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Working Mom Warrior

Working Mom Warrior

By Diane Moca

Conversations and interviews to help working moms reduce stress, increase productivity, and feel more confident about their multiple roles, from mother to professional to spouse to volunteer.
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Forming a great relationship - with yourself

Working Mom WarriorAug 23, 2021

Forming a great relationship - with yourself

Forming a great relationship - with yourself

Did you know that the more we stress about a goal, the harder it is to achieve it? So how can we make ourselves believe that we will get our desires,  especially when we feel we've tried and failed so many times with the same goal?

Think about the people you know who seem to have what you want -- they find a way to make good money even after they get laid off; they always look slim although they never talk about being on a diet, they regularly hold hands with their spouse even though you've seen them fight; they have a house without clutter even when you pop over unexpectedly.

These are the people who have a great relationship with that particular area of their life -- like money, food, love, surroundings -- and it often depends on an attitude that has developed innately. It can be hard to nurture for those who grew up with anxiety about a particular area, but we can still make improvements to that area if we learn the hacks that others have naturally adopted.

In this episode, learn how to create the mindset that will bring you what you desire -- whether that's something personal like food and health, or revolving around your connection to others like marriage or family, or focused on career pursuits like money or jobs, or affecting your surroundings like clutter or comfort. 

Aug 23, 202111:31
Get Out Of A Rut | Forming New Habits

Get Out Of A Rut | Forming New Habits

I believe strongly in the power of habit, but I’ve never been very good at creating daily habits because I am not good at establishing and sticking to routines. Some nights I stay up until 3 am working and then sleep in. Other days I have appointments in the mornings. Often a phone call from a customer wakes me up, and I end up spending half the day sitting at the computer in my pajamas taking care of all sorts of odds and ends and answering calls and emails, before I finally pull myself away to get dressed and “start” my day. While this free-flowing schedule fits my personality, it worries me that it affects my productivity. So I am actively pushing against my instinct to enjoy the limitless possibilities of every day and commit myself to certain tasks I am going to do on a daily basis. One big one that I started doing every day is Miracle Morning, a series of six healthy habits easily remembered with the acronym SAVERS, which are described in the podcast.

Jun 27, 202008:43
Coping with Coronavirus Confusion, Worry & Fear

Coping with Coronavirus Confusion, Worry & Fear

Are you worrying about how to react to the COVID-19 pandemic? You're not alone. We're facing uncharted waters in trying to understand the complete upheaval of normal life in a way we've never experienced before and wondering how to help guide our children through it. Many of us are confronting a confusing array of conflicting emotions, and we're all learning how to navigate our new reality one day at a time.  We're wondering if social distancing and mass cancellations of events and business closures are really needed.  We're worried about the health of our loved ones. We're concerned about the economic and emotional hardship we might face while isolated in our home for weeks or months. These are all natural concerns that we are now coping with as parents, caregivers, neighbors, community members, and Americans. Join me as we explore how to approach these distressing feelings related to coronavirus and the response to it.

#coronavirus #moms

Mar 17, 202007:35
Making Decisions That Are Right For You

Making Decisions That Are Right For You

People talk about not having the courage to make big decisions (or even little decisions). Life-changing dilemmas, like whether to work after having kids or whether to allow your in-laws to live with you, sometimes become more complicated than they should be. If you feel confused by everyone else's needs and opinions influencing your decisions, then join us on this podcast. I share the approach I took to some key decisions in my life that had positive, long-term implications for myself and others.

Feb 24, 202010:31