just having a level of confidence. Just go. Up to someone. I had someone approach me once in a crosswalk, like the light was turning green.


Nice. And I nearly bit his head off because he like came up, it was like 10 o'clock at night in the crosswalk in Manhattan. Oh, well he's like, I was like, fair enough. Yeah. I'd rather meet somebody in person. Like yes. Yeah. That's just me. But I mean, I think that a compliment always works. Hmm. Like, hey, love your smile.

May 29, 202301:03:58
Living in the moment with a solution with Sara Magner LCPC.
Apr 19, 202340:48
Go Pursue what you obsoletely want to! With Alexa Snyder

Go Pursue what you obsoletely want to! With Alexa Snyder

Click here for all of Alexa's info

Follow us here

17:00-Oh, man, that's hard. Like, when you're deep in prep and you're hungry. Yeah, when you're asking. Yeah, it's really hard. I'm not going to lie. You start coming up with, like, the wildest shit to try to distract yourself. So. So for me, I was able to I could eat fruits, I'm sorry, vegetables for the majority of my prep.

23:00-So I did the Texas Cup last year, and then a week after that I went to Nationals, which was broadcasted it was a broadcasted show. So there were thousands of people watching that.

33:00-that's the other thing is starting out in a gym. And then another piece of advice I would give somebody is learn your own biomechanics. There are certain movements that your body does not agree with and trying to push yourself to do those just because you saw it on your favorite Instagrammers Instagram.


Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, I agree with that. So is there any books that if it was if this was like Christmas time or a birthday or just because you want to give someone something, what books would you gift someone? And why would you gift that book?

Apr 03, 202353:24
Finding a mutual benefit with the other None of your Business Podcast Dr. Shawn Dill and Dr. Lacey Book

Finding a mutual benefit with the other None of your Business Podcast Dr. Shawn Dill and Dr. Lacey Book


And welcome back, guys. All right. So we've been gone for a while now. We're going to change some things up some weeks. We might have inspirational stories or we might just have tips and tricks on how to run your business. Sometimes we might just email conversations, but let's get this show on the road once again. I love you all.


, people's memories are awfully short. And, you know, and I think that when it's your reputation, it's it's easy to think like my reputation is ruined, this is permanent. But I mean, listen, there are endless stories of people who have had missteps in their lives and that have managed to turn things around. For me, because memory is short, the key to reversing a misstep, you know, especially if you feel like your reputation was damaged, is consistency in the other direction by having discipline and consistency in showing up and proving to the world that whatever it was, if you were like,


If they just wanted to be part of the community, I think being part of the community is just somebody that wants to be surrounded by supportive, successful individuals that are really out there trying to build a business and do their best by the people that they serve. If that's what you want and that's what you're looking for, you're a great fit for the Black Diamond Club.


like a muscle. You can build up the ability to make quick decisions. So start with something small like lunch where we will eat and take over. Being the person that always decides where you're going to eat with your significant other, don't hand that off to anybody else and then decide what you want in advance and stick to that decision.


Our favorite place on the planet is Abama, a small island in the Canary Islands.


Most people are non not intentional about who they would like to meet. Number two I've identified if I knew that I wanted to meet you, I would have to know why I wanted to meet you so that when I meet it, when I met you, I knew what to ask you. Right? And so a lot of people, again, I get this a lot where people are like, you know, oh, I had an opportunity to, you know, recently I took my good friend Grant Dennis to this charity event.


Yeah, I would I would 100% agree. I mean, being manipulative is that I'm trying to enter into the relationship just so that I could benefit versus being intentional is I see value for both of us. Yeah, I think that's one of the hardest things though for people because I get this a lot with a lot of my clients.

Special thanks to James and luke for making this happen.

Instagram and websites you tube and podcast   BDCLIVE ( money mondays ) on wednesday now

Mar 20, 202341:31
Aligning your values with Dr Mel.
Jan 02, 202357:15
Do Big things You can do whatever you want W Dr. Christine Zapata

Do Big things You can do whatever you want W Dr. Christine Zapata

Find her here Dr. Christine Zapata on Instagram.

Check out her website here 


None Of Your Business by Dr. Shawn Dill & Dr. Lacey Book

Your Next Five Moves by PBD

Jan 19, 202245:32
Never Give Up! With Dr. Mel Krug
Jan 05, 202201:18:21
Your Cup is Refillable. With Dawn Rosemond
Sep 06, 202158:07
Be Kind to Yourself. With DR Colleen Mullen
Aug 30, 202152:52
Whole Heartedly you're enough with Tori Franco
Aug 23, 202101:08:20
#116 Do it with passion or don't do it at all. With Jessie Lee

#116 Do it with passion or don't do it at all. With Jessie Lee

This is a super special episode for you guys today We got Jesse Lee #imbosslee who is a serial entrepreneur, Investor, Host of The People's Mentor  Podcast. ( Jessie Lee is The people's mentor )

In this episode Jessie Lee spits fire the entire show, I learned a lot and I hope you guys do too.

Jessie Lee is full of energy and passion in what she does, She is a hustler and the number #1 Network Marketer in the world.  check out off of her links 

One thing i want to share with you is I'm starting to be a life coach be sure to find me on Instagram and let me transform your life.

keep up with Robert and the Podcast at 

Photo credit From Jessie lee IG 

May 17, 202143:15
#115 The world needs more empathy With Drew Manning.

#115 The world needs more empathy With Drew Manning.

Drew Manning is back in the spotlight with a new challenge he is calling Fit2Fat2Forty! He will be purposely gaining weight AGAIN, while following select “fad” diets and doing them wrong and then losing the pounds by doing them right, all just in time for his 40th birthday in December 2020.

Drew Manning is a well known Keto coach, physical trainer, and NY Times Best Selling Author of the book Fit2Fat2Fit.  Best known for his Fit2Fat2Fit experiment that went viral, Drew gained over a million followers as he documented his 75 pound weight gain and weight loss journey back in 2011. His podcast has over 2.5 million downloads and he's been featured on TV shows such as Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, The View and many more. His experiment has become a hit TV show, called Fit to Fat to Fit, airing on A&E & Lifetime. Drew recently wrote and published his second book, Complete Keto, which is available wherever books are sold now.

Drew is someone who takes fitness and health very seriously and shares compassion with people who struggle with losing weight. He believes empathy is something that's missing from the fitness industry because not everyone understands how hard it can be and empathy bridges the gap and is key to understanding why some people struggle with transformation.   Drew is the father of two daughters and resides in Utah. 

Apr 01, 202130:38
#114 Sexuality is completely underestimated With Emily Gaudreau.
Mar 19, 202147:45
#113 Be an overcomer and do what the fuck you want to do With Elle Petrillo

#113 Be an overcomer and do what the fuck you want to do With Elle Petrillo

Speaker 3: (03:50)
Um, well I guess God, so, um, about 2018 there we were at another company, the majority of, uh, well, not the majority now, but at the time when we started, uh, we were at another company and, um, myself and two other people were let go on the same day. And so it was unexpected, um, to say the least. And, uh, in Tennessee, you may or may not know this. You don't have to give a reason for letting someone go. Um, and I was a contractor at the time too. So, um, with that, then someone else had left the company and there was a few other people that exited and, uh, we decided to start brand builders group because there was a huge hole in the market for people that took a holistic approach to personal branding. Um, and so through that experience, it came like something that was so terrible and awful at the time, um, was probably one of the biggest blessings I've ever received in my life.
like three things that you would tell them to like get started,

Speaker 3: (05:03)
Um, commit to it, like commit to the process. Um, brand building is a process. There's a lot of, one of my favorite things that Lori says is it's possible to do the rebate. And he's one of our founders. He's also in New York times best selling author. Um, but one of the things he says it's possible to do the right thing at the wrong time. And so when you see a lot of people that come to us, they've already invested in, um, you know, a core like learning how to create a course, they're learning how to become an Instagram influencer or like learning, writing a book and self-publishing it. And, um, or maybe they just built a website. And so biggest thing is commit to the process. Um, and there is a specific order to go in. The second thing I would say is to be patient, um, there is also a lot of things out there, like, you know, make six figures in your first launch, which is doable.

Speaker 3: (05:58)
It is possible, right. Um, however people expect to the number, one of the number, one questions I get all the time. It's like, well, how long will it take? Um, and that really depends on each person and their situation. So I think there's also an element of not to be patient. You have to look at this as you're not just building a brand, you're building a business and no one expects a business to be a seven figure business, um, within six months. So why would you expect your brand to generate that? And there's this, there's a lot of marketing that made people go like make money with your brand and make it so easy. But essentially no one would ever say, build your business that quickly. And everyone would think that's easy. It's just the context there. Um, the third thing I would say someone's coming to work with us is that, um, you have to be on a mission.

@elle_petrillo on Instagram

Speaker 4: (24:19)
So, you know, if you can wake up and have the perfect day, wake up anywhere in the world with whoever you wanted or alone, and you didn't have to do anything, whatever the perfect day, what would your perfect day look like?

Feb 07, 202137:44
#112 You're Enough With Tori Franco
Jan 25, 202152:36
#111 The Life Of Gentry with Gentry Jones

#111 The Life Of Gentry with Gentry Jones

we talk about sobriety in this 

Jan 07, 202130:19
#110 Be kind to your future self and do good deeds. With David Meltzer

#110 Be kind to your future self and do good deeds. With David Meltzer

David Meltzer is the Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire. Considered one of the top Esports entrepreneurs and investors, David is also a three-time international best-selling author, Top 100 Business Coach, and host of the top entrepreneur podcast, The Playbook.

David is the Executive Producer of the Bloomberg and Amazon television series 2 Minute Drill and is the executive producer of Entrepreneur’s #1 digital business show, Elevator Pitch. David is featured in many books, movies, and TV shows such as World’s Greatest Motivators, Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy and Beyond the Secret, airing on Netflix. Additionally, he has been recognized by Variety Magazine as their Sports Humanitarian of the Year and awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

His life’s mission is to empower OVER 1 BILLION people to be happy! This simple yet powerful mission has led him on an incredible journey to provide one thing…VALUE. In all his content and communication, that’s exactly what you’ll receive. For the past 20 years, David has been providing free weekly trainings to empower others to be happy. 

Dec 23, 202021:38
#109 Everyone is deserving of love with Levi Bessette

#109 Everyone is deserving of love with Levi Bessette

Levi Bessette is a Missoula native and an alumnus of Lowell Elementary, Hellgate High School, and the University of Montana, where he was elected as ASUM senator and graduated with high honors. After tragically losing his father in 2000, Levi turned to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to self medicate and avoid the pain of his loss. His use quickly escalated to daily abuse, and in 2005, he checked himself into treatment in Great Falls. Levi has since dedicated his life to helping people, with his focus on addicts (persons experiencing substance abuse disorder), in hopes of supporting them in finding recovery.  Levi's success in helping those around him can be largely attributed to his acceptance in addressing his own mental health challenges ie, Severe Major Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, Adult Learning Disorders, and Polysubstance Dependence, in FSR (Substance Abuse Disorder/Addiction), he works tirelessly to help others better understand the disease of addiction by speaking locally and nationally, all while re-attending the University of Montana full time, being a single parent and maintaining his own recovery. Due to the support and encouragement from the recovery community, his friends, family, the community of Missoula, doctors, and counselors he has been able to not only be an active member of society, but he has been able to also be an asset to humanity at large.  Levi's hope is to eliminate the stigma the Addicts face and be 'the voice for the voiceless' while supporting them until they find theirs.  He believes everyone is deserving of love, empathy, and support.

Levi Bessette

Dec 17, 202042:18
#108 Whats Your Why With Vira Egli

#108 Whats Your Why With Vira Egli

Vira Egli is one of the amazing Co-Host on the new podcast Talk Insurance To Me is a podcast that spotlights the California Insurance Industry. We invite you to learn from, laugh with, shout at, cry with and give love to the amazing and diverse CA insurance professionals that come on here to share their stories.
Vira is also the co-founder of the Why story,

Dec 08, 202032:31
# 107 Being a man of action with Jim Wendler ( edited)

# 107 Being a man of action with Jim Wendler ( edited)

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving 

check out @sweetspicy on Instagram

follow me @noneofyourbusinesspodcast


@eastcoasttags prmo code NOYB

Nov 28, 202001:13:24
Nov 04, 202058:17
#105 Finding your north star with Nicholas Hinrichsen

#105 Finding your north star with Nicholas Hinrichsen

Today's guest is Nicholas Hinrichsen, my Stanford MBA friend who started a Venture Capital backed automotive company in 2013 and sold the business to Carvana in 2017. To do so, Nicholas went through the startup accelerator YCombinator in 2014 and raised $10M of Venture Capital by 2015.

