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Abundantly Her: The Podcast

Abundantly Her: The Podcast

By Amy Kent

Season Two Begins February 7th!

About Abundantly Her:
We are passionate about helping women step into and embrace their own, while creating and enjoying a life they love! A life Abundantly Her- full of laughter, contentment and passion!

We hope to encourage you to love yourself and your life, by finding ways and concepts of seeing the reason to love those things, and by helping you create those reasons, if need be! Embracing who you are and the life you are creating is such a big part of loving yourself and your family!

Be a part of our journey on becoming Abundantly Her!

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Stepping Out of Comfort Zones

Abundantly Her: The PodcastJun 07, 2022

Manifestation Or Pass

Manifestation Or Pass

Feb 14, 202327:11
Stop Watering Yourself Down

Stop Watering Yourself Down

Feb 07, 202321:08
The World Needs More Women Supporting Women
Nov 22, 202221:16
Thriving as a Multipassionate
Nov 17, 202222:18
Why Comparison Really is a Thief
Sep 28, 202221:34
Itching the Seven Year Itch

Itching the Seven Year Itch

Episode 5 | Season 1
Aug 16, 202225:19
Hustle Culture, Burn Out, and Tips to Overcoming Burnout

Hustle Culture, Burn Out, and Tips to Overcoming Burnout

Those sayings, “Rise and Grind” or “The Early Bird Gets the Worm” have been used to motivate people for years. But, have we as society begun to take these simple sayings to the extreme? In a world of perfectly portrayed lives on social media, the workplace competition of if you're not climbing the ladder you're not doing enough, inflation and short staffed businesses, we have all felt pressure to do more and make more. Those things I just mentioned have really caused the hustle culture to gain momentum. Has the hustle and boss babe movements of this generation become toxic? That’s what we're talking about this week on Abundantly Her | The Podcast, with your host, Amy Kent! Amy is a wife, a mom, healthcare worker, and a multi passionate entrepreneur at heart. She started with a camera, a blog or two, and that has all evolved to what you see now, a mom trying to share her experiences and build a community of like minded women, through her business Kent & Co and through this podcast, Abundantly Her. . SUPPORT ABUNDANTLY HER SAY HI ON INSTAGRAM: Abundantly Her SHOP: Abundantly Her Apparel Accessories and Resources: Kent & Co. Designs Be sure to subscribe to Abundantly Her on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify!
Jun 28, 202220:35
Have You Found Your Purpose?

Have You Found Your Purpose?

Amongst all of the changes in my life, even if it was change that needed to happen, I lost myself. I lost what my purpose was in life, I also lost my drive to grow into a better person, wife, and to what God would want me to become in time. We’re talking all things life’s purpose, imposter syndrome and more on this week’s episode of Abundantly Her! SHOW LINKS: AFFILIATE AD LINKS: Blinkifly Lashes FREE JOURNAL PROMPTS HELPFUL BOOKS: HERE! ESTHER BIBLE STUDY: HERE! SUPPORT ABUNDANTLY HER SAY HI ON INSTAGRAM: Abundantly Her SHOP: Abundantly Her Apparel Accessories and Resources: Kent & Co. Designs Be sure to subscribe to Abundantly Her on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify!
Jun 22, 202222:04
Supporting Your Body in a "Heal Your Body" World
Jun 14, 202243:30
Stepping Out of Comfort Zones

Stepping Out of Comfort Zones


Staying in our comfort zones is exactly where we need to be at certain seasons of life; but have you considered that always being in your comfort zone may be holding you and potentially your family back? On today’s episode of Abundantly Her, we are jumping into all things comfort zones!

I recently saw a quote that talked about how we should step so far out of our comfort zones that we forget how to get back to said comfort zone. I used the quote in a post on social media building up for this podcast episode, actually. But, while I was writing and putting together the notes and such to be prepared to record, the quote really had me thinking.

What’s wrong with a comfort zone?

Is having a comfort zone prohibiting you or is it keeping you in a safe space, so to speak? I am not sure that there is anything specifically wrong with a comfort zone. My comfort zone definitely looks a good bit different than yours, I am sure; and my comfort zone changes day to day, week to week. Sometimes I am more concerned about what people think and that keeps me from stepping out; sometimes, I am completely uncomfortable with taking a chance on myself or my business. This comfort zone also acts as an almost moral compass, if you think about it; and having morals and holding onto what I believe in is definitely a comfort zone, but not one that would necessarily hold me back, keep my family or my business from growing.

Have you considered that we are where we are, because that is exactly where we need to be in this specific season of life? Like maybe that is exactly where God wants you, to keep you safe or to allow Him to work for you, to prepare the season of your life? Maybe he is preparing you for something big, something you may need to step out of your comfort zone on? Maybe, God is protecting you from an opportunity or even a person that could harm you. That is another instance in which a comfort zone is not a bad thing.

Listen for more on comfort zones and the safety God provides!


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Jun 07, 202230:56
I Learned To Say NO, and You Should Too!
Feb 24, 202210:56