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AI-Driven, A Guide for Using AI for Business

AI-Driven, A Guide for Using AI for Business

By AI-Driven by Cognistx

AI-Driven is produced by Cognistx, an applied AI company with offices in Pittsburgh, Miami, Seattle and Lima, Peru.

Our podcast is designed to inform business leaders, entrepreneurs and startups on how they can and should be using AI successfully.

We'll feature discussions with data scientists, experts in the field, and businesses leaders.
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How AI Transforms the Practice of Law

AI-Driven, A Guide for Using AI for BusinessApr 21, 2023

How AI Transforms the Practice of Law

How AI Transforms the Practice of Law

How can lawyers and law firms use AI? Our guests discuss how AI has proven to be a powerful tool for e-discovery, legal research, due diligence, analysis, increasing productivity and document automation.

Our guests discuss how Cognistx transforms the practice of law using SQUARE, Scalable Question Answering and Recommendation Engine. They also look at how businesses can integrate technology like ChatGPT with SQUARE.


Sanjay Chopra, CEO, Cognistx

Jagriti Pandey, Senior Product Manager, Cognistx

Justin Waltrip, Data Scientist, Cognistx

Apr 21, 202319:54
Delivering AI for the Solar Industry With IMC Solar

Delivering AI for the Solar Industry With IMC Solar

Cognistx CEO Sanjay Chopra talks to IMC Solar about their joint project for solar companies. Their work will make it easier for companies to determine the cost of benefits of switching over to solar energy.


Jennifer Hull, Vice President Of Project Management, IMC Solar

Ethan Wise, Solar Analyst, Owl Energy Partners

Mike Wise, General Counsel For Imc Solar

Cognistx Ceo Sanjay Chopra

Prachi Dhiman, Product Manager At Cognistx

Mar 20, 202323:13
How AI-Powered Data Optimizes Delivery Routes & Delivers Operational Efficiencies
Mar 09, 202316:04
ChatGPT, SQUARE and the Latest in QA Technology

ChatGPT, SQUARE and the Latest in QA Technology

This week on AI-Driven, Cognistx Co-Founders Eric Nyberg and Sanjay Chopra discuss the latest developments in QA technology like Cognistx SQUARE, ChatGPT and Microsoft's Bing with Senior Data Architect Kaushik Shakkari. Our experts discuss what to expect from the technology and how businesses can take advantage of it.

About our guests
Eric Nyberg, Cognistx Co-Founder
One of the world’s leading cognitive computing data scientists. Academic consultant for IBM Watson since 2007. Developed SmartCognitives™ Decision Management System. Professor and Director, Master of Computational Data Science Program at Carnegie Mellon

Sanjay Chopra, Cognistx Co-Founder
Award-winning CEO and serial technology entrepreneur; expertise in AI and e-commerce spans over two decades. Licensed Intellions IP to Google; former executive at Giant Eagle, IBM; Board member Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Graduated with B. Tech in Computer Science from MANIT, a Master in Computer Science from Virginia Tech, with an MBA from Carnegie Mellon.

Kaushik Shakkari, Cognistx Senior Data Architect
Data Scientist with experience in natural language processing, user behavioral analysis, machine learning, and deep learning. MS  in CS (specialization in Data Science), USC; B.Tech. in CS, Amrita  University; Fellow and Mentor at Insight Data Science Program

Mar 07, 202314:03
Digital Transformation & Digital-Ready Standards with SAE International

Digital Transformation & Digital-Ready Standards with SAE International

Digital Transformation begins with digital standards. Over the past two years, Cognistx has partnered with SAE International to digitize more than 1000 traditionally created standards. The result is OnQue, SAE's digital standards system.

Leslie McKay, senior manager of Digital and Information Products, joins Cognistx CEO Sanjay Chopra and Senior Data Scientist Uxue Zurutuza to discuss the digitization process and its impact on the industry. 

Leslie and Uxue will discuss digital-ready standards at AeroTech, SAE's conference for high-tech aerospace and engineering professionals, March 14 - 16 in Fort Worth, Tx.

Mar 01, 202321:58
Let Battle Commence: SQUARE vs. ChatGPT

Let Battle Commence: SQUARE vs. ChatGPT

Since its release in November 2022, ChatGPT has been getting a lot of traction, which is great for AI and applications of Chat and QA (Question Answering) tools. AI-Driven highlights some of the similarities and differences between Cognistx’s SQUARE (Scalable Question Answering and Recommendation Engine) and ChatGPT from  

Cognistx CEO Sanjay Chopra and Senior Data Scientist Kaushik Shakkari discuss the differences and how SQUARE is designed for businesses to use internally for their corpus of documents.  We hope to help you select the right tool for your chat, QA, or search application by showing you these differences and the technology works.   

Want more information?

Kaushik Shakkari's blog on SQUARE and ChatGPT SQUARE

Jan 16, 202314:17
SQUARE for Compliance

SQUARE for Compliance

SQUARE (Scalable Question Answering and Recommendation Engine) is an end-to-end platform that automates the process of manually searching information from documents, images, and relational databases. SQUARE uses state-of-the-art AI and NLP techniques to predict granular answers and generate actionable insights.

Cognistx CEO Sanjay Chopra and Senior Product Manager Jag Pandey discuss how companies use SQUARE for compliance, monitoring laws, regulations and standards. Cognistx teamed up with Odds On Compliance to develop Playbook AI, an online tool that monitors local, state and federal laws and regulations that apply to the gaming industry. 

Jan 06, 202318:47
SQUARE: AI-Powered Search for the Legal Industry
Dec 12, 202215:19
Transforming the Legal Industry with AI

Transforming the Legal Industry with AI

We're excited to announce AI Driven Legal Tech Solutions, a partnership that will scale AI deliverables for law firms in the U.S. and Latin America. Alonso Indacochea and Cognistx CEO Sanjay Chopra discuss how their AI and ML tools will drive innovation and improve services for the legal industry. 

Jul 21, 202232:57
Leveraging Technology to Power iGaming, Online Betting Compliance
Apr 07, 202210:57
Building an Internal Search Engine
Mar 23, 202210:11
Smart Molecule AI

Smart Molecule AI

CEO and Senior Project Manager Jagriti Pandey unveil Cognistx's product - Smart Molecule AI. 

Smart Molecule AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to significantly reduces the R & D for drug development. Sanjay and Jag discuss how Smart Molecule AI is designed to analyze hundreds of millions of drug candidates and narrows the candidate space by assessing relevant biochemical properties. Cognistx's new AI-powered tool is already in use at Enveric Biosciences. 

Mar 08, 202212:19
AI-Driven: Diving into AI

AI-Driven: Diving into AI

Cognistx CEO Sanjay Chopra offers an overview of AI, machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP). Sanjay breaks it all down and offers examples of how each can be used to transform how businesses work and engage with customers. 

Feb 23, 202221:12
Determining Your Business' AI-Readiness

Determining Your Business' AI-Readiness

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to power our technology and the services we use every day like banking, retail, entertainment and shipping. Major corporations spend billions on AI solutions to make their companies more efficient, profitable and cyber safe.

But you don’t have to be a big company to use AI or to afford it. You just need to have certain pieces in place. Cognistx CEO Sanjay Chopra talks about what it takes to be an AI-ready business. 

Feb 03, 202207:29