After his successful exit, Nicholas wanted to do more good for the world and started his next venture Clutch to save Americans thousands of dollars in car payments. The technology platform allows you to refinance your auto loan in seconds and from the comfort of your home.

This conversation I think will transform your life, we need the mindset on how to pivot and move in a digital world, 




Oct 23, 202040:19
#104 How following your passions can heal your soul. With April Werle

#104 How following your passions can heal your soul. With April Werle

 Um, I have to not watch the news. I have to limit my time on social media. Um, I think, I mean, you know, black lives matter is so important and it's really important to stay engaged with it. Um, but I think there are, there are people where it's necessary to focus on like the negatives and like share these clips of bad things happening because we need to spread awareness. But at the same time, we also need the people that stay positive because we have to spread positive energy. Um, and that's by sharing your favorite black artists and creators, you know, um, I think both of them are equally as important and, um, I try to participate by sharing my favorite BiPAP creators and black creators. And, um, but otherwise I just like have a really hard time because of my depression to engage in so much negativity.
Speaker 2: (
So me, you know, I do a lot of the same things. Um, I try and I get, uh, you know, people who are supporting the blog has been on my podcast and I want to share their story on there. Um, I just try and stay away from the negative and the negativity as much as possible. I don't watch the news, but really getting people who have been directly affected on it, all my podcasts. Like I want to hear your story. Like I think if as a white male who grew up in Helena Montana, like I, I need to do something like, I didn't realize that white privilege was a thing. Like, okay, let me re word that. I knew
Speaker 1: (34:12)
Yeah. I think it also just depends on where you are when I'm in Missoula. I like just don't ever think about my skin color, but I have the luxury of being mixed and mixed Asian. So, um, so it's different for me than it is for other people, but that I've heard stories about that. Um, my, my sister, she is my half sister. She's super fair, blue eyes, really light blonde hair. And her husband is African American and they lived in Helena for awhile, um, kinda like
Speaker 1: (35:18)
I think my mom shielded us from it for sure. When we were growing up, um, I, there's a story that she'll always tell people, um, about when I was four years old, we were in Walmart and, um, and I was in the car and this little boy that was my age. He was also in his mom's car in the checkout line. Just said, Hey mom, look at that girl. She's ugly. And he is talking about my skin color. And I think since, especially after then, my mom always made sure that like, she'd always tell us, you should be so proud to be Filipino. And like, she never said Filipino American, like we were always Filipino at home. Um, which was like a struggle after I've traveled to the Philippines a couple of times because, um, being a mix is a different struggle because you never feel like you belong anywhere. Um, yeah. Yeah. Like here I'm not white enough to be white. And then in the Philippines, I'm not Filipino enough to be Filipino, you know? So, um, so in college I kind of figured out that I can't ever call myself one or the other. So now I go by Filipino American and it helps my identity so  Instagram: @aprilwerle

TikTok: @aprilwerle

Sep 30, 202042:14
#103 Its never to late to do something good with The God Father Of West Coast Hip Hop.

#103 Its never to late to do something good with The God Father Of West Coast Hip Hop.

Speaker 2: (00:24)
I am a hip hop entrepreneur started back in 1978 on the nightclubs on a nightclub on record company called crewcut records. I'm the leader of a group called world-class record group, which was the first group for dr. Dre, DJ yellow clientele, him, myself, Jay DJ Yella, and DJ young. Dr. Dre, when upcoming NWA, I was one that got ice cube, his first record deal, and a group called stereo crew. He was on my label as well under the crew cut records. So you see the movie straight outta Compton. Um, if you ever have seen that movie, he has a guy portraying me in the movie. He's a club owner. Good looking guy. Oh, what is Jerry curl? And you've given Jay a hard time allegedly about playing hip hop songs in his club. Something that never really happened, but you know, that whole situation has changed my life considerably. So I take it.
Speaker 2: (09:41)
ell, first we're going to hand I had no musical experience. That was the first trouble. Um, I was, uh, at a young age, I was a DJ sound, a DJ, and fresh out of high school in 75. And, uh, when I believe to go to broadcast school and get a broadcast license, I wanted to be in radio and that didn't happen. But I was, it was right in the middle of the disco era. So I was able to start playing in nightclubs at 19. I thought I went be in a nightclub, only told me, Hey man, I need a DJ. I need a free DJ. Okay. Just don't drink any alcohol, no problem. I don't drink anyway. So I would DJ the club and get my experience. And um, by the time I was 21, I had my own nightclub. And um, my, I think my biggest experience, what my biggest thing I had overcome was, um, not knowing how to make a record.  Speaker 2: (28:37)
Teach you about credit in schools, man. Credit is one of the most important things you can have in your life. They won't teach it in school. Okay. Credit? I mean, you would think credit would be credit literacy and financial literacy would be something that would be a part of home economics. Okay. I don't need to know how to bake a cake. Okay. The only thing I'm learning to do in home economics when it came to, um, financial literacy with how to write a check, that was it. Okay. They show me how to write a check. Alright. And it jumped me. I didn't have my account too, but they still got it. Right.
Speaker 2: (32:33)
bought new equipment and um, I do more podcasts than I do more editing. And you asked me about my morning routine. My morning routine is those three things. You know, I get up and I, uh, evening bowl the bowl of Cheerios and I'm starting my day. Take my vitamins. I'm a vitamin that. So I have about four or five vitamins I take every morning. Um, just to give me, give me started. And they weren't for me, they keep me active, keeps me going. And I'm wanting to put them on my website too. So you can find out what I take. Keep me up.

Aug 29, 202038:54
#102 How to show the world what you can offer while being your authentic self With Artisha Bolding.

#102 How to show the world what you can offer while being your authentic self With Artisha Bolding.

Now keep in mind at the time I'm only 38 years old, no medical history, nothing. Right. So this is like completely bananas. And what I found out that was going on, doctors still don't know the root cause, but I was experiencing simultaneous, uh, cardiac failure and respiratory failure. Really? Yes. And it was when I tell you Robert, it was so insane. Like I'm really thankful my family, especially my husband rallied around me, you know, to try to make sure, you know, doctors were doing their best and everything, but it was just really crazy. But, um, and you know, I literally in March before the final hospital say, I actually left with an oxygen tank. I had to have 24 hour oxygen support, like dragging that thing behind me. It was, it was terrible. It was terrible. But literally after getting, you know, release from the ICU downgraded to a regular hospital room, this was may of 2018. I began to write, I immediately began journaling. I began having different types of discussions with my family and even with my caregivers at the hospital. And I knew that it was a literal shock to my system, but a shock to my spirit as well. And so my path just changed forever changed forever. And so journal for your journey was birthed out of that, just having a positive outlook every day, centering yourself and not so much chasing dollars and neglecting the soul work as I call it.Yeah. Instead of going for your purpose and not the dollar sign then.Yes. And then, um, the second book I actually, um, just release a little over a month ago, it's called inductions of power. So the first book is faith based. The second one is, um, strictly self development and professional development it's mindset based. And it's really going to be most helpful for folks who are looking to, um, people that I talk to all the time, like career changers, people who want to be even aspiring authors or entrepreneurs, just the mindset that it takes to go to that next level of self development. (09:48):And how did you get to the next level of self development? (09:51):Oh, well it's, I mean, this has really been a rough road. I will say that. So let me give you just a little bit more history. As far as with, you know, I out of college, you know, jump right into corporate America. I have, um, a very storied if you will background, but in, you know, working in corporate America very early on, I knew that I was just not going to spend the rest of my life working for someone else because I saw how my bosses were relying so heavily on my organizational and operational vision yet they wouldn't give me the autonomy nor the pay that I desire. So, you know, that, that kind of went on for, you know, quite a few years actually. But when I experienced this major health crisis, I had time to really be still, I had time to really sit with my thoughts and to think about what I wanted my life to be moving forward instead of just kind of the monotony of it and to get up and go and okay, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
@eastcoasttags NOYB

Aug 19, 202050:51
#101 How to achieve your calling without getting in your own way. With Michelle Ould

#101 How to achieve your calling without getting in your own way. With Michelle Ould

 (07:39):And that's when I kind of realized, like if I have to steal from a drug dealer that I'm actually sleeping with and I just, I pretty sure I, if you can overdose on cocaine, I did. And I didn't go to the hospital. I instead left and, and I felt that here's the thing is that I felt justified when I stole it from him because he owed me money. And what, how, how did I punish him by doing all of it and pretty much giving myself a heart attack. I crashed, landed into my dad's life again, you know, and he was, you know, he'd been waiting for me and he had 25 years of sobriety. Yeah. So he knew exactly how to deal with me. And I wanted to put myself into a treatment center and we'd been, I've been battling with painkiller addiction for probably a good six years since I'd started accruing a ton of injuries from martial arts. (17:23) Cause I don't want to say it's necessarily that I'm fighting anything, but I will fight for my sobriety 100% because I'm fighting for my life and I need to hold onto my sobriety by any means necessary. And I don't necessarily want to fight anymore, but I'm willing to fight for that. So absolutely. And you know, just showing up, you know what I mean? Like that's all you have to do. That's what my coaches would say. You don't feel good today. I don't give a shit. You just show up. We don't know how it's going to go. But the fact that you showed up, you know what I mean? When you go to a fight, you better show the fuck up. And that's what you gotta do every single day in your sobriety sometimes multiple times a day.(35:02):So I like to have tea, caffeine, free tea. And then I like to like to listen to a podcast or like to read a book. And then I try and put my phone down for like 45 minutes before I actually fall asleep and I just drink my tea, read my book or listen to like an audiobook or podcast or something. And then, I go to sleep. And I'm not perfect at that. I knew that about four out of seven days a week. There are some days in the week where I, I fall asleep watching Netflix or something. And then my morning routine, I like to wake up. I like to put on right now I've changed my morning routine since this pandemic. I used to listen to a podcast first thing in the morning, but now I listen to like ETS Eric Thomas's motivational podcast, or I'll listen to like, like a confidence boost, like music while I'm taking a shower and then I'll sit and meditate for about five, 10 minutes and then I'll pray and get on with my day. And again, I do that about four of the seven days a week. I'm not perfect at it, but I try and have that consistency on what I'm doing. I love that.
(43:27):Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Fuck. We are some lucky motherfuckers right here. You know, if you say you're, your last fight, you knew it was your last fight and you were walking to the octagon and the little girl or boy or person, whatever, wanted a piece of advice that you were going to get for them on the way to your last fight and they want it and you want it to impact that little girl or a little person or the younger version of you. What do you think you would tell that person?
Social Media @thesobermompreneur
Podcast The Sober Mompreneur promo code NOYB
@eastcoasttags @noneofyourbusinesspodcast @robertdelude

Aug 04, 202054:56
#100 Defining what you stand for with DR lacey Book & DR Shawn Dill.

#100 Defining what you stand for with DR lacey Book & DR Shawn Dill.

( 01:00) And this is Episode 100. None Of Your Business podcast. So, first off, thank you, everyone, who has supported me along the way, much less. And for Episode 100 It's a huge deal for me and for you guys. So I got Dr. Lacey both and Dr. Shawn Dill on. And they're the authors of None Of Your Business, the book, and they have a podcast called the None Of Your Business podcast. So we just get to have a conversation I get to learn more about them and their habits, their lives and how they work together as a team.

