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Your Career Coach, Aalok G.

Your Career Coach, Aalok G.

By Aalok Gupta

Hi, I'm Aalok and I work with Executives across industries to help them navigate the Corporate Jungle. You see, I have worked in MNCs for 25 years and struggled with multiple work challenges for many years until I found the right Mentors and Coaches. They enabled me with strategies, which helped me successfully lead Businesses for 15 years and serve as the Head of HR for the next 10 years. Now, this experience gives me both the depth and breadth to empower Professionals across industries.

In this podcast, I share Career Strategies that will not only help you survive but also THRIVE.
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How long should you stay in a Job

Your Career Coach, Aalok G.May 27, 2020

How to Prepare for the Future of Work, in conversation with Shaleena

How to Prepare for the Future of Work, in conversation with Shaleena

Over the last 7-10 years, Technology has distinctively changed just about every aspect of how we live our lives, and our working lives certainly aren’t exempt from this. From how we are recruited and on-boarded to how we go about on-the-job training, personal development, and eventually passing on our skills and experience to those who follow in our footsteps, technology will continue to play an increasingly prominent role. In this episode, I collaborate with Shaleena to look at building future skills for different age groups, whether you are just entering into the workforce or have been in the workforce for over 20-25 years. We not only touch upon the Future of Work but the various elements that bring it to life like Skills, Careers, and the Change hitting us. Listen till the end to learn how to reinvent yourself for the not so distant future but for the ‘COVID 19 World” from both an Employee & Employer perspective. Let’s connect to keep learning: • • • •
Aug 23, 202029:47
Build your PERSONAL BRAND with internal NETWORKING, in Conversation with Shaleena

Build your PERSONAL BRAND with internal NETWORKING, in Conversation with Shaleena

“Are you an internal Networker or a Brown Noser?” When people think of networking, the first thought is usually online or with people outside of the organization. But what about internal networking? If you’ve never done it, you may be asking, “What is it?” and “How do I network internally & build your Personal Brand?” Networking is what we do every day when we talk, text, email, and meet new people to share information. While external networking helps us grow our connections to professionals outside of our organization, office networking not only helps individuals add people to their professional networks, it has the added benefit of increasing productivity and engagement inside a company. In this episode I collaborate with Shaleena Mulchandani to talk about the nuances of internal networking, why should it be done, the role it plays within an organization, and building your Personal Brand. Most importantly, the episodes share real Career stories and practical Strategies that listeners can implement right away to build their internal network and grow. Lets connect to keep Growing:
Jul 29, 202028:20
Is Office Politics making you QUIT
Jul 17, 202018:19
Career Growth for Middle Managers, in Conversation with Shaleena

Career Growth for Middle Managers, in Conversation with Shaleena

Middle Managers are sadly squeezed in the middle! The TOP Management keeps throwing new Targets at them, and the BOTTOM Management keeps throwing retention challenges at them. If this was not enough, the pyramid for Career growth for Middle Managers keeps getting slimmer as they grow.  In this episode, I collaborate with Shaleena Mulchandani, who is an experienced Regional Manager with an MNC & very passionate about Executive Development. She brings to life the challenges of Middle Managers & we flesh out strategies to solve their problems. The ultimate focus is on helping them grow in their Careers.  This time we do not focus on a specific solution but focus on several Growth possibilities for Middle-Level Managers to grow. We conclude this episode by giving away the listeners a ROADMAP that they can execute and become the CEO of their Careers.  For more development resources, visit  I would be happy to connect on:
Jul 02, 202035:12
How to Commercialize your Passion

How to Commercialize your Passion

What if you can do what you love and get paid for it? It would be rare to find someone who would not get excited about this thought. Sadly, very few people know how to commercialize their passion & therefore live a miserable life of dragging themselves to work every day. Only to discover one fine day that age and energy are no longer on their side to follow their passion. In this episode, I draw inspiration from the life of the late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput and share how he commercialized his passion. On reflection, I realized that I too followed a very similar path (maybe that's why his death affected me so much). The last part of the episode focuses on empowering you with strategies that you can immediately use to start the journey of commercializing your passion. So go ahead, learn the techniques & claim the life you were born to live. For more development resources, visit - I would be happy to connect on: - - -
Jun 25, 202014:38
How to Hypnotise the Interviewer
Jun 14, 202014:31
When ‘not’ to follow your Passion
Jun 05, 202013:03
How long should you stay in a Job

How long should you stay in a Job

In this episode, I tackle a very common but confusing question, "How long should one stay in the same boring job?" While there is no silver bullets but there are a number of successful strategies I have used and witnessed Talented Executives using to deal with this dilemma. Specifically, I unwrap 4 strategies in this podcast, 1) What are the 2 kinds of Disengaged Employees, 2) Is there a 'Magic Number' to change a Job, 3) The 3 Stages of evolving into an Expert & 4 Growth Options to elevate your Career. For more development resources, visit I would be happy to connect on or or
May 27, 202015:51
How to get a job in a down market
May 26, 202001:44
Welcome to the Corporate Jungle

Welcome to the Corporate Jungle

The Corporate Jungle is filled with challenges in every corner and there are rules to navigate. Sadly, we learn non of these rules in school. My name is Aalok and I leverage my 25 Years Experience as a Business and Human Resources Head to help Executives navigate through this jungle. Come and join me to learn Strategies to not only survive but THRIVE.
May 25, 202000:50