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AgeingSurfer - Perfect Sessions

AgeingSurfer - Perfect Sessions

By AgeingSurfer

#notforgroms - A 'podcast' where we chat to real surfers and ocean lovers about surfing a dream session. It can be a beautiful memory or complete fabrication...we aim to setup a virtual pub environment, by that we mean we use it as an excuse to crack a couple of beers..

Get in touch with us via the website or through Facebook or Insta @ageingsurfer

#surfpodcast #surfing #uksurfing #nevertooold #ageing
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EP13 - Go Big Or Go Home

AgeingSurfer - Perfect SessionsFeb 01, 2022

EP13 - Go Big Or Go Home
Feb 01, 202237:25
EP12 *Christmas Special* - 'You could buy something, you're on holiday you cheap b*stard!'
Dec 24, 202143:39
EP11 The Ignorant 90's

EP11 The Ignorant 90's

Proper scientificals professional, mum and surfer Josie Kirby joins us to talk us through her perfect session. We go abroad and skull a few Kronenbourg's on the shoreline at dusk. Already sounds awesome right? 

Give it a listen, geddon. 

#ageingsurfer #perfectsessions #surfpodcast #surfingpodcast #surfinterview #notforgroms

Jul 08, 202134:58


Who doesn't love a special bonus. We had some beer, the sun was shining but we didn't have any guests...did that stop us? Did it fudge. 

#surfpodcast #surfingpodcast #surfchat

Jul 01, 202120:00
EP9 Jazz in my cupped hands

EP9 Jazz in my cupped hands

We enjoy a beer, a laugh and a funkload of surf talk with Andrew who is a Cornish based surfer and the brains behind Surfer Dad, a brilliant blog that resonates massively to wave-dancing parents. We talk all things Kermit the Frog, Cornwall, Steph Gilmore and The Highwayman Inn 'Britain's most unusual and magical pub'. In addition big honorary mentions to Fluid Juice, Otter Beers, Soltaire Beers, UK hearthrob Andrew 'Cotty' Cotton, Kai Lenny & Ernest Ranglin...Geddon give it a listen, we've done 9 now so we have to be getting somewhere near to being better at it...

#surfpodcast #perfectsessions #surfing #surfinterview #notforgroms  

Jun 09, 202132:53
EP7 First Time I'm Doing The Expert, So I'm Kind Of Shitting Myself

EP7 First Time I'm Doing The Expert, So I'm Kind Of Shitting Myself

We have a beer with John AKA 'Conkers'. Having conquered (see what we've done here?) The north coast of Northern Ireland, John sharpened his teeth on the waves of the South Wales coast before moving to more central England. John's got a baby on the way which is bloody exciting! We talk about this, the Wave Project Bristol, Surfing Bournemouth During Welsh Lockdown, Ben Gravy, How Jim AKA 'J-Dawg' is going to have a toe-to-toe with Jon's mate Lee and much more. 

Geddon, give it a listen...

Special mentions to: Gulfstream Surfboards, Purity Brewery, Buttcombe Brewing Co & London Beer Factory 

#surfingpodcast #surfing #surf #surfinterview #uksurfing #notforgroms 


May 20, 202135:48
EP6 - 20 degrees in the night time

EP6 - 20 degrees in the night time

In this episode of the Perfect Sessions Surf Podcast we have a yarn with Jo 'Hobo Jobo' Steele a YTS member of AgeingSurfer who is currently 'stuck' in Oz. We talk all things quivers, Noosa, Devon, la Folie Douce and the Queen. Jobo is officially our first non-male to grace the virtual pub and lead the journey around her Perfect she wins that accolade. 

Get stuck in, geddon, give it a listen. It's a laugh 

#ageingsurfer #notforgroms #surfingpodcast #surfpodcast #surfing #surfinterview  

May 06, 202126:51
EP5 Every Time You Add Chorizo Somewhere A Spanish Chef Dies

EP5 Every Time You Add Chorizo Somewhere A Spanish Chef Dies

Episode 5 of the Perfect session surf podcast. In this episode we talk to our new favourite Spanish export 'Pas Medina' a surfer/vet/husband/father who can be found splashing around near his home in Bude. Pas joins us in the virtual pub but has half a diet coke as he had an afternoon of saving animals lives damn it!!

We chat all things making wooden surfboards, the welcoming legends of the Bude surfing community, state funerals and a big tribute to Sir David Attenborough. Geddon give it a listen.

#surfing #surfpodcast #perfectsessions #notforgroms #surfinterview #virtualsurfpub 

Apr 22, 202130:35
EP4 Still in the days when I had an ego...
Mar 30, 202131:30
EP3 The Moment Your Feet Hit The Deck, You Know
Mar 23, 202126:28
EP2 Garrett's Tequila Wingman

EP2 Garrett's Tequila Wingman

We have a virtual pint and a chat with Mark Rees, one of the founders of Blue Soup, a British water safety company that supply the most famous big wave riders on the planet (amongst others). We take a nostalgic look at the 90's and hear stories of Mark rubbing shoulders with big wave surfers and developing his products according to their feedback.  

Mar 12, 202126:08
Perfect Sessions 'The Debut Episode'

Perfect Sessions 'The Debut Episode'

'What the f*ck do we know about Podcasting' is what we initially discussed in the broom cupboard. But then we did an interview with big wave surfing legend Andrew 'Cotty' Cotton and turned it into a bit of a podcast...(you can find it on Youtube). Turns out we had a load of fun. But to make it more comfortable for us we thought we'd be as informal as we could and make it feel like we are all in the pub....remember pubs? 

Much to our delight, AgeingSurfer Squadron member, veteran and all around legend Matt Sutherland agreed to be our first guest. Matt has been surfing for over 30 years and is an all round waterman. 

#surfingpodcast #surfpodcast #surfing #notforgroms 

Feb 08, 202130:57