(11:00) Well, the genesis of the book really, for us being chiropractors. And then our trajectory led us to where we were working with service providers in a myriad of different fields through something we believe in relational capital. We believe in long term relationships with the people that we work with, and collaboration. And so we were beginning through our relationships to meet other people in other industries. But one central thing that we noticed was that, in our opinion, some of the best and most skilled individuals in their field of providing some sort of a service, they lived in relative obscurity, mostly because they didn't embrace the marketing and sales side of the business. When mindset and mindset I mean, in the same thing, you know, we're having this conversation. And you know, neither of us have, you know, premier first level podcasts and that's not a function of question. quality of the podcast. It's a function of marketing, marketing dollars getting the podcast in front of people driving listeners, downloads, etc. which is why it's like you said that it makes sense to come together and do a podcast and have some fun and vice versa to have you on our podcast as well, because it just creates exposure. But the world that we live in is that, you know, we have like television, you have people figures like Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz. But in all reality, we don't really know. I mean, even in today's current climate, you have Dr. Fauci the fact that you're on TV makes you an instant expert, but we don't really know if these individuals are actually.
(36:00) Well, I think that everyday important to sort of begin with a thought of a visualization, a time of, you know, either silence meditation visualization, where you begin to kind of map out and see how your day is going to play out. I don't I think that many people Just allow the data to come to them. You know, so you need to kind of figure out what that's going to look like so that you're on your agenda and you're on your task. I like to then also look at my calendar, Lacey and I, one of the other elements, or one of our principles is that we're very strict with our time. It's so easy, people really struggle with that, right? Like your time gets away from you. And so we're very, very controlled with our time. And so we have our schedule, and so I like to look at my schedule as I'm mapping it out. I know Okay, so this meeting this call, I've got to do this, w
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#099 Setting boundaries while building a well rounded life. With Kelly Stone.

#099 Setting boundaries while building a well rounded life. With Kelly Stone.

In this episode, I learned a valuable tool “The Should do list” from today's guest Kelly Stone and at the time of this recording Kelly Just appeared on The TV Show The Titans Games on NBC.
Kelly is a Physical therapist; Kelly shares her story.
Kelly tells us about her little perk about meeting the Rock (Dwayne the Rock Johnson)
Kelly practices what she preaches, her lifestyle are her habits, Kelly Emphasizes on Health and Wellness why its so vital for your life.
While you are listening to this conversation, I want you to think about your habits and send Kelly or myself about your habits or what habits you would like to work on.
What I really admire about Kelly was her outlook on life!
This description is way shorter than normal hope you guys enjoy.
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#098 Embracing your own uniqueness & celebrating what you were born with. With Kelsey Young

#098 Embracing your own uniqueness & celebrating what you were born with. With Kelsey Young

So like my gratitude, which is the first thing I do every single day, um, water, I'm always like super, super hydrated. Um, that's just one that I used to like, let slipped by. Like I would forget about it and I'd be like, Oh, look, why do I feel kind of like, like shit. And I have a headache and I'm tired and I have no energy, like all the time, but so water, it's just so important and it's easy to forget, um, movement. So like I move every single day, move my body every single day. So whether it's an intense workout or I jump on my spin bike or run, or just go for long walks and my dogs, like I move, I move a lot. Like, you know, I have my Apple watch that I, my move goal on and I'm, you know, I'm really competitive. So like I aim to over 10, 12,000 steps every day, um, meditation.Speaker 2: 23:23And, uh, I use the calm app, which I'm loving and, um, sorry for getting my other asleep. I go to bed at 9:00 PM, no matter what. Yeah. Sometimes like Friday or Saturday sometimes like, I'll stay up till 10, but even new year's Eve. Like I was in bed at 10 o'clock. Yeah. Nine 30 on new year's Eve. There's no point. Yeah. It's not like, you know, um, also like the last couple of years, I'm really, um, I kind of am someone that hates like new year's resolutions. Like I'm like, I'm not gonna wait for a specific day, which is I used to do it. So like, that's why, you know, it used to be like, Oh yeah, I'm going to start tomorrow or Monday or new year's Eve or whatever. Like I'm not, you know, so, and I don't drink, so a huge, huge deal for me anymore, but yeah.Speaker 2: 24:38Yeah. Before this whole thing, what does that look like? So before the pandemic, I went to work, so I would wake up at five and work out, drink water, or do gratitude. Wow. And then you usually walk my dogs and then go to work. I'm like eight o'clock. And again, like I gotcha. I spend most of my day with dogs, so that's pretty awesome. Uh, I would work all day, come home. Mmm. Usually walk my dogs again and then I would write and start doing the creative stuff. So like, I started a blog in October, which I love, like writing is such like an outlet for me and I love, um, be creative and, um, I love writing and I started a book actually in this quarantine that I've always yeah. Always wanted to write. So what's the book about, um, it's probably like a reflection, um, back on my story with like what I know now kind of like looking back and like going through. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm a like 25,000 words in. Yeah. Yeah. I'm like, I feel like I'm at this point where I'm like, Oh, like, do I have any words to say? I definitely do. But, um, the beginning, like it just flew out and then, um, I'm having to get a lot more intentional. Yeah. Good for you. I started writing a book last summer. That's awesome. Wow. Yeah, I was writing it and then my laptop andSpeaker 3: 26:44I just happened to move everything from like my cloud, onto my laptop to like re arrange stuff. And it crashed like that night. So ever since then, I, I haven't like, Oh yeah, I lost, like, I had like 50 interviews that were, uh, on there and like, they're gone. Like, I didn't publish them. They're gone, but like, that's okay. It's okay. Like obviously, like I was whatever was on there. I was not supposed to do so, like I was pissed and frustrated and Mmm. Yeah. I was upset for a little bit, but um, like after, like I realized like, Oh, okay, well that happened for a reason. @kelseydyoung @robert_delude @robertdelude Promocode NOYB or noneofyourbusiness @eastcoasttags

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#097 Your life is a reflection of what you believe in with Jaime Filer

#097 Your life is a reflection of what you believe in with Jaime Filer

But that's how I knew exactly. Um, when was it? It was in June. I took my wife to New York for her birthday and the weather was perfect. Cause she will only go to New York like three months of the year because it's just too cold for a walking city. Uh, so I bought us a trip. We stayed in a nice hotel. It wasn't the park Plaza, but she took me for brunch in the park Plaza. So there's a little bit, uh, we ended up getting Junior's cheesecake with a friend. I got a Jewish deli sandwich and we saw three Broadway plays in two days.

Well, that sounds like an amazing day.

Speaker 3: (27:48)
Wow. That's super interesting. Okay. So now that you're a personal, you're an online personal trainer, right? So if somebody is like, Hey Jamie, COVID-19, we're going into phase one. I need to get back in the gym because my new year's resolution went out the window already. Like what would your, what would you tell your client or a potential client?

Speaker 2: (28:17)
Uh, well it depends. I need to know more about your goals. Like you getting back in the gym. I could put you on a treadmill for 30 to 60 minutes and we'd burn a little bit, but I mostly, I take it very far. I mean, I like to say I put the personal back in personal training. Um, you know, my plans typically aren't cookie cutter unless you're buying the ebook. Uh, I, I believe in taking a personal approach to the nutrition component, the supplement protocols, that training component. So, you know, whoever this person is, we would have to have a pretty thorough discussion either on the phone or via email about what their goals are so that I could actually craft them something that's going to work.

Speaker 2: (29:30)
Um, uh, I consume information voraciously, so I am constantly either reading or listening to an audio book or one of five podcasts that I subscribe to or I'm reading a book or for my birthday last year, Katie got me a subscription to both wired magazine and psychology today. So at any given time, if I'm not doing something physical, I'm doing something intellectual or working on client programs. I don't know. I don't have any free time. I don't even know if I answered your question cause I'm always the, yeah.

bio: Jaime Filer is an internationally published fitness model and journalist, competitive Crossfit/Super League athlete, motivational speaker, kinesiologist, and successful entrepreneur with an online personal training business
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#096 Getting your voice heard when it matters. With Natalie Torres-Haddad

#096 Getting your voice heard when it matters. With Natalie Torres-Haddad

you know, I never knew how many privilege I knew. I was always very privileged because I've been really fortunate most of my life. And when I, when I travel when I lived in a different country, that's how also I was reminded how privileged I am to being an American citizen, being, you know, being brought up here. I was pretty much raised here. I was a baby when my parents came to the States. But I think what we recognize that, you know, it's kind of that, oh my gosh, like, how can we do our best to hopefully be more compassionate, hopefully to see ourselves in their place, especially right now a mental health is month of May, right mental health awareness and more and more when I talk about it, it becomes an issue where I think sometimes people think they'll use a phrase So that person is crazy. Like First of all, you don't know what they're going through, you don't know what their past you don't know their if they have any mental illnesses that they're dealing with anything that's tragic life changing. And the fact that I can hopefully do my best to try to one I'll never understand perfectly what they're going through that I know that I can say, you know what, there's resources for you. I'm here if you just need to listen, I'm also learning as I go with you, because there's moments that I've caught myself saying something like I still hate it when people are like, Oh, so and so's bipolar. And I know they're doing it as a joke. And I'm like, first of all, you don't know bipolar people. You don't know what that means. If you don't know what triggers You know, that's another issue, right? And so, a lot of the negative stigma within our cultures need to change our the way we talk about it the way we have these conversations, and I'm still learning and there's still moments where I'm like, Hmm, maybe I could have been more sensitive to that. Or, you know, when you see someone that's homeless, you just said you are homeless. You have a totally different perspective, right. I met people too, that this one lady, hearing her story she was homeless and she never thought she'd be homeless. She was Canadian. And she was in her 50s with a 15 year old daughter and her both her parents at passage had no family here in the States. And she got cancer and during her treatments, obviously she could no longer work because she was so sick, that they lost their place their home and so she said she was going to chemo, radiation, chemo weekly, I believe I forget how often, but the fact that she ended up living in her car with her daughter. And then luckily she found this program, a nonprofit that I'm a big supporter of called the St. Margaret center and changed her life to help her and all this up but she thought she said she used to think homeless people were either sick or drug addicts or something. She said I could never imagine me this, you know, white woman and, and all of a sudden, she can no longer work and afford to pay her bills and you know, living at a car with her daughter. And so those things that really changed her perspective, I think all of us can have some kind of compassion, whether we can you know, xantham what they went through NOYB or Noneofyourbusiness promo code 10% off
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#095 How to become the person you want to be. With The Amazing Meredith Burns.

#095 How to become the person you want to be. With The Amazing Meredith Burns.

I don't know how to explain it like, just because they do come from such broken homes, you know that like, I wish more people actually cared about you know, everyone's like complaining about like our future generation. I'm like, Well, are you doing anything to help? You know, like, Are you are you making sure the school system is actually providing, you know, things for these kids? Like, are you going out in the community and like cleaning up the neighborhoods? Are you going to talk to these kids? Are you mentoring them? You know, so like, to me, like, if you're not gonna, if you're gonna complain about something, then at least do something about it, you know? But like these kids really are like, they give hugs every day like, and they don't like any other teachers. So like, the fact that they like come up to me and like hug me and like, they're, they just want to be with me It got to a point where like, I literally had to tell the kids like, you guys have to go to your class like because I would, I would have probably like 15 kids and just try to skip all the other classes just so they can hang out in my class. And they weren't they didn't want to do anything. They just want to hang out my class weren't being loud. They weren't being rowdy. And I'm like, guys, like, y'all are gonna get me so much. Like, I can't do this, like, You're not even at lunchtime, the only break I had, like, I had had a group of girls like, you know, they were just having they're going through some drama and like a lot of stuff at home and, you know, I'm like, in my lunch and like, I just want a break. You know what I mean? But I'm like, but I'm like, you know what, like, just I'll suck it up. Just come up here, here, eat lunch, you know, be quiet, whatever. And they would, but like, to me that's fulfilling like that, that is more fulfilling than I mean anything I've done so I mean, that makes me happy and then I go home, go to bed. Jim hang out with my kid, you know? So like, I don't know, I'm just really simple. And I feel like giving is more important than like, going and doing something if that makes any sense, like my dream or whatever. I don't know, like, because I know I could do whatever I wanted, you know, I mean, I'm very capable. I know what I'm capable of. But like, That, to me is my happy. @meredithburnsss @robert_delude @eastcoasttags Prmo: noneofyourbusiness

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 How to discover your hierarchy of values and jump into gratitude With Kristi Data

How to discover your hierarchy of values and jump into gratitude With Kristi Data

