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Free Your Soma with Aimee Takaya

Free Your Soma with Aimee Takaya

By Aimee

Stories of Somatic Awakening and HOW-TO Live From The Inside Out.

Every week exploring a range of SOMATIC topics, practices and philosophies from interviews with Somatic Healers and Guides from an array of fields.

Topics include Nervous System Regulation, Trauma Recovery, Whole Food Plant-based Living, Sacred Relationship Dynamics and a living, embodied experience of systems like Astrology, Human Design/The Gene Keys, Manifestation and other mystical methods and philosophies.

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Transforming Childhood Conflict With Laurel Pear

Free Your Soma with Aimee TakayaJun 01, 2023

Transforming Childhood Conflict With Laurel Pear

Transforming Childhood Conflict With Laurel Pear

At the age of 30, Laurel Pear made a bold move to free herself and begin redefining herself.

After over a decade of being over-medicated and labeled by the her family and the medical field, she began to embrace her true self and her gifts. She began a path of self-healing, forgiveness and grounding into her physical body.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Laurel somatically in my program last year and she shares her many insights as it relates to:

-how somatics has helped her BE in her body.

-forgiveness as a personal practice that leads to liberation

-what she really needed, instead of heavy medication

-her experience in energy healing -the way being a Human Design Projector impacts her life

and so much more!

Connect with Laurel on instagram @laurelpear to learn more about Ho’oponopono practice and her unique transmission.

Jun 01, 202301:13:10
Foraging For The Joy Of Being with Michelle Dowd

Foraging For The Joy Of Being with Michelle Dowd

Growing up in a reglious cult, Michelle learned from an early age to deny her body, her needs and any pleasures along with a vital piece of her humanity. She found solace in the natural world. In her memoir 'Forager: Field Notes From Surviving A Family Cult' she channels her younger selves: their beliefs, feelings and yearnings and brings us her into the often uncomfortable and devestating world of self-disconnection.

In this episode, we deep dive into:

-Her family history and militant upbringing
-The Vilification of Beauty
-Pleasure as an act of Reclamation
-"Mind Over Matter" and Systems of Control VS Interdependence and Connectivity
-How Somatic Practices Were Integral to her healing process

And more!

Michelle Dowd is a journalism professor and contributor to The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The LA Book Review, TIME Magazine, The Alpinist, ORION, LA Parent Mag, Catapult, and other national publications.
She was the 2022 Faculty Lecturer of the Year at Chaffey College, where she founded the award-winning literary journal and creative collective, The Chaffey Review, advises Student Media, and teaches poetry and critical thinking in the California Institutions for Men and Women in Chino. She has been recognized as a Longreads Top 5 for her article on the relationship between environmentalism and hope in The Alpinist, nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize, and profiled on. Her popular Modern Love column in The New York Times inspired a book contract.

Michelle was raised on a mountain in the Angeles National Forest where she learned to identify flora and fauna, navigate by the stars, forage for edible plants, and care for the earth. As an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, she has been teaching students and training teachers in southern California studios since 2008. Michelle’s memoir, Forager: Field Notes on Surviving a Family Cult, showcases her life growing up on an isolated mountain in California as part of an apocalyptic cult, and how she found her way out of poverty and illness by drawing on the gifts of the wilderness.

Connect with Michelle on her website at
May 25, 202301:23:06
A-432 Hz : The Round Resonance of the Universe with Steven Rubio
May 18, 202301:24:23
On Becoming Healthy Vegan with Javant

On Becoming Healthy Vegan with Javant

Javant was facing health problems that are common and a "normal" part of getting older and yet, he knew inside there must be a way to heal these issues. So he started doing his research and learning about reversing heart disease and lowering blood pressure through dietary means.

This meant embracing a NEW way of living, preparing food and engaging in family celebrations. While many of his family find his new health kick “weird”, he was determined to eat his way to better health.

Now, he shares amazing, delicious and healthy recipes to help others do the same.

In today’s podcast he tells his story of awakening to his food choices and how they affect his health and longevity.

