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Talk That Talk with Danielle Moneyham

Talk That Talk with Danielle Moneyham

By Danielle Moneyham

I Got Questions! And, if you enter into my Rose Garden, be ready to talk that talk about them.

Talk That Talk with Danielle Moneyham is a coming of age podcast, where I examine our life journey through a reflective love lens... talking all things relationships, sex, career, friendship, and self love. No topic is off limits with my guests, and we explore lessons learned in leadership, bridal horror stories, relationship advice, and more.
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Take A Moment

Talk That Talk with Danielle MoneyhamApr 24, 2020

Felicia T. Simpson

Felicia T. Simpson

“You can do it. It’s in you. You don’t have to aspire to do anything, it’s in you. If it’s been placed inside of you, then that’s the seed. So water it, and let it grow.”

Felicia T. Simpson,

IG: @FeliciaTSimpson

The gates to the Rose Garden are open, welcome back to the show! This season is dedicated to origin stories and understanding the power of our journeys.

Have you ever heard the phrase that a stranger is a friend that you haven’t met yet? Well on today’s episode, I'm thrilled to be joined by a woman that I met in a social media training! Stranger no more, but such a dear friend. Felicia T. Simpson! This brilliant woman is a creative force, mission driven mover and shaker, and visual storyteller, and today, we are learning about HER origin story, and why life motivates her to write. AND, Felicia is breaking down social media strategy, and how creatives can use various platforms to build their brands.

**Trigger warning: on this episode, we are discussing sensitive topics like domestic violence, cycles of violence and abuse.**

Dec 16, 202033:32
Elle Kay Events

Elle Kay Events

“People don’t know that you do it, unless you actually do it… so, I need to actually, like, do it.”

La Toya, @ElleKayEvents

The gates to the Rose Garden are open, welcome back to the show! This season is dedicated to origin stories and understanding the power of our journeys. I'm thrilled to be joined by my former coworker and collaborator, the woman who saved me, my dear Aries sister, entrepreneur and Event Expert, The Sneaker Wearing Event Planner La Toya of Elle Kay Events! Usually when I have La Toya with me, we spend a lot of time answering FAQs about weddings and sharing tips to help avoid Bridezilla experiences, but today, we are learning about her origin story, barriers on her journey (and how she’s overcoming them) and what influences her to always keep the party goin.

Dec 02, 202057:55
Ashani Couture
Nov 19, 202041:41
Sports Talk with Mo

Sports Talk with Mo

“This is just all passion. All passion. That’s it.”

- @SportsTalkWithMo_

Sports Talk with Mo Youtube Channel

The gates to the Rose Garden are open, welcome back to the show! This season is dedicated to origin stories and understanding the power of our journeys. I'm thrilled to be joined by my Meet for Dinner travel partner and sports blogger, Mo of Sports Talk with Mo!

On her Youtube channel and social media, Mo is usually breaking down current events in sports but today, we are learning about HER origin story, and what drives her to build a brand in sports journalism. We’re talking the highs (The Last Dance) and lows of 2020 (RIP Kobe), Covid19, and advice for everyone who is fueled by passion… “Don’t overthink it. Just start. Just start.”

Nov 11, 202027:10
Eman's Movie Reviews

Eman's Movie Reviews

“The challenge for me was being recognized and accepted as everybody else, and not just a Black face or a Black voice.” 

- Eman, Eman’s Movie Reviews

Eman's Movie Reviews Youtube Channel


The gates to the Rose Garden are open, welcome back to the show! This season is dedicated to origin stories and understanding the power of our journeys. I'm thrilled to be joined by an old friend and current Film Expert, Eman of Eman's Movie Reviews! Eman usually gives his audience the good, the bad, the reason, and the rating about movies, but today, we are learning about HIS origin story, and what drives him to create spoiler free content and incredible breakdowns.

On today’s episode, we are talking about:

Part 1:

While pursuing Entrepreneurship and building a brand, the passion has to drive you.

The power of Day One Supporters - “I see you too!”

