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Walk With TFB

Walk With TFB

By Timothy F. Bryson

Black millennial eager to have unfiltered conversation with authentic people centered on education, sport, and culture. Walk with me!
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Tim Talks Vol. 13 // This Ain't Normal

Walk With TFB Nov 21, 2023

Tim Talks Vol. 13 // This Ain't Normal
Nov 21, 202327:07
5.12 Terrible Towel Goes Global // Maria Jose Rodriguez

5.12 Terrible Towel Goes Global // Maria Jose Rodriguez

During this walk, Maria Jose (MJ) talks to us about the Pittsburgh Steelers international content strategy.

An Honduras native, MJ graduated from Texas Christian University (TCU). While at TCU, she became enamored with American football and was eager to work in sport. Soon after her first football game, she secured her first internship with TCU athletics and the rest was history.

MJ currently serves as the International Content Manager for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In her role, she is responsible for contributing to the Steelers' global expansion strategy through engagement on social platforms. Through the NFL's International Home Marketing Areas (IHMA) program, the Steelers have marketing rights in Mexico, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.

Discussion points include:

  • Detailing the role of an NFL international content manager
  • Strategy to attract and engage global Steelers fan base
  • NFL's International Home Marketing Areas (IHMA) program
  • American football globalization and community engagement
  • Favorite international content and experiences
  • College sport globalization and future directions

NFL globalization does not happen by osmosis. Humans dictate what happens and how it happens.

The NFL named her a "Next Woman Up," but we argue that she's already arrived.

Phenomenal episode in English. Part two will be in Spanish.

Muchas gracias, Maria Jose!

Connect with MJ on LinkedIn

Follow: Los Steelers on Instagram (Steelers Mexico)

Follow: Steelers Deutschland on Instagram (Steelers Germany)

Oct 31, 202346:49
5.11 Beyond Land Acknowledgements // Amari Dryden

5.11 Beyond Land Acknowledgements // Amari Dryden

During this walk, Amari shares how we can support NCAA Native America college athletes.

A Louisville native, Amari is a two-time graduate of The Ohio State University. After earning her Bachelor’s in Business and working corporate, Amari returned to school to earn her Master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs and learn how she can best support Native American student-athletes.

Land acknowledgements are the bare minimum. Amari’s work moves beyond requirements and explores how college athletic administrators can create environments conducive to the holistic development of Native American college athletes.

This episode is one for every stakeholder connected to the NCAA ecosystem.

Oct 24, 202351:36
5.10 We Get One Planet // Dr. Jessica Murfree

5.10 We Get One Planet // Dr. Jessica Murfree

During this walk, Dr. Jessica Murfree speaks to us about how sport can be used as a tool to understand climate change.

A Georgia native, Dr. Murfree has attended the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill to pursue a her life long dreams to become a veterinarian. After learning she was no longer experiencing joy in academic study, she changed her major, told her parents "just watch, I'll show you," and pivoted her focus to pursue a career in sports.

During graduate school, she discovered that she can combine her love for both sport and the natural environment through the study of sport ecology. She earned her doctoral degree from the University of Louisville and has not looked back.

Dr. Murfree is a sport ecologist, researcher, and professor who studies how people come to know the realities of climate change through sport. A Forbes 30 under 30 recipient, she has been invited to speak, train, and teach all over the world, most recently the 2023 Sport Positive Summit in London. She lso went to the Falcons v Jaguars game in the U.K.

Discussion points during the episode include:

  • How are we raising questions about the environment during diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) conversations?
  • Environmental sustainability: What are the policies, initiatives, and ideas being shared? Who are the beneficiaries?
  • Franchise relocation as an environmental adaptation strategy (e.g, potentially the Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Social justice issues with deep roots of environmental racism (e.g. Black folks relationship with water)
  • What are our individual roles to help protect the planet? How can sport be used to drive and facilitate conversations and initiatives right now?

We get one planet. Let's protect it. Leveraging sport will help. Let's walk.

Dr. Murfree's website:

Oct 17, 202348:38
5.9 Seat at the Table // Tatyana Ellerbe

5.9 Seat at the Table // Tatyana Ellerbe

During this walk, Tatyana shares why Saudi Arabia has earned a seat at the global sport table.