We also explore:

-his inclusive approach to sharing vegan recipes

-why there’s a comparatively high percentage of African Americans going plant-based

-the unexpected shifts he experienced after changing his diet

-his love of food that still persists but has taken a radical new form.

And more!

He encourages you to get educated, get cooking and be willing to be “weird”.

Javant shares healthy vegan recipes at @heathlyveganeating on Instagram. Connect with him there to learn his delicious and nutritious way of eating and keep a look out for a full length cooking show that may be in the works!

May 11, 202355:13
Healing and Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship with Christina Gomes

Healing and Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship with Christina Gomes

Self-development and entrepreneurship tend to go hand in hand. This is because it takes a lot to be self-directed, self-motivated and consistently put yourself out there in the world.

When we take an even bigger leap, like starting a healing or coaching business, there is even more personal work that we are called to do.

Entrepreneurship then becomes a powerful journey in your own self-healing. Guides and mentors along the way are invaluable and worth the investment: you are not only investing in your financial freedom, but your personal, soul liberation as well!

Christina Gomes spent years "free". Traveling the world as a yoga teacher, musician and entrepreneur. It worked for a while, but when she ran up against health challenges and the reality of her finances she realized that something needed to shift: she was being called into the next level of her growth and development.

From living in a van to her mom's couch to becoming a sought after guide for soul-led entreprenuers, Christina shares her story of facing her reality head on, creating a vision for her life and getting the support and resources to truly make her dreams a reality.

We discuss:

-selling as a service

-finding freedom and facing limitations

-transforming your relationship to money

-the power of subtle practice VS big "peak" experiences

-handling triggers and boundaries as a coach/healer

-fulfillment beyond a dollar sign

and so much more!

Christina Gomes is a business coach for visionary leaders who are ready to raise their rates with integrity and sell high-value offers that raise the vibration of the planet. Connect with her on instagram @the.mystical.muse or check out her offerings at

May 04, 202301:35:09
The Shift from External to Internal with Aden B. Ascher

The Shift from External to Internal with Aden B. Ascher

"Mr. Darcy lived a short distance from his body"

-James Joyce

From a young age, many of us are conditioned to focus on ourselves and our bodies from the outside. We might focus on our appearance, how we look or seem to others. We might focus on what we can get from life by seeking sensation and experience by consuming rather than consciously creating.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this way of living, however it is not the full picture of what it means to be a human.

Aden Ascher spent many years "externalized". This showed up in the way he practiced bodybuilding. In the way he navigated his closest relationships. In the way he sought intense experiences and sensation through substances. It was a way being towards himself and his body that was ultimately unsustainable.

On today's podcast he shares his story of awakening to and the journey to honor his internal experience, out of the necessity of a near-death experience/health crisis.

We explore: childhood experiences that drew him to bodybuilding, notions of masculinity and cultural expectations, how the experience of dying opened him to living, the HOW you do something being as vital as the WHAT and so much more!

Aden B. Ascher is a Life and Nutrition Coach, Entrepreneur and a former competitive bodybuilder who advocates for nourishing and sustainable lifestyle practices. He serves clients locally in Santa Monica California and remotely online.

You can connect with him on instagram @adenascherofficial

Apr 27, 202359:29
Meeting The Love Of Your Life with Gemini Ferrie
Apr 21, 202301:14:53
Unlocking Your Magical Vessel with Seiji Oshenza

Unlocking Your Magical Vessel with Seiji Oshenza

Your body has incredible potential! As the home of your consciousness and somatic experience, there is much to be discovered and unlocked in your human vessel.
Seiji has been on a mission to help others become connected and whole through somatic education, emotional healing, menswork and embracing their authentic self-expression. He shares his personal story of growing up in Germany and contending with cultural notions of masculinity.
We talk about Hanna Somatics, Trauma as it relates to Karma, the power of Mentorship, Creating Freedom and Peace with others through Nervous System Regulation and much much more!

