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ACross Culture

ACross Culture

By Jessie Tang

Jessie and her guests explore culture, identity, and the Christian faith - from the UK and beyond.

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S5E1: Decolonising Worship - with Gloria Fanchiang

ACross CultureNov 26, 2021

ACross Culture - Ep 39: with Yinxuan Huang
Apr 02, 202348:39
ACross Culture - Ep 38: with Paula Melissa
Jan 06, 202332:23
ACross Culture: Divine Immigrant - with Christopher Mazen

ACross Culture: Divine Immigrant - with Christopher Mazen

Christopher Mazen is Jessie's guest for this episode of ACross Culture. Mazen shares about his journey and practice in worship music across three continents.ย This episode ends with a clip of Anta Atheemun, an Arabic song which translates as 'You are so awesome'. Lyrics and chords can be found here.

He also has a podcast called Divine Immigrant The Podcast.


๐Ÿ”— LINKS ๐Ÿ”—

Mazen's Instagram: @divineimmigrant

Mazen's Facebook: christopher.mazen

You can also support Mazen's album on bandcamp.ย 


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May 06, 202245:50
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Jan 21, 202230:27
S5E4: Discovering my true identity - with Revd Mark Nam
Jan 07, 202244:27
S5E3: Intercultural Reconciliation - with Ruwani Gunawardene
Dec 24, 202141:40
S5E2: Bringing what hurts before God - with Rachael Newham
Dec 10, 202129:59
S5E1: Decolonising Worship - with Gloria Fanchiang
Nov 26, 202139:55
S4E7: Welcome Home - with Ellen Yun
Sep 10, 202149:46
S4E6: Give yourself a chance - with Cleo Clara
Sep 03, 202146:39
S4E5: There's more than one way - with Philippa Zawe
Aug 14, 202139:50
S4E4: Cultivating the art of listening - with Fr Simon Cuff (& ACross Culture's 1 year anniversary!)
Jul 30, 202137:55
Bonus episode: The 'wrong' way
Jul 23, 202114:49
S4E3: It's rightly uncomfortable - with Rev Anna Poulson
Jul 16, 202144:34
S4E2: They have so much energy - with Calvin Cheah
Jul 02, 202149:47
S4E1: Exiled from my country - with Parvaneh Nicholson
Jun 18, 202147:36
Bonus episode: my podcast story, reviews & more
May 25, 202111:31
S3E7: It all has to do with identity - with Coco Mbassi
Apr 23, 202147:47
S3E6: Dear Singles - with Eden Dayuha
Apr 09, 202148:44
S3E5: Heart Music - with Ian Collinge
Mar 26, 202144:48
S3E4: Double the dose - with Revd Karen Greenidge-Silcott
Mar 12, 202138:29
S3E3: Opening up a whole new world - with Corina van der Laan
Feb 26, 202146:31
S3E2: Healing my ethnic identity - with Anna Tran
Feb 12, 202144:07
S3E1: Learning to walk on our knees - with Theo Visser
Jan 29, 202134:31
S2E5: A BBC in HK - with Christina Tang

S2E5: A BBC in HK - with Christina Tang

Christina Tang shares her experiences of being a BBC who recently relocated to Hong Kong.

Topics discussed: language, churches, learning a culture, the Hong Kong protests, political tensions.

Christina recommends the book The Space Between Us: How Jesus Teaches Us to Live Together When Politics and Religion Pull Us Apart by Sarah Anderson.ย 

Dec 04, 202047:43
S2E4-2: A South Asian Christian Experience - continued

S2E4-2: A South Asian Christian Experience - continued

This is part two of the interview with Shakeel Nurmahi.

Listen to part one here.

In this episode we talk about: South Asian Christian culture, Naujavan, podcasts, British Asian identity and more.ย 

Don't forget to check out Naujavan and Shakeel's social media: IG @shakeel_nurmahi, Twitter @shakeelnurmahi

Nov 27, 202038:23
S2E4-1: A South Asian Christian Experience - with Shakeel Nurmahi

S2E4-1: A South Asian Christian Experience - with Shakeel Nurmahi

This is the first part of a 2-part interview with Shakeel, the host of Naujavan podcast.

