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The Heartland Author Podcast

The Heartland Author Podcast

By Aaron Apollo Camp

Hosted by Aaron Apollo Camp, The Heartland Author Podcast is a podcast about books, book writing, and the writing craft.
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Interview with Brandie June, author of Gold Spun

The Heartland Author PodcastNov 12, 2021

Interview with David Rothman, author of Lelya Dorche and the Coney Island Cure
Oct 01, 202315:57
Interview with author Lâle Davidson
Sep 30, 202317:23
Interview with A.A. Winston, poet and author of Growth
Sep 29, 202318:01
Interview with Cynthia Wilkening, poet and author of Water is Faithful
Sep 26, 202323:10
Interview with Michael LaRiccia, illustrator of Planeta Blu: Rise of Agoo
Sep 25, 202313:10
Interview with Lt. Col. Jason Pike (Ret.), author of A Soldier Against All Odds and Out of the Uniform, Back into Civilian Life
Sep 24, 202324:13
Interview with Susan Gold, author of Toxic Family
Sep 23, 202318:13
Interview with author and dentist coach Dr. David Pearce
Sep 21, 202320:12
Interview with author and long-term traveler Romana Hasenöhrl
Sep 20, 202317:57
Interview with Aesha Tahir, posture coach and author of Unhunched
Sep 19, 202313:23
Interview with multi-genre author and poet Tyler Wittkofsky
Sep 17, 202315:34
Interview with attorney and author Rahul Dev Manchanda
Sep 15, 202334:34
Interview with Andrew Cloninger, poet and author of C6-C7
Sep 11, 202320:11
Interview with Calvin Cassady, author of Bridging the Gap
Sep 11, 202314:12
Interview with author and playwright Janelle Meraz Hooper
Sep 06, 202316:08
Interview with author, podcast host, and human trafficking survivor Amanda Blackwood
Sep 05, 202321:39
Interview with author Tonya Duncan Ellis
Aug 31, 202319:32
Interview with Dr. Barbara D'Amato, author of Triskele
Aug 28, 202310:17
Interview with author and marketing expert Emanuel Rose
Aug 26, 202311:25
Interview with Oksana Kukurudza, author of Sunflowers Bend but Rarely Break
Aug 25, 202321:37
Interview with Jessica Speer, author of books for middle-school-aged children and adolescents
Aug 21, 202316:42
Interview with Tyler Schwanke, author of Breaking In
Aug 18, 202311:33
Interview with Author and Artist Michaell Magrutsche
Aug 10, 202323:22
Interview with Author and Poet Stephen W. Sweigart
Aug 05, 202328:48
Interview with Anastasia Lindsey, poet and author of OCEAN
Jun 03, 202315:44
Interview with Jerry Burton, author of the Get a Grip on the Bible series and Clouds of War
Jun 01, 202336:14
Interview with Tina Davidson, composer and author of Let Your Heart Be Broken
May 30, 202318:11
Interview with Marsha Vanwynsberghe, author of When She Stopped Asking Why...
May 28, 202313:22
Interview with Chris Donaldson, author of Going the Wrong Way
May 27, 202317:01
Interview with songwriter Connor Frost
May 23, 202316:12
Interview with true crime author LaDonna Humphrey
May 08, 202315:05
Interview with author, entrepreneur, minister, and radio talk show host Steve Kidd
May 01, 202315:36
Interview with author Chancellor K. Jackson
Apr 26, 202312:32
Interview with Troy Hadeed, author of Popcorn in My Pocket
Apr 19, 202316:54
Interview with Fritznel Octave, author of Haiti Between Pestilence and Hope
Apr 14, 202320:44
Interview with Kimberly Sullivan, author of Three Coins, Dark Blue Waves, and In the Shadow of the Apennines
Apr 02, 202318:46
Interview with mystery author Laura Burke
Mar 15, 202310:21
Interview with Asher Warren, author of Maniacal
Mar 14, 202311:34
Interview with Genesis Amaris Kemp, author of Chocolate Drop in Corporate America: From the Pit to the Palace
Mar 10, 202315:18
Interview with author and retired NYPD detective Vic Ferrari
Mar 09, 202317:41
Interview with Margaret Agard, author of the In His Footsteps memoir series
Mar 07, 202313:48
Interview with Edward Miskie, cancer survivor and author of Cancer, Musical Theatre, and Other Chronic Illnesses
Mar 02, 202319:31
Interview with crime novelist and multi-talented writer Matt Witten
Mar 01, 202320:52
Interview with Brenden Kumarasamy, public communication expert and founder of MasterTalk
Feb 25, 202315:21
Interview with Alexa Nazzaro, founder of Aaxel Author Services and Two Pigeons Press
Feb 22, 202322:02
Interview with Jennifer Elizabeth Moore, author of Empathic Mastery
Feb 19, 202327:09
Interview with author, podcaster, and op-ed writer Douglas Robbins
Feb 15, 202315:43
Interview with Kirsten Marion, publisher and acquiring editor of Common Deer Press
Feb 11, 202317:37
Interview with Sandy Jarvis, author of King Maestro and Chuck, The Golden Kite, and From Dusk to Dawn
Feb 08, 202313:52
Interview with Jimi Fritz, author of Confessions of an Ethical Drug Dealer and Rave Culture
Feb 05, 202312:51