Seiji Oshenza is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator and an Authenticity Coach, he helps men and women find and embrace their true nature and discover healthy emotional self-expression. Connect with him on Instagram @oshenzaseiji
Apr 13, 202301:29:00
Gentle and Respectful Parenting with Mary Van Geffen

Gentle and Respectful Parenting with Mary Van Geffen

What does the new paradigm of parenting look like? Is gentle parenting a "soft approach"? What about consequences? What if you have an especially "spicy" or difficult child? How does your childhood experience impact the way you parent your kid? “ Mary and I explore all this as well as the importance of being able to regulate yourself as a parent. Mary brings her humor, insight and wealth of knowledge on the subject of conscious parenting. Plus she shares her personal story of discovery and how she came to be a thought leader in this arena. Just for 10 of my Free Your Soma listeners: join Moms of Spicy Ones™️ for $50 off with the Promo code: SOMA Mary Van Geffen is an international parenting coach and parent educator for overwhelmed moms of strong-willed & Spicy Children™. She teaches monthly workshops to help moms gain confidence to choose gentle, respectful parenting especially if they weren’t raised that way. Mary has a ministry on Instagram where she posts an inspiring parenting tip every single day. Just reading her social media will help you delight in your child and remember that you are enough. Mary believes that when a mom realizes how hard she is on herself and cracks the door open for some self-compassion, her entire family is bathed in light! To learn more about Spicy Ones™️:
Apr 06, 202344:07
The Power of Inquiry with Kyle Mercer
Mar 30, 202353:25
Creating Gut Health with Plants and Love with Sarah Dakh

Creating Gut Health with Plants and Love with Sarah Dakh

After experiencing several years of frustration, misery and fear regarding food after her Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis, Sarah Dakh finally found liberation and renewed JOY in eating again. Now she coaches and guides other people through challenging gut health issues and helps them fall in love with cooking.

Listen as Sarah goes over her timeline and puts together the pieces that explain why an otherwise healthy young person like her could experience such devastating gut issues.

We explore HOW dysbiosis (gut imbalances) arises and the practical steps you can take to begin to transform your health from the inside out! Follow

Sarah on Instagram @bareroot_

Mar 23, 202301:21:48
Eating For Life and Reversing the Disease Process with Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Mar 16, 202301:18:05
The Bottom-Up Approach to Healing with Parisa Frost
Mar 09, 202355:10
Living Magic of Astrology with Aeolian Heart
Mar 02, 202301:43:13
My Keto-Crazed Running Adventure and Finding Peace in Eating
Feb 23, 202353:17
The Practice of Self-Healing with Brian Siddhartha Ingle
Feb 16, 202301:02:17
Subtle Plant Wisdom and Nourishment with Celena De Luna

Subtle Plant Wisdom and Nourishment with Celena De Luna

Plant Medicine is becoming more mainstream and while many folks are focused on the peak experience that comes with a dramatic shift in consciousness, there is another way, a more sustainable way, to work with plants.
Celena De Luna spent the first part of her life in a state of deep listening and in her late teens began her healing journey and started finding her voice. She is now a powerful, strong voice that is not afraid the challenge the status quo and share her discoveries.
She is a folk-herbalist and medicine woman, a kitchen witch who teaches on nourishment as a way of life.
In this episode, we explore subtle plant wisdom, redefine “medicine” and examine the biggest tenants of true healing : commitment, patience and consistency.
Listen now to hear her incredible origin story and tune into her unique way of connecting with life-giving plants as a way to heal.
Follow her on IG @ofthemoonmedicine
Feb 09, 202301:13:36
Living the Experiment with Danny Burke

Living the Experiment with Danny Burke

What kind of human being would you be if you spent years healing your body through movement and food? How long might you live with a balanced and integrated brain, easeful aligned posture AND a thriving microbiome?

Danny Burke has been living the experiment for the last 20 years. He's been healing his brain through movement as a Hanna Somatic Educator and healing his microbiome through a whole foods plant-based lifestyle. He is experiencing radiant health at 59 and watched his parents change their trajectory and thrive with these methods as well. His dedication and collaboration with his family is inspiring.

