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Silversteins' Show: The Podcast

Silversteins' Show: The Podcast

By Silversteins' Show

Since the beginning of the quarantine, mom and dad have been going live on Instagram to discuss the news and engage in the tough conversations that are vital to changing the world around us. described as "family time for radicals," the show breaks down daily news articles and constructs necessary discussion around current events. Now, as a podcast, you can listen to Joshua and Cinthya on the go and get info so that you, too, can have these tough conversations.
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Silversteins' Show ep 202: The one with Mom!

Silversteins' Show: The PodcastOct 14, 2021

Silversteins' Show ep 202: The one with Mom!

Silversteins' Show ep 202: The one with Mom!

In this week's episode we talk to a remarkable woman, our neighbor, aka GramGram aka Joshua's mom, Beverly Silverstein. A man once said, "if you build it they will come" and he thought he was talking about baseball and some ghosts, but really no one exemplifies this leap of faith like a Black woman determined to empower her students by taking them on a life-altering trip to Ghana. And she did it for 13 years. Listen and consider how we all can benefit from the idea that the more we know about our own history the more we can be open and accepting of others. Consider how being Black in America is filled with interactions that pointedly assign meaning to who you are but mostly to who you are not and let this amazing educator inspire action not just for our educational system, but for society as a whole. 

Oct 14, 202103:16:44
Silversteins' Show ep 201

Silversteins' Show ep 201

We're Back! 

And we're talking about Vaccines! 

Sep 22, 202154:41
Silversteins' Show ep121

Silversteins' Show ep121

Biden/Harris is just step 1.

It’s not over just because Trump is out. Unfortunately, even though he got fired he still has access to twitter and as we know all too well he likes to tweet.

Over 14 million people voted in California but between approx 400,000 and 450,000 did not vote for state measures! They just straight up skipped them and went to the end!! This is why the system is broken.

42,000+ Californians voted for Kanye.

Progress requires us to stay involved and mandates that we have difficult conversations. Let’s keep this going.

Also, we are now legally married so there’s that.

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Nov 08, 202041:26
Silversteins' Show ep120

Silversteins' Show ep120


Nov 01, 202037:27
Silversteins' Show ep119

Silversteins' Show ep119

The debate happened tonight and Biden was able to give us some answers on policy, while Trump used his unmuted mic time to … talk about Biden and avoid answering any substantive questions.

#endSARS is trending, but do you know what is and why it matters?

545 children are have not been reunited with their parents in the wake of the Trump Administration’s Zero Tolerance policy on immigration, but don’t worry, according to Trump the kids are in hotels so they’re good.

This and more right here (or anywhere you get your pods).

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Oct 23, 202047:33
Silversteins' Show ep118

Silversteins' Show ep118

Hip hop is doing some strange political sh*t. To be fair, it’s so far just Kanye, 50, Cube and partially Diddy, but still. 

We may be a step closer to a stimulus deal this week, but we’re not holding our breath. 

And the most important question of the day - which side of The Beach Boys political divide is John Stamos on? Is he with Trump-loving Mike Love or with liberal lefties Wilson and Jardeen?

This and more right here (or anywhere you get your pods).

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Oct 21, 202055:59
Silversteins' ep117

Silversteins' ep117

The confirmation hearings are over. For better or worse.

Though they were much quicker and less dramatic than the last time we did this whole dance, we did find out that ACB, as we’re now calling her, has quite a problematic view on the use of the N-word. She takes pride in being an originalist, which doesn’t make her a hipster as much as it potentially makes her outdated and ignorant to the systemic problems we are currently coming to terms with in this country.

Trump didn’t say anything during his Town Hall tonight, but did teach us a thing or two about how to avoid incriminating yourself.

Biden, for his part, did better actually answering questions and reiterating unity over division. Now before you say anything about how problematic Biden is and before you bring up the 1994 crime bill, let us point out that it’s counterproductive to be stubbornly attached to your critiques if you are not willing to be a part of holding people accountable and making them push forward in the right direction.

