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Align Your Day: Schedule & Mindset

Align Your Day: Schedule & Mindset

By Jenna Thanopoulos

Get ready to tap into your mind body and soul & find your own flow.
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Ep #76: Scheduling Your Week for Success - Personally, Socially, Professionally (not typical)

Align Your Day: Schedule & MindsetMay 23, 2023

Ep #76: Scheduling Your Week for Success - Personally, Socially, Professionally (not typical)
May 23, 202338:27
Ep 75: 10 Minute Stress Release for Corporate Women!
May 16, 202310:31
Ep 74: 2 Steps to Be Feminine & Magnetic (even in busy corporate workday!)
May 09, 202317:14
Ep 73: 3 Steps to Stay Motivated & Be Your "Best Self"!
May 02, 202323:35
Ep 71: Aytpical Tips to stop your burnout!
Apr 25, 202328:08
Ep 71: How to Be the Boss of Your Day (even when you're not the manager!)

Ep 71: How to Be the Boss of Your Day (even when you're not the manager!)

Gorgeous, Tune in for: 

-How to be a self-advocate when you’re not the “boss”

-Key Questions to keep in your back pocket to own your career

-How to face the challenge of being the “go-to worker” vs honoring your needs in the workplace 

-Christen’s "power moves" to own your career even when you’re not in a “high” position 

-Christen’s digestible framework on setting boundaries 


“Real confidence is when you know facts” - > advice from one of Christen’s “power moves” to own your workday

About Christen & Her Resources:

Christen's IG: @moderndayasians

Christen's Podcast: Modern Day Asians

Christen Yuan is a Master Life Coach certified by the Elementum Coaching Institute. She is the host of the "Modern Day Asians" Podcast where she talks about the challenges she faces as an Asian-American and offers coaching on how to start overcoming those struggles.

Her passion is to help Millennial Asians heal from their cultural pain and help them find their fullest expression, self-acceptance and belonging within.

Her goal is to be a resource to help Asians who never found belonging feel fully confident in themselves and their identity in occupying the third space.

Jenna's Resources & Offers:

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Apr 18, 202339:24
Ep 70: How to Make Your "Glow Up" Last!
Apr 11, 202316:03
Ep 69: Activate "Lucky Girl Syndrome" even in a busy workday!
Apr 04, 202319:58
Ep 68: Wake up w/ "Lucky Girl Syndrome!"
Mar 28, 202312:34
Ep 67: 5 Key Habits for an Epic 2023! (Not typical)
Mar 14, 202323:51
Ep #66: 3 Ways to Increase Your Feminine Energy in your Busy Workday!
Mar 07, 202326:25
Ep 65: Expand Your Money Mindset!! $$
Feb 28, 202311:46
Ep 64: Feel Loose w/ Out the Hangover!
Feb 21, 202322:25
Ep 63: How to Make Your Emotions Less Scary!
Feb 14, 202324:46
Ep 62: Done w/ Hustle Culture? Here’s How to approach your goals in a nourishing way!
Feb 07, 202330:44
Ep 61: 7 Minutes to Get Un-Stuck & Find New Possibilities!
Jan 31, 202308:39
Ep 60: How to Be Your Own Dream Woman in 2023! (Beat People-Pleasing & Work Stress)
Jan 24, 202331:01
Ep 59: How to Make Yourself a Priority w/ a Busy Workday
Jan 17, 202321:22
Ep 58: How to Live a “Soft Life” even w/ a busy corporate job!
Jan 05, 202328:58
Ep #57: 3 KEY Tips to save you time, money & stress in your personal growth!
Dec 15, 202225:19
Ep #56: Release Generational Guilt & Step into YOUR authentic life!
Dec 08, 202230:58
Ep 55: A Better Relationship w/ Your Job & Family! The Essential Steps..
Dec 01, 202230:52
Ep 54: How to Stop Being a People Pleaser (Especially if you grew up in ethic family!)
Nov 23, 202225:34
Ep 53: How to Shift Your People-Pleasing in a sustainable way!
Nov 09, 202231:46
Ep 52: When your workdays are variable & its hard to feel stable
Nov 05, 202231:02
Ep 51: Why You're Not on Your Own Side & What to Do!
Oct 28, 202224:18
Ep 50: How to stop blocking yourself from your TRUE goals!
Oct 19, 202228:01
Ep 49: 10 Min Shift for an Abundant Workday!
Oct 11, 202210:03
EP 38: How to Have Iconic Self Care in Your Busy Workday!
Oct 05, 202236:02
Ep 47: How to get out of old thought loops (w/out battling yourself)!