Originally from Saudi Arabia, Tatyana grew up in the Atlanta area and graduated from Georgia State University. While at GSU, she gained meaningful work experience through several internships, including ne with the Saudi E-Sports Federation.

Her knowledge about sport globalization and higher education internationalization is impeccable. During this episode, she clearly communicates how globalization has shaped Saudi Arabia's influence in global sport as well as the impact of internationalization on international student mobility and virtual exchange through e-sports.

Topics we discuss on this walk include:

  • Saudi Arabia's influence in LIV and F-1
  • The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
  • Purpose and culture of sport in Saudi Arabia
  • Relationship between religion and sport
  • Sport as a vehicle for diplomacy and humanization

"You can't have sport without the world."

Tatyana reminds us who we are, what we do, and where we are going.

Oct 10, 202353:28
5.8 Conference Realignment // Dr. Jen Fry

5.8 Conference Realignment // Dr. Jen Fry

During this episode, Dr. Fry talks to us about the relationship between sport geography and conference relignment.

Dr. Fry has traveled to more than 200+ colleges and universities speaking to students, faculty, and staff about conflict. She is also the founder of two tech companies: Coordle and Hyreable.

She earned her PhD from Michigan State and dedicated her dissertation as a love story to Black women volleyball athletes who competed in non-U.S. professional leagues. Her academic research, coaching experience, and commitment to disruption informs our conversation about conference realignment across the NCAA ecosystem.

  • How will conference realignment affect enrollment at Division I mid-majors, and Division II and III institutions?
  • How are athletic departments taking care of their staff who will also be affected by increased travel?
  • What additional mental health resources will be dedicated to college athlete well-being?

These are just some of the questions we dive into on this episode!

Unfiltered and very timely! Let's walk!

Oct 03, 202348:53
5.7 Athlete Futures Abroad // Lucy Pandit

5.7 Athlete Futures Abroad // Lucy Pandit

During this walk, Lucy shares why education abroad is for all athletes.

A United Kingdom native, Lucy graduated from De Montfort University. Lucy spent several years working in the higher education and technology industries across marketing, international recruitment, and customer success. Throughout her career, it became apparent that global education and student mobility were part of her calling and in August 2022, she took the leap.

Lucy is the Founder of Athlete Futures Abroad (AFA). AFA is the study discovery platform that empowers student-athletes to explore overseas study. AFA equips athletes with the necessary knowledge, tools and resources to pursue their education in the UK, regardless of their desire continue competing.

Lucy recognizes the value of education abroad. AFA is committed to connecting all students and athletes to opportunities in the United Kingdom, including NCAA athletes who have exhausted their eligibility.

Excited for y'all to learn more about AFA as well as sport culture differences between the United States and United Kingdom!

Visit AFA's website!

Follow AFA on Instagram!

Sep 26, 202345:53
5.6 Black Digital Cultures // Jasmine Banks
Sep 19, 202347:12
5.5 Ubuntu // Stephanie Tilley
Sep 12, 202352:03
5.4 A Fresh Start // Aïcha Dia

5.4 A Fresh Start // Aïcha Dia

During this episode, Aïcha talks to us about the fresh starts happening in her life.

A Canadian native, she started playing basketball at age 14. The time she spent training and traveling finally paid off when she was offering a scholarship to compete as an NCAA athlete.

After starting her career at Penn State, she enters her first season at the University of Cincinnati. She will be part of UC's inaugural season in the Big 12 season.

Aïcha has meaningful experience in global competition, representing both Canada and Senegal in international events. She speaks about what she has learned from her teammates and opponents while representing her countries.

This episode is fun with a lot of learning and insight for us to consider as we design programming and support interventions for NCAA international athletes.

Let's walk!

Sep 05, 202332:15
5.3 God's Conference Call // Ancia Ifill

5.3 God's Conference Call // Ancia Ifill

During this walk, Ancia provides insight on her conference call with God. A native of Barbados, she came to U.S. and competed at IMG Academy. After graduating, she continued her tennis career as an international college athlete at Bethune-Cookman University. She has worked in college athletics throughout her career, supporting college athlete academic advising and development. She is also a PhD student at the University of Louisville, where her research focuses on Black international college athletes. Excellent episode with visionary insights into the future of college athletics!