We explore the many benefits of somatic education and a healing diet as well as offer compassionate, practical tips for transitioning into a new way of eating for those curious about this way of life.
Danny is former weightlifter who has worked with powerlifters, equestrians and other athletes to somatically increase performance and decrease injury. He has also worked with pregnant women to ease childbirth and the postpartum recovery process.
He lives and practices in Covington, Louisiana. Connect with him on Instagram @lifesomatics

Feb 02, 202342:54
The Somatics of Human Design with Bella Krystal

The Somatics of Human Design with Bella Krystal

Ever wonder how your energy is designed to flow? Ever wondered how the energy of others influences you? Each one has a unique and individual imprint and expression. And as we grow up it becomes more and more apparent how much conditioning we are living with, inside our bodies. Human Design offers a practical way to understand your energy field and how it is impacted by your environment. It is a tool for a more embodied experience of life. It's a combination of multiple ancient systems of self-knowledge and quite the vast rabbit hole of mystical, esoteric and occasionally mundane seeming information. HD is gaining in popularity for one big reason: it resonates and people find it deeply helpful! Gene Keys (a related system) and HD expert Bella Krystal join us on the podcast to talk about the practice of wholeness and using these systems to gain a clearer understanding of where your energy might get fragmented, over the course of a day, a job, a relationship or a life. She shares about her personal journey home, to herself, her body and the power of living a life that is aligned with your personal blueprint. We speak about body intelligence, somatic reconditioning, sexual wounding, aliveness, energy centers, the gift of our shadows, evolving consciousness and so much more! Both HD enthusiasts and newcomers will find something encouraging and insightful in the episode. Follow Bella Krystal on Instagram @bella_krystal_universe  Join her FB Group : Gene Keys & Human Design Check out her courses and get 50% off the Archetype Embodiment with the code SOMA
Jan 26, 202301:21:43
The Path of Self-Regulation with Annie Brook
Jan 19, 202301:09:55
Manifestation through Healing with Jane Allen Chaisson
Jan 12, 202301:23:07
Releasing My Forgotten Belly with Aimee Takaya

Releasing My Forgotten Belly with Aimee Takaya

Let me take you to India at the end of 2015. I'd been traveling the world for several years, teaching and practicing Bikram Hot Yoga and living with a secret. The tension and pain in my body had become chronic and unmanageable and I was searching for answers. I felt frustrated and ashamed to be in so much pain as a yogi, a teacher who was supposed to be helping others in healing their bodies.
I hoped, in India I would find the magic teacher, the magic pose that would heal me.
What I found was a NEW way of experiencing yoga and my body. A far more somatic approach than I had ever known before. I began to realize how disconnected I was from a very important and yet triggering part of my body: my belly.
This is one my stories of somatic awakening, wherein I discover some deep unconscious patterns in my body and become deeply motivated to transform them.
In western culture, there has been a long-held perception that our bellies should flat, hard, tight, strong. Even within the yoga world you will find a focus and emphasis on having a strong core. Additionally, humans contract their stomaches automatically when stressed, in fear or sadness. Like a dog tucking it's tail under. We sometimes forget that belly and our breathing are fundamentally connected. We forget it's the home of our digestive processes and our microbiome. We can get so focused on the outside and meanwhile so much is taking place inside. 99% of it UNCONSCIOUS.
Why have we become so obsessed with these external markers of strength in this area of our bodies? And what does it really mean to have a strong core? Is it rigidity or is it dynamic function? Had I been using tight yoga pants and mirrors to feel safe and compensate for a lack of proprioceptive awareness?
Answers to these questions and much much more as I take you on a tour of India and my internal process 7 years ago.
To learn more about me, The Radiance Program and Hanna Somatic Education visit or follow me on instagram @aimeetakaya
Jan 05, 202344:09
Free Your Soma! Liberation through Connection and Expansion

Free Your Soma! Liberation through Connection and Expansion

On the Free Your Soma Podcast Aimee
Takaya and her guests will be sharing stories of somatic transformation and self-discovery along with an exploration of intuitive and practical methods for healing our bodies and connecting to our deepest internal wisdom.

Aimee Takaya is a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator who helps heart-led leaders become more somatically aware so they can release muscular tension and pain and guide others through the radiance of their own self-mastery.

New Episodes every Thursday exploring somatic practices, philosophies, embodiment and vital knowledge on healing our biological and energetic systems.

Dec 18, 202202:13