Barriers on the Journey, access, opportunity, and being Black in the film industry

Part 2:

Personal growth and building responsible platforms

Authentically and unapologetically analyzing social/political movies

5 spoil free tv descriptions

  • Watchmen
  • Game of Thrones
  • Atlanta
  • The Boys
  • Lovecraft Country
Nov 04, 202058:57
The Fairy LocMothers

The Fairy LocMothers

For those who don't know, I've spent the last year co-founding a nonprofit,, with my cousin Brooke.

One of the cool ways Brooke and I get to collaborate is through our monthly Founders Podcast (available exclusively for our Patreon subscribers). In the spirit of Halloween, and as a throwback to Brooke’s first cameo on Talk That Danni Gee (remember that?!), I’m excited to share our October BEM Founder’s Episode!!

I present to you… The Fairy LocMothers

2020 has been scary enough, so this year for Halloween, we’ve decided to be Fairy LocMothers - natural hair advocates, available to help people transition into loc’d life.  Here’s to celebrating origin stories and alter-egos! Brooke and I reconnected to our roots, and both shared our natural hair origin stories. When I speak with educators, it is clear that authentic representation and being presented with affirming, diverse images, and seeing themselves as owners of knowledge, are critical for students as they develop self esteem and self worth.

IG: @BlackEducators.Matter

Podcast: Black Educators Matter




Oct 28, 202026:46
Origins of The Disclaimer

Origins of The Disclaimer

“Nobody is expected to match the expectation that is put on Black women.”

- @MomentsWithMiranda

Moments with Miranda Podcast

“Where is it safe for me to just... be?” In the Rose Garden.

I’m kicking off Season 3 with my Soul Sister & hostess of the Moments with Miranda podcast. Known for having Controversial Conversations, Miranda gives us an exclusive interview on the origin story of her episode “The Disclaimer”. White tears (and a workplace performance) and apathetic barriers led Miranda to reach the capacity of allowing things to slide for the sake of keeping the peace… when she’s the only one that ain’t got no peace.

Tune in. Let’s talk about Black women finding their voices, sharing their stories, and living in their true power.

Oct 21, 202058:09
The Light

The Light

Who are you?

This season of Talk That Talk with Danielle Moneyham will be dedicated to exploring origin stories - understanding and unpacking the influences that shape who we are, who we’ve been, and who we are becoming.

On this mini-sode, I’m reflecting and getting plugged in to my Source. Join me as I reflect on how I Activate My Power to always find The Light on every moment of this journey.

Oct 21, 202010:49
Birth Stories in Color

Birth Stories in Color

"Tell the whole story."

Laurel & Danielle, Birth Stories in Color Podcast


Former educators and reproductive justice doulas (and friends!) Laurel & Danielle walk us through their origin story, and why they created the Birth Stories in Color podcast. 

We are learning about birthing misconceptions, the diversity of birth stories, the traditions behind doulas in the Black community, and embracing YOUR process. Assemble your team and tune in as we discuss developing strong ecosystems of support around expectant mothers of color and growing families. 

Jul 29, 202032:56
We Spoke Too Soon

We Spoke Too Soon

How can you lead your flock to hear the call of God on their lives, when you done only lived according to the call of man your whole life? - Heezy

Boss moves are not driven by ego. If it’s driven by ego, it’s not a boss move. - D$

July came in here clowning! I'm joined by my favorite Cancer CoHost Heezy... we recorded this episode on a Friday afternoon… and by editing time on Monday morning, there were major updates on most of our topics. We Spoke Too Soon! 

Here’s what we discussed, prior to July continuing to clown. Because… #2020

On today’s episode,, Let's Have An Examination of:

  • Homophobia / Transphobia: Do All Black Lives Matter?
  • The art of language: entanglements. Was Jada wrong?
  • The Free Black Man
  1.  August Alsina - was he wrong for speaking his truth?
  2.  Will Smith - Bad Marriage For Life?
  3.  Nick Cannon - was he wrong? why? why not?
  4.  Kanye West - why can't he run for president? why shouldn't he?

Predictions and Hopes for the second half of 2020.

Jul 21, 202001:24:50
A Ram and a Crab Walk Into The Rose Garden - Part 2: So Much More

A Ram and a Crab Walk Into The Rose Garden - Part 2: So Much More

"I'm just tellin July in advance... don't come in here actin crazy."

- Heezy

A Ram and A Crab Walked Into the Rose Garden. Part 2: God Is So Much More.