 So I kind of every year I pick I'm very I love personal development like I'm crushing hard on Trevor mode right now if you guys don't know who he is, he is the author of it takes what it takes. I'm plugging him because I know no affiliation or anything other than I think his stuff is amazing. And it really was super eye-opening some of the things that he talked about in his book. But I'm, I'm very much a big fan of personal development and uncovering some of the things that I would like to grow in my own personal life. And a lot of that has to revolve around leadership and coaching and, you know, just developing team and just the psychology and the neurology behind a lot of that stuff. So every year I pick one event to go to by myself, I go by myself, I don't bring friends or anything else. So about four or five years ago, I was living in Denver at the time. And I chose a friend of mine who introduced me to dr. John DeMartini. And he had one of his nightly seminars where you come and sit for like an hour, he does a little overview of what he talks about and things were just starting to like, pop for me. And I was like I wanted to go to this event. I want to see what the brand was. called the breakthrough experience and I loved it. And I met a few different amazing incredible mentors there and decided to get certified in what he calls determining your hierarchy values because as we were doing that smaller segment in the course that is the event seminar I went to that weekend I was like, wow, how long have not only myself but so many other people been on that hamster wheel banging their head against the wall and you know, I'll just for example, if it's a like a weight-loss person, how many different diets they've tried how many different things they've done to try and lose weight and the yo yo diet or they've tried lost gained or gained even more like the circus, right? So it just came down to truly understanding and taking the blinders off of the shooting that goes on in society like you should be this person you should do this or if you want to have like person XYZ you have to be like this or need to be like this and just the heaviness of that and Shifting this the language and the thoughts that you have. It just started to open up my mind. And I sat and went through the process and went through the course and the training and the certification. I'm like, wow, this was really eye-opening. And I wonder how many people would benefit from this. And so recently, since we can't do events, and we can't go to places and do all these things, I found a lot of success with creating small, small little mini-challenge groups. And I have one going on right now and some of my colleagues have done the same thing. And I have they've invited me to come in and talk about this. And watching on zoom. Human beings like you can see it in their physiology. Like they sit up a little straighter. They're leaning into listening a little bit more. Their eyes are opening, there's cracking smiles like things are starting to click for them. And it's just a perception and an understanding of Wow, I can really live an inspired life by paying attention to what lights me up personally, not what people think I should be doing or what I should be doing according to somebody else's values, right? So that's, that's where it all came about. And so for me, and it shifted recently, this has been an eye-opener for me my highest values have shifted. Originally they were fitness, wellness, nutrition was my number one, I show up like that. You see me like that on social media. I'm always doing a workout talking about workouts, nutrition, wellness. And number two for a while was business building and wealth creation. And then three was community. And I did a quick inventory.
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Enjoy Being You With Don Miguel Ruiz JR.

Enjoy Being You With Don Miguel Ruiz JR.

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Well, my name is Don Miguel Ruiz Junior. I'm an author. A lecture I write books based on my family's tradition. The books have written so far are the master yourself five levels of attachment living a life of awareness, the little bit of wisdom and the seven secrets of happy, healthy relationships, which I co wrote with my friend Heather Ashton Marra. So basically, I I share my family tradition with everyone. Gives us the permission to show that with.
right on Right on. So have you started that journey? Ah, you being an apprentice. under your father at the age of 14?
Yes, my father and my grandmother.
Okay, Right on. And what like at 14. Did you like? No, Like, that's what I want to do. Like why did I Were you drawn to that?
My family I love I love my father loved my grandmother. That's basically how you give attention to somebody you know, from the moment since I was young, my grandmother is the head of the spiritual family, even though should pass away 12 years ago. She is still the head of the family in a sense of spirituality. She had 13 Children and have 64 presents, and since I was young, she shared the tradition. In her own unique way, she opened a small little temple and Barrio Logan, where she gave faith healer. She gave healings and consultations, and on Thursdays and Sundays she gave sermons and she shared the tradition in Her own unique way with her and my grandfather. So since I was a young child, spirituality has been in the family as well as being about Catholic as well. You know, mistisso in the sense that we with a merger of of two civilizations, that's what Mr is. The mission of mess American, uh, indigenous people and European Spanish, in particular in Mexico. So the two traditions of our mess American traditions with that Catholicism that came from Spain, fused together. So from that point of view, my grandmother always thought from that fusion, my father being a medical doctor, he rebelled against the tradition in his own way by grandmother also did it. My great grandfather did it. They all rebelled. Less, apparently, is the tradition of the family, and my father was a medical doctor. She stopped being a medical doctor when he had some ah ha moment in life where made him go in different directions in life in for me. I was raised in that juxtaposition. I was graced with the duality of having a medical doctor for a father and uncle so narrow surgeons and oncologists in the family. And my grandmother is a faith healer. So you have the two worlds right there as well as I was one of those rare kids that lived in San Diego and across the border into Tijuana to go to school in Tijuana. But I lived in the States, so I went in that direction and I was educated with that world. So I came from two different countries from that interview, even though I was born here in the States and I lived in the States, I went to school in Mexico. So have the accent that I have reflects that. So I was used to just the positions and dualities, living in two different communities, two different languages, academia and spirituality, Western medicine and traditional medicine. I grew up with that so far. For me, it was normal. That's that's That's the environment I grew up in. So at the age of 14 I gave my attention to my father to my grandmother, and I love them. That's why I listen to them. But I didn't really start to apply it. And so my mid twenties when I graduated from college and you're no longer working for a braved the life happens. You start learning from your experiences and your Ah ha moments, and I began to really apply it from first on my life
May 08, 202056:00
#92 The most important class you never had with Yanely Espinal aka Miss Be Helpful

#92 The most important class you never had with Yanely Espinal aka Miss Be Helpful

robert: (00:01)
This is none of your business podcasts. A podcast where we talk about none of your business and ask questions. That's no one's business. Thank you for joining me today. Now, in this podcast, we bring you inspiring storytelling from the heart. So if you want to hear some inspirational motivation or whatever else, then stay tuned. So let's get in with the show. Man, I am so stoked for this. I got missbehelpful on Miss, Yanel Espinal, the YouTuber and financial educator. So stay tuned all the way to the end. I find out all the tips and tricks on how to grow wealth and how to start with simple, easy tips. So if you guys want to hear a special treat, stay to the end and learn all about her hammock. Please share this with someone and go rate and review. Guys, I'm keeping this introduction short because we got miss be helpful on all right. And I'm here with miss. Be helpful. Uh, also known as Yanel, right? Did I say that right? Okay. So welcome to none of your business podcast. So who are you? What do you do?

Yanel Espinal aka Missbehelpful: (35:37)
I mean, parts of it used to be, right, like when I was little, my siblings, my oldest siblings that are the generation before millennials, so I guess that's gen X. They were taking home, like if you ever heard of home-ec or home economics, that wasn't a lot of personal finance. Like there were budgeting, um, lessons in their credit card lessons. But now it's kind of like, Oh, we don't really, we don't really do home-ec anymore. We moved away from that because there's this really big push to push everybody into college. Like there's a college focus in, in a lot of high schools. So there's more sat prep, there's more test prep, there's more of that, um, career constantly and things like that. Um, which is equally important. I think it's all important. It's not that one is more important than the other, but maybe to like make sure that they're all accessible to students.

Yanel Espinal aka Missbehelpful: (36:33)
And so then that's the, that's where the problem comes because it's like, all right, we got only got so many hours at a school day. How can we make sure that they get reading, writing, math, science, history, you know, personal finance, gym, nutrition, sex, education. I mean everybody thinks

robert: (01:01:59)
Absolutely. Absolutely. Okay, so I hope you guys enjoyed that episode, man. I know I did with @ missbehelpful and I love how she told me about her hammock and how to build wealth and just genuine conversation that I had with the group was just amazing. So please share this with somebody guys, please go to and get 10% off when you use the promo code, noneofyourbusiness. And follow me on Instagram at Robert_Delude and @missbehelpful on Instagram. Check out her YouTube channel. It's amazing. I love you guys. Till next time.

May 03, 202001:02:48
#91 Being able to Trust the Process (edited) With Mikal Chancy

#91 Being able to Trust the Process (edited) With Mikal Chancy

Robert, mikal (01:41):
Yeah. And how old are you? 28, 28. It's like why I started as an aspiring entrepreneur like young businessmen and women do stuff in my, I see like the mission that you're on. I want her on the shows. I feel your message was like personal training do for you.Mikal (02:09):Personal training kind of for me is weird. So in high school, you know, I wasn't a skinny kid, right? I was six feet 120 pounds and I was a skinny kid. So I didn't want to be a skinny kid. I took weightlifting and I really didn't know that bodybuilding was a thing until probably my sophomore, junior year of college. And I fell in love with training and just like what it did for me as a person and kind of who it made me become, she was my outlet. And when I started, you know, talking to other girls, women, you know, at the time, girls about it and really working with other people and kind of helping them with their journey, I realized that what it does is it gives you an outlet and it also instills confidence in you. And so for me, personal training it is, is my way of really making other people believe in themselves because you look good, you feel good. Right. So for me, it's so much more than just the training. It's, it's become that session and researching and knowing all that it takes to know to be a personal trainer. Also just like making other people worrying who they are and their abilities, getting them to do things they never thought they could do.Robert (03:19):Yeah. I I do a short short of a personal coach cause technically I was certified for planet fitness, which holds a whole nother story. But like seeing my clients like coming to the gym and do something, change their lives, it's amazing. Coming out of treatment but don't go to the gym.Mikal (03:51):Yeah, it's definitely something that you look forward to. And I mean it's kind of fun to see people that really don't like being there and you know, you train them a couple of times and I'm like looking at the clock lights, it's over. Yet by the time you're really like, well instead the program, they're, you know,
Yeah. Like it was way more open minded people that doesn't call out. So it's like they're not stuck onto something and they're stuck on this. I mean it was over a couple of years and just come to visit. And just so I, I hate to say, you know, it's not the environment that you're in, Mikal (38:12):
I believe it. And, I mean, the thing is, some people I know, I know a lot of people know and you know, like people that are doing well and people that love what they're doing, but it's a culture that they like and they're, they're cool with it. You know, for me, Helena was just negative, negative space where the magnet just shifted me not good. Some people, you know, I mean there's a lot going on in healthcare.
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#90 Practicing gratitude and loving yourself during a Pandemic With Don Jose Ruiz

#90 Practicing gratitude and loving yourself during a Pandemic With Don Jose Ruiz

And today he just talked about  a wide range of things were recovery to various. To loving yourself to getting out of the suffering and how people are addicted to it and how to stay calm during this pandemic. So I really hope you joy. Follow him on Instagram at Don Jose Ruiz and I'll talk to you soon. All right, so welcome.  don Jose Ruiz. Is that right? Say your last name, Correct?


Yes. Thank you are very happy to be here with you.


Right on. Yeah, it's an honor to have you here. So for the people who don't know who you are you want to tell us a little bit about you?


Yes. My name Don Jose Ruiz and I come from a family tradition of Toltec. Toltec are a tradition from Mexico, you know, like the arches, like the U. S. Iraqi. By thinking Mexico, we have that tradition, and in the tradition is tradition that pose everything sacred. So it's being the keepers of the plane we call. We call it knowledge.  does And then we all follow his work and being carried a lack of the family.


Yeah. You know, I  love that your father's work and love your brother's work. And, you know, when I didn't know that there was, you know, More siblings and family members doing it. So I started, you know, discovering your work. And I love it. I love it. You guys there, you know, passing the tradition down. Um, so you know, if my understanding you started your family's tradition when you're about 21 right?


Yes. Well, when I was 21 is the age when I decided to take a piss off. My only take people on tricks of my own. But I begin really starting with my father. Since I could remember like my father used to joke around, You know, with other people. I can train you. You can do whatever you want. Me, you guys, because you're my Children and number programmed you like I want you,


Gosha. Okay, Okay. I misunderstood that Right on. So you know, you talk about getting into the garden of even even. What does that mean to you?


Oh, the Garden of Eden is one night. Give us. It's like itself a beautiful paradise. And when we talk about in the exhibition, we translate our tradition to the Garden of Eden teachings. And because in a season for us for percent are mine the human mind and the tree of life exists there. The tree of knowledge exist there. So in the tree of knowledge and life, there's a little snake that offer us nice. The woman that we believed in those nights we get kicked out of heaven And then we ask for people to give seven when we carry our own heaven. And when we wake up in the Garden of Eden, represent a star human mind when we find the reality. Is that what gender you are or may on? You are alive. You carry this tradition to make your life a masterpiece of art because that's what our life is. An art.


