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After Hour Projects

After Hour Projects

By Leo Lu

The "How I Built This" for Side Projects: stories and resources of how to pursue your passions while working full-time.

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Episode 15: Rick Hu: Mindset Matters

After Hour ProjectsMay 30, 2023

Episode 15: Rick Hu: Mindset Matters
May 30, 202341:56
Episode 14: Leo Chan: From Here to There
Aug 27, 202030:20
Episode 13: Nikolaj Mathies: Moving Forward
Jul 17, 202027:03
Episode 12: Henry Johnson: Researching Rocketships
Jun 25, 202029:43
Episode 11: Jess Lin: Thinking Holistically
Jun 20, 202035:33
Episode 10: Harry Moreno: What It's Worth
Jun 13, 202037:08
Episode 9: Elusio: Executing on Expertise
May 28, 202038:47
Episode 8: Brian Hanssen: Learning By Doing
May 23, 202040:55
Episode 7: Stan Rosenberg: Applying Perspective
May 16, 202048:27
Episode 6: Siam Hossain: Embracing Uncertainty

Episode 6: Siam Hossain: Embracing Uncertainty

Siam Hossain, founder of online coding bootcamp GetMeHired, shares his journey from Bangladesh to the USA and into entrepreneurship.

We cover Siam’s discoveries as an international student while studying for his Master’s degree in Texas, how that led him to found two companies, and his path to entrepreneurship while working as a software engineer.

You can find Siam on Twitter or

For show notes, timestamps, and additional resources, visit

May 10, 202041:58
Episode 5: Vivian Tran: There Are More Solutions Than Problems
May 02, 202038:13
Episode 4: David Segura: Founders Live In The Present
Apr 19, 202033:35
Episode 3: Dave Nash: At It From The Start
Apr 11, 202032:06
Episode 2: Ken Huynh: What's Behind Your Projects
Apr 02, 202039:19
Episode 1: Leo Lu: My Story Marks The Start
Mar 22, 202023:20