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By Lisa Santine

Seeking magic in the every day.
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The F Word

SHINEMay 12, 2020

The Love Project

The Love Project

The Love Project:

Somewhere along life’s journey, we get to a point where we seek something that we believe is one of the single most important missions during this lifetime... and that is to find the love of our lives.
We can help you get there... We can help you find the love of your life.

What is known to be true is the single most important thing you can do is stop looking outside of yourself. You can spend years longing and looking for this almighty magical, once in a lifetime concept that really only exists when you make a deep commitment to yourself. If you’re looking to attract the greatest love story of your must creatively commit to cultivating this love towards yourself FIRST AND FOREMOST!

You must love yourself in a Truly, madly, deeply sort of way!

Why is it that we find it so hard to love ourselves? Isn’t it something that we should be doing naturally and instinctively? Isn’t it something that we were born doing? Throughout our upbringing, we have learned that the word selfish is bad. To put ourself first is bad. We may have lost the ability to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are.
Imperfect. Flawed. Human.

To make time for ourselves and create a ritual of self -love is one of our most important jobs.
When we do so, it changes everything. Others will see and learn from us because when we show ourselves love, respect and appreciation every day, our lives change for the better.

1. Forgive yourself. Let go of any self doubt you have created towards yourself. Let go of shame and condemnation you may be feeling about something from the past. Keep affirming that you love yourself and that you appreciate yourself. It is important to notice any negative self talk. Ask yourself if you would allow this kind of talk towards anybody you love dearly. Take a moment to listen to yourself and remove the first signs of this kind of talk.

2. Self-care. Look after yourself; eat well and drink lots of water. Take care of your appearance this is not something that should be considered a luxury. Take a moment each day to do something for yourself that makes you happy, whether it is bathing with the lights dimmed and rose petals in the bath water, whether it is meditating or praying. Call up a friend and have a moment to enjoy a conversation. Go outside and be in nature. Stop and smell the roses. Spend time and look up towards the sky. Embrace the enormity of the universe and the magical beauty of the trees, the flowers, the birds and the insects. These are all ways that we can take a moment and give ourselves the daily love that we need.
3. Set boundaries. I always say, one of the greatest acts of self love you can give yourself is to set your boundary and surround yourself with people who lift you and raise you up. These are the people who are your cheerleaders... they laugh when you laugh. They cry when you cry... and they allow you to be the beautiful soul you are. You are a work-in-progress.
In the end, give yourself unconditional love. It’s something we hopefully received as children and something that, as parents, we give freely. This is the exact kind of love we should feel for ourselves; the kind of love that’s without borders, judgement or justification. This is the ultimate love. Remember how it feels to love and be loved unconditionally and guide it inwards.
Thank you for listening.
Jul 22, 202010:15
Sorry not sorry

Sorry not sorry

Jul 22, 202007:44
Do you believe in Magic?

Do you believe in Magic?

Three things you can’t and shouldn’t live without.
Jul 01, 202013:30
How to be Perfect

How to be Perfect

The answer is this... stop trying to be perfect. Because there really is no perfection. The drive towards perfection can cause a lot of stress and unhappiness. Accept that perfection is not reachable. This is why we are living this human existence. The imperfection in us makes us different and beautiful and special. Try new things even if your fail. This is how you learn and grow. And this allows us to constantly keep from being stagnant. Let the unimportant things go. Make space for what really matters. Prioritize happy!
May 20, 202008:11
The F Word

The F Word

What is the F word? Fear! What are the three steps to help us identify our fears and move us through it’s paralyzing affect. This podcast will talk about how we can conquer the dreaded F word.
May 12, 202011:24
SHINE trailer

SHINE trailer

May 09, 202000:28