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A Fly On The Call

A Fly On The Call

By Monique Mills & Adam Gautsch

Each week, Monique Mills and Adam Gautsch -- two ATDC startup coaches -- talk shop over a call. Some of the more interesting parts we turn into this podcast.
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Sell Like Amazon

A Fly On The CallAug 19, 2020

Pushback Is Good
Mar 22, 202157:22
Positive Energy
Mar 05, 202152:09
Side Hustles Are Startups Too
Feb 26, 202157:51
New Car, New House, or New Life?
Feb 19, 202145:55
Every Little Thing
Feb 12, 202148:57
Murph's First Email Campaign
Feb 05, 202153:50
Special Presentation: Adam Talks with Jason Fried of Basecamp
Jan 29, 202153:14
Marketing Without Metrics
Jan 22, 202139:55
Work Versus Reward
Jan 15, 202154:31
Quarantine Puppies & Bootstrapped Unicorns
Jan 07, 202156:42
Live Bullets Provide The Best Data
Dec 02, 202039:55
Seven Cent Coffee
Nov 25, 202035:58
Marketers Ruin Everything
Nov 18, 202021:06
Who's In The Room
Nov 11, 202021:16
The Two Keys to Selling to Bureaucrats
Nov 04, 202027:41
Family Inc
Oct 28, 202052:49
You're Not Getting Away From Work
Oct 21, 202024:35
Free Agent Companies
Oct 14, 202031:35
Knowing & Working the Shortcuts
Oct 07, 202021:49
The Future Of Social and the Employee
Sep 30, 202037:07
You Can't Scale Everything (and you shouldn't scale engagement pods)
Sep 23, 202019:20
Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Sep 16, 202033:60
Drop Out To Start Up?
Sep 09, 202022:59
I Don't Want To Even NOT Pay You
Sep 02, 202022:34
The Humble Entrepreneur
Aug 26, 202025:18
Sell Like Amazon

Sell Like Amazon

On this episode, we talk about how some of the big tech companies partner with startup incubators and accelerators, how a startup can use those services, what lessons they can learn by doing sales like Amazon or Hubspot, and end the podcast talking about marketing versus sales (one of our favorite topics :) )

Aug 19, 202020:08
Take Care Of Yourself

Take Care Of Yourself

We continue our conversation on the importance of taking care of your mental health as a startup founder. In this episode, we touch on the importance of not comparing yourself to the success of others, stepping away from the business books, and making time for things that are important. 

Aug 12, 202021:33
Music Changes Things

Music Changes Things

This we talk about motivating your employees and yourself while working on a startup in crazy times. Also, we put our flag in the ground on the side of it being okay to work IN your business when you're small. 

Aug 05, 202010:34
The Secret Stack
Jul 29, 202019:21
I Just Made It Up

I Just Made It Up

There are thousands of books and triple that of coaches selling fool-proof sales and marketing cadences. In our conversation,  we talk about it being more important to have a regular cadence than finding the perfect one. When in doubt, just make one up. 

Jul 22, 202020:10
The VC Test

The VC Test

We drop into this episode while we're talking about the angel investor ecosystem of Atlanta, what makes a great investor, and end by asking, "can we create a personality test for investors?".

Jul 15, 202014:05