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Agapi Marketing & Consulting Ltd.
 Changing Perceptions... Transforming Lives

Agapi Marketing & Consulting Ltd. Changing Perceptions... Transforming Lives

By Nancy Boisvert

Welcome to the Agapi Marketing & Consulting Podcast. Follow us to receive tips and strategies to help you grow your business. Although we are always happy to provide strategic marketing or business consultation, as of July 2022, we have shifted our focus. NEXsteps was born out of a desire to help others navigate the obstacles and ensure that our aging population has a solid foundation when building an aging plan. We are your transitional aging specialists.
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Marketing - Back By Popular Demand

Agapi Marketing & Consulting Ltd. Changing Perceptions... Transforming LivesNov 21, 2019

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How To Market Your Small Business

How To Market Your Small Business

In 2015, I was an invited guest on the Small Business Tips Show. The host of the show, Frank Thomas, brought me in to share my three decades of marketing experience with his listeners. In the episode, we discussed some of the big - and costly - mistakes that small business owners often make when they’re trying to promote their business.

This evergreen information is as valid today as it was then.  Please enjoy.

Jan 10, 202329:39
NEXsteps Appears on Your Partner In Success Radio

NEXsteps Appears on Your Partner In Success Radio

On December 7, 2022, NEXsteps had the honor and the privilege of being interviewed by Denise Griffitts, founder and host of Your Partner In Success™ Radio , which is ranked in the top 2% of podcasts globally.  The topic of the interview was Shifting and Updating Your Business Strategy.  During the interview, we discussed how Agapi shifted focus from providing strategic marketing and business consulting to focusing on NEXsteps, which provides consultation with all those dealing with aging transition, ensuring a solid foundation for a comprehensive aging plan is in place.

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Marketing - Back By Popular Demand
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