Ep 47: How to get out of old thought loops (w/out battling yourself)!

Gorgeous, Tune in for:

🤍How to get out of thought loops that seem to always come back

🤍Stop getting mad at yourself for recycling “old” scenarios you thought you moved on from

🤍Get out of self-sabotage w/out “just change your thoughts!”

🤍Learn about trauma & your nervous system

🤍Release your emotions w/out getting sucked back in too “deep”

& much more!


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Episode - > Additional Resources:

Article 1:

Article 2:,we%20as%20humans%20get%20stuck.

Disclaimer: As mentioned in the episode there are varying degrees to the extremes of these thought loops, OCD etc so take what resonates for you and leave the rest. There is so much information on “personal growth” so always have your own discernment and do your own research.

Sep 27, 202230:09
Ep 46: How to be the "Queen B" of Your Life! (GG Edition)

Ep 46: How to be the "Queen B" of Your Life! (GG Edition)

Start of Fall Season calls for a "GOSSIP GIRL" themed episode!

Tune into this powerful episode as you leave knowing how to be the "Queen B" of your life. 

Listen for how to: 

-Use our goals to showcase NOT chase

-Feel freer as your work towards your goals

-Use your emotions to become your own "Queen B"

-Tangible Exercise to welcome the next version of you

Apply for 1:1 Coaching:

Sep 20, 202229:15
Episode 45: 8 Min Exercise to Exponentially Grow the Love in Your Life!
Sep 06, 202212:34
Ep 44: My Journey w/ Overthinking (what helped the MOST)
Aug 30, 202234:40
Ep 43: How to Get Un-Stuck From Your Limiting Stories!
Aug 23, 202226:29
Ep 42: Is Coaching Right for You?

Ep 42: Is Coaching Right for You?

Gorgeous, Tune in for:

-Key Differences Between Therapy & Coaching

-Critical Q’s to See if Coaching is right for YOU

-How Coaching Improves the Quality of Your Life

-Personal Example for how Coaching shifted my KEY relationships

Ready for 1:1 Coaching?

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Aug 16, 202231:16
Ep 41: The #1 KEY to Stop Battling with Yourself & Form Positive Shifts that STICK!

Ep 41: The #1 KEY to Stop Battling with Yourself & Form Positive Shifts that STICK!


Tune into this episode:

-To understand why mental processing & “knowing what to do” will only get you so far

-For Client examples of how their body cues relate to their self-growth goals

-To ease your spirals of overthinking

-To tune into the cues & messages of your body

-LIVE body-awareness exercise to drop out of mental fatigue @ 23:00


Our bodies hold all of our past memories, emotions, & traumas. When we only approach our problems through “thinking, thinking, thinking” - we easily find ourselves in situations of knowing what to do, but not doing it. OR sabotaging ourselves in subtle ways because our bodies don’t feel safe in NEW-ness.

Somatic Coaching (Body-Based) allows you to gain awareness of your stress cues, tap into subconscious messages, and make space for NEW behaviors to form in a MUCH more sustainable fashion. 

You can read 1000 iconic self help books but if your body doesn’t feel safe in new actions then it will be hard to see those shifts in your life!

Interested in somatic coaching? Book a Free 30 Min Call!

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Aug 09, 202225:17
EP 40: How to Have a Healthy Relationship w/ Anger!
Aug 01, 202222:13
Ep 39: Three Steps to Shift Comparison into Inspiration!
Jul 26, 202219:37
Ep 38: 2 Steps to Handle Your "Triggers" like a Queen!
Jul 19, 202217:52
Ep 37: How to STOP sabotaging yourself when things are getting good!

Ep 37: How to STOP sabotaging yourself when things are getting good!



Become a QUEEN of your nervous system so you can STOP self-sabotaging when things get good.

