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Adventure Therapy Collective Podcast

Adventure Therapy Collective Podcast

By Daniel L Cavanaugh & Will Dobud

This is a podcast to discuss all things related to adventure therapy. From research to interventions to education to jobs, if it is about adventure therapy, you will hear about it on here! This podcast will focus on a different topic in adventure therapy each week that could include: education, research, supervision, ethics, and more. Also, sometimes we will interview field gurus and experts to learn from their wisdom and knowledge. This podcast is hosted by adventure therapy practitioners and scholars, Dr. Will Dobud, and Dr. Daniel Cavanaugh.
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Episode 26 - Social Work Outside with Zoe Jack

Adventure Therapy Collective PodcastNov 08, 2023

Episode 26 - Social Work Outside with Zoe Jack
Nov 08, 202342:47
Episode 25 - Musing on Adventure Therapy with Gary Stauffer
Oct 24, 202356:10
Episode 24 - Linking Up & Linking In with Maximiliano Prieto Monson

Episode 24 - Linking Up & Linking In with Maximiliano Prieto Monson

Before we begin, everyone should head to this link and get professionally connected with Max!

Max joins the podcast to share how his international experience in the United States, Scotland, and Spain - as well as many other adventures - informs his work with adolescents in the outdoors. The group talks about field siestas, Camino de Santiago routes, and running individualized expeditions. Max is a representative for Adventure Therapy Europe and brings experience from outdoor education, wilderness therapy in the United States, and residential care to his current practice. Together with Daniel and Will, Max discusses how every day with clients is an adventure.

Useful Links

Adventure Therapy Europe Roundtable Representatives

Madrid Outdoor Education

Here is Max's LinkedIn Account...Again

Apr 13, 202354:12
Episode 23 - Scott Miller is an Adventure Therapist?
Jan 10, 202355:01
Episode 22 - Chicago Voyagers with Bernie Rupe

Episode 22 - Chicago Voyagers with Bernie Rupe

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Welcome Bernie Rupe from Chicago Voyagers to the podcast. This is such a unique program working with youth in the greater Chicago Area. With over 25 years of experience working with at-risk teens, Bernie remains the guiding star of Chicago Voyagers and he joins Daniel and Will to discuss how Bernie has used research to seek funding and grow and evolve this innovative program. 

Thanks for a great year everyone. We hope you have a happy and healthy new year.

Marmot's PR team: Please email for incredible opportunity. Will is a Medium and Daniel Xtra Xtra Medium.  

Useful Links
Chicago Voyagers
Therapeutic Adventure Professionals Group

Dec 15, 202201:00:32
Episode 21 - Deconstructing Adventure Therapy with Tanya Ginwala

Episode 21 - Deconstructing Adventure Therapy with Tanya Ginwala

Oct 05, 202259:15
Episode 20 - Natural Good, Unnatural Bad with Dr Alan Levinovitz

Episode 20 - Natural Good, Unnatural Bad with Dr Alan Levinovitz

To stir the pot, Will's mother sent him Alan's book, Natural: How Faith in Nature's Goodness Leads to Harmful Fads, Unjust Laws, and Flawed Science, last year. Alan's book examines the meaning of "natural" and argues that modern Western culture has divinized nature. That seemed like a worthy conversation to unpack. Alan is an associate professor of religion at James Madison University. His work focuses primarily on the relationship between religion, literature, and science, with particular attention to classical Chinese thought and comparative ethics. In this episode, we talk a lot about psychotherapy, religion, cults, pseudoscience, wellbeing, and ritual. 

Useful Links
Alan's JMU Page
Give Alan a follow on Twitter
Alan's Washington Post Page
Interview with Alan about "Nature's Goodness"

Sep 08, 202201:05:52
Episode 19 - Road Tripping with Denise Mitten
Aug 08, 202201:05:24
Episode 18 - Adventure therapy on my phone?! Kikori App w/ Kendra Bostick and Brynn Lottig

Episode 18 - Adventure therapy on my phone?! Kikori App w/ Kendra Bostick and Brynn Lottig

Join us to talk to electronic social emotional entrepreneurs Kendra Bostick, LCSW, PhD candidate, and Bryn Lottig, M.S. They visited Will and Daniel to teach us why we should all immediately download Kikori, the app they have developed that is a digital encyclopedia of experiential activities. This episode goes far beyond adventure therapy because Kikori is a tool that is useful for social emotional learning, experiential education, outdoor education, and any form of experiential learning. Come learn about Kendra and Bryn and the award-winning app that they have developed that can help expand your bag of facilitation tools and techniques!