Aug 29, 202342:52
5.2 True to Black Women // Lauren Dreher
Aug 22, 202345:37
5.1 Sports is a Global Business // Tay Hawker

5.1 Sports is a Global Business // Tay Hawker

We kick off Season 5 speaking Tay Hawker

Born and raised in New Zealand, Tay is a talent agent, former NCAA international athlete, and friend. He has over ten years of front office experience in the United States, including a detailed background in sport business and law, talent ID and development, revenue generation, commercial partnerships and strategic development. 

His athlete experience, career decisions, and visionary leadership prepared him to be the founder and CEO of Hawker Family Sports and Entertainment. A couple years later, he transitioned to his current position at Halo Sport as a professional agent. 

During this podcast, we discuss women’s sports, differences in sport culture between U.S. and New Zealand, as well as how sport management curriculum can best prepare graduates for careers in global sport.

Listen to the podcast now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or YouTube! Be sure to subscribe to the show and give us a 5-star rating and bomb review, but only if you mean it! 

Aug 15, 202354:36
Tim Talks Vol. 12 // Open For Business

Tim Talks Vol. 12 // Open For Business

During this walk, Tim launches the scheduling book for Walk With TFB, LLC.

Discussion Points

  • READ: Tim's op-ed article about why college athletics should embrace internationalization
  • Internationalization in professional sports vs collegiate sports
  • WWTFB Services: International Athlete Development, Internationalization Strategy, and Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Education
  • How to Book: WWTFB Consulting, Keynote Presentations, and Guest Lectures
  • SIGN UP: WWTFB Field Trip to Paris for South Carolina v Notre Dame WBB game

IG: @WalkWithTFB


Jun 29, 202320:22
Tim Talks Vol. 11 // We Are Timeless

Tim Talks Vol. 11 // We Are Timeless

During this walk, Tim shares why the Walk With TFB podcast is timeless. Discussion points:  - Celebrating 3 years of the Walk With TFB podcast 

- “Walk With TFB" work as a global enterprise

- U.S. Department of State, Sport Diplomacy

- NAFSA RISE Fellowship Program 

- African Descendant Social Entrepreneurship Workshop

- Preview of Season 5 of the podcast  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @WalkWithTFB

Be sure to subscribe to our podcast and leave a 5 star review -- but only if you mean it!

Jun 13, 202314:49
What's Next for Global Sport? // Internationalization and Athletics
Jun 06, 202359:31
Global Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice in Sports // Internationalization and Athletics Summit
May 30, 202301:04:35
Sport in South America // Internationalization and Athletics Summit

Sport in South America // Internationalization and Athletics Summit

During this walk, we are BLESSED to be joined by our friends and colleagues in South America! Joining from Venezuela and Ecuador, we will be discussing sport and culture in the South American context.

Discussion Points

  • Sports agency culture in Venezuela and South America
  • Managing an international event, such as the Oceanman open water swimming competitions
  • Sport globalization on the South American continent
  • Creating and sustaining global partnerships
  • Virtual Exchange and its benefit for student and faculty learning


Pablo García Lawyer, International Agent (Venezuela )with BNM Ontier

Sara Palacios and Diego Egas - Aguas Abiertas CEO and Race Director at Oceanman Ecuador

USA + Ecuador - Building Bridges Across Cultures through Sports: A Global Classroom Collaboration Experience - Universidad San Francisco de Quito and the University of West Georgia (academic) Dr. Maria Dolores Brito-Rhor and Dr. Su Jara-Pazmino.

This session would not have been possible without the support and leadership of Dr. E. Su Jara-Pazmino, Assistant Professor / Coordinator Master Program at University of West Georgia.

Session was recorded as part of the 2023 Internationalization and Athletics Summit.

May 23, 202301:16:19
Player Development is Global // Internationalization and Athletics Summit
May 16, 202357:53
What is Internationalization and Athletics? // IZN and Athletics Summit
May 09, 202358:06
Tim Talks Vol. 10 // It's Happening

Tim Talks Vol. 10 // It's Happening

During this walk, Tim shares how Walk With TFB is well positioned and prepared to assist organizations at the intersection of sports and international education.