My favorite Millennial Preacher Cancer Queen Heezy is back! As we enter July of 2020, we are reflecting on what has changed since last year. We couldn't have predicted the dark moments we've experienced collectively this year, and circumstances have forced people to search for light. Today, we are talking about Experiences with God.

- Jesus was a Black man, who was lynched by an oppressive government.

- Ancestral connections to Black Gods

- What is evil?

What is doing a disservice to your experience on this earth?

How can you use your light, your joy, your jokes and your guidance in service to others? Will people wear their masks and follow CDC guidelines? Are the aliens coming? We don't know! But, today, we are righteously and ratchetly sowing seeds of faith, hope and love until we meet in the Rose Garden again!

P.S... Heezy has a birthday message for yall... if you see her in these streets... wear a mask AND socially distance yourself. #DoBoth #GetUpOffMe in the grocery store!

Jul 01, 202047:55
Insecure Friendships

Insecure Friendships

Season 4 of Insecure gave us all the feels! Today, my friend the Anti-Bride (and mental health professional) Erinn is back, and we are processing and pontificating on insecure friendships.
Was Molly wrong?
Was Issa consistent?
Of course... the reason that we can talk about this topic with so much emotion is because we've both gone through adult friendship breakups. Today, we are talking:
Day 1 friendships (and the evolution)
Women Friendship Circles (The drama and the trauma)
Grown woman boundaries (taking the keys to your vagina back)
Who gets custody during a friendship breakup?
Jun 23, 202001:10:01
Unapologetically, On Purpose

Unapologetically, On Purpose

When you project your insecurities on other women... that ain't cute sis. - Tanya J. Miller, Talking with Tanya

Oh, we talkin in the Rose Garden today! In this episode, I am joined by author (Things My Mama Said, Mind Matters), speaker, coach, and strategist Tanya J. Miller of Tanya J. Miller, LLC  and Talking with Tanya (she even has a mixed tape! Come on, rapper!). We are discussing the stigma of mental health (among women and men), needing more than prayer (you might need therapy), and how to move through feeling stuck (you may even stumble upon your calling!).

  • What does it mean to feel your feelings?
  • How can I build an (external) support system?
  • Why do I keep holding on to this label/trauma? Why won't I let this go?
  • What are you pouring your energy into?
  • When was the last time you wrote a letter to yourself?
  • How can my journey through darkness help others?

The power of choices, the impact of decision making, and the process of speaking purpose over yourself. You are who you're supposed to be. Stop running from you. WALK IN YOUR PURPOSE AND POWER, BOO!

Life and leadership, unapologetically and on purpose, and activating your power. Let's talk!

(#Shoutout to collaboration, connection, community between Black women. #WOCPodcasters!).

May 13, 202051:40
May 04, 202036:37
Take A Moment
Apr 24, 202038:33
Building A Legacy

Building A Legacy

"You're not tired... you're uninspired."

- @mac_since1985

#Shoutout to the full-time entrepreneurs!

Last week, we talked about the power of having access to the right financial information. This week, we're talking monetizing your passion for entrepreneurial inspiration!

Have you ever dreamed about building your legacy? Cordney McClain (IG: @mac_since1985), founder of McClain Enterprises ( visits the podcast to discuss the realities of working a 9 - 5, while building your 5 - 9.

We examine the relationship between Black business owners and Black consumers (are we financially toxic??), mistrust within the community (and family skepticism), balancing multiple priorities (relationships, children, career, calling, self care...), and breaking generational knowledge gaps around business ownership. Through the ups and the downs of the journey, Cordney shares his experiences, and how he is continuing to pursue excellence, consistently.

Apr 14, 202034:07
Buying Time
Apr 07, 202048:28


"My ultimate goal for them is that they will learn from my mistakes, and not do what I did."

It is said that pressure can do two things: bust pipes or make diamonds. On today's episode, my guest (and husband!) Rose' opens up about his leadership origin story, and the power of friendship, mentorship, and relationships along his journey. We talk SIU, having fifty million jobs, and being 13 years a (undergraduate) student. Through all the ups and downs, the darkness and uncertainty, Rose emerged stronger than before... and he's hoping to pull from that strength to make it through the sports drought and the #CoronaQuarantine. 