So how would somebody enter their own Garden of Eden?

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Apr 20, 202047:39
 Mastering communication so the whole world can hear your voice with Brenden Kumarasamy

Mastering communication so the whole world can hear your voice with Brenden Kumarasamy

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Thank you for joining me today. I'm your host Robert Delude. And this is none of your business podcast, a podcast where we bring you inspiring story telling from my heart and ask questions. That's no one's business. Thank you for joining me today. Now let the show begin. And in today's episode I've got Brandon on the founder of mastery talks and he teaches you how to be a public speaker. He has had on the way and we just talked about lots of stuff. So I'll keep this short and . Follow me. Hopefully share with someone.

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Alright, welcome to the none of your business podcast. Brandon. Brendan, right

1&2 (01:25):

Brandon, I'm sorry. No worries about happy to be here. Right on. So who are you? What do you do? Yeah, for sure. So my name is Brendan. I'm the founder of master talk, which is a YouTube channel. I started to help the world master the art of public speaking. So let's be in a sentence. Okay. So how did you get into that? Yeah, for sure. So when I was in university, I used to do these things called business competitions. So think of it like trying out for a professional sports team, like the NFL or the NBA, but for nerds. So instead of spending two to three times a week with your coach doing sports drills or doing pushups or sit-ups, we would do the same thing in presentations. Okay. So basically, I know it's weird, but what it would happen is for three hours do, we'd crack a business problem, make slides, find a solution, and then present it back to a board of executives, judges at the end.

1&2 (02:18):

It was really wonky. That sounds super interesting. Yeah. So basically I presented 500 times in three years. Oh wow. Yeah, it was insane. That's cool. But like, yeah, just repetition. So what are some things that you learned from that? Yeah, for sure. I would say the biggest one is repetition is excellence. Whether you want to be a professional sports athlete, whether you want to be an amazing podcast or whether you want to be a YouTuber like me. You always want to do more than what everyone else doesn't want to do. You know, for example, like my first thousand subscribers on YouTube, there's no magic formula. Like, Oh you need to research this term and these people. So it just individually messaged every single person in my friend group and I said, Hey thousand 500 people on Facebook, could you subscribe to my YouTube channel? Right. So it's repetition is excellence. Do what other people aren't willing to do.

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Grind Trust Never Give Up; Remembering your not alone during a pandemic With Michelle Grecni.
Apr 09, 202043:26
#87 How to empower yourself and become your own superhero With Fitness Model and Life Coach Amanda Webster.

#87 How to empower yourself and become your own superhero With Fitness Model and Life Coach Amanda Webster.

How to empower yourself and become your own superhero, In today’s episode On None Of Your Business, We have a very special guest Amanda Webster. Amanda Is a Life Coach, Model, Vegan, Superhero aka Jane of all trades. In this episode, we talk about she talks about her cocaine addiction and self-harming (01:30) She shares why she started using cocaine for energy at her modeling gigs(03:00) Amanda used Linkin Park as her coping mechanism and got wrongfully accused of a D.U.I while getting into a car accident after grieving after the death of the lead singer in the band. (05:00) We have these reasons or whys we get into our addiction and we have reasons why we get out of out. (10:00) Why managing your stress is important to cope in a healthy way, Amanda Starts to share her tips on how to handle in a healthy way (17:00) Amanda Shares why she taught herself French and the charity she works with. (25:00) In this part of the interview, Amanda shares about her experience being in Playboy (33:00) and why it’s a form of art and nothing more. This episode is full of knowledge, Humor and Vulnerability above are just a few highlighted parts I hope you enjoy stay safe out there With love, Robert Find Amanda @ www Or @amandawebsterhealth on SM Remember to follow me @robert_delude on IG.

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#86 Listening to the voiceless and rediscovering a new type of happiness with author of The Mosaic and world visionary Danny Levin

#86 Listening to the voiceless and rediscovering a new type of happiness with author of The Mosaic and world visionary Danny Levin

(00:00) Intro, in this episode we talk about the ups and downs Danny has overcome,
We dive deep into his relationship with his daughter and how he spoke telepathically to her and how that transform their relationship.
(02:30) Show begins Danny makes a joke while taking a drink of “super juice”
(03:00) Danny Levin is on a mission to go across the country and listen to the people who never get listened too. In this part of the episode Danny is asking Robert what it means to him (also if this was the video part you would notice that Roberts Mindset change, He was very very irritated before he jumped on this interview).
(06:00) Danny opens about his developmentally delayed daughter and how fortunate he is of her.
(09:00) People just want to be heard, this is all people want, Danny Just wanted to communicate with his daughter,
(14:00) Danny shares about his conversation with the amazing people he has encountered with,
He shares about a Homeless man and that impacted that man had on him.
(24:00) In the voices of the voiceless how can they be heard. But how can we do that?
(40:00) Danny talks about his old training days at the gym and what he does now that he is older.
(41:00) In this part of the interview is Danny mentions a story in his book and how remarkable story about a blind man.
(43:00) Going across the country, by himself, Danny doesn’t know how he will do this trip.
(44:00) Danny shares about his dream about “listenin”
(53:00) ENDING.
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85 Designing the life of your dreams far beyond the web with Chris Misterek

85 Designing the life of your dreams far beyond the web with Chris Misterek

None Of Your Business Podcast Storytelling from the heart where we talk about any but your business and asks questions that’s none of your business,

Today we have a self-made web designer. This is an interesting interview going into this interview wasn’t sure the value of a web designer could have but fortunately I was wrong.

Chris opens and tells some very personal information and how he used those struggles to design a life of his dreams far beyond the Internet.

Be sure to check out his website @ check him out on LinkedIn @ Chris Misterek.

(00:00) Intro to the show,

(02:30) Chris opens about his marriage falling apart and how he needed to find a job to support his family.

(08:00) trying different side hustles to make ends meat.

(13:00) How consistency and time can transform your life

(21:00) where you can find chris.

(35:00) the value of being of service and helping others

(41:00) ending

Sorry for short show notes still moving and busy with that thank you for your support much love

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Feb 28, 202049:26
#83 Viral Podcaster Kerry lutz on financial stresses

#83 Viral Podcaster Kerry lutz on financial stresses

Get to know our guest:  Kerry Lutz has been a student of Austrian Economics since 1977. While attending Pace University, he stumbled upon an extensive cache of Austrian Economic Literature in a dark, musty, abandoned section of the school’s library. After graduating from The New York Law School, he became an attorney and life long serial entrepreneur. His diverse career has included: running a legal printing company, practicing commercial law and litigation and founding a successful distressed asset investment company.

After the 2008 financial collapse and the continued global economic deterioration, Kerry realized people needed a reliable source for accurate information. Believing that inflation would eventually run rampant, he dedicated himself to helping people protect and preserve their wealth. He urged investors to re-balance their investment portfolios and to implement precious metals based strategies to adapt to the new economic order. The ability to perceive economic reality, as well as to separate truth from governmental inspired economic fantasy will be essential for economic survival and prosperity in the years ahead.

In 2010, Kerry gave up most of his other interests to pursue his long held desire of becoming a radio show host. Thus the Financial Survival Network was born. Its mission is helping you to prosper and thrive in the New Economy. He has done hundreds of interviews with such financial luminaries as Peter Schiff, Harry S. Dent, Martin Armstrong, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber and Peter Grandich. He continually releases new segments and interviews on iTunes and YouTube. His new Triple Lutz Report was an instant hit and continues to increase audience share. As he says, “The Financial Survival Network, It’s All About What’s Next!“ 

Credit for kerrys team and past interview for picture and information

CRE8 TRIBE @tyluer_mikal_chancy 

@robert_delude on your sm platform

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82 Innovating your wealth with #7 top most influential financial advisor Kirk Chisholm.

82 Innovating your wealth with #7 top most influential financial advisor Kirk Chisholm.

About today's guest:
Kirk Chisholm is a Principal and Wealth Manager at Innovative Advisory Group, an independent RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) located in Lexington, MA. He has been providing financial advice to individuals and families since 1999. Kirk’s influence and innovation has promoted change in many areas of the wealth management industry. Kirk provides a different perspective on many commonly held beliefs when it comes to portfolio management, retirement investing, financial planning, inflation, economics, and other personal finance topics. His rare expertise with alternative investments held in self-directed IRAs has helped many investors invest in their passion. Kirk is an experienced media personality. He is frequently quoted and interviewed by industry media outlets in print, audio, and video media formats. He writes frequently for industry publications and major media publications. He frequently appears as a guest on various podcasts. Kirk was acknowledged as the #7 most influential financial advisor on Investopedia’s top 100. Investment News named Kirk as one of the top 10 social media Allstars in the financial services industry. You can find many of his media appearances here. Kirk writes on his company’s blog, you can read his articles here. He is also the host of Money Tree Investing Podcast which you can find here. promo code noneofyourbusiness.
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#81 Using Emotional Science & Intentional Creativity to envision the life of your dreams with DR.T

#81 Using Emotional Science & Intentional Creativity to envision the life of your dreams with DR.T

About Todays guest: Dr. Tracy is an award-winning psychologist, a best selling author, a Ted Speaker, and a leading expert in the area of emotional sensitivity. Her company, Dr. Tracy Inc is a therapeutic coaching and emotional training company that offers comprehensive programs and services to people and organizations looking to up-level their lives. Operating in a multi-tiered approach to both success coaching and comprehensive health recovery, it's our mission to provide you with the transformational tools and resources you need, wherever you are.
(00:00) Inspiring Story Telling from the Heart. (00:22) Online fitness mastermind.(01:28) Robert intro Dr Tracy Thomas AKA Dr. T. an Emotional Scientist Award-winning author, A Ted Talk Speaker who helps the most Influential People build their empires. (05:00) Tools or skills we can use to tap into the creative process and not in a reactive negative way. (10:00) Being in a creative flow and Intentional to envision the life that wants in a positive way and not a negative reactive way and being stuck in a mindset of negativity. (16:00) How DR T overcame her negative mindset and negativity. (26:00) a Tip Tracy's mother gave her as a young child to monitor her self. Not understanding why she was behaving in this way while being “successful” growing up. (33:00) being simpler and more practical and call it what it is, we talk about Borderline Personality Disorder and Robert has a moment from his past. (44:00) giving yourself permission to be in a creative flow and learn these tools and not be in a reactive way (50:00) shifting from reactivity to creativity (55:00) practicing envision your life. (1:00:00) nightly habits and high performing routines for your life. (1:07:00) how to find and learn more about DR T and her work. WEBSITE TWITTER
Feb 07, 202001:15:39
#80 How to retire early and be financially free with the Founder of EconoMe Diania Merriam

#80 How to retire early and be financially free with the Founder of EconoMe Diania Merriam

About today's Guest:
In 2015, Diania Merriam discovered the Mr. Money Mustache blog about financial independence and reading it was like a refreshing punch in the face. At the time, she was living in NYC and $30k in debt. She got out of that debt in 11 months and started saving 60% of her income. This newfound grip on her finances gave her a huge boost of confidence to pursue goals that previously felt out of reach. In 2017, she moved to Cincinnati after negotiating a remote working arrangement with her employer. She then took a 2-month unpaid sabbatical to walk the Camino de Santiago (a 500-mile trek across northern Spain). She also bought a house, adopted a dog, found herself a midwestern gentleman, and will be financially independent by 40. Diania is the founder of The EconoMe Conference, a one-day event about financial independence happening at The University of Cincinnati on March 7, 2020, discount code is NONEOFYOURBUSINESS for 10% off general admission tickets(00:00) None Of Your Business Podcast; Inspiring storytelling from the heart. (1:49) Create Fit Tribe an online fitness mastermind. Robert DeLude introduces Diania Merriam founder of @EconoME. (4:00) Diana talks about her interest in the management of money. The F.I.R.E Movement. (Financial Independence Retire Early). (6:30) Diania shares her passion project and she’s calling it the TED TALKS of the F.I.R.E. Movement. (7:44) How @EconoMe is exploring the concept of the American dream. Diania shares about her experience walking the Camino Journal: He feels like the salt of the Camino (21:00) She talks about her attachment to someone on this journey who wasn’t right for her and the benefits of that experience afterward.The difference between being cheap and frugal. (36:00) Taking on huge amounts of debt for a status symbol (44:00) Dianias full-circle moment where Mr. Money Mustache is encouraging people to go to EconoME. (50:00) Please go rate and review the podcast and please share you have a chance to win two tickets to this event. (1:00)1, Rate and review the show.2, Share with a friend3, follow @econoME and @robert_delude on Instagram With love, Robert DeLude
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#79 How to Overcome Your Life Ambushes With Navy Seal Leader, A New York Times Bestselling Author Jason Redman