Discussion points:

  • Learnings since being laid off
  • Reflection of Internationalization and Athletics Summit
  • Globalization of collegiate and professional sports
  • Influx of International athletes in the NCAA ecosystem
  • Season 5 of Walk With TFB podcast
  • Future of Walk With TFB, LLC

Twitter/IG: @WalkWithTFB

Be sure to subscribe to our podcast and leave a 5 star review -- but only if you mean it!

May 02, 202324:58
Tim Talks Vol. 9 // We're Back!
Apr 18, 202324:60
Tim Talks Vol. 8 // God is My Bridge
Jun 21, 202229:52
4.20 Be Bold // Leslie Bryson

4.20 Be Bold // Leslie Bryson

During this walk, Leslie explains why she chooses to live bold, live big, and live without regret.
Apr 05, 202201:11:59
4.19 I Am An Ingredient // Illya Thomas
Mar 29, 202201:02:53
4.18 Grace Under Pressure // Taylor Turner
Feb 01, 202257:10
4.17 But What Do I Know? // Chid Suzan
Jan 25, 202257:56
4.16 It's Our Responsibility // Travis Overton

4.16 It's Our Responsibility // Travis Overton

During this walk, Travis tells us why it's our responsibility to take risks and invest in our people. 

Before we start, I want to read a note from September 23, 2015.

Mr. Overton - Thanks for connecting with me. I wanted to introduce myself and also add that I will be applying to higher education and student affairs programs to enroll in Fall 2016. One of my career interests is in Student Conduct, specifically Title IX compliance and I noticed your title at Coastal. Originally from Cincinnati, I went to CCU my freshman year before transferring to USC.

If possible, I would love to find time to pick your brain about higher education administration and your current role as VP. I am confident that I will learn a lot from you.

Thanks again! Look forward to hearing from you.

This was the Facebook message I sent our guest when I was an undergraduate student eager to break into higher education as a profession. Almost 7 years later, I can honestly say that I not only learned a lot from this guest but continue to be inspired each and every day by how he chooses to lead with love, courage, and authenticity.

Vice President. Alpha man. Mentor. Sponsor. Advisor. Dog dad.

So without further ado, y’all help me welcome Mr. Travis Overton.

Jan 18, 202201:08:23
4.15 It's Mandatory // Ahmad Boyd

4.15 It's Mandatory // Ahmad Boyd

During this walk, Ahmad tells us why it's mandatory to center diversity, equity, and inclusion in career readiness work. 

A New Jersey native, Ahmad earned his bachelor’s degree in Sport Studies from Ithaca College. While at Ithaca, he was a walk-on basketball college athlete, Club Basketball President, pledged Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., and was involved with the Brothers for Brothers student organization. The price went up after earned his master’s degree from Ithaca College while also working in Residence Life, Emerging Scholars, Academic, and Professional Leaders Program and serving as the graduate assistant for the men’s basketball program.

Ahmad went on to serve as the Student-Athlete Experience Intern at Colby College, a position made possible through the NCAA Women and Ethnic Minorities Grant. While at Colby, he revamped the first-year college athlete program, restructured the essential documents for inclusion and leadership, and led comprehensive programming focusing on the holistic development of all college athletes. His experiences led him to Chicago State University and then Northwestern University, where he currently serves as the Assistant Director of Career Enhancement and Employer Relations.

His entire career has been dedicated to focusing on diversity and inclusion for college athletes, and that includes career readiness.

He’s one of the pioneers in all of higher education in this arena and I am elated we get to walk with him today.

Ahmad's IG: @a.boyd_1

Ahmad's Twitter: @_AhmadB_

Jan 11, 202201:03:43
4.14 Listen, Learn, and Advocate // Sydney Bassard

4.14 Listen, Learn, and Advocate // Sydney Bassard

During this walk, Sydney teaches us about the industry of communication experts. 

A Charlotte native, Sydney earned her bachelor’s degree in Public Health from the University of South Carolina. While at Carolina, she played in the marching band, was an active member in Tau Beta Sigma Honorary Band Sorority, and annual participant in Relay for Life. Originally convinced she was going to pursue pharmacy as a career, an experience at Lindamood-Bell Instruction changed her life and propelled her to earn her master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology - a second degree from the Real USC.

