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A Developer Experience Podcast

A Developer Experience Podcast

By Steven Hicks

A show about the experience of being a developer, or developer adjacent, or a human in tech.
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Season 1 Wrap-up

A Developer Experience PodcastFeb 28, 2023

Season 1 Wrap-up
Feb 28, 202313:09
Pavlos Vinieratos: Keyboards, theme switchers, and automating repetitive tasks
Feb 07, 202351:21
Jay Cincotta: Focus on people instead of tools
Jan 18, 202343:32
In-betweener: Identity isn't permanent
Jan 03, 202304:17
Michael Weinand: The pressures of reliability
Dec 20, 202257:13
Christina Aldan: Am I willing to shift this energy?
Dec 06, 202247:25
In-betweener: Fluidity and context in our systems
Nov 29, 202205:51
Jon Allured: Keeping your tools sharp
Nov 22, 202251:15
In-betweener: Start your day with intention
Nov 15, 202202:25
Eric Potter: The Pomodoro Technique
Nov 08, 202248:25
Maggie Fernandes: Hand-written vs digital notes
Oct 25, 202233:10
s0e0 - Trailer
Oct 11, 202203:28