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About Pay

About Pay

By Pequity

About Pay is a podcast focused on compensation.

Join Pequity CEO Kaitlyn Knopp, as she talks with some of the biggest names in business about salary, equity, and their comp philosophies.

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Pay Transparency and Equity

About PayAug 10, 2023

Pay Transparency and Equity
Aug 10, 202352:29
Assume Everyone Knows Everyone Else's Salary
Feb 03, 202329:54
A Unique Compensation Model
Jan 19, 202325:11
Measuring Outputs Not Inputs
Jan 12, 202327:15
Equal Pay And Opportunity For All

Equal Pay And Opportunity For All

Look back on 2022 with Pequity Co-Founders Kaitlyn Knopp (CEO) and Warren Lebovics (CXO) as they answer insightful questions sent in by listeners this year. Including:

  • Warren's first job as a hockey referee.
  • Pequity's dream customers. (They name names.)
  • How a pup named Periwinkle became Pequity's mascot.

We hope you had a great 2022, and we'll see you in '23!

Dec 29, 202249:34
This Is What We Pay, And Why
Dec 15, 202228:42
The Internship Space Leads to the C-Suite
Dec 01, 202228:44
Be Fair and Be Who You Are
Nov 17, 202231:13
The Long Term View Approach
Nov 03, 202233:04
Most People Are Negotiating Offers
Oct 20, 202225:08
Your Time Is Valuable
Oct 06, 202229:01
You Shouldn’t Be Paid in Passion
Sep 22, 202226:46
Introduction | About Pay

Introduction | About Pay

About Pay is a podcast focused on compensation.

We talk about how people are paid — through salary, equity, and bonuses. We talk about what people are paid, in new offers, promotions, and transfers. We even discuss compensation philosophies, and the psychology behind why companies pay the way they do.

If you want to learn more about pay, join host Kaitlyn Knopp, as she talks with some big names to see what they think about pay.

About Pay is produced by the good people at Pequity, an employee compensation software company.

Jun 17, 202201:01