Also, Disney probably watched our show and is now adding a disclaimer to racially offensive properties, like Dumbo, encouraging people to be informed about the problematic racial depictions in the movie.

This and more right here.

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Oct 16, 202046:04
Silversteins' ep116

Silversteins' ep116

After getting cut short yesterday by a cranky, itchy baby who can’t sleep, we’re back with a quick recap of the propositions we reviewed yesterday plus a good look at the propositions that we didn’t already cover. 

Are you still unsure who to vote for? Particularly judges? We go through our sample ballot and discuss who we are voting for and why.

In Trump news, he threw a temper tantrum and will have a Town Hall at the same time as Biden’s Town Hall tomorrow night. Which one will you be watching? 

We are excited to see how Trump shows up. Apparently he’ll be showing up contagion-free, but will he show up in a coherent manner? 

This and more right here. 

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Oct 15, 202001:00:17
Silversteins' Show ep115
Oct 14, 202049:23
Silversteins' Show ep114

Silversteins' Show ep114

Another day, another ... never ending eternity of Trump lunacy.

We still don’t know if the President has tested negative yet after confirming he had contracted the coronavirus a week ago. The miracle drugs are apparently working but are they? Show us the proof!

Despite presumably, possibly, probably, most likely, still being infected Trump will hold a rally at the White House on the south lawn with a couple thousand people. And then go to a Florida on Monday and have another one.

The NYT has continued to analyze Trump’s financial records and we now have more proof that Trump is pure, from the source, concentrated white privileged.

Speaking of white privilege, Derek Chauvin is being allowed by the court to essentially go into hiding as we awaits trial. Fearing for his safety, Chauvin will now get to live outside of Minnesota until his trial begins.

RIP Whitey Ford (not Whitey Bulger who died on 2018)

Watch here or find us where you get your pods.

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Oct 10, 202049:49
Silversteins' Show ep113

Silversteins' Show ep113

There’s 26 days until the election and Trump is out here promising to pick up the tab for everyone to get the miracle Covid cocktail that seems to be keeping him alive ... but also turning his skin a darker shade of orange?

Speaking of miracle Covid drug, Regeneron - part of the Trump cocktail — was made possible by an aborted fetus’ stem cells. Can you be pro-life and anti-stem cell research BUT also celebrate the results of years of scientific work that is centered on stem cell science?

Californians want to keep stem cell research going but we don’t think Prop 14 is the solution so we say neigh to the $5.5 billion bond measure.

We also say neigh to more Trump rallies but apparently he’s excited to greet his followers at a rally on Saturday night.

Daniel Cameron said no to releasing all grand jury evidence, filing a motion countering the one filed by a member of the grand jury in the Breonna Taylor case.

Watch here or find us where you get your pods.

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Oct 09, 202047:14
Silversteins' Show ep112

Silversteins' Show ep112

The VP debate was… FLY?

What a fly debate… for the fly?

Oh, yeah, they talked about other stuff. But really, what great timing for the fly!

Also tonight:

Kanye is on ballots. EVEN IN CALIFORNIA.

Women are out there racking up Nobel Prizes.

California is still burning.

LA isn’t coming out of quarantine yet.

This and so much more. Right here. If you can’t watch, listen where ever you get your podcasts.

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Oct 08, 202050:26
Silversteins' Show ep111

Silversteins' Show ep111

We took a month off. 

 But we’re back just in time to prepare ya’ll for the election. 

Trump has COVID because SCIENCE, and it’s slowly spreading in the White House (by slowly we mean quickly, because PANDEMIC). 

Senate confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett are still scheduled to proceed despite Mike Lee and Thom Tillis testing positive for the VID, but voting may not be able to take place if they don’t recover and/or if more senators catch what’s going around. 


Who will win COVID Bingo? Stay tuned to find out!