#79 How to Overcome Your Life Ambushes With Navy Seal Leader, A New York Times Bestselling Author Jason Redman

(00:00) Show starts Good Morning this is None of Your Business Podcast; Where we ask questions that are none of your business; Storytelling from the heart. (02:00) Today we have Jason Redman a Navy Seal Leader, A New York Times Best Selling Author, Purple Heart & Ted Talk Speaker. Robert shares his thoughts and feelings about today's episode, We all go through struggles it doesn’t matter who we are but we can overcome anything, (03:00) Please go rate and review us over on iTunes or Apple podcasts it really helps us out!!!! My Goal for 2020 is to get 10 thousand downloads per episode WE need your help please hit the share button on this one guys. (04:00) If your looking for an Online Fitness Mater Mind and be supported by like-minded individual’s then Cre8 Fit Tribe is for you. Mikal Chancy has a team of Professionals to get anyone the results that you’re looking for. (04:45) Robert Intro Jason to the show. (08:30) Jason shares about his experience working with the Navy and seeing the aftermath of the Cartels drug war in South America.  Working Drug centric jobs In Central and South America. (15:03) We can drive forward and overcome anything and get off the X. Jason talks about these Life Ambushes, Life with through you a curveball but you got to drive forward and get off the X. (22:00) We can shape our future but we have to start it. (23:00) Jason starts to share what is a three-step process to get off the X and overcome your life ambushes. (30:00) The people you choose to around have a major impact on your behaviors, if you are trying to break out and drive forward but surround yourself with negative people it’s going to be a lot harder. Go look at the next group and do what you want. (38:00) Jason share about his personal life and what books he reads. (44:44) It doesn’t matter what you are doing your always a leader. (47:00) Jason Shares where you can find Him to say hi or buy his books. Jason’s message to the world (51:04) Jason "Jay" Redman Founder/CEO SOF Spoken Speaking, Coaching, and Consulting NY Times Best Selling Author of The Trident Soon to be Best Selling Author of Overcome Co-Host of the Overcome and Conquer Show Jason Redman 2019 Speaking Intro Video for his BIO Or  
Jan 31, 202051:04
#78 Learning how to think changes what opportunity's you can seek. With The Fortune 500 Mentalist Jonathan Pritchard.

#78 Learning how to think changes what opportunity's you can seek. With The Fortune 500 Mentalist Jonathan Pritchard.

Jonathan Pritchard is the founder of the Hellstrom Group, an international consulting company working with clients like BP, State Farm, United Airlines, and other Fortune 500 companies. He is also a world class mentalist and performed in Vegas, for the troops overseas, on Fool Us, and America's Got Talent. He shares many of the strategies he used to reach the top in his book "[think] Like A Mind Reader" which is highly rated on Amazon. When not on the road you can find Jonathan in Chicago. A little bit about today's gues from today's guest: WHO I HELP: In the business world I've worked with BP, State Farm, 1871, General Assembly, and more. Basically, I help VP of Sales, HR Directors, and anyone else tasked with planning trade shows, conferences, increasing sales numbers, giving presentations, or any other situation where it's absolutely essential to make the most out of a brief opportunity to make meaningful connections with those you can help the most. WHY IT WORKS: With 15+ years under my belt as a world-touring Mentalist, I know the inner secrets of how people think, and how to use that knowledge to great effect. UNCOMMON FACTS ABOUT ME: I learned to juggle fire at 13, hammered nails up my nose at 15, and ate fire at age 18. I practice kung fu every day for 8+ years, and I'm also learning how to play the banjo. (It stays at home, I promise.) MY WHY: I grew up in a small town in NC and managed to make incredible opportunities for myself. I have a moral obligation to share my experience with the world to help make it a better place for everyone. READY TO CONNECT? Email me at (00:00) Intro to the show (00:30) Robert shares a little bit about his thoughts of the interview and shares a little about Johnathan. (02:11) Cre8 Tribe Offer Instagram @tyluer_mikal_chancy Facebook Mikal Chancy. Robert Delude on Social media finds me lets talk. (03:00) Show Starts. (10:00) Johnathan talks about his breaking out of his shy shell. (15:00) Talks about his times performing on a military basis and with Disney. (22:00) John talks about the gift of not know and is it worth to not know the secret. (33:00) Talks about watching his friends do magic and read minds (42:00) Robert asks a question about a hard spot in Johns's day job. (49:12) Jonathan’s  twitter handle @the_pritchard

Jan 24, 202051:42
#77 Monday Motivation With financially Savvy Latina Natalie Torres-Haddad

#77 Monday Motivation With financially Savvy Latina Natalie Torres-Haddad

So this segment is a short Motivation to get you pumped up for the week or a short message from the heart to get you to love the amazing life you want,  Natalie is a Two time Ted Talk Speaker, International award-winning author,  real-estate investor Podcast Host (financiallysavvyin20minutes)  Natalie talks about the crash the happened in  2008, her struggles and where she is from,  Natalie is a strong independent woman who is savvy in more than just in finances.  Learn about money, speaking, investing and much much more.

Jan 20, 202010:45
#76 Your Perspective is everything With Actress April Yanko

#76 Your Perspective is everything With Actress April Yanko

Some words from today’s guest-
- If you know Pennsylvania, I am from Johnstown, land of floods. If you don't, I am from Pittsburgh, land of potholes.
- Since graduating Point Park, I've been in over 70 student films and over 30 other projects (I want to say the opposite of student film is "adult films" but that doesn't seem right in this context).
- My first guest star was on a show called, "Murder Made Me Famous," where I played serial killer and evil Canadian Karla Homolka, part of the Ken and Barbie Killers. I got this role through self-pitching and relationship-nurturing. Because I'm a bad ass. It's also one of the best filming experiences I've ever had.
- I narrate tutorials for VEXcode Robotics so maybe I've explained to your kid how to update the firmware of their V5 Brain.
- My first self-written/directed/produced short film, "this is a garden," is currently on the festival circuit and recently won "Best Cast" at the Alternative Film Fest in Vancouver (and I'm one of two actors in it so that's pretty good).
- My second short film, "Butt Stuff," is currently in post. It's about a sentient sex butt that is jealous of its owner's relationship with another human.
- I make random goofy videos that I share online under various forms of "Post March."
- I have a black cat named Artie who is my son.
- All of my Neopets are alive and well.
Roberts Notes-
April’s perspective is amazing, What Robert learned about this guest was
How challenging the Hollywood life can be, Not taking personal offense to rejection.
How to overcome obstacles in the entertainment industry,
Lots of laughing in this episode Robert Loves how funny todays guest is.
April talks about her Instagram hacks,
Robert Learned even Hollywood acters can have fears.
(00:00) Intro
(01:52) The show starts (10:35) Talking about the Emmys and how you can still be successful in the entertainment industry as you age. (30:59) Robert and April bond over a moment when they both struggle with hearing problems. (38:25) April Talks about how shes not ashamed about being herself and bringing joy to her audience. (47:16) Aprils is not ashamed that she can funny and make good jokes
(53:47) Talks about the vanity metrics of social media, and how they both inspire other people
(1:02) Robert asks what’s Aprils message to the world.
(1:10) Closing with Roberts point of view
@tyluer_mikal_chancy on IG Mikal Chancy FB and me robert DeLude in your social media world
April Yanko
Actor | Writer | Cat Person

Jan 17, 202001:07:09
Wise Women Wednesday EP#75 With Medical Intuitive Marla Goldberg; how to forgive yourself

Wise Women Wednesday EP#75 With Medical Intuitive Marla Goldberg; how to forgive yourself

In this episode, Marla talks about forgiving yourself. We talk about self-love, We talk about loving your body. This Short clip gives you a few simple steps to loving yourself,   We need to practice self-love more then anything else it is vital. Robert has takin these few simple things from this and has transformed his life. Waking up and loving yourself is something that Robert always struggled with.

Jan 16, 202007:06
Monday Motivation ep #74; With Kenny Weiss
Jan 13, 202009:22
The gifts of being a new father; overcoming mental health issues;EP # 73 with Eli Weinstein

The gifts of being a new father; overcoming mental health issues;EP # 73 with Eli Weinstein

Hi, my name is Eli Weinstein, LMSW. I am a Social Work therapist who has worked in a psych hospital, intense outpatient clinic and currently work in a community clinic in queens. I used to work in NY and West Coast NCSY (Youth Organization) for over 7 years.
I created ELIvation to fill a need to help those in struggling and add extra inspiration and motivation into everyday life.
I have gone through my own struggles with anxiety, ADHD and men’s issues (being a new dad, body image issues, relationships, and general self-esteem/confidence)
My main goal is to help people on their journey to add support, care, empathy, expertise, and insight.
I run events, seminars and individual coaching on topics from mental health awareness, public speaking coaching, relationship coaching and confidence boosting.(00:00) INTRO TO NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS PODCAST; (00:41) MY MAN ELI WEINSTEIN IS ON TODAY, IN THIS EPISODE WE TALK ABOUT ADHD, WE TALK ABOUT THE STRUGGLES OF BEING A NEW DAD TIPS AND TRICKS AND WE OBVLIOULSY TALK ABOUT LEWIS HOWES,
(04:55) EPISODE STARTS, who are you what do you do? Eli shares that he is a Therapist and works will all ages in life
(18:05) Eli talks about the stigma about ADHD AND CANCERS PAITENTS:
(30:01) We talk about the beauty of being a new father;
(39:00) we get to know Eli a little better,
(42:00) Finding out who we are,
(43:00) Reach out and Elis contact info ( Instagram : elevation_lmsw : Website
(46:00) ending credits.
Please share and subscribe,
Instagram : Robert_delude Facebook Robert C DeLude
Instagran : Tyluer_mikal_chancy Facebook Mikal Chancy.
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Wise Woman Wednesday ; Ep 72 with Heather Vickery
Jan 08, 202008:34
Monday Motivation Ep 71; With Dylan Osterhout
Jan 06, 202008:60
The Tin Man Diaries ; Ep #70 A Second Chance at Life with Jamie Alcroft

The Tin Man Diaries ; Ep #70 A Second Chance at Life with Jamie Alcroft

Attention Episode has a delay 10-30 seconds then it will play! JAMIE ALCROFT – BIO Jamie has been entertaining audiences as one-half of the comedy duo Mack & Jamie for over 35 years. His appearances with Mack on The Tonight Show both with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno lead to 125 original episodes of the syndicated half-hour COMEDY BREAK WITH MACK & JAMIE. Jay Leno said, “…Mack and Jamie are at the top. They are the funniest duo, working today!” Jamie is in the elite corps of LA Voice Actors. Providing voices for many National Commercials, plus The Simpsons, Rugrats, Power Beach, Justice League, Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights and scores of Video Games, most recently Gears of War I & II & III & V, Transformers Halo, and numerous film looping for celebrities such as Sean Connery, Harrison Ford and even John Lennon. Jamie was named “Westlake Village Citizen of the Year” for his successful fundraising for area schools. He has been named one of the “Top 25 Most Influential People in Ventura County.” He can be seen on YOUTUBE with Phil Proctor, of Firesign Theatre fame, by going to BOOMERS ON A BENCH. After a 12-year battle with CHF, he received a new heart and liver on September 24th, 2017 at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. @jamiealcroft  @tyluer_mikal_chancy or Mikal Chancy  or  @robertdelude
Dec 26, 201946:41
Monday Motivation EP #69 With President Of Social Flixx Brad Ouldhouse

Monday Motivation EP #69 With President Of Social Flixx Brad Ouldhouse

Monday Motivation intro (00:00) in this episode We have Brad Ouldhouse President of @Socialflixx, Robert talks about reflecting back on his year and how his podcast and life has been so amazing (00:57)

If your going into 2020 and you happy where you are (1:40) Brads message will give you hope,

(2:25)If need an online personal trainer find @tyluer_mikal_chancy on Instagram or facebook at Mikal Chancy shes a professional online personal trainer that will help you level up, get you going, or improve your body with you New year resolutions. Her training is a perfect gift idea.