In this episode you'll hear us talk about: Shakeel's church experience, language, being an Indian Christian, and South Asian culture in Christianity.ย 

Follow Shakeel on social media:ย 

Twitter @shakeelnurmahi
IG: shakeel_nurmahi

Nov 20, 202033:41
S2E3: Arts in Mission - with Deborah Kim

S2E3: Arts in Mission - with Deborah Kim

Jessie is joined by Younhee Deborah Kim who talks about her experience doing arts in mission.ย 

In this episode you'll hear about the following things: Arts in Mission Korea, mission trips, Ethnodoxlogy, using local arts, positionality as a Korean woman in mission, using art for God's kingdom.ย 

She recommends the following books:

  • Worship and Mission for the Global Church
  • Creating Local Arts Together
  • Community Arts for Godโ€™s Purposes

Check out Deborah's artist collaboration videos of African praise songs here:ยย 

Nov 13, 202028:22
S2E2: Third Culture Kid - with Josh Gibson
Nov 06, 202044:01
S2E1: Social Justice - with Joelle Phua

S2E1: Social Justice - with Joelle Phua

Kicking off series 2 is an episode with Joelle Phua, who talks to Jessie about life coaching, women of colour, social justice, the system, activism, and being a Christian.ย 

Insta: @Joellephua_
Joelle's YouTube channel and website

She also recommends the following episodes from her podcast Let's Talk with Joelle: Faith & Social Justice and Stewarding a Kingdom Business.ย 

These books get a mention: Eyes That Kiss in the Corners by Joanna Ho and Raise Your Voice by Kathy Khang.ย 

Oct 30, 202033:22
Chinese-heritage Churches - with Bert Han

Chinese-heritage Churches - with Bert Han

Bert and Jessie talk about Chinese-heritage churches.

Topics include: the inception of Chinese churches, English-speaking congregations, second-generation youth, outreach & evangelism, multicultural churches, racial and cultural biases.

Jessie would like to apologise for her poor audio quality in this episode!ย 

Sep 18, 202040:40
S1E6: Biblical Interpretation - with Temi Taiwo

S1E6: Biblical Interpretation - with Temi Taiwo

Jessie interviews Temi about biblical interpretation, and why using a diverse range of resources is important.

Topics discussed: hermeneutics, using study guides, the Bible's dual nature, pre-understanding, contextualisation and Bible commentaries.ย 

Resources mentioned:

  • The Africa Bible Commentary,
  • The South Asia Bible Commentary,
  • The Africana Bible,
  • ,
  • True To Our Native Landย 

Temi recommends these books: 'Eat This Book' by Eugene Peterson and 'Women of the Word' by Jen Wilkin.ย 

Sep 11, 202037:57
S1E5: Conflict Transformation - with Ally Gibson

S1E5: Conflict Transformation - with Ally Gibson

Ally and Jessie chat about conflicts, especially across cultures.

Topics include:ย 

  • Culture shock/stimulation,ย 
  • Cultural differences,ย 
  • Conflict management, resolutions and transformation.ย 

Ally recommends the following books:ย 

  • 'Crucial Conversations' by Grenny, McMillan, & Switzler,ย 
  • 'The Peacemaker' by Ken Sande,ย 
  • 'Foreign to Familiar' by Sarah A. Lanierย 
Sep 04, 202034:55
S1E4: Leadership in Shame-based Cultures - with Wien Fung
Aug 28, 202046:49
S1E3: Creative Arts and Change - with Eileen O'Neall
Aug 21, 202041:06
S1E2: Ethnomusicology in Missions - with Rob Baker

S1E2: Ethnomusicology in Missions - with Rob Baker

Ethnomusicologist, musician, teacher and author Rob Baker joins Jessie to chat about his experience in West Africa.ย 

00:40 - Rob's introduction
01:06 - What is Ethnomusicology?
03:45 - What Rob did in West Africa
05:04 - "Music is a universal language" (not!)
07:48 - On making assumptions and reclaiming music
16:32 - Letting your "spirits mingle"
18:00 - Being a white guy in Africa
22:32 - Goals in the community and songwriting
24:27 - Worship using indigenous music
26:29 - Rob's books
32:39 - Book recommendation

Rob recommends the book 'The Book Smugglers of Timbuktu' by Charlie English.ย 

Aug 14, 202035:20
S1E1: The Culture of CUs - with Matt Leung

S1E1: The Culture of CUs - with Matt Leung

What are Christian Unions? Are ethnic minority groups welcome? Jessie and Matt chat about their experiences at university.ย 

00:48 - Matt's introduction
03:03 - Student ministries in different contexts
04:15 - The purpose of CUs
10:08 - CUs as white middle class
17:38 - Unity
20:45 - Possible solutions
29:31 - Book recommendationย 

Matt recommends the book 'Let The Nations Be Glad' by John Piper.ย 

Aug 07, 202034:13


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