Grand Jury testimony from the Breonna Taylor case was released on Friday after a juror challenged Attorney General Daniel Cameron of misrepresenting the proceedings to the public. It’s clear that Cameron presented a case to defend the police instead of fulfilling the role of the “people’s lawyer” and demanding justice for Breonna. 

RIP Thomas Jefferson Byrd. 

This and more right here! 

And, we’re back daily and still encouraging conversation as a means for change. 

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Oct 06, 202056:00
Silversteins' Show ep110

Silversteins' Show ep110

This week we all collectively learned about Daniel Prude who was murdered by police in March. There was no outrage then. There still isn’t. His name will become a part of the police brutality lexicon, another black man telling us from the grave how important it is for us to have the nuanced conversation around defunding the police.

Tamir Rice should have been enough. Remember him?

Covid is still happening and a vaccine probably won’t be ready before Election Day, and Trump is STILL undermining Democracy.

Let this episode remind you of what we’ve been saying all along. Get mad and STAY mad at all of it. Change will not come from complacency.

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Sep 04, 202048:18
Silversteins' Show ep109

Silversteins' Show ep109

President Trump wants you to test the system and vote TWICE! And THE ATTORNEY GENERAL, William Barr, would not answer whether or not voting twice was illegal in North Carolina. Spoiler alert: duplicate voting is illegal.

The CDC informed state health officials today that a vaccine might be available as soon as late October or early November and that they should start making plans to distribute it to the most vulnerable populations.

And Nancy Pelosi just wanted to get her hair did but ended up looking like a hypocrite on Fox News.

This and more, right here.

If you’d rather listen to tonight’s episode and miss out on Cinthya normalizing breastfeeding, check out the podcast version wherever you get your pods.

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Sep 03, 202036:11
Silversteins' Show ep108

Silversteins' Show ep108

Trump descended on Kenosha and continued repeating untruths (also lies during an interview with Laura Ingram, but of course he did.

Of equal importance, Trump is going out of his way, it seems, to avoid speaking of or to the families of victims killed by police. He will however shout out murderers who support his campaign.

Speaking of WHO, the Trump administration is refusing to participate in the global COVID vaccine mission (COVAX), essentially refusing to attend the party because he doesn’t like some people WHO will also be there.

This and more, here, with a special appearance from a soon-to-be 1 year old.

If you’d rather listen to tonight’s episode, check out the podcast version wherever you get your pods.

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Sep 02, 202056:55
Silversteins' Show ep107

Silversteins' Show ep107

We break down the events that occurred Saturday in Portland, Oregon. The President has thoughts on it and we are here to challenge them.

There are updates with the Breonna Taylor case. It’s slow moving but the latest could provide more context and hopefully, eventually, justice.

Covid is still happening and rent is still not being paid, but Gavinor Newsom and the CA state legislature might have some plans to help people out.

This and more right here.

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Sep 01, 202048:40
Silversteins' Show 106

Silversteins' Show 106

First of all, RIP Chadwick Boseman, whose death comes as a surprise to all of us. His legacy lives on in his films. See the previous post for Joshua’s heartfelt thoughts on his passing. It’s a huge loss for on so many levels.

It took us 100 hours but we did it. We watched every minute of the RNC. The takeaways:

  • There was a lot of lying, either outright fabrications, misleading statements or only partial truths. We have the facts, so check them out here.
  • Melania’s was surprisingly the least upsetting speech. There were, of course, also lies in what she said, but overall she was the only one that didn’t seem to be fully gaslighting the nation.

Other Non RNC news: Californians on unemployment can expect an additional $300 per week starting some time in early September and Facebook realized it fucked up for allowing a post calling for armed individuals to protect the streets of Kenosha, which may have encouraged Kyle Rittenhouse to drive to Wisconsin with a rifle.

This and more right here.

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Aug 30, 202001:15:15
Silversteins' Show ep105

Silversteins' Show ep105

We’re back! It was a hell of a week to be out, but we had tech issues and had to devote some major focus to the DNC.