Please go rate and review this and press the share button please (4:36) go check Mikal and brad out on Social Media find SocialFlixx and watch Tutorial Tuesdays (4:45)

Robert ask Brad what personal struggles he’s had to overcome (5:25)

Brad thought his call to greatness NHL Coach (6:00)

Moving to Canada on a hoax (6:35)

Big come to Jesus moment (7:24)

Talks about his marriage (8:20)

NHL lockout (9:00)

Brad ends up in a camper his dad owns in Helena, MT (9:43)

Outro (10:23)

Dec 23, 201911:10
Being unapologetically you episode #68 with Kayden Taylor

Being unapologetically you episode #68 with Kayden Taylor

Kayden Taylor was born and raised in Sarasota Florida. He is a 34-year-old trans man who works as a Medical Case Manager for people living with HIV/AIDS. Kayden has a podcast called Transcaster Radio that is about trans life and all that goes along with it. He is married to the love of his life and has 5 four-legged children 2 dogs and 3 cats. Kayden is a fierce advocate for the trans community and currently serves as Vice President for ALSO Youth a local non-profit LGBTQ drop-in center where he lives.

Intro to the podcast (00:00)

Kayden taylors podcast (00:42)

Topics on the transcaster podcast (10:00)

Kayden telling his experience when I learned the definition of trans and being him self (19:00)

The Struggles of dating as a trans person Tips, Tricks, Safety. (26:00)

Understanding what respect is (34:00)

Losing a loved one for being yourself (41:00)

Kayden shares about vulnerability  being a positive thing (51:00)

Kayden shares advice on Identification cards and getting one as a Trans person. (56:00)

What it means to be stealth (63:00)

Kayden Taylor Instagram @keepupthatgrind


CRE8 Athletes

Instagram @tyluer_mikal_chancy

Facebook Mikal Chancy



I love you

Dec 20, 201901:16:30
Wise Woman Wednesday's EP#67 With Tiffany Gnaly & Angela Marshall

Wise Woman Wednesday's EP#67 With Tiffany Gnaly & Angela Marshall

Tiffany Gnaly is a dating expert; Helping you find your ride or die man,

Angela Marshall Is a Motivational Speaker, Best Selling author,Ex NFL Wife, 

In this Episode we talk about how to be in a healthy relationship, find out who you are and tips on self care.

Mikal Chancy CRE8






Robert Delude

Mikal Chancy 

Dec 18, 201908:57
Monday Motivation Ep# 66 with Jordan Harry & Dave Jackson

Monday Motivation Ep# 66 with Jordan Harry & Dave Jackson

I am a memory and speed reading coach who has given a TEDx talk that has been viewed by 1.4 million people and taught over 15,000 people from 147 countries speed reading and memory.

When I was 10, I had a speech impediment which left me struggling with speaking in public and reading.

I now read seven times faster than the average reader (1,500 words per minute), the CEO at StudyFast and an international public speaker.

My mission is to make speed reading and memory training accessible to all.

Featured in the BBC, TED, Virgin StartUp, LBC Radio and Metro.

The average time taken to read this: 27 seconds -Jordan Harry 

Guest on ep 15


Dave Jackson launched the School of Podcasting in 2005. He has been helping people understand technology for 20+ years as a corporate trainer and podcast consultant. Dave Jackson was inducted into the Podcasting Hall of Fame in 2018. He is the author of the book, “More Podcast Money.” Over the years he has launched over 30 different podcasts with over 4 million downloads. 

guest on ep 51


Dec 16, 201908:03
Episode #65 How Rescued Tigers Heal Trauma With Kevin Rose
Dec 12, 201929:52
Wise Women Wednesday #64 With Rachel Brady & Kessa Franklyn

Wise Women Wednesday #64 With Rachel Brady & Kessa Franklyn

In this episode, Rachel talks about her recovery from alcohol and drugs are mentioned about Roberts Story,

Rachel has a Platform On Instagram @shotstoshakes, she wants to bring awareness to people about self-care and Sobriety, Rachel is a Powerlifter, author, Influencer.

Kessa, Talks about her Eating disorders, Being a  competitive BodyBuilder, being in recovery and her personal struggles,


Be sure to check out Tyluer_mikal_chancy on Instagram

 Mikal chancy on facebook

Be apart of cre8.

Follow me @robert Delude 

I love you.

Dec 11, 201917:39
 Episode # 63 Motivation Monday With Jim Wendler

Episode # 63 Motivation Monday With Jim Wendler

From Episode #13, Author of 5,3,1. Husband, father, Coach.

Jim talks about taking action and helping others

Find him at Jim Wendler on social media

Mikal Chancy 


Dec 09, 201905:52
Episode #62 Your Journey To Success; Breaking The Worst Day Cycle With Kenny Weiss.
Dec 06, 201956:57


Natalie Torres-Haddad MPA, AWA A 2 time TEDx Speaker known for her talk "The Foreign Language of Financial Literacy" and "The Confidence Gap".  An international Award Winning Author, a bilingual podcast host of Financially Savvy in 20 minutes, international keynote speaker and educator.  Her activities have been featured in the Huffington Post, LA Times, 60 second docs and a Honda commercial as herself a financial expert, which both features have gotten over 2 Million views since published a month ago. A first generation College Graduate in Finance and International Business with a Masters in public Administration.  She focuses helping those in debt to keep working towards their financial independence.  Born in El Salvador and raised in Inglewood during the LA riots she quickly learned that the lack of higher education and financial illiteracy limits her community of basic human rights and equality in resources. She started investing in real estate and began her career advocating for financial empowerment and women empowerment for equal pay CRE8 SWAG DM TYLUER_MIKAL_CHANCY ON INSTAGRAM ep 45  Maritere R. Bellas Parenting Expert Topic - Bilingualism, Biculturalism, Multiculturalism Award-Winning Author, Influencer, Speaker, Podcast Host, Features Writer Blog - Author - Arroz con Pollo & Apple Pie: Raising *Bicultural* Children PODCAST: MAMA`s 411  ep 50 INSTAGRAM :latinaboomermom
Dec 04, 201910:33
Episode # 60 Monday motivation with James Sweasy

Episode # 60 Monday motivation with James Sweasy

If you don’t think you can overcome your struggle and be successful, then listen to this short clip from a previous episode.
Dec 02, 201908:45
Episode #59 Grow Grateful : A Gratitude Journal For Kids And Families With Heather Vickery

Episode #59 Grow Grateful : A Gratitude Journal For Kids And Families With Heather Vickery

Heather Vickery is an award-winning entrepreneur, business owner, and success coach. But Heather isn’t just a savvy businesswoman. She’s an inspiration.

After a major life transformation and divorce, her world was turned upside down. Suddenly the mother of four had the freedom to be her most authentic self, which empowered her with the confidence she needed to repair, rebuild, and relearn who she was. Today, Heather leverages her entrepreneurial skills and expertise to coach individuals towards greater personal and professional fulfillment through Vickery and Co., her transformational coaching practice. A celebrated public speaker, Heather inspires audiences and empowers attendees with the tools they need to live bold and meaningful lives through her story of personal bravery, perseverance, and resilience. Heather’s approach helps clients leverage fear and turn it into intentional bravery!

Heather is the author of Gratitude Journal: Shift Your Focus and her second book on Gratitude, Grow Grateful: A Gratitude Journal for Kids and Families will be available on December 3rd. She’s also the executive producer and host of The Brave Files Podcast. A strong believer in strengthening her community, Heather is active in many charitable organizations. She is obsessed with Musial Theater and loves to travel.


Link to purchase the book on December 3rd:

Instagram: @Vickeryandco

Facebook : Heather Vickery 

Instagram : @robert_delude

Facebook: Robert DeLude or @Robertcdelude

TikTok @robert_delude

Instagram: @tyluer-mikal_chancy

Facebook: Mikal Chancy

Nov 29, 201950:23
Episode #58 Wise Women Wednesday's With Mikal Chancy & Kristi Data

Episode #58 Wise Women Wednesday's With Mikal Chancy & Kristi Data

 Mikal Chancy is an Online Fitness Coach Helping people eat & train how they want without sabotaging results Is Krista Data Is a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Former D1, CPT, Certified values coach. FREE MUSIC ARCHIVES FOR SOME MUSIC & HAPPY HOLIDAYS 
Nov 27, 201907:08
Episode #57 Monday Motivation The 5 S's With Evan Carmichael.

Episode #57 Monday Motivation The 5 S's With Evan Carmichael.

Evan Carmichael ( youtuber with 2 Mill Subscribers) shares his morning routine.

Follow him on youtube or Instagram at @evancarmichael 

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tag all 3 of us 

i love you

Nov 25, 201909:08


Marla Goldberg

Energy Healer, Intuitive, Speaker, Teacher, International Best Selling Author and Host of Guided Spirit Conversations.

Marla is an Energy Healer, Intuitive, Speaker, Teacher, International Best Selling Author, and Host of Guided Spirit Conversations podcast.

Her mission and purpose in life are to inspire, motivate and educate her clients and all that she connects with through her books and podcast, through the use of her tools and techniques to help them enhance or shift their life circumstances.

Marla began her spiritual journey during a very difficult time in her life she was forced to evaluate her choices and what direction her life was taking.

During this time of evaluation, she serendipitously met her first teacher at a women’s conference.  As Marla sat through her presentation, she resonated with everything that she said. By the time her talk was completed Marla knew that she would be attending her school.

During her three years of attendance at Inner Focus Mystery School, she was trained in 14 different healing techniques.  Following my graduation from Inner Focus, she continued her education by learning additional techniques.  To date, Marla has been trained in over 20 healing modalities.

In addition to her practice with clients, Marla is a contributing author in 2 best-selling books, one becoming an International bestseller.  She has also authored her first solo writing endeavor: My F*cking Long Journey to Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path.  Marla also hosts a podcast, Guided Spirit Conversations.

 Marla Goldberg Links: Website:  Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:  Amazon: 

@ Robert DeLude on facebook & Instagram

@ Mikal Chancy Facebook

@tyluer_mikal_chancy Instagram 

With love, 

Nov 22, 201949:44
Episode #55 Wise Women Wednesday's With Karilyn Ivers & Vanessa lavaty

Episode #55 Wise Women Wednesday's With Karilyn Ivers & Vanessa lavaty

Wise Women Wednesday's is a New Segment Im going to try and incorporate on the show each week on None Of Your Business Podcast

clips from previous episodes to help you get through the week.

Nov 20, 201905:30
Episode # 54 Monday Motivation- Leader Or Dictator which one are you?
Nov 18, 201909:02
Episode #53 The Story of An EX-NFL Wife With Angela Marshall

Episode #53 The Story of An EX-NFL Wife With Angela Marshall

Angela Marshall, is a motivational speaker, professional writer, columnist, bestseller author, creative consultant, ex-NFL wife and business owner of “In Other Words, By Stone.” Also known as “Author Stone,” Angela is an Augusta, Ga., native, entrepreneur and positive words powerhouse that utilizes her personal life experiences of struggle, strength and success to captivate audiences and readers abroad. She speaks with positive purpose and passion to motivate others while encouraging them through challenges. She is also a community advocate, youth mentor and supporter.

Instagram : 





Angela Marshall



Robert DeLude

Mikal Chancy


Nov 15, 201953:11
Monday Motivation Episode # 52 Stop being a victim and take control of your life.

Monday Motivation Episode # 52 Stop being a victim and take control of your life.

It's been a while since a MM came out on this show, I apologize to my audience, i got sucked in to " taking it easy" fuck that shit, put in the work, become great and help others 

Nov 04, 201908:38
Episode # 51 The beautiful gifts of being a teacher with the Hall of fame Dave Jackson.

Episode # 51 The beautiful gifts of being a teacher with the Hall of fame Dave Jackson.