While a grad student, Sydney was a research assistant in the Written Language Lab, member of the National Black Association for Speech, Language, and Hearing (NBASLH), and was 1 of 11 students nationwide to receive the 2018 Student Preparing for Academic-Research Careers Award from the American-Speech Language Hearing Association. The following year, she became the fist student in her department’s history to earn the Jeffrey Keith Mattison Outstanding Student Achievement Award.

Her recognition is a reflection of her leadership in this industry. Alongside serving as a full-time speech-language pathologist, Sydney started her own business entitled The Listening SLP, LLC. As a private practice owner, she specializes in hearing loss, reading disorders, adult aural rehabilitation, and language disorders. She also facilitates The Listening SLP platforms on IG, Twitter, and TikTok providing free and accessible information to all.

Her purpose is to help all children find their voice and assist families throughout the process. She loves to help mentor and assist graduate students as they go through the process of becoming a speech-language pathologist.

I am still surprised we got her on the show, but it’s time to walk.

The Listening SLP Website:

The Listening SLP Social Media: @TheListeningSLP

Jan 04, 202250:15
4.13 Return On Investment // Chelsea T. Smith

4.13 Return On Investment // Chelsea T. Smith

During this walk, Chelsea tells us how she plans on getting her ROI from her doctoral experience. 

An Atlanta suburb native, future Dr. Chelsea completed her undergraduate experience at the University of Georgia where she earned a Bachelor’s in History. She then worked for the College Advising Corps, a Chapel-Hill based non-profit whose mission is to increase the number of historically underrepresented, low-income, first-generation college and high school students who enter and complete higher education. While an advisor, she worked with a high school who had a STEM pathway program which further prepared her to lead and create change at Iowa State University. While in Ames, she created a program series for women in STEM focused on how to support them academically, professionally, and socially. But she was getting started.

Future Dr. Chelsea is currently a doctoral candidate in the Education Leadership, Policy, and Human Development program at North Carolina State University. Her research focuses on Black women in STEM, Black women graduate students, and diversity, equity, and inclusion education and training. She is also a graduate research and teaching assistant, Vice President of Black graduate student association, and academic mentor for college athletes.

She’s a Black woman addicted to airline miles. She’s a podcaster and influencer. And she is one of my most inspiring, motivational peer mentors who asks us the follow questions…

If STEM is the future, why isn’t it serving everyone interested? If it’s not serving all those interested, how will STEM truly expand the future?

Through the Southern Region of Education Board fellowship, she is tackling this issue head on and I am excited we get to learn with her today.

Chelsea's LinkedIn Profile 

2 Happy Heauxes Podcast! 

Walk With TFB Podcast IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB

Dec 21, 202101:04:43
4.12 Win With Integrity // Trajuan Briggs

4.12 Win With Integrity // Trajuan Briggs

During this walk, Trajuan tells us how he always gon be figure it out. 

A California native, Trajuan was a standout high school football athlete and ranked as one of the top running backs in his class. His athletic prowess and commitment to academics led him to Cal Berkeley, where he competed as a college athlete for two years before transferring to the University of New Mexico. While at UNM, he played football and pledged Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. en route to earning his Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Journalism. After working in news for a couple years, he returned to UNM and earned his Master’s degree in Sport Administration.

This guest has meaningful experience in higher education. He is a father, former coach, and current academic counselor and student-athlete development coordinator at the University of New Orleans. Coupled with his life journey and belief in the power of education, in 2020 he partnered with New Mexico’s African American Student Services office to start the Trajuan Briggs Community IMPACT scholarship that would provide financial assistance to undergrad students at the institution. Since its inception, he has awarded more than $2,000 in scholarship money.

He is ALL ABOUT IMPACT! But more importantly,

He is strong. He is able. He is himself.

And he is learning how to Invest in himself, while also sharing with others.

Give to the Trajuan Briggs Community IMPACT Scholarship

Trajuan's IG: @trajuan_briggs

Trajuan's Twitter: @Tra_Briggs

Podcast Twitter and IG: @WalkWithTFB

Dec 14, 202101:20:22
4.11 The Long Walk // Tonija Hope

4.11 The Long Walk // Tonija Hope

Today we are walking with a trilingual professional, international education leader, and doctoral student.