Speaking of which, we think they did a great job. Bernie keeping his name in contention for the nomination ended up being perfect. The nominating and seconding speeches clearly explained why he would have been a great choice and hopefully the delegate counts let the Party and specifically, Biden, know that they need to be looking more left on a lot of issues.

Kanye is still running his campaign, but doing it incorrectly.

An, of course, there is Jacob Blake, another un-armed Black man severely injured at the hands of police. Let this be a reminder (although one should not be needed) that police reform is crucial and necessary for the advancement of American society. Police should not be judge, jury and executioner. There is no reason why a police office should ever sentence an individual (criminal or not) to death.

This and more right here. We missed you.

As always, we’re here to keep the conversation going around difficult topics and if you feel moved, virtual tips and podcast version here:

Aug 26, 202054:41
Silversteins' Show ep104
Aug 18, 202040:30
Silversteins' Show ep103

Silversteins' Show ep103

Trump is a lying liar who lies and according to the Washington Post he’s averaging about 23 lies or misleading claims per day in the last 14 months! That’s 20,000 falsehoods since JULY of this year!

The internet is doing what it does now and has created a space for conspiracy theories about Kamala Harris to flourish. False and misleading information about Kamala Harris has spiked from 24 mentions per hour a few weeks ago to 3,200 mentions per hour in the last few days!! There is plenty factual things on record that we can hold her accountable for, let’s focus on those things, yes?

More people, particularly young people, are suffering from anxiety and depression since the start of quarantine and we all need to do what we can to normalize discussions around mental health.

This and more, here.

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Aug 15, 202048:52
Silversteins' Show ep102

Silversteins' Show ep102

Kanye visited Jared and Ivanka in Colorado to talk…about a book? A book about Black Power?

Covid can survive on frozen food and other surfaces for a long time, but with any other germs, there isn’t a large risk to contracting illness from packaged foods or prepared foods if YOU WASH YOUR HANDS!

The USA has become a leading exporter or illegal guns and other countries are suffering because of it.

Oh, and Trump thinks our showers need more water pressure so his administration proposed a rule change to current water conservation regulations.

This and more, right here.

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Aug 14, 202059:37
Silversteins' Show ep101

Silversteins' Show ep101

First: Vote in the comments: zookeeper or communist dictator?

Newly released bodycam footage shows that George Floyd’s death at the hands of police was more chaotic than originally thought and minutes went by before potentially life-saving tactics employed once he stopped breathing.

QAnon is hijaking hashtags and making child trafficking a trending topic but not necessarily in a good way and it might be doing more harm than good for the actual cause.

Deion Sanders never played for the packers but is leaving the NFL network and is potentially looking to coach college football.

This and more right here.

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Aug 13, 202051:04
Silversteins' Show EP100!!!

Silversteins' Show EP100!!!

Kamala Harris is Biden’s pick. Talking strictly from an electable perspective, there are good points and bad points. We break ‘em down.

Like with the space race, Russia has beat us to finding a vaccine. However, like with the space race, maybe their vaccine won’t get them to the moon first.

Covid is still real and the big college football conferences are finally realizing that’s its too risky to start the season this fall. Gov. DeSantis of Florida still doesn’t get it and wants those players to come play in his Sunshine State (where, incidentally, young people have been dying more in the last month than in the 4 months prior combined).

This and more, here.

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Aug 12, 202051:21
Silversteins' Show EP99

Silversteins' Show EP99

Podcast available via link in bio. 

Kanye’s platform might actually make sense, to a certain extent, but none of it will matter on Nov. 3 because he won’t make it on enough ballots to win or even get close. 

Lebanon’s been experiencing protests since last week’s explosion and today the PM resigned, essentially admitting his government’s at fault for the incompetency that led to hundreds of unnecessary deaths. 

Trump’s administration is moving forward with more EPA rollbacks of Obama-era environmental regulations, this time un-doing limits on methane emissions. 