Mar 25, 202041:39
Collective Consciousness

Collective Consciousness

Have you ever manifested something that you didn’t want…?
How do you create an environment where what you don’t want… cannot exist?
How can collective consciousness create our environment?
“If you want to change something, you’d do best to not work with the body first, but to work with the mind and the spirit first.”
Dr. Toya Wilson (IG: Beautifully_Woke) is back, and we are talking the rules of the universe (aether theories, anyone?), the carpenter's definition of true, and how Transcendental Meditation could be the strategy for success. And, also, wash your hands. Obvi.
Mar 17, 202046:52
Serenity & Surrender

Serenity & Surrender

Spiritual Advisor / Therapist Dr. Toya Wilson (IG: @Beautifully_Woke) visits the Rose Garden for coffee and conversation! We talk about the idea of security,  explore feminine energy, and discuss how to seek serenity during stressful moments. What's the word of the day? Surrender. I have so many questions, and my brain is working overtime... but thank God, there's a doctor in the house! Tune in as we talk serenity & surrender.
Mar 07, 202001:02:23
School Daze

School Daze

College friends Nayesha and Tialyr visit the Rose Garden to walk down memory lane. We reflect on our common educational experience, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We talk race, love, friendship, and respecting the process. 

Feb 27, 202035:23
The Power in the Valley

The Power in the Valley

My friend @QueenRhonda.22 reflects on her journey towards wholeness, and the power in the valley. We discuss the importance of having honest people around you, how having #RBF impacts relationships in the workplace, and what can happen when you shine a light on the dark places. 

Feb 22, 202035:14
Our New Favorite F Word

Our New Favorite F Word

Miranda Chinell, IG: @BabesWhoKnowBible & @MomentsWithMiranda, visits The Rose Garden to discuss the process of healing. We talk about what happens in the dark, how each moment matters, and we discover our new favorite F word... Faith. 

Feb 15, 202026:23
I Ain't A Zillah... But...

I Ain't A Zillah... But...

Happy Fiancee Friday!! AND Flashback Friday! It's a twofer!

"It's your marriage... it's their wedding." 

On today's flashback episode, wedding planner LaToya of Elle Kay Events (IG: @ElleKayEvents ) visits the Rose Garden to answer questions on navigating wedding planning drama! AND, gather the grooms, because LaToya has advice and tips for them as well (grooms get lonely too!). We talk about breaking traditions, wedding party politics, and how to manage the people, opinions, and process. 


Feb 07, 202001:01:47
My Black History Month

My Black History Month

Life Coach / Spiritual Teacher Dr. Toya Wilson (IG: @Beautifully_Woke) visits the podcast to invite my episode cohost Kelli and I to a personal Black History Month challenge. We discuss Ancestral Reverence, generational healing, and understanding the levels to love and life. 

Feb 02, 202033:19
The AntiBride

The AntiBride

"I don't want to do any of that bridal sh-t."

Future Bride and Self Proclaimed AntiBride E. Boogie visits The Rose Garden, and shares the vision for her dream day. We talk marriage vs wedding, the adjustment period, and why she wants to stay lifted on her love cloud. 

Jan 31, 202047:09
Ha Ha Hell... Nothing Funny About The Hymen Myth

Ha Ha Hell... Nothing Funny About The Hymen Myth


I might laugh and joke, but I do NOT play, especially when it comes to sexual health education. I join my friend Natalie on her podcast, Let's Chatalie, and we talk about TI, his comments on virginity, and the hymen myth.

Nov 19, 201947:18
Pick Your Team Wisely

Pick Your Team Wisely

If Rick James thought cocaine was a hell of a drug, fianceehood is a hell of a ride. The time between girlfriend and wife… can be HARROWING. ESPECIALLY when you have to deal with surprise horrors, crazy clowns, and plot twists that you NEVER saw coming…


I'm back with an episode for the Frustrated Fiancees and the Bullied Brides. Today, I'm starting at the beginning... QueenBLoc'd and I are talking about the importance of picking the right team. 

Picking the right team is critical for pulling off a seamless wedding. Sooooooo... what happens when you've recruited a hater on the team? What does it take to be a bridesmaid? Are you here for the wedding couple... or for yourself?

Join us... tune in to find out how #BridezillasAreMade.