A District of Columbia native, Tonija moved to St. Paul (MN) where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies and Spanish from Macalester College. After graduating, she moved to South Africa where she worked alongside University of Cape Town faculty to develop strategies that would encourage exchange among international and South African students. She later returned to DC and earned her master’s degree in Tourism Administration with a focus on International Education from George Washington University.

She currently carries out this mission in her role as the Director of the Ralph J. Bunch International Affairs Center at Howard University. As director, provides guidance and direction towards comprehensive internationalization. She also administers four programs dedicated to increasing the representation of systemically marginalized and historically underrepresented communities in foreign service and development. When she’s not working as the director, she is completing her doctoral coursework in the Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies program at Howard.

A quick google search will reveal that she is THE leader in preparing students of color for global leadership and is an active in addressing racism in international education.

Her social media will remind you of #HowardForward, #StudyAbroadSoBlack, #WorldDomination.

But she always leave us with one question: If HBCUs were born out of a movement towards justice, what should international education look like at HBCUs?

Let's walk and talk about it! 

Tonija's LinkedIn Profile

Ralph J. Bunch International Affairs Center at Howard University

Podcast Twitter and IG: @WalkWithTFB

Dec 07, 202101:09:26
4.10 You Gotta Risk It All // Dr. Ashley Baker

4.10 You Gotta Risk It All // Dr. Ashley Baker

Today we are walking with a higher education administrator, sport management scholar, and sports mom.

A Michigan native, Dr. Baker was a 3-sport high school athlete before earning both her bachelor’s and master’s degree from Bowling Green State University. While at BGSU, worked as a graduate assistant in the Student-Athlete Services Office before becoming the Director of SAS and member of the senior leadership team. She continued her educational journey in Athens where she earned her PhD in Kinesiology with a focus in Sport Management and Policy from the University of Georgia.

Dr. Baker brings a wealth of experiences across institutional types and functional areas within higher education. She has served as an adjunct professor, Deputy Title IX coordinator, and AVP of Student Affairs. She currently serves as the Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion officer at Michigan State University. Alongside her work experiences, she is the founder of Ash B Consulting, LLC and founder of the Women in Sports Forum, an mission driven event dedicated to increasing access and learning opportunities for women as they walk boldly into their purpose.

If it doesn’t exist, create it.

This person is not only a creator, but a community builder, brand protector, and business woman.

Let's walk! 

Podcast Twitter & IG: @WalkWithTFB

Nov 30, 202101:12:14
4.9 Bet On Yourself // Wayne Black

4.9 Bet On Yourself // Wayne Black

During this walk, Wayne tells us why it's important to always bet on yourself. 

An Indianapolis native, Wayne moved to Cincinnati and attended Mount St. Joseph’s University as a wrestling college athlete. While at Mt. Saint Joseph’s, our guest was a 3-year starter, set multiple school records, and earned his spot as a 2014 NCAA All-American. His leadership as team captain and president of the student-athlete advisory committee (SAAC) prepared him well for his next steps as a MBA candidate and assistant wrestling coach at Mt. Saint Joe’s before working as the Assistant Director for Career Services at UC. But his educational career was just beginning.

Wayne is currently a PhD candidate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program at Kansas University. His research centers on college athletics and higher education. A quantitative methodologist, Wayne uses college impact, sociology, and organizational behavior theories to ground his work. Broadly, his current research agenda explores college esports, social justice in college sport, and higher education governance. He’s dope af and if you are in a position to hire a tenure track faculty role, Wayne Black is your guy!

When he’s not reading or writing, you can find him drinking a local craft beer, building the latest lego set, or cheering on his Los Angeles Chargers.

Is college sport really a business?! Is college sport research really necessary?! Let's talk about it! 

Wayne's Twitter: @WayneLBlack1

Podcast IG: @WalkWithTFB

Podcast Twitter: @WalkWithTFB

Nov 23, 202101:11:30
4.8 My Letterman Jacket // Dr. Zachary Shirley

4.8 My Letterman Jacket // Dr. Zachary Shirley

Nov 16, 202101:14:44
4.7 Is There Hope? // Ashton Henderson

4.7 Is There Hope? // Ashton Henderson

During this walk, Ashton inspires us to shape the future of college athletics.  