This and more, right here. 

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Aug 11, 202052:50
Silversteins' Show EP98 (8-7-20)

Silversteins' Show EP98 (8-7-20)

BLM is about all lives. If we can successfully dismantle police brutality and oppression then everyone is safer for it. There is a lot of injustice happening at the hands of police, just ask the family of #hannahfizer.

A Trolls Worldwide doll is being pulled after an online petition due to the very awkward placement of a button. We break it down and get into it.

Covid is still real even if you’re over it and even more so now that a technical error has revealed California underreported infections.

This and more, right here.

Aug 08, 202001:00:23
Silversteins' Show EP97 (8-6-20)
Aug 07, 202053:17
Silversteins' Show EP96 (8-5-20)

Silversteins' Show EP96 (8-5-20)

Lebanon is reeling after an explosion in #Beirut killed dozens of people and injured hundreds more. The cause seems to be a stockpile of ammonium nitrate, which was not properly stored or maintained. Regardless, the people are suffering on various levels, and if you can send help in anyway, do so.

#Kanye is still seriously running... away from medication.

Chicago’s school district, the third largest in the nation, will not be opening their schools to in-person learning, realizing that there is still too much danger in exposing students and teachers to covid.

Trump had a very negative review of Obama’s eulogy at the service held for John Lewis and is now claiming that #BLM is #marxist. Our 12-year-old joins us to break it down and ask a tough question.

Ren & Stimpy is coming back, without John K, so maybe with less of the misoginy I enjoyed at as a child.

This and more right here.

Aug 05, 202051:33
Silversteins' Show EP95 (8-4-20)
Aug 04, 202047:05
Silversteins' Show EP94 (8-1-20)
Aug 03, 202044:19
The Silversteins' Show EP93 (7-31-20)
Aug 01, 202055:29
Silversteins' Show EP92 (7-30-20)
Jul 31, 202059:24
Silversteins' Show EP91 (7-28-20)
Jul 29, 202042:48
Silversteins' Show EP90 (7-25-20)

Silversteins' Show EP90 (7-25-20)

This is Episode 90, y'all!!!

#HurricaneHanna is tearing up Corpus Christi, #Texas forcing the county to be challenged by and also fully understand the significance of social distancing. Dealing with a surging pandemic and a hurricane makes you think maybe it would have been a good idea to wear that mask and social distance early on.

Although #Trump was essentially acquitted by the republican party, he has continued to commit crimes worthy of impeachment.

While registered voters in Texas agree that their governor has not handled the pandemic properly, they do now think the pandemic should be taken with the utmost seriousness, but, for some reason, they are still equally divided on who would be a better president between Trump and #Biden.

Meanwhile Biden is killing it in the polls in #Florida. Florida needs to give their homie, Texas, a phone call.

As several people have privately reached out and commented on the space I occupy on our show, Cinthya breaks down how important it is and how obsessed I am about that very concern. Really obsessed. Really, REALLY obsessed... too obsessed. AHHHHH!!!! I WANT TO DO BETTER!!! HELP ME DO BETTER!!! Ok. ok. I'm fine. we're taking it seriously and doing the best we can–– BUT I KNOW IT'S NOT ENOUGH!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! THIS IS EPISODE 90 AND I JUST WANT YOU TO LOVE ME!!! I'm fine. really. No I'm not. This all haunts me.

Oh. Yeah. Also RIP Regis.

This and more! Right here.

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Jul 26, 202052:51
Silversteins' Show EP89 (7-24-20)

Silversteins' Show EP89 (7-24-20)

I’m am vastly opposed to any ideology that seeks to dismiss inherent societal toxins by only affirming an alternative reality where those toxicities don’t exist. While I do believe in the power of positive thinking and the need to eradicate negative beliefs that don’t serve the highest self, it’s often those very notions that provide a misdirect when dismantling the abhorrently poisonous personal and societal norms we are now as a society combating. In order for change to occur, we must acknowledge, accept, and deal with what is opposing that change. Using faith or hope as a vehicle to ignore or pretend issues don’t exist is not only a privilege we can no longer accept, but it also dangerously opposes progression. That is the path to embracing ignorance.