Oct 01, 201926:39
...In Time

...In Time

Have you ever been impatient while waiting on your moment? Do you get tired of waiting for people to take your advice? You are not alone.  QueenBLocd and I are in the Rose Garden, with advice on what to do while you wait. 

Sep 25, 201917:08
Do It

Do It

Dreams... do you remember your dreams? Do you listen to your dreams? How about your crazy ideas... do you listen to them? What if I told you that your crazy ideas just might be your gift in disguise? I'm talking about following your dreams today, and how my crazy idea led to me pursuing my dreams, even when I was afraid.

Sep 19, 201914:07
Sunday Service

Sunday Service

It was a dream come true, and something straight out of my nightmares. Do you know your triggers? Imagine my surprise when I was confronted by my triggers at the worst possible moment - attending Kanye West's Sunday Service in Chicago. Tune in as Brandi (@QueenBLocd) and I discuss our experience at Sunday Service, how we've learned to manage our triggers, and how Kanye's music made everything right in my world ... It was cray.

Sep 11, 201928:06
Love, Peace and No.

Love, Peace and No.

Who messed up my peace picnic? Have your emotions ever been under attack? Join me as I list ways that you can identify if your peace is under attack, and strategies to regain your power.

Sep 05, 201932:11
You All You Got!

You All You Got!

"What I realized, was that I was the light. I was the light that I had been waiting for."

Welcome back for Season 2! So much has changed! On today's episode, I reflect on how I've changed and grown from Talk That Danni Gee to Talk That Talk with Danielle Moneyham. My secret: Self Care. 

I break down self care, why it's important, and why it is your responsibility to take care of you. You are the light that you've been waiting for.

Aug 28, 201931:06
A Ram and A Crab Walked Into The Rose Garden

A Ram and A Crab Walked Into The Rose Garden

It's the most emotional tiiiiiime of the year... June 21 - July 23... Cancer Season. 

The Crabby Crab, The Sour Patch Kid, The Cilantro of the Zodiac... Cancer Season is here. I've been known to voice my frustrations about the behaviors of people born under this sign, and on today's episode, I have the opportunity to talk my talk in person! 

Heezy joins me in The Rose Garden to rep for The Cancers! And, because she is confident that my disdain is due to heartbreak... she came to ask me her ultimate question... "Who hurt you, sis??"

Tune in to learn how to survive Cancer Season.

Guests: Heezy

Jun 24, 201901:12:60
"I Always Knew I Was Going to be Great"

"I Always Knew I Was Going to be Great"

"If you can hustle, you can eat."

It's a high school reunion! Economic empowerment, legacy building and full circle moments are all topics of conversation on today's episode. Tune in as The Hip Hop Hotel Broker, Professor Omari Head, visits the podcast to discuss the lessons he's learned on his leadership journey in the hospitality industry.

Guest: Omari Head, Twitter: @HeadHotelier ; Instagram: @HipHopHotelBroker

Jun 18, 201939:26
The P Word... Perfection

The P Word... Perfection

LIL Leadership Talk - Leveraging Your Light to Live Your Best Life.

It's June! Graduation Season! And I'm not just talking about caps and gowns, I'm talking about Kanye West! It's Ye Season. And while many of us might be rappin "Good Life" or "Stronger" as we get ready for Summertime, I can't help but hear Good Morning playing over and over in my head...

"Good morning, look at the valedictorian, scared of the future while I hope in the Delorean, scared to face the world, complacent career student... some people graduate, but be still stupid." 

I realized that while I'm not a complacent career student... or stupid... I have been conditioned. I’ve been condition to seek perfection, always, at all times, with all things.

Except perfection is not real. Perfection is not a destination on the map. Perfection is not the goal. I can't let my dreams of perfection keep me from living my best life. And you shouldn't either.

For anyone who has dreams of manifesting their gifts and leveraging their light, but they are stuck in the process, this episode is for you. 

For anyone that knows college grads, high school grads, or anyone that needs to be encouraged to stay committed to following their dreams until they become a reality, this episode is for you.

F-ck perfection. It's not real anyway. Let's talk about it. 