Dave Jackson began podcasting in 2005 and launched the School of Podcasting ( His School of Podcasting show has over 2.1 million downloads. He has helped hundreds of people plan, launch and grow their podcasts. He is the author of the book ​Profit from your podcast ​ and is a featured speaker at events. In 2016 Dave joined Libsyn (the largest podcast hosting company) as part of their tech support team. In 2018 he was inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. Find all his shows at ​
Facebook: The School Of Podcasting
Find Me @ Robert Delude Instagram or facebook
@tyluer_mikal_chancy For your #cre8 fitness lifestyle
Nov 01, 201901:24:17
Episode #50 Parenting in a Multiculturalism household with Maritere R. Bellas

Episode #50 Parenting in a Multiculturalism household with Maritere R. Bellas

 Maritere R. Bellas Parenting Expert Topic - Bilingualism, Biculturalism, Multiculturalism Award-Winning Author, Influencer, Speaker, Podcast Host, Features Writer Blog - Author - Arroz con Pollo & Apple Pie: Raising *Bicultural* Children
Oct 25, 201901:06:35
 Episode #049 Understanding the vital importance of Seltzer and Self-care With Rachel Brady AKA Shots To Shakes Your Sober Sister.

Episode #049 Understanding the vital importance of Seltzer and Self-care With Rachel Brady AKA Shots To Shakes Your Sober Sister.

Rachel Brady is a sober sister, a mental health advocate, and a
storyteller enthusiast. She describes herself as a former Los Angeles
party girl that became sick of her own self-sabotage and decided to
take charge of her narrative. Touching on topics like sobriety,
perfectionism, people-pleasing, and the occasional No-BS tough love,
she is passionate about uplifting women in recovery, women who feel stuck
in a shame cycle, and everyone in between. She currently lives in
North Carolina with her husband and rescue puppy, taking it one day
(and coffee) at a time.

Rachel Brady

Instagram | @shotstoshakes
Instagram I @robert_delude
Instagram I @tyluer_mikal_chancy for your CRE8 swag or online personal training needs,
Oct 11, 201957:20
Monday Motivation #048 Vividly Envision Your DREAMS

Monday Motivation #048 Vividly Envision Your DREAMS

If we envision our goals, If we dont stop when all else fails if we continue to work on ourselves dreams become reality.

Make Sure to buy the Cre8 Swag on Instagram @tyluer_mikal_chancy DM HER TODAY 

Sep 30, 201910:32
Episode # 047 Discovering your core and becoming the best version of yourself with RaQuel Hopkins.

Episode # 047 Discovering your core and becoming the best version of yourself with RaQuel Hopkins.

It has always been my goal to not only understand people but also to understand the business, so I can help benefit both the employee and their place of work. So, how did I get here? I earned my bachelor’s in human resource management at Virginia Commonwealth University and started working at a Telecommunication company in the Human Resources department in 2010. This opportunity afforded me an avenue for personal growth and development through challenging life lessons, such as how to be the better person, set yourself up for opportunity, and, most importantly, know (and embrace) your self-worth!
I went on to become an MBA graduate, with my Master’s in International Business, while simultaneously earning my Professional in Human Resources (PHR) as well. My work, education, and passion for people has pushed me to always dream big and strive for the stars, and I want to inspire others around me to do the same as a Life Coach.
Sep 27, 201936:39
Episode #046 Monday Motivation- You are enough

Episode #046 Monday Motivation- You are enough

You are enough, you have the capacity to do anything you want
Sep 02, 201906:59


Natalie Torres-Haddad MPA, AWA A 2 time TEDx Speaker known for her talk "The Foreign Language of Financial Literacy" and "The Confidence Gap".  An international Award Winning Author, a bilingual podcast host of Financially Savvy in 20 minutes, international keynote speaker and educator.  Her activities have been featured in the Huffington Post, LA Times, 60 second docs and a Honda commercial as herself a financial expert, which both features have gotten over 2 Million views since published a month ago. A first generation College Graduate in Finance and International Business with a Masters in public Administration.  She focuses helping those in debt to keep working towards their financial independence.  Born in El Salvador and raised in Inglewood during the LA riots she quickly learned that the lack of higher education and financial illiteracy limits her community of basic human rights and equality in resources. She started investing in real estate and began her career advocating for financial empowerment and women empowerment for equal pay CRE8 SWAG DM TYLUER_MIKAL_CHANCY ON INSTAGRAM

Aug 17, 201958:50
EPISODE # 044 Finding your power with Karilyn Ivers

EPISODE # 044 Finding your power with Karilyn Ivers


Karilyn Ivers is a life coach who helps people reclaim their power in the midst of their partner’s addiction, so they can live and LOVE with intention.  Find her on Instagram @Karilynivers and to buy the CRE8 Swag @tyler_mikal_chancy
Aug 06, 201942:10


James is so much more than just a person in long term recovery from addiction. James is a voice. A voice for the addict that is not strong enough to speak for themselves yet. A voice for those who are too embarrassed to come forward and admit their struggles with substances. Most importantly, James is a voice in the fight against the out-dated stigma that has been placed on the struggling addict stating that one shall no longer feel compelled to remain anonymous in their struggles with drugs and alcohol.

James Sweasy, a true street to success story, currently lives in Louisville, KY with his girlfriend, Alaina, and their two children Ashlynn and Avery. James is an active member of the recovery community in Louisville and its’ surrounding areas. James can be found speaking about his personal story of recovery and providing hope for those in a homeless shelter all the way to the Capital building. James is best known for his social media presence on James Sweasy Live and as a radio host on RecoveryRadio.FM

Jul 26, 201901:07:26


Changing behavior and not being a lazy fucking bitch
Jul 22, 201905:56
Episode #041 How to find your ride or die man. With Tiffany Gnaly

Episode #041 How to find your ride or die man. With Tiffany Gnaly

Be sure to check out Tyluer_MIkal_Chancy Swag find her on Instagram.

Tiffany is a relationship coach she helps woman find your ride or die man.
We talk about meditation, morning habits, self love.

Jul 19, 201955:01
Episode #O40 To Release the pain is the path to freedom - Monday Motivation

Episode #O40 To Release the pain is the path to freedom - Monday Motivation

Check out Tyluer_mikal_Chancy on Instagram. DM her for details on the swag. * stop holding on to the pain, be persistent and let go to achieve great things.
Jun 25, 201914:24
Monday Motivation # 20 Self-care is discipline for self love

Monday Motivation # 20 Self-care is discipline for self love

We have to take care of ourselves first, fail forward, put in the woke. Slow down if needed but never stop
Jun 18, 201907:51
Episode #19 Dreams never die with Sharon Harris

Episode #19 Dreams never die with Sharon Harris

Sharon is an author, but chef by trade.
Jun 15, 201934:55
Monday Motivation#19 Get off your ass

Monday Motivation#19 Get off your ass

Go do the work, make today count
Jun 10, 201907:39
Episode #18 where I’m at with my why With Robert DeLude

Episode #18 where I’m at with my why With Robert DeLude

The reasons why I started this podcast
Jun 07, 201915:38
Monday Motivation #18 Find your 1% tribe

Monday Motivation #18 Find your 1% tribe

Find the people who will be there no matter what for you but also call you out on your bullshit.
Jun 03, 201904:36
Episode #17 Why you must believe with Evan Carmichael.

Episode #17 Why you must believe with Evan Carmichael.

Evan Carmichael-Evan believes in entrepreneurs. At 19, he built then sold a biotech software company. At 22, he was a venture capitalist helping raise $500k to $15mil. He now runs the biggest YouTube channel for entrepreneurs with 1.8M+ subscribers, We talk about the importance of your One word, model success and the 5 S’S for his morning routine.
May 31, 201931:02
Monday Motivation #17 Stop complaining.

Monday Motivation #17 Stop complaining.

Thank you to all the vets. Music is by Overdose
May 26, 201915:36
Monday Motivation #16 Stay true to your tribe

Monday Motivation #16 Stay true to your tribe

It’s ok to have setbacks, it’s ok to fail,
don’t stop and find your why. Music is done by Overdose and inwalksbud
May 21, 201914:44
Episode #16 Mash up of values

Episode #16 Mash up of values

Hey podcast just a mash up of a few past episodes
May 17, 201901:07:34
Monday Motivation # 15 Tunnel Vision on your goals

Monday Motivation # 15 Tunnel Vision on your goals

Don’t get distracted by shiny things thanks -Overdose and Inwalks bud for the music
May 13, 201909:59
Episode #15 Taking in information faster with Jordan Harry

Episode #15 Taking in information faster with Jordan Harry

Jordan Harry, from the famous Tedx Talk. CEO of Study Fast. Music is by Joey bravo and Inwalksbud
May 09, 201951:10
Monday Motivation # 14 Do the hard work

Monday Motivation # 14 Do the hard work

Get it
May 06, 201909:23
Episode #14 Get out of your own way with Vanessa Lavaty
May 03, 201948:21
Monday Motivation #12 Take ACTION!!!
Apr 29, 201910:38
Episode#13 Being a man of action with Jim Wendler
Apr 26, 201901:17:46
Monday Motivation #11 What's your Status Symbol?
Apr 22, 201911:38
Episode# 12 Whats your definition of greatness?
Apr 19, 201939:57
Monday Motivation #10

Monday Motivation #10

Not getting what you want can be a stroke of luck, Stay positive, Know that better things will come your way
Apr 15, 201905:45
Episode #11 Anything is possible

Episode #11 Anything is possible

From liquidation to traveling the world, this woman knows how to hustle
Apr 11, 201948:46
Monday Motivation #9

Monday Motivation #9

#love #motivation
Apr 08, 201904:24
episode# 10 Showing up when the opportunity comes

episode# 10 Showing up when the opportunity comes

Lonnie is a great example of Turning his life around from the MC to Firefighters to MMA Lonnie is a great person and has an amazing story.
Thank you for listening to this is episode 10!
Apr 05, 201947:45
Monday Motivation#8

Monday Motivation#8

To my audience, I apologize for posting late, the sound quality on this one is not the best. I didn't plan accordingly this week and it hit me at 430am.
Apr 01, 201902:28
Episode#9 Get your Girl Gang On!!!
Mar 29, 201939:30
Monday Motivation #7!!!!!!!
Mar 25, 201908:30
Episode #8 Creating a piece of art

Episode #8 Creating a piece of art

Kyle, talks about tattoos, veterans, creating art and much much more.
Thanks to free music archives for the beats.
Mar 22, 201901:16:07
Monday motivation!!!#6
Mar 18, 201911:42
Saddle up and ride #7

Saddle up and ride #7

It doesn't matter what gets in your way. You have to keep pushing forward.
Mar 15, 201901:12:35
Monday motivation #5!!!

Monday motivation #5!!!

Monday motivation 5!!! Prayers to the family flight Boeing 737. Life can change in a heart beat go out and do you.
Mar 11, 201906:25
Epidsode 6 Recovery is Possible.

Epidsode 6 Recovery is Possible.

Kessa F talks about her eating disorder, drug addiction, competitive body building, Rise for shine and her Amazing Grandmother!!!! Thanks again to Capital City Health Club and all the Staff!!! @Kessalynfranklin_ on Instagram
Mar 07, 201946:53
Monday motivation 4

Monday motivation 4

Get your grind on
Mar 04, 201902:55
Episode#5 The legacy of a poker game.

Episode#5 The legacy of a poker game.

Max pigman shares with you some amazing things, please go support Lewis and Clark brewery and his tap room!
Mar 01, 201935:01
Monday motivation #3

Monday motivation #3

Monday motivation #3 !!!!!! Accountability Challenge!!
Feb 25, 201905:08
Episode #4 trust the process

Episode #4 trust the process

Tyluer_Mikal_ chancy MIKAL talks about being your own boss and the struggles and gifts in life today if you trust the process
Feb 22, 201945:22
Monday motivation #2

Monday motivation #2

Feb 18, 201903:19
Episode #3 One person revolution

Episode #3 One person revolution

From shoe shining to making tv shows and traveling the world this episode gets real. This man is an entrepreneur, a father, a business owner and one of my mentors.
Feb 15, 201931:59
Monday motivation #1

Monday motivation #1

Go do it !
Feb 11, 201904:29
Episode #2 Providing value

Episode #2 Providing value

Kim Duke discusses the importance in providing value to your clients.
Feb 11, 201923:11
Episode #1 Being your authentic self

Episode #1 Being your authentic self

Dylan O talks about Self awareness and the importance of self love, being your authentic self and self esteem. #authentic #love #entrepreneur
Feb 07, 201947:38