Kikori App

Kendra Bostick

Bryn Lottig 

Jun 12, 202246:50
Episode 17 - Therapy Shouldn't Bore You with Russell Chamberlain
May 13, 202251:45
Episode 16 - Two Mad Scientists Research Adventure Therapy
Apr 01, 202228:04
Episode 15 - Backcountry Cooking with Stephen Javorski
Mar 18, 202250:12
Episode 14 - The Adventure Therapy Non-Profit Prophet, Dr. Terry Williams
Feb 22, 202255:04
Episode 13 - Risk Management in the Outdoors: Environmental Exposures and Toileting with Margaret Kelso

Episode 13 - Risk Management in the Outdoors: Environmental Exposures and Toileting with Margaret Kelso

Happy new year everyone...wait it's already February?! We hope you enjoy the podcast - full of belly laughs - with our great friend Margaret Kelso.

Margaret began in wilderness therapy in 2011 as a field guide at a program in southeast Alaska. After receiving her W-EMT in 2013, she continued her wilderness therapy journey holding roles in the medical, case management, program management, and beyond. She has particularly loved the work of developing judgment and decision-making skills with field staff and working with programs to increase mitigation of risk to allow for the primary focus of therapy to thrive as a freelance risk management assessor/auditor. She now holds the title of Director of Operations within one of the leading wilderness therapy programs in the country and while Will and Daniel have many more letters behind their names, Margaret makes up for it in exclamation points with the enthusiasm and energy she brings to each facet of her life including being a mother to her two fantastically wild and curious children with whom she now has the opportunity to continue her love of guiding in a whole new context.

There is so much more to discuss with Margaret, such as the best-thrown party in Alaskan history and Will's competitive dodge ball streak, against 10-year-olds. 

Feb 04, 202259:04
Episode 12 – Private Practice and Resilient Communities with Doug Moczynski
Dec 02, 202146:22
Episode 11 - Indigenous Adventure Therapy Surf Cops with Mark Cartner
Nov 19, 202150:22
Episode 10 - Evidence-Informed Adventure Therapy
Oct 30, 202101:01:52
Episode 9 - Adventure Therapy Training and Education with Dr Maurie Lung

Episode 9 - Adventure Therapy Training and Education with Dr Maurie Lung

In today's episode, Daniel sits down with adventure therapy field expert, Dr Maurie Lung. Dr. Lung wears many hats; educator, clinician, supervisor, consultant, mom, author, and program developer. She is the founder and CEO of Life Adventures Counseling, a community organization that provides adventure-based mental health therapy and consulting. Dr. Lung is also Associate Faculty at Prescott College teaching graduate courses in mental health counseling and overseeing the Adventure-based Psychotherapy and Nature-based psychotherapy programs. Dr. Lung recently co-authored Adventure Group Psychotherapy: An Experiential Approach to Treatment.

Daniel was recently at the Therapeutic Adventure Professionals Group's Best Practices (TAPG) conference in Park City, Utah. Daniel and Will spoke in the entry way of the conference hall to record the intro to this episode. If you still aren't involved with TAPG, follow the link and connect with this brilliant group of practitioners!

Social Sciences WeekSocial Sciences Week is a grassroots movement occurring annually in Australia. Will and Daniel are providing free presentation on the work from Daniel's PhD. There is a series of great adventure therapy related workshops to attend! We would love to see you there! Register here! 

For Social Sciences Week, Will and Professor Nevin Harper's Outdoor Therapies book is available for 30% off and with free shipping. Use the code ADC21 at checkout from the Routledge website here

Life Adventures
Adventure Group Psychotherapy Book
Power of One Book
Power of Family Book

Aug 31, 202155:51
Episode 8 - Adventure Therapy Training with Kim Sacksteder and Nick Magle-Haberek

Episode 8 - Adventure Therapy Training with Kim Sacksteder and Nick Magle-Haberek

This week's episode is a conversation with adventure therapy training experts Kim Sacksteder and Nick Magle-Haberek. Kim and Nick are the co-owners and founders of which is an organization that offers online and in-person adventure therapy training, consultation, and supervision. In addition to their work at, Sacksteder and Magle-Haberek both work as clinicians and administration in adventure therapy programs. They have also both been involved in the leadership council of the Therapeutic Adventure Professionals Group. In this episode, we discuss mentorship, training, certification, group juggle, and of course; the importance of the rubber chicken in adventure therapy work. Settle down next to the campfire and join us while we learn from Kim and Nick. 

Jul 01, 202151:22
Episode 7 - Terapia Aventura with Alexander Rose
May 05, 202153:30
Episode 6 - On Research and Group Work with Dr Lee Gillis
Mar 23, 202159:56
Episode 5 - Therapeutic Adventure Professional Group with Tuesdey Spangler (LICSW)
Mar 09, 202143:22
Episode 4 - Collegiate Adventure Therapy with Jessa Lytle and Kallie England
Jan 29, 202149:13
Episode 3 - Tony Alvarez (Part 2)
Jan 08, 202141:50
Episode 2 - Tony Alvarez (Part 1)
Dec 10, 202032:07
Episode 1 - Nevin J Harper, PhD
Nov 20, 202001:01:04