Tune in to know:

-Your body’s signals when you’re getting dis-regulated

-How to expand your nervous system so you feel safe with NEW goals/desires

-The two different states in your nervous system & how you can re-regulate yourself for more peace

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Jul 11, 202227:03
Ep 36: How to Navigate The Confusion & Overwhelm of Your 20’s!
Jul 05, 202219:03
Ep 35: Your Mindset Shift from "Getting By" to "Let's Thrive"!
Jun 27, 202220:45
Ep 34: Expand Your Nervous System & Feel Worthy of Your Desires!
Jun 21, 202230:54
Ep 32: The Five Essentials to Being Your Own Bestie!
Jun 14, 202230:54
Ep 32: Find out your unique stress response & how to heal it!
Jun 08, 202223:43
Ep 31: This is why you're not seeing the results you want!
Jun 01, 202226:24
Ep 30: The Results You Can Expect From Your Growth!
May 24, 202229:17
Ep 29: The Real Keys to Change any area of your life!
Apr 20, 202217:02
Ep 28: 3 Essential Steps to stop Self-Sabotage!
Apr 12, 202215:22
Ep 26: How You Can Try New Things without Fear!
Mar 09, 202217:29
Ep 25: Your Keys to an Iconic March - Easy & Practical!
Mar 01, 202220:41
30 Min Breakthrough: Own Your Day, Increase Self Worth & Find Your Passions
Feb 09, 202235:39
Ep 24: How You Can Shift from Frustration to Opportunity in 5 Minutes
Feb 02, 202213:39
Ep 23: The Essentials to Creating Your Dream Schedule!
Jan 25, 202216:25
Ep 22: The Mindset Barrier Between You & Your Most Confident Version!
Jan 18, 202211:04
Ep 21: How to write affirmations & actually believe them!
Jan 11, 202227:16
Ep 20 - How to Actually Stick to your 2022 Habits!
Jan 04, 202216:52
Ep 19: Don't think you achieved your 2021 goals? Think again...
Dec 31, 202112:32
Ep 18: The Science behind listening to affirmations!
Dec 28, 202121:23
Ep 17: 3 Steps to Better Confidence w/ Affirmations!
Dec 20, 202113:41
Interlude: Morning Affirmations for an Iconic Day
Dec 10, 202104:30
Ep 16: How to Release Doubt & Find Freedom within YOU!
Dec 02, 202123:05
Ep 15: 2 Step Method to Make a Decision & GO with it!
Nov 23, 202121:19
3 Minute Stress Release: POWERFUL Hip Activation!
Nov 20, 202103:18
Ep 14: How to Choose the Model You Live By!
Nov 09, 202124:27
AFFIRMATIONS: Scorpio Energy - Persistence, Power & Magnetism
Nov 05, 202104:53
Ep 14: Going from "I want it" to "I got it"!

Ep 14: Going from "I want it" to "I got it"!

As Ari Says…

I see it

I like it

I want it

I got it

….how’s that for a mantra for your 2022?

This is a phrase that IS possible for you.

& in today’s episode, we discuss the practical ways to make this your reality!

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Nov 02, 202114:10
Ep 13: Practical Process to start living on YOUR Terms!
Oct 19, 202126:33
Ep 12: How to Maximize Your Joy in THIS Moment!
Oct 12, 202113:51
Ep 11: Helping You Beat Overthinking!
Oct 05, 202115:04
Ep. 10: Find Your Balance: Making Progress vs. Being Present
Sep 28, 202115:59
Ep. 9: How to Make Your Goals & Desires Feel Attainable!
Sep 21, 202113:38
Ep 8: A Babe Needs Boundaries!
Sep 14, 202107:40
Ep 7: Find Your Groove Again!
Sep 07, 202109:30
Ep 6: When life's getting too "heady"...
Aug 31, 202106:26
Ep 5: Can I appreciate now & still expect MORE?
Aug 24, 202105:27
Ep 4: How to build LASTING Habits?
Aug 17, 202107:57
Ep. 3: How to Create More "Woah" Moments?
Aug 10, 202106:27
Ep. 2: Are You Done Feeling Depleted?
Aug 10, 202105:54
Ep. 1: Be a Priority Queen!

Ep. 1: Be a Priority Queen!

Welcome Queen! I'm Jenna & I’m beyond excited to bring you this series combining mindset & self-growth work with productivity tips & scheduling techniques. 

& today we talk priorities! 

We discuss: 

1- Merging Presence & Priorities

2- Crafting Fulfilling Priorities 

3- Reducing “Time Excuses”

& more! 

Transform with Me: 

FREE Morning Routing Bootcamp: 

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Aug 07, 202108:02