Jun 02, 201901:14:08
How To Survive a Toxic Workplace

How To Survive a Toxic Workplace

LIL Leadership Talk #DirectorDanielle wears her HR Pro hat to share her 4Ps to Surviving a Toxic Workplace. 

May 01, 201920:50
My Bleeding, Beating Heart...

My Bleeding, Beating Heart...

How do you get over a break up? 

Whether friend or foe in the end... it ended. Dating is hard, breaking up is harder, but getting over somebody can seem impossible. Inspired by a meme and based on an episode of Sex And The City, we ask the question - can you move into your future if your past is present? Call Me Almond, TiSoChi, and RhondaPoo visit the Rose Garden to discuss breakups, the dating scene, and ways to help you get your power back. 

Mar 07, 201938:55
"There's Always Judgment... Choose You First."

"There's Always Judgment... Choose You First."

It's a Family Affair! My very first brave Baby Boomer guest is willing to let me explore her mind, and ask ALLLLL the questions! Any advice or guidance for younger women? Auntie Gee visits The Rose Garden to talk sex, death, kids, career, and choosing happiness. #ThanksAuntie 

Guests: Auntie Gee, LGG

Mar 03, 201932:25
Just Stay Yo Ass Single!

Just Stay Yo Ass Single!

Are people their mistakes? Is temptation an illness? Is there a good/bad ratio? Are you ashamed of your porn search history? Is there a such thing as a fuckshit hoodie? We discuss these questions, and more, in the Rose Garden.  

Guests: Call Me Almond, Tre', Ernest, CJ The Artist  

Feb 21, 201937:20
I Slid In Her DMs Like... Let's Make A Movie

I Slid In Her DMs Like... Let's Make A Movie

Film Maker, Doula and "Creative Black Sheep of My Family" Amanda Niqole (@AmandaNiqole) talks about her fearless leadership journey, and how taking a film class in high school gave her the tools to design an unbelievable career.  

Feb 19, 201949:51
The Crucial Conflict: West Side is the Best Side?

The Crucial Conflict: West Side is the Best Side?

"I coulda been a South Sider, but I couldn't get away from the West Side."

Kel Francisco visits the Rose Garden and allows me to explore the mind of a man. We talk Chicago, debate sides, and see if we really are as different as we think we are. 

Feb 16, 201929:60
Do I Really Gotta See Your Face Every Day??

Do I Really Gotta See Your Face Every Day??

Trill Simone visits the Rose Garden to examine the concept of personal space and individuality in partnerships. Do women have to sacrifice their individuality when they become a partner/mom? Do you have to see your partner every day? How do you communicate your self care needs to the people you love... without sounding like an asshole?
Feb 05, 201925:56
When Was Your Last HIV Test?

When Was Your Last HIV Test?

Ms. Bell Air visits the Rose Garden to recall how we met in college - when I administered her first anonymous HIV test. We discuss fear, stigma, the mysterious box, and why knowing your body (and your status) is the ultimate form of self love.

Jan 27, 201928:41
She Had A Sweet Job...

She Had A Sweet Job...

"If I can execute their vision, I know that I can execute my own." Jamilah visits the rose garden to reflect on her career journey, sisterhood in the workplace, and the true cost of following her dreams.

Jan 05, 201948:07
A Tribute To My Exes

A Tribute To My Exes

As I reflect on my dating journey, I have to give credit where credit is due. I wouldn't be the woman I am today without the experiences I've shared with my exes. Here's to them! 

Dec 28, 201803:11
We Need A Translator!

We Need A Translator!

Danni Gee opens up on the origins of Talk That Danni Gee, and how love languages can bring couples closer together. 

Dec 27, 201827:57
L.I.L. Leadership Talk - Great Leader, Bad Bride.

L.I.L. Leadership Talk - Great Leader, Bad Bride.

Lessons I've Learned while planning a wedding... I'm a great leader, but a bad bride. 😒🤯 #BridezillasAreMade
Nov 25, 201830:32
Danni Gee, why do you wanna talk?

Danni Gee, why do you wanna talk?

Great question. Well. There are a few reasons...
Nov 23, 201802:24
She Had on Those High Heels!

She Had on Those High Heels!

My friend and Soror Kels stops by the Rose Garden to have a discussion about black women protecting each other and not wasting our magic on malice and nonsense.
Nov 09, 201825:20