A Tallahassee native, he moved 1,000 miles north to study as a football athlete at Michigan State University. While at Michigan State, he was a four-year contributor and made a pivotal play to spark one of the greatest comebacks in NCAA Division I football history. After earning his bachelor’s, he went on to earn his Master’s in public relations while gaining meaningful work experience with the Big 10 network, 4th and 1 non-profit, and Student-Athlete Support Services Office. Together, these experiences prepared him to pursue a career in college athlete advising and development. 

His leadership in athletics reflects his mission statement: to add value to any space he is occupying while also being a champion for employee success and cultivating life-long ambassadors by providing a first class experience. Alongside his 9-5, he runs Beyond the Gridiron, LLC and serves as a committee member for the Winning Edge Advisory Committee. And in 2021, he transitioned into two new roles: Director of Diveristy, Equity, and Inclusion for the Detroit Pistons and President of the National Association for Academic and Student -Athlete Development Professionals (N4A). 

Ashton is an author, philanthropist, and practitioner. We implore to y’all to grab a pen and paper and enjoy being a sponge during this walk. 

Ashton IG: @A_Henderson31  

Ashton Twitter: @A_Henderson31 

Podcast IG: @WalkWithTFB 

Podcast Twitter: @WalkWithTFB 

Nov 09, 202101:01:60
4.6 Be A Kid Again // Courtney France
Nov 02, 202155:06
4.5 Tell Your Story // Kala Funderburk
Oct 26, 202101:00:13
4.4 It's More Than Personal // Dr. Gabe Willis
Oct 19, 202155:52
4.3 Center Learning With Grace // Dr. Michael A. Goodman
Oct 12, 202101:03:48
4.2 It's Who I Am // Dr. Nefertiti Walker
Oct 05, 202151:18
4.1 I'm Living Proof // Dr. Lacee' Carmon-Johnson
Sep 28, 202152:16
4.0 Education is Liberation
Sep 21, 202121:13
3.12 Love, Faith, and Freedom // Taylor McBride
Jul 27, 202147:48
3.11 Push Past Fear // Shannon Walker

3.11 Push Past Fear // Shannon Walker

During this walk, Shannon talks to us about how creation is a personal process.  

A Georgia native, Shannon left the Peach State and earned her Bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Communication Studies from the University of Alabama. While at Bama, she was in the Honors college and worked as an orientation leader and peer leader - experiences that led her to the University of Georgia where she earned her Master’s degree in College Student Affairs Administration. 

Shannon is multilayered and truly embodies what it means to be “more than a millennial.” Her purpose journey is guided by questions rooted in identity, self-discovery, and values-congruent decision making - a combination that drives her Wandering to Myself platform. Through her platform, you can create your own birthday challenge, participate in the Wanderers’ Corner conversations and events, and learn more about how you can make space for rest in this current season of your life. 

Earlier this year, our guest founded Hair Made Simple - whose self-expressed vision is to create space for the Black community to shift their perspective and embrace their hair with courage, confidence, and clarity. Driven by their four core values of education, empowerment, exploration, and community, each experience is uniquely tailored to address your individual needs. 

Let's listen to how Shannon pushes past fear while keeping center with herself.

Shannon's IG: @WanderingToMyself  

Shannon's Website:  

Hair Made Simple IG: @YourHairMadeSimple 

Hair Made Simple Website 

Shannon's Team!

Social Media Content & Strategy: Jasmine Jennings, @jasjennings
Photography: Brittany Galvin, @brittany_jas
Brand Development: Jasmine Prince, @magnoliapennco
Styling & Creative Content: Jasmine Davis, @_jaydeeh_
Cruvie Clothing: @cruvieclothingco

Black owned Hair Products 

Alaffia - 

Mielle Organics - 

Melanin Hair Care - 

The Natural Hair Shop - 

Podcast IG and Twitter: @WalkWithTFB 

Walk With TFB Website

Jun 29, 202149:06
3.10 Act of Defiance // Maya Haynie and Kelly Brown
Jun 22, 202101:02:08
3.9 Why Not Do It Now? // Anissa Mose
Jun 08, 202144:29
3.8 Cultural Community Impact // Niccara Campbell
Jun 01, 202148:34
3.7 We Don't Have White Champions // Resa Lovelace
May 25, 202154:20