In my past, I too have personally used these very devices of escapism to avoid personal accountability and growth. I too have disregarded my own toxic masculinity when it showed up as control issues, and violent abusive language and behavior, by masking it and conveniently focusing on the active ways I displayed love and peace. And now, while I CONTINUE to accept responsibility and practice remorse for how I inappropriately showed up in past relationships with strangers, family, friends and romantically, I also believe that it is impossible for anyone to grow up in this world without somehow absorbing and then exerting the abusive norms of our culture. No matter who or where you are, we all have work to do.

AOC eloquently expressed this sentiment when calling out YoHo about his abusive hatespeech.

Costco employees express this sentiment when they deny  entry to those who refuse to wear a mask.

The BLM movement is expressing this sentiment when we demand police reform.

LAPD is attempting to embrace change with a $150 Million budget cut, but have yet to ask the question about who are they serving and what they are protecting.

With pressure from the Trump administration, the CDC walked back earlier statements and suggested guidelines along with a preamble about the importance of opening schools in the fall.

The environment still needs our help. We got a lot of work to do. Every where. This and more, right here.

Donations can be made to

Jul 26, 202001:13:20
Silversteins' Show EP88 (7-23-20)

Silversteins' Show EP88 (7-23-20)

As Nine California Teachers attempt to defend their beliefs about allowing their children to go back school, their inherent dismissal about the real severity of COVID-19 brings attention to other real severities we has a country have to address fully.

- We still aren’t handling the Mental Health Crisis in the country nor how students with special needs are regressing without their daily educational routine.

- We still aren’t dealing with the disparity of wealth and how some parents have to go to work and therefore are unable to homeschool their children, or even stay home to just care for them.

- We still aren’t dealing with the fact that for a lot of families, school was how children received breakfast and lunch.

In order for us to progress, these systemic issues need to be addressed, all while dealing with the harsh realities that we are still amidst a pandemic that people are still refusing to take seriously.

Additionally, as we dismantle systemic racism, we still live in a culture where we’ve normalized racism to such an extent that #Biden is calling #Trump our first racist president, effortlessly omitting our past racist presidents, such as Reagan, Nixon, Roosevelt, Lyndon B, and of course Washington. Even though the “trend” was to own slaves back then, it was still RACIST! We need to accept the ugly facts of our history if we are ever going to coexsist in a transformative future.

If you’re prejudiced against Jews, but are chanting “Black Lives Matter”, you’re a hypocrite. (Says the Black Jew)

Also. Trump is a moron, despite Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.

This and more right here.

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Jul 26, 202057:46
Silversteins' Show EP87 (7-20-20)

Silversteins' Show EP87 (7-20-20)

Aaaaaaaaaaand NOW #Trump is saying wear masks.

Aaaaaaaaaaand NOW Kim Kardashian is saying #Kanye ’s Bi-Polar disorder is something we should be paying attention to.

Aaaaaaaaaaaad NOW Orange County is taking Covid 19 seriously– wait! Still no? They’re still protesting social distancing and wearing masks in public? Really? Even after we just reached over 1,000 deaths in a day? Fuck.

Untied Airlines is requiring folks to wear masks… everywhere. Even though folks ain’t really flying right now.

Acts of violence by individuals and groups aligned with white supremacy are on the rise- and have been. Even certain Republicans who are on the ballot come November are aligning themselves with #Qanon— extremist ideologies that strongly support Trump. Qanon influencers have been flagged by twitter and, more importantly, the FBI as potential conspirators of terrorism.

American museums might be closing for good.

We might get some more money.

A (dangerous) vaccine might be available come December.

This and more right here.

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Jul 26, 202051:08
Silversteins' Show EP86 (7-20-20)